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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Arrests are made as trouble breaks out following Hull City's game in


Belgium. Claims the police were heavy`handed.


A police officer just let his dog attack me. It took me across the


road. A bad night on the pitch too ` this


goal means the Tigers European A School apologises for withholding


exam results because their parents owed money for iPad is. More


convicted criminals are to be tagged by Humberside Police. Thousands


arrive for the biggest motor bike event of the year. They are making


the final preparations for this year's Championships. And I'll have


the full forecast. Hull City's European clash


in Belgium has been overshadowed by arrests,


spilled blood and smashed windows. Three City fans were arrested during


clashes before and after the game. The club says that the reports


of violence are 'concerning'. Hull fans are angry that police


force them to walk past a known meeting point.


Our reporter Phillip Norton is in Belgium,


The sound of breaking glass and frantic calls to move on. As Hull


City fans pelted with bottles after last night's European tie. This


footage was said by one fine and claims the police were heavy`handed.


A number of supporters were injured. I got these two barns and then a


police officer let his dog off the lead and it attacked me. It actually


took me across the road. We got showered in class when it smashed.


That's when we realised we need to hold back a bit. Unfortunately there


were a lot of women and children involved as well, which was a


difficult situation, really. The only route in and out is this


street. The Hull City fans were being funnelled up the street and it


is here where there was violence. Fans inside this pub started


throwing bottles and chairs as they passed outside. Today, blood and


shattered glass of the tell`tale signs of what happened. Through an


interpreter, she told me it escalated after a team Mac fund


smashed a window `` Hull City Fanon. `` fan. There was no problem before


the game started. It was the police who started the provocation. The


deputy may or confirmed to the meeting point for those banned from


the stadium. They could also be present. If the club was opened or


closed, I don't think it would have made a difference. I think lessons


will be learned. There will be an evaluation with the police, city and


football club. Police say several fans were arrested and they will be


reviewing evidence to punish those responsible for the trouble.


Hull City did not want to comment but said it was concerned about the


violent clashes. We'll have all the action from


the game later in the programme. Also coming up, we rubbish is being


sent to power plants instead of dumps.


A judge has said a Lincolnshire man who has been found guilty


of raping four women was someone who would not take no for an answer.


Benjamin Gibbon, seen here on the right wearing


a white shirt, committed the offences between 2002 and 2008.


Today, a jury at Grimsby Crown Court found him guilty of four counts


of rape and not guilty of a further five counts.


The 30`year`old has been jailed for eight and a half years.


Police have arrested a 17`year`old girl after claims that bleach was


thrown in a Hull teenager's face outside a house party.


Another 17`year`old girl was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary following


Private guards have been hired to prevent travelling families


and their caravans from taking over car parks in Skegness this weekend.


Visitors in cars have been unable to use this


Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport has come joint top in a survey


of customer satisfaction for UK airports.


Smaller airports did better in the research by Which?


because flyers say they are 'less hassle'.


A school says it 'deeply regrets' withholding some pupils' GCSE


results, because they hadn't returned or fully paid for iPads.


The Thomas Ferens Academy in North Hull is one of a number


of schools that provides electronic equipment to pupils,


Our correspondent Anne`Marie Tasker is outside the school this evening.


What happened when these pupils turned up to get their results?


Earlier this morning, I spoke to a pupil who said that she was one of


20 pupils who turned up here at Thomas Ferens Academy yesterday


morning and told she couldn't have her GCSE results unless she paid for


her iPad. The school hands out iPads for academic reasons. Parents pay


?12 per month and at the end of school, the pupil has 2p the or hand


it back. The governing board says that they have two reveal results.


The principal would not speak to us. The chair of governors said, we


deeply regret the apparent breakdown. Clearly, students should


have been informed of their results. I've been ensured that this has no


current. But it does raise the question, should the pupils have


been punished for the inability of their parents?


I spoke to a former teacher who taught in some of Hull's toughest


schools. I asked for a reaction to the school was right. I doubt the


legality of that. I think it is part of the contract that they have to be


given their results. The money ought to be coming back but to be telling


the pupils on the day of their results that they aren't going to


get them because money hasn't been paid is too late. I think it is very


hard on them on the day. I would probably go as far as saying it is


wrong. What about parents, because if there is money to be paid,


parents have to take more responsibility, do they not? I do


think so, yes, and I think children should have a role in that too. It


should have been said at the end of exams, that you won't get your


results if you are behind with your money. What about schools offering


iPads. What is your view on that? I can see it as necessary. There are a


lot of computers in schools that children have access to most of the


time. So there shouldn't be a deal at all for iPads? I would say not. I


see no need for it. The children won't iPads, `` want. I think they


should get a job and pay for it. There are things schools are to do


with their money like shortages of textbooks. The youngsters would much


rather have an iPad. That's not the point, the point is about education.


