26/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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on settling down and turning warmer. That is all from the BBC News at


Six. Goodbye from Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. Trapped in Iraq for eight months `


the father from Hull who still can't come home.


The Lincolnshire girl denied school meals because of her serious


allergies. Too much talk and not enough action


` calls for more to be done to stop flooding in Grimsby.


Some people here were flooded twice this month ` now they're angry


nothing has been done to stop it happening again.


13 goals in just two games, Grimsby Town celebrate a bumper bank holiday


weekend. And the handcyclist from Lincoln


hoping cutting`edge technology will Is one more competition to go hoping


to get my ranking up. A father from Hull who has been


trapped in Iraq for eight months is facing


further delays to his return home. Kristian Nicholson has only been


able to talk to his family via the Internet after his passport was


confiscated by police following a fatal car crash.


At the weekend he received a six`month suspended sentence and was


set to have his passport returned but that still has not happened.


Kate Sweeting reports. It is ridiculous. It is pointless. I


am not working and am sitting around and being mist around. ``messed


around. He was given a suspended prison sentence for involvement in a


fatal crash but still has not been given back his passport and it is


not clear when that will happen. There is no need for me to be here


because the court said I was free and if I had my passport I could get


on a flight and come home. He is trapped in Irbil. At the moment it


is stable but one security expert told me it is still not safe place


for the British system to be. If the area was taken the potential of


following into the hands of ISIS his error. ``is there.


The Nicholson family is getting used to waiting.


After eight months they still have no idea if and


when their dad would come home. It's been really scary.


Nobody knew what was going on. We were given false hope all the


time and we were just frightened. He wanted him back home.


Free school meals for all children in the first three years of primary


was promised by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at the beginning


of the new school year next week. Tonight there are fresh claims that


the policy has been rushed through. A mother from Lincolnshire says she


that her daughter, who suffers from severe food allergies, will not


missed every child aged between four and seven will be given a free hot


meal. Sally Hedges says her daughter will not get one. We go straight


into our classroom between 8:30am and 8:40am. Getting ready for her


first day at school, a nrevous time but as her mum is angry because she


has been told the daughter will not have a free school meals due to her


food allergies which include milk, eggs and wheat. Recently, it has


come out that the caterers will not be providing a meal for children


with allergies. I feel discriminated against. I feel upset. It would be


good if somebody would give me a chance to sit down and go over the


The covenant is pledging to provide free


school meals to all under sevens but as the school says it cannot find a


catering company that will provide allergy free meals. A lot of people


might say if you're concerned what she will be eating at school, why


not provide her with a packed lunch? I feel that by having a packed lunch


you're missing out on a lot of foods. We are looking at providing


say the Department for Education has told us it is looking into the


matter and Sally's hoping a solution can be found.


We invited appearance to discuss a menu and identified any foods that


might be a problem for her. Then the kooks suggested alternatives. ``the


cooks. The headteacher has told us they have not been able to find a


solution for the start of term that are committed to finding meals for


children who have allergies as soon as possible.


story on our Facebook page. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and


you can have your say too.Pete says, 'Nick Clegg says all four to seven


year olds will get free meals so that should mean all four to seven


year olds.' Sarah says 'If the child can't eat what the school serves up,


give the mother a voucher for the equivalent cost of the dinner so she


can buy the child something she can eat.' Catherine: 'Personally if it


was my child I would make them a packed lunch myself that I know was


safe for them rather than risk them being ill by getting a free meal.


Better safe than sorry.' We want to hear from you on this


story, do you think every child should get free schools meals even


if they have allergies? Maybe you think it would be safer if they took


packed lunches? email: [email protected]: 81333


looknorth ` you will be charged at your standard message rate for each


Police are appealing for witnesses after two people died in a crash


near RAF Scampton. The collision involving two vehicles happened just


after 11 o'clock yesterday morning on the A15. A 45`year`old


man from Stainfield and a 59`year`old man from Scunthorpe both


died at the scene. A female passenger is in hospital with


A ward has been closed at Scunthorpe General Hospital after patients came


down with a stomach bug. Tests are being carried out to see if it's


caused by the Norovirus or winter vomiting bug. Doctors have asked


patients who display symptoms to stay away from the hospital and say


staff are being advised to stay home if they become sick.


