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again. Something to look forward to. That is all from the BBC News at


six. Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. Health experts say new smoking rules


could protect local children, but there is opposition to a change in


the law. I believe banning smoking at home is


an infringement of personal liberties.


Hull City fans say they will welcome supporters from Belgium despite


trouble at last week's match. Campaigners in Goole say there are


too many people renting rooms in the town and fight to stop another


development. The '50s movie star being remembered


in the east coast town where she was born.


I've detailed forecast follows shortly. `` A detailed forecast.


Ineffective and unenforceable ` that's how one Conservative MP from


our area has described plans to ban smoking in cars carrying children. A


consultation on the idea closed today with experts saying it could


improve the health of young people in Hull ` a city with one of the


highest smoking rates in the country. In a moment I'll be


speaking to Andrew Percy ` the MP for Brigg and Goole. But first our


Health Correspondent Vicky Johnson has this report.


well known but ARE children at particular risk when it comes to


breathing in cigarette fumes, especially in a car?


Deborah Parkinson is a senior stop`smoking specialist, working in


Hull. Their lungs are smaller, their


breathing rate is a lot more rapid and their immune system is much


more, needs much more development and that means they are a lot more


susceptible to things like respiratory disorders and also


things like ear infections, as well. Previous public health campaigns


have highlighted the hidden dangers. Over 80% of cigarette smoke is


invisible. No matter how careful you are, they


still breathe in the harmful poisons.


The toxins in smoke, things like arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon


monoxide, those become breathed in. In some areas of Hull, almost 50% of


people smoke but even here most of the ones we


spoke to say children in cars should not have to breathe in toxic fumes.


If it is made illegal then drivers who smoke, or allow others to smoke


when children are in their car, could face hefty fines.


Smokers' groups insist such a ban is Andrew Percy is the Conservative MP


for Brigg and Goole, he voted against the ban when it was debated


by MPs earlier this year. Why did you vote against this man?


``this ban. I asked my constituents and a narrow majority said that I


should oppose this band. ``this ban. This is because it is unenforceable.


Do you agree that smokers should have the right to choose and should


not be told what to do by the government, even though they are


subjecting their children to smoke? I think it was more about weather


this is enforceable or not. People see people driving at excessive


speeds and on mobile phones. Those lows are not being enforced. I


remember when we all drove around without seat belts on and when it


became law suddenly everybody had seat belts on. That was difficult to


enforce but it made us change our way of life. It is easier to enforce


seat belt. Spotting someone smoking can be very difficult and to spot


that they have children in the car. They can often be very small


children so to is a difficult thing to enforce. It should not take the


government to tell people they should not be smoking in cars. Let's


enforce what we have already. Some people do drive around with children


in cars. These levels are comparable with her smoke`filled pub. It is a


terrible thing and adapter thing to do but I would wonder if people who


are doing it now, this irresponsible behaviour, will do it because a


government says it has to be enforced.


Lots of you have been debating this story on our Facebook page, Don't


forget to like us on Facebook and you can have your say, too. Jackie


says, "They banned mobile phones in cars but certain people think it


doesn't apply to them! What makes the government think that type of


person will take any notice of this ban!?" Robert says, "People won't


adhere to it. Peter, "Like mobile phones in cars it won't be policed."


Janie says, "If you smoke in the car whilst your children are with you,


then you deserve to be fined. There is NO excuse."


Do you agree that smoking in cars with children in them should be


banned? Or is Andrew Percy right, is it impossible to police? Do you


think it should be a priority for officers? Or is it a law too far?


The headstones of those who fell during the First World War are


A murder investigation is under way after the death of a 39`year`old man


in Bridlington. He was found unconscious by police in Sewerby


Road just before 4.30 this morning and died shortly after at the scene.


Four men were arrested near Hornsea and are being questioned by police.


Yorkshire ambulance staff have voted to go on strike again as part of a


long running dispute over changes to shift patterns. The strike by


members of the Unite union will to start on Friday. Managers say there


are "robust contingency plans in place."


