25/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Lincolnshire Police are dealing with a serious crash


The road has been closed for the last seven hours


near Scampton, where it's thought two vehicles have collided.


Police are due to release more details


Nearly ?1 million is being spent to try to improve the fitness


of people in North Lincolnshire by getting them to exercise more.


The council has received funding from Sport England to help


Statistics suggest half of people living in the area do less


It's been a packed summer of sport and people have certainly


enjoyed watching the stars from sidelines and sofas ` but


statistics show many people aren't doing enough exercise themselves.


In North Lincolnshire 53% of people are inactive `


classed as failing to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each week.


At this pub in Scunthorpe people told me what puts them off exercise.


It is intimidating to start from scratch. It is down to finances.


People have got busy lives. North Lincolnshire Council is


now spending nearly ?1 million Events included


in the project will be free. We want to try and improve health


and well`being outcomes. One of the ways of doing that is to activity


levels. It is about starting to take small steps.


In Hull a four year plan was launched to tackle the problem


in May, and East Riding Council has helped hundreds of people with


North Lincolnshire Council says it hopes the money it's spending over


the next three years will go some way to get more people on target


Siemens says it expects its multi`million pound wind


turbine factory in Hull to come into operation in 2017.


Next month councillors will consider documents setting out


the company's plans to build up to a hundred turbines


in the factory's first year, with 300 a year possible after that.


The site will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week,


Work has started on the next phase of flood repairs


at St Botolph's church in Boston, which is known as The Stump.


The electrical wiring was badly damaged during last December's


The work is expected to take around three months.


The Archbishop of York has begun a week`long fast


Dr John Sentamu is praying on the hour, every hour, from six


He says it's to promote peace and show solidarity with those


suffering, particularly in the Middle East.


The head of Yorkshire tourism says he will


make sure the whole county builds on the success of the Tour de France.


Gary Verity says events like the new Tour Of Yorkshire cycle


race can help areas like the East Riding, which missed out


It comes as the latest tourism figures in Yorkshire show


The two to France to hundreds of people to Yorkshire but even before


the world`famous cycle race the county was speaking to his records.


The figures look at July, August and September last year. There were


168,000 holiday visits to Yorkshire. That is up 38% on the previous


summer. Overseas visitors spent ?60 million in the region. Another


record. 2013 was not all good news. The number of foreign visitors did


rise but this was offset by a fall in domestic tourism. But tourism


bosses sees the profile of the county is stronger than ever. We


have got to keep our customer service high. We have got to keep


investing in businesses. We have got to make sure that the new two will


go to parts that's the Tour de France did not go to. I profile has


never been higher. In recent years artworks and


festivals have been created to attract visitors. Businesses like


this holiday lodge park have benefited from the Tour de France


through bookings and training the staff. Yorkshire has been put on the


tourist map. The trick will be to keep it there.


Thousands of motorbike enthusiasts are heading home after one


of the biggest events in the British Superbike championships.


Racing has been taking place at Cadwell Park near Louth.


The circuit is in its 80th year and an estimated 40,000 people have been


It is the biggest event in the county. It is great to see people


coming from all over the country and internationally. There are people


from Germany, France and Holland. This is a big destination event.


Grimsby Town have continued their goal run with


Grimsby put away seven goals in front


That follows the six they scored against Gateshead on Saturday.


In the same league Lincoln City lost their first game of the season.


They were beaten 3`2 by top of the table Halifax Town.


Rugby League side, Hull KR, have appointed Chris Chester


He's signed a three year deal after impressing the board since taking


temporary charge in July after the departure of Craig Sandercock.


Here is the weather. A lot of close through the night and still some


rain. Temperatures will be in double figures for most of us. Tomorrow


morning any last remnants of the rain should clear away. By lunch


time things should brighten up. Broken clouds, some sunny intervals.


And settled through the rest of the week. Mostly dry and fine on


Wednesday. By Thursday and Friday showery rain is set to return.


That is all for now. Goodbye. Hello, if you love wet weather, you


appreciate a satellite picture. A big swell cloud around to the west


of Ireland. If you love bank holidays, you would choose different


words to describe the weather, but Italy this cloud which are the


heaviest rain. In Scotland, you have


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