People in Grimsby affected by flooding say there's too much


talk and not enough action by the council to prevent future damage.


The concerns follow the announcement that a working


group will be set up by North East Lincolnshire Council to review what


Some homeowners were flooded twice in a month,


This was the scene in a seat in Grimsby earlier this month. Some


people had just replaced carpets from similar flooding three weeks


earlier. Rains came again and the problems are returned. The trains in


the street have won in 40 year chance of this happening and this


has happened within three weeks. We just want somebody to investigate


what has actually happened and we should not be terrified. People who


live here say that nothing has been done. Last week there was a special


school council meeting of the Cabinet backed the Conservative


group leader says that people need to see action. People want for the


council to be out there and looking at the problem area is that are


happening again and again. We needed to deal with these drainage


problems. We have had people come down the street more than once but


still nothing is being done. We are still in the situation where water


could come back into the house and we want less words and more action.


Residents say that they needed to know that repairs to their homes


will last. tonight. Phil, what have North East


Lincolnshire Council had to say? Unfortunately nobody was available


for comment but a statement from them says that a working group will


be set up following council approval to look at how flooding is dealt


with in the area. We have also spoken to Anglian Water who have


said that the sheer volume of water inundated the system and the pumps


were dealing with five times the usual amount of water. You can


understand why residents who have tried to fix their homes here are


wondering why this has happened and whether these repairs will be all in


vain. Here are the details if you want to contact us if you have been


affected by this. Still ahead tonight: The goals which


just keep coming for Grimsby Town and why state`of`the=art technology


could help one hand`cyclist get to Rio.


This photo is of St Mary's Church in Beverley taken from the top of the


North Tower of Beverley Minster by Partly cloudy tomorrow but with some


sunshine. All parts will be dry and a very promising day although some


rain is expected later on Wednesday night because of this weather


system. Thursday morning starts damp and Thursday afternoon looks fine


with some sunshine so it looks quite changeable. It was a cloudy start


but that cloud pulled away from the north`east and we have seen those


pictures in Grimsby of a beautiful end to the day. Fine everywhere with


plenty of sunshine. Overnight a bit of loud rolling in from the North


Sea might produce the odd light shower but most of us will stay dry.


Quite windy at first, especially along the literature coursed and the


breeze will see temperatures in towns and cities of around 10


Celsius or 11 Celsius. And I stay to come on Wednesday with all parts


being dry and bright with just the smallest chance of an isolated


shower. Variable cloud with some decent sunny spells and just a light


Southeast Tabriz. The top aperture in `` afternoon temperatures will be


between 17 degrees and 20 degrees. Thursday will have a damp start with


some drizzle but that will clear during the afternoon and Friday and


Saturday will be quite a breezy with sunny intervals and a of showers. ``


a scattering of showers. One of the country's biggest


national parks is warning it may have to close rights of way and shut


down conservation projects because of government cuts. The North York


Moors National Park has seen its budget cut by 40% and next


month more savings and redundancies will be announced. It says it's now


being forced to rely on teams of volunteers to keep vital services


going. Phill Connell's been investigating the financial plight


of this important national asset. This footpath is just one example.


If we were not doing this now you would not be able to see this path


by the springtime. In the last three years the budget of the National


Park has been cut by 40% of annual spending reduced to just over ?4


million. What rule for volunteers no play here? How reliant will the Park


become on the hard work and goodwill? The chief executive says


that volunteers will not replace qualified staff and it says in over


50 years of the Park being in existence he has not known at times


like these. It really is a huge change and there are days when you


feel completely despondent so we will rely more on volunteers because


the alternative is that things will not happen. A planning application


for potash mine near Whitby has also squeezed finances further. This has


raised questions as to how we safeguard this beautiful national


asset. A restaurant in Lincolnshire has


been badly damaged after an articulated lorry


left the road and crashed into it. The accident happened at Whaplode


last night. No customers were hurt and the


driver of the lorry escaped with minor injuries.


An investigation into the circumstances


of the crash is under way. A Hull food company has agreed a


deal with an Indian manufacturer worth ?100,000 a year. Chaucer Foods


will provide croutons for the Indian market in an agreement which has


seen them increase their trade with the country by 50%. The details were


announced by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg who is on a


visit to India. A Lincolnshire village is hoping to


secure enough investment for them to build a solar farm.


