21/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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for Monday. And Scotland will be driest and brightest. Thank you. Now


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The village that wants the government to decide if yet another


We're not against industry, we just don't want of the three stations


here. The first GCSE results since Ofsted


criticised some East Yorkshire History is made in the skies


above Lincolnshire. Fans gather in Belgium


for the latest leg of I am here where the first step has


been taken towards a permanent memorial to the men Bomber Command.


Fans gather in Belgium for the latest leg of


It has been a dreary day today, the promise of brighter skies tomorrow.


I will be back later with the details.


A community in Lincolnshire is calling on the Government to


intervene over plans to build two large power stations near to


Villagers in Sutton Bridge claim their local council isn't being


helpful enough and so last night held a referendum to


But, as our Environment Correspondent,


Paul Murphy, reports, there's no guarantee they'll be listened to.


Savouring a victory, despite a late night organising the poll,


campaigners were back at work this morning. They believe the result


will send a clear message to the government that nothing less than a


public inquiry is now needed into the proposed power stations for


Sutton Bridge. We have already sent over 200 odd


letters to the Secretary of State asking for the public inquiry, so


the poll has now to add more weight to it. I don't see how they can


actually refuse it now. This is an unusual event.


On a 17% turnout, 600 people voted for the Secretary of State to


intervene in the power station proposals.


Seven against. One of the proposed plants is a ?300 million biomass


power station near the village. It will needed to bring in thousands of


tonnes of wood pellets by road and will be sited near to an existing


facility. The other proposed plant facility. The other proposed plant


is a gas`fired power station and it would mean this small Lincolnshire


village would have three power stations on its doorstep, prompting


fears about traffic, emissions and noise.


In a statement, energy park Sutton Bridge, behind the wood`burning


power station, said it would be subject to the very strictest


controls from the Environment Agency and a comprehensive and positive


independent assessment has already been undertaken by professional


experts. The gas powered station EDF said if the station was to go ahead


it would involve a peak of around 1005 had people during construction


and a further 1200 indirect roles. It would involve the use of local


companies and Labour were ever practicable.


Campaigners believe the District Council does not have the necessary


technical understanding to make the decision about these plans. They do


not know where the fuel stop is coming from.


They do not know what roads are going to be used. They know really


nothing about the incinerator. The District Council has said it


will not meant on a life planning matter. The government has told us


it cannot intervene, but local people believe the results of last


night's referendum cannot be ignored.


I spoke to Vicky Ellis from Energy Live News and asked her why


decisions on power stations are left to local politicians.


Often they are left to local politicians because the powers that


be think it may be easier for them to smooth the way with local


communities they don't want it to seem like it is being rammed down


the throats of the people who will end up with it in their back garden.


I do think there has to be more strategy and talking to people


directly so they feel involved... Who should make this decision? They


feel it is too big for local councillors to rule on.


Really, this might even be something the energy secretary might have two


have a look at, or certainly the Department of energy have to have a


strategy for renewable energy. If it is something we needed to power the


country and that area, maybe they have two have a think about getting


involved. How do you sell a power station to any rule or community?


No one will choose to have won on their doorstep. Don't the energy


companies have to do more and offer an incentive?


Yes, often the offer incentives. `` often they do. In Cornwall, they


offer a cheaper energy tariffs for people nearby the Della Baldwin


farm. That is an option to get more buy in


from the local community. Is it hard for local Conservative MPs to speak


up when rule areas on this issue crash marked `` in rural areas?


I don't think they have a public speaking up at all.


Good to talk with you tonight, thank you.


We would be keen to get your views on this one if you are in Sutton


Bridge or elsewhere. Do you agree with the villagers that decisions


like this should be made at a national level? Do you think that


incentives would change your mind? What should they be? Do you trust


local politicians to make the right decision?


We look forward to hearing from you. Later on tonight's programme, how


the residents of East Marsh in Grimsby reacted on being ranked the


worst place to live in the country. Just because you do not own a house


it does not mean it is a bad place to live.


Honestly, I think it has gone down in the past few years. I have lived


here all my life, if I thought it was that bad I would go elsewhere.


Pupils across our area have been finding out their GCSE results.


It's the first set of results since the Government reformed


In Hull, the number of students receiving five grades of


A* to C including Maths and English is 44% ` down from 49% last year `


In the East Riding 60% of pupils got the grades.


It was also 60% in Lincolnshire, and 57% in North and


None of these authorities saw a significant change.


Tolu Adeoye went to see how students did at a school in East Yorkshire.