It would be far more used to have a good textbook than iPad. Most of


them have smartphones and can access most of the stuff on there anyway.


Do you think youngsters use the iPads for the right reasons?


Obviously sometimes, but let's face it, if you have an iPad, you're


going to do other things on it than school research. Well you are!


Maybe you are a parent or pupil in this particular story.


Was the school right to withhold children's exam results if they


Or was it unfair to punish the students?


Should the schools be renting out iPads?


or text 81333 at your standard message rate for each message.


More criminals should be forced to wear electronic tags


That's according to Humberside's Police and


He is increasing spending on new satellite technology.


At present the scheme is voluntary, but some would


like to see more criminals tagged to prevent them re`offending.


Here's our political editor Tim Iredale.


Figures reveal that half of prisoners released from jail going


commit further offences. I'm a commercial burglar. I used to do


where houses and shops. Darren, as he wants to be called, turned to


crime to fund has drug habit. He was fitted with an elephant tag to


monitor his whereabouts. I was limited to what I could do after


some o'clock PM. It stopped me committing crime. `` seven o'clock


PM. Officers can now use site map style GPS technology to check the


location of an individual at any given time. I think wearing a tag is


not unreasonable for them to expect. When they commit their offence, I


believe they are giving up a number of their civil liberties. I think


the ability for a community to supervise them when they are


released on licence is not unreasonable. The scheme in the


Humberside area is currently on a voluntary basis, but it has been


effective, we are told. It has been effective, we are told. A convicted


sex offender was found to have breached has conditions by visiting


a local park. He was arrested and sent back to prison to serve the


rest of his sentence. These were the views of some parents. Any sort of


deterrent to keep them away from parks, I'm all for it. I think they


should be forced to wear them and I think if they go near a park, they


should get analytic shock. `` Electric. Some argue it should not


be used as an alternative to prison for those who commit serious


crimes. Thousands arrive in Lincolnshire for


one of the biggest bike races of the year.


Tomorrow, it is going to be an all right start but we are going to see


showers developing. Sunday looked to be the best day of the bank


holiday. That looks mostly dry and bright. It could turn cloudy, wet


and breezy through Monday. Today, we have had a fair few shower workloads


this `` shower workloads but it will become mostly dry tonight. In towns


and cities, it will drop down to eight or nine Celsius. And more


rural spots and will be colder than that. `` in. It's going to be chilly


start tomorrow but there will be good spells of sunshine. We will see


more anyway of cloud bubbling up and then showers coming through later on


as we head through tomorrow afternoon. Some of these could be


sharp and could give us the odd rumble of thunder. There will be


some spells of sunshine but it probably won't feel that warm, with


temperatures hovering between 15 and 16 Celsius. It is quite a cool air.


Sunday doesn't look bad. It will be mostly dry and bright but chilly


overnight into Sunday. A cold start, dry and break through the day, then


Clyde will increase. `` bright. Rubbish from homes in Hull and


East Yorkshire, which can't be recycled, is to be


sent to a power plants to be turned Until now,


waste has been going into landfill sites, and waste from some parts


of the country is even being burned Here's our environment


correspondent Paul Murphy. Here's the problem. As a nation, he


sent nearly 500 million tonnes of rubbish to landfill site every year,


when it is buried in the ground. Blue wheelie bin are becoming more


frequent as awareness improves. We are getting better and better at


recycling but there will always be residual waste and local authorities


face the challenge of disposing of this cost effectively without


harming the environment. The Government effectively finds


councils every time they send waste to landfills. Local authorities have


been looking for alternatives. It cost the council ?82 60 for every


tonne that goes into a landfill. The alternative arrangement with these


contracts save a significant adult money for the council but at the


same time also have real environmental benefits. From next


April, Hull and East Yorkshire councils will send the rubbish to


waste power stations. But the UK has been slow to adopt this process


compared to other European countries. Here on hold docs, there


is a thriving export business where they send rubbish to Scandinavian


incinerators `` Hull docks. It helps our exports and is useful for ships


that would otherwise be empty. And it is good for the environment


because it is not going into landfills here. Local councils say


the money saved can be ploughed back into other services.


I spoke to Martin Deane from the Hull and East Riding Green Party.