200 panels will start going up on this barn roof in Belchford


from next month. That's enough to provide electricity


for around 16 households. If successful it will be the first


time a solar farm has been run by a cooperative in the county.


There are lots of benefits. Point number two, it is clean


energy. Point number three, I suppose, it's


clean technology, it's known technology, it's been


around for years. The panels will start to be put up


in September. More than half the ?56,000 quiet has been raised in


just one month. ``required. We have not found anyone disappointed yet.


With British weather being as it is, is that a real benefits in having


solar panels? This is a very effective technology and people are


often surprised to find out that solar energy works less well when it


is heart. There is a surprisingly difference between the performance


of solar panels in the United Kingdom and in Mediterranean areas


in summer. It is believed this will benefit people even if they do not


have a share in the solar farm. Grimsby Town supporters will have


enjoyed their bank holiday weekend more than


most people after seeing their club Report contains some flash


photography. It's hard to believe that


Grimsby Town began Yesterday goals were


very easy to come by. Lennell John Lewis put them


in front after ten minutes and then saw his shot ricochet off


the Alfreton keeper to make it 2`0. Goals either side


of half`time ended the game as a contest and three goals in


the last 11 minutes secured their the


foot of the gas Scunthorpe United's former manager


Nigel Adkins returns to Glanford Park tonight as the Iron


face his current club, Reading, A win for the Irons tonight could


see them draw against the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea or


Liverpool in the next round. And there will be commentary


of Scunthorpe United's match against Reading this evening on


BBC Radio Humberside tonight. The build up is already underway


and the match kicks off at 7.45. technology to help qualify for the


Rio Paralympics in 2016. An athlete from Lincoln is using


cutting edge Liz McTernan is already one of the


world's top hand cyclists. She is now working with sports


scientists from the University of Lincoln to improve her technique


and go even faster. In sport you have to get the edge on


your opponent. Milliseconds, millimetres make all


the difference. Every element of performance needs


to be scrutinised. To have biomechanic feedback on the


correct peddling, how I am seated in the bike, how aerodynamic I am,


it all makes a massive difference. And, as British Cycling do, they


have marginal gains and that's what I'm looking for now.


This is Liz's second session with the human performance department


at the University of Lincoln. It's already helped a number of top


athletes reach perfection. Two main objectives we have with


this type of biomechanical analysis, the most important one, the one


which matters to the athlete is improving his or her performance


but also we have two remain conscious about the risk of injury.


To get optimum technique in terms of performance is key, but also reduces


the risk of injury. Liz started in triathlons and


despite switching her focus to cycling just a year ago, she has


recently finished in the top three for both races and


time trials across Europe. I am now ranked sixth in the world


in my category for hand cycling and I'm ranked second in


Europe at the moment but I have one more competition to


go and I'm hoping to bump my ranking up and be first in Europe.


It depends who turns up for the turned to


alternative methods to get ahead. We first met Liz in 2006 when tai


chi helped her regain mobility just a year after a serious diving


accident left her unable to walk. to Rio.


I may not medal at Rio but there's always a chance.


Just to take part, to be honest, and to be able to represent


my country, as well. That would be Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. A report's published into the sexual


abuse of almost 1,500 children in Rotherham over


16 years. The father from Hull says he's


growing increasingly frustrated after being trapped in Iraq for


eight months. Tomorrow's weather: Dry and bright


with partly cloudy skies and sunny spells. A light or moderate south


east wind, and a top temperature of Talking about the 40`year`old girl


who cannot get school meals because of her allergies, feedback from


viewers says that she should not miss out just because she has


allergies. Paul says that he is sure this child will get dietary food on


the National Health Service. Why does mum not just pack some up? Some


people are never satisfied. One woman says she worked for school


meals for 27 years and provided special diets. See you tomorrow


night at the same time. Have somebody play bagpipe at the


airport to welcome you? Possible. Whichever car you like,


with Wi-Fi inside? Possible. Can I get you a pink elephant?


I'll try! See, the Indian philosophy


dictates that anybody who comes to your house


is not a guest, but he's God.


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