Nervous faces, trembling hands. Time to sneak a peek at the grades


achieved after 11 years of full`time compulsory education.


At Beverley high school, typical scene is reflected in schools across


the area. There was joy... I got a lot of Bs and I am really


happy. There was a relief... She was convinced she had failed


quite a few, I am really proud of. There was some frustration...


I just got degrades, worse than inspected.


This morning has been about individuals, a chance to celebrate


success or comfort to those who have not done as well as expected. The


focus for staff now will turn to the school performance as a whole.


Last year, Beverley high school was one of 15 in East Riding inspected


after falling standards. Teachers believe today's results


show progress. We are confident Ofsted will come


back and judge us to be good. I am proud of the girls, they have worked


ever so hard and they have been bombarded with changes from external


sources and have coped really well with the demands. This years GCSE


results are in the first following tinges to the exam system.


Fewer pupils are sitting exams early because only the first result will


count. All exams are taken at the end of two years instead of in


modules and there have been changes in the assessment of certain


subjects. In English, speaking and listening


tests no longer count. I am not disappointed, I knew there


would be a difference. We felt results would be depressed because


of the system of marking that would be brought into place. But I do


trust that head teachers and principals and teachers generally


know their children, nor what is best for them and are in coding them


to do what suits them. But not all schools have seen a


negative impact. This school says results have gone


up. There is talk about the volatility in the system at the


moment. It is the first time we have had


this new style examination, which makes it even more pleasing we have


been able to increase our results. At least I have got my Cs to get


into college. Pupils must now choose between sixth form, college,


training or an apprenticeship. Whatever they choose, today's


results are a significant step towards building their future.


There've been no more reported cases of legionnaires disease in Grimsby


Four people have been treated for the disease.


The source of the infection hasn't been


identified and doctors surgeries have been on alert for other cases.


All those with the disease are responding to the treatment.


There has been criticism of a report claiming the East Marsh


area of Grimsby is the worst place to live in the country.


The Daily Telegraph newspaper ranked it bottom in a list based on things


And, though some say it deserves to be there, others think it doesn't


take paint an accurate picture of life on East Marsh.


According to the Daily Telegraph, this is the worst place to live in


Britain, but standing in the garden of this block of flats you would not


think it. Cathy has lived here in East Marsh for almost 40 years and


says she can think of worst places to be.


There are good places and bad places, good people and bad people


in it. We all joining together year`round support each other.


Where would you get that? Not in a big time because you would not know


so many people. This is lovely. The report is based on five factors


including health, income and whether people own their own houses. Some


question whether that is an accurate way of deciding whether this is a


good place to live. Some of the statistics used are up to eight


years old. East Marsh Councillor Steve Beasant


says there are other things they do not take into account. They do not


say whether residents get on well together.


They have a great deal of pride in their local community. In the


future, East Marsh will be a very prosperous place because of course


we have the renewable energy sector growing rapidly. There will be a


great deal of jobs and employment in the area.


Some streets have had a make over. Tortured drive now looks like this.


There are new community facilities like the open door centre, too.


Inside there were mixed views on whether this was the worst place to


live. I would not choose to live there. I have no choice, really.


This place and many other places like it are helping people in the


area and that is a good thing and baby things will start to improve.


I have lived here all my life, so if I thought it was that bad I would go


elsewhere. There is no escaping the fact East


Marsh has high on climate and a lower than average life expectancy,


but people here see those numbers do not reflect their community spirit.


The East Marsh area of Grimsby, voted the worst place in the country


by the Daily Telegraph. If you live there or in Grimsby you


may have a view on this, we would be keen to have your thoughts.


Although we cannot read all of your messages out, we do read them here.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch about signs being put up in Lincoln


George in Hull says, "Students should have more consideration


They can stay in bed until lunch time,


These are signs, by the way, are quite small and high up on the post.


I am sure that starts a whole new debate! Thank you very much indeed


for all of those, we will have to wait and see if that works and is a


success after freshers week. Eyes on the sky ` how


the A15 was brought to a standstill And the football club paying fans to


come through its turnstiles. Tonight's photograph was taken by


John Bevan. That is a nice view, I think that is the first thing that


area has been on the programme. Let me draw your attention to the


saddest picture and e`mail of the year or of the last five years.


This is of Mark's home and that is his fridge, and look what he has got


pinned on his fridge door. It would be interested `` I would be


interested to know what his wife thinks about that.


What about that wall you have with all of the pictures of me?