I asked him what's not to like about saving council's money and reducing


It sounds like a good plan. I'm sure a lot of people will welcome it. But


from the Green party point of view, it's always about the juice, reuse,


recycle. But sending it abroad saves the council money and produces


energy. The nicest thing about it is that this new technology seems to be


a lot less toxic than previous ones. This is the reason why the Green


party fight incinerators across the country because when you export it,


our point of view would have to be, how do we make the most of whatever


we call waste instead of getting rid of it. But you would much rather it


was sent abroad and said and landfills? Do you agree? Landfill is


costly for councils and so, if they have a cheaper alternative, they


would use it. So you would welcome these plants in this country, to Ban


all of our waste? `` burn. Where do we have the steps that say, how can


we reuse this to the best of our ability? If there's 500 million


tonnes going into a landfill, it means 500 million tonnes of rubbish.


It has to go somewhere. There is a policy called zero waste which


hasn't hit this country yet. It recycles almost everything. Which is


better, burning waste or putting it in a landfill? It's a lose, lose,


not a win, win. If we recycle, we can win. Which do you think is


better? We'll have some thoughts on Monday night. We read every single


message. Thanks to everyone who's been


in touch about the community in Lincolnshire calling


on the Government to intervene over plans for two large power stations


in their village. People


in Sutton Bridge claim their local council isn't being helpful enough


and so have held a referendum to Michael from Hull tweeted to say, 'a


17.7% turnout in Sutton Bridge poll? Hardly a mandate for Government


action. Appears most people are not


worried by the plans'. A collection of silverware from Ten


Downing Street has gone on display Crafted by some


of the finest silversmiths in the country, it was originally


used for full state banquets. It'll be on display at Belton House


for a month. If you look at the quality of the


work, you can see that it is superb. The design in some instances look


simple, but when you look closely, you realise that there is a nuance


that turns it into something magnet can `` magnificent.


Returning to Hull City in Europe, and it was a disappointing night


They lost their Europe League tie 1`0 against


Lokeren after a mistake from goalkeeper Allan McGregor gifted


Hull have it all to do in the second leg at the KC Stadium


next week if they are to make the group stage in their first


An error by goalkeeper Allan McGregor gifted their Belgian


opponents their winner just before the hour mark.


Steve Bruce's side did come from behind to beat Slovakia's Trencin


in the previous round, and he's confident they can do it again.


We know that we're capable of it. I've seen enough in the last 15 20


minutes. We were exceptionally comfortable. It will be a different


game in a week's time. In front of our supporters, we'll be a lot


different. The Tigers boss had made nine


changes to the side that started in the 1`0 win at


Queens Park Rangers on the opening He'll be hoping that not changing


his goalkeeper, And there's coverage of Hull City


next game in the Premier League this They play their first home game


of the season against Stoke City Tomorrow the station has Scunthorpe


United's game at Yeovil on FM. On digital and the BBC Sport


website, it will be Grimsby against Dover


Athletic in the Conference Premier. Meanwhile on BBC Radio Lincolnshire,


the match between Lincoln City and Braintree will be broadcast


on all frequencies. The Lincoln City manager


Gary Simpson has taken He had a bucket of cold water poured


over him in aid of He challenged his chairman


Bob Dorrian to take part next. 40,000 people are expected


in Lincolnshire to see some of Many are camping out at Cadwell Park


near Louth. Before the racing can start at


Cadwell Park, there is hard work. I've had a lot of success around


Cadwell Park. If you're lucky enough to get on the podium, it is


fantastic to see all those people cheering for you. Also flying the


flag for Lincolnshire is Lee Jackson. I love coming to Cadwell


Park. It such a party atmosphere. The whole home crowd situation gets


you going, you feel a buzz. There are no bikes on the track today,


just these lorries emptying themselves of tyres and mortars. ``


more tours `` motors. The campsite is already filling up. It's so


amazing win Adolf H H other on the corners. When we see that hillside


on my right, you can hear the reaction when there is a great


overtake. You don't get that at any other motor racing circuits.


Qualifying is on Sunday and the racing on bank holiday Monday.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The debate continues about how to tackle Islamic state militants in


Iraq and Syria. The Government says there will be no talks with the


Syrian regime. Arrests are made


after trouble breaks out following A mostly dry and bright start with


sunny spells, showers later on. We had that conversation about GCSE


results and high pads. John says the parents should pay up. This one


says, I'm a 15`year`old girl. It is not a necessity, the school has to


think more about exam regulation. It is diabolical. Julie says, I think


it is wrong because the kids are excited about getting results only


to be singled out. And Joe says, what a ridiculous idea, giving out I


pads. Kids can use school computers and of course they're going to them


for other things rather than schoolwork.


We're back with a summary at 8:00pm and a bulletin at 10:25pm.


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