Yes, thank you! Paul will be returning during the


week, he might give you less hassle. He will not know what to do with me.


Tomorrow we have a brighter skies and a few showers, fairly hit and


miss particularly in hand. On Saturday, a few showers in the east,


otherwise dry and bright. Sunday is the same, a very chilly


start. This area of low pressure will be bringing wet and windy


conditions through Monday. We can see all the cloud earlier that


spread down from the North. Still producing showers in places and will


continue to do so though we should also see clear spells developing in


the North, as well. Showers will tend to die out towards the end of


the night as temperatures fall back to around tell `` ten or 11 in towns


and cities. Not quite as low as last night because of the cloud cover.


Sun will rise in the morning at 5:52am.


Tomorrow there will be the odd shower now and again particularly


later in the day but overall a good deal of dry weather and an


improvement on today. Plenty of bright or sunny spells. It will feel


cool, particularly out of the sunshine, but generally a warmer


feel compared with today. Showers likely later in the day and the odd


sharp one. It will feel pleasant in the sunshine but temperatures really


disappointing for the time of year, 17 or 18 Celsius. Saturday and


Sunday, very cold start, Matthew showers on Sunday, and settled for


Monday. I am expecting a rush of pictures


from people's fridge doors, but we are shutting up shop, I am sorry.


Wright, see you tomorrow. It was a once`in`a`lifetime moment


for thousands of aviation enthusiasts and veterans who


witnessed this historic flypast over The Vulcan in the centre was flanked


by the last two flying Lancasters. The planes had come together to mark


a symbolic moment in the development of a new memorial


centre to Bomber Command. Our reporter, Jake Zuckerman,


is on the site just outside Lincoln How important was this fly`past?


This was a very significant day for the team behind Lincolnshire Bomber


Command memorial because it marks the beginning of the process of


turning the dream of a memorial into a solid reality.


As you can see from the view behind me it will be pretty spectacular, a


Spire 102 feet tall will stand on this site where it could be seen for


miles around, a fitting tribute to the men who gave their lives and


died with Bomber Command. Two Lancasters and a Vulcan. A


unique combination, one day that aviation enthusiasts will remember


for years to come. As crowds gathered at RAF Waddington


this morning, it quickly became clear that this once in a lifetime


event was attracting far more spectators than had been expected.


For many of those onlookers it had been an early start,


but all agreed it was worthwhile. We travelled all the way down from


Rochdale to see this. We set off at 5am this morning. Fairly tired, but


it was well worth it. I finished work at 6am this morning,


had two hours in bed and straight here. It is a once`in`a`lifetime


opportunity to see this happen. It will not happen again in my


lifetime, that is for sure. but all agreed it was worthwhile.


Police warned drivers to avoid the A15 as all designated car parks


filled up. As two distinctive shapes


appeared in the sky, the road became an impromptu viewing area.


At a site in nearby Canwick, veterans, fundraisers and serving


airmen gathered to cut the first turf at what is to become the


international Bomber Command Centre. A spire 102 feet tall


representing the wingspan of a Lancaster Bomber will be surrounded


by panels commemorating all those who died serving with Bomber Command


during the Second World War. Nobody until quite recently had


recognised the suffering and the contribution which was made by all


of those guys who got up in an aeroplane.


The last two flying Lancasters joined forces with the only flying


Vulcan to over`fly the ceremony. It was an emotional moment


for the veterans present, who included Jonny Johnson,


the last surviving british veteran of the famous Dambusters raid.


I think it is terrific. It is one of the best dedications, I think, to


the 55,500 crew, air crew, that we lost during the war.


Irrespective of the losses we were suffering, the boys still went up.


When I saw those two Lancasters, over I shall remember it.


It was a sight that's never likely to be repeated,


a day like no other for the thousands who stopped to watch and a


fitting tribute to those who served and died with bomber command.


Of course, the reason this site was chosen for the memorial was because


of the towers of Lincoln Cathedral that you can see behind me. Those


were used as a navigational aid by crews finding their way back to base


during the war. When they saw them they knew they were nearly home and


pretty soon this site will be a memorial to those incredibly brave


men. Again, thank you for all of the


pictures that were sent during the afternoon on a very important day.


In less than an hour, Hull city will be playing in the latest European


adventure which is a trip to Belgium.


The manager, Steve Bruce, says the demands of competing in the Europa


League will not distract them from the Premier League.


Our reporter is there and this report contains some flash


photography. They have travelled by air, rail and


sea, an Army continuing march around Europe. Fans have been gathering in


the town's main square today. It is what you think about when you


are a little kid. Now we are here. The journey took us about an hour on


the plane, we are all happy. We have been done your about an


hour, brilliant so far, soaking it up.


Everyone is having a good luck. Come on, the Tigers.


Then there were those who went the extra mile.


This man left on Monday on his bicycle. I cycled to Peterborough,


Tuesday I cycled to Kent, Wednesday I came over there with the


opportunity to see Hull city away in Europe was good and I am on to try


and take it. He has not got a lot of money, that


is why he has done it. I take my hat off to him.


All 1200 way tickets were sold out for this match.


But there could be many more Hull city fans here just to soak up the


atmosphere. The team a are playing is no


stranger to European football, but the Belgian Premier League side has


never bitten an English team. For Hull city the journey began


yesterday. The Tigers are without star signing Robert Snodgrass with


suspected ligament damage ruling him out for much of the season. Steve


Bruce says tonight's game will not be easy.


We got a good result over the weekend and we will be better again


physically wise, because we will need to be. They are a good side. As


Tigers fans arrived at the ground tonight they know a good win could


put them on course for more overseas ties with some of your's elite


footballing sides. `` some of Europe's.


You can hear full match commentary on BBC Radio Humberside, the


kick`off is at 7:30pm tonight. You will often hear football fans


complaining about the cost of going to what their team. 's `` Hull's


newest non`league club is actually paying fans to turn up to watch


them. Former North Ferriby player


and team manager Jamie Waltham paid ?2 to anyone who came to watch


his team, Hull United AFC, Usually at the gates of a football


ground, you have to pay to get in. But the non`league Hull United will


pay you ?2 to support their side. I figure a lot of them were expecting


it but some of them were surprised they were getting paid and some of


those who knew they would refused to take it.


Everyone has turned out, obviously for the free ?2, most keen for that.


These are the two Michael Jamies. All former footballers who came up


with the idea. They have rebranded as struggling


Humber Premier League team. If this is something people want, we


don't have a problem, the more people come, it is not rocket


science, then rebuild a fan base and take it from there. Hull deserves a


top nominated club. `` non`league club.


In terms of the grassroots, people want a different option.


At half`time, family members run the cafe and your ?2 goes along way.


I go to Hull city all the time so it is nice to get the opportunity to


come and see what it is like here. I think I will come again. This was


Jamie's vision, even if it came at a cost.


Supporters packing the standards and cheering on his footballers who play


for free. We were visiting relatives in the


area. We come from the West Midlands but we saw the initiative in the


newspaper and thought we would come along.


They've got some clean players, they can get the passing round and it is


really, really good. I am inspired. It extra supporters boost the


morale? A four ` one victory means two wins


in two for a team with their sights on promotion whatever the cost.


Singer Michael win`win situation, great story, ?2 and you get to meet


Jill, as well. It's thought a puppy in Lincolnshire


is so tiny it could qualify to be This is Tyson,


who lives near Spilsby. He's a cross between a Chihuahua


and a Lhasa Apso and is just five inches long


and four and a half inches tall. That's less than the smallest


dog currently on record. He's only nine weeks old but it's


thought he won't grow much bigger. He just did not grow. He just


stopped growing, really. If you see his brothers comedy is about a


quarter of the size. He was actually born with cleft


palate, which meant he could not latch onto mum.


We came in one day and he had been pushed out of the litter. He was on


the floor, called, practically lifeless. We picked him up and I did


CPR on him, got him going again, took him to the vet and said, just


persevered and see what you can do. I don't think he expected he would


survive very long. He has thrived. Finally, let us have recapture the


national and regional headlines. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines... New details emerge


about the death of an American journalist in Syria ` he was held


captive by three British jihadis. A community in Lincolnshire calls


on the Government to intervene over plans to build two large power


stations in their village. Sunny spells and isolated showers, a


gentle north`westerly breeze, top temperatures up to 16 Celsius.


We have responses on the subject of the power station in Sutton Bridge


we were talking about at the start of the programme.


Jonathan says, give residents in a ten mile radius of the power station


half`price on the energy bills. That will be a pittance to the


energy companies and see how many objections there are.


Another reviewer says I have lived there all my life, why do we need


more power station when the existing one is not working at full power?


Another viewer says, we will still end up fighting for it not to


happen. It will literally be in my back


yard. Thank you for watching, have a nice


evening. We're back at 10:25pm,


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