Roads in part of Lincoln, which were upgraded last year, are being


repaired after a fault was found. The County Council says it's found


some "minor issues" on sections of Newark Road. Work will start at the


beginning of September. It is always frustrating when things


don't go right first time. Sometimes it happens, unfortunately.


We need to get the material right for


the longer term so it will last as long as possible and value for money


for Lincolnshire County Council. Supporters of Hull City say visiting


European fans should be given a warm welcome to East Yorkshire despite


trouble after last week's game. The first leg against Lokeren last week


was marred by violence from banned Belgian hooligans following the


final whistle. Police here say they've reassessed their approach to


tomorrow's match but it will still be low`key. The Hull City manager,


Steve Bruce, says he wants fans from both sides to enjoy the game.


Phillip Norton reports. Hull City and Sporting Lokeren fans


enjoying Belgian hospitality together last week.


These pictures sum up the overall warm, friendly


atmosphere that surrounded the Tigers' 1`0 defeat in the first leg.


The Lokeren people have been fantastic.


They've welcomed us with open arms. We had a fantastic time. But the


authorities in Belgium now admit that a police escort forced


1200 Hull City fans past a pub full of known Lokeren troublemakers.


Bottles and chairs were thrown at Hull supporters,


a number were injured. The real welcome but not by an army


of riot police. We want to get the message out that we welcome a


friendly fans from Europe to enjoy the football match. Some supporters


feel similar facilities would help tomorrow. We want them to share and


enjoy our city when they come here and we had those privileges when we


went there. They made us feel very welcome and it was a very friendly


atmosphere and that is no doubt that they should be entitled to exactly


the same reception here and we hope that the Belgians feel very happy


and welcome here. a number were injured.


It soured what had been a great occasion but fans here want the city


to welcome their opponents and fans. A call backed by manager Steve


Bruce. The one thing you don't want to be


doing is having those ugly scenes we all saw on the TV.


doing is having those ugly scenes we all saw on the TV.


From what I'm hearing, we did nothing wrong,


the Hull supporters, and they kept their calm very, very well.


Let's hope there's no nonsense and any repeat of anything like that.


Let's enjoy the match and the game and enjoy


the occasion without any trouble. Humberside Police says it supports a


celebratory atmosphere, but will deal with any offences committed by


either set of fans proportionately and without discrimination.


Phillip is at the Port of Hull. When are the majority of the supporters


Hundreds of fans are getting on to ferries at European airports. They


will arrive first thing in the morning. The chances of any trouble


to model seen as a relatively low. It was a minority of Belgian fans


that instigated this trouble but Humberside Police say they are ready


for anything. They do not want to be seen to be over policing the event


that say they have enough resources on hand should anything happen to


guarantee everyone's safety. I met some of the Belgian fans in town


today. Tomorrow night we will be at the stadium.


The town of Goole is being turned into a ghetto by landlords who


convert rooms in family homes into bed`sits. That's the claim from a


leading councillor who says there needs to be a halt to similar


developments in the future. Hundreds of people in Goole live in single


rooms, but neighbours say they bring with them extra noise, rubbish and


parking problems. Jill Archbold reports. In this residential street


in Goole a number of homes are rented by the room. There are more


than 100 in the town ` known as Houses in Multiple Occupation. On


this street plans for one more ` and residents who describe these as


family homes ` are lining up to object.


CLIP. In planning documents To put nine people in the house is


too many. CLIP. In planning documents


In planning documents the developer says ` "it is the


landlord's ultimate objective to be selective with the choice of tenants


whilst providing good quality alternative essential housing for


professional multiple occupancy tenants who are employed within the


local community..." One local councillor says there are


too many multi`tenancy properties. It is not good for anybody in the


town when the town is in part being turned into a ghetto.


too many multi`tenancy properties. Meanwhile in Lincoln the


council may take steps to limit the number of multi`tenancy homes after


1000 objectors signed a petition.


Back in the East Riding, a decision is yet to be made over the plans for


this house ` but when it comes to licensing such homes for tenancy,


the council say they are working within legislation set by the


Government. Government.


Still ahead tonight: Theatre on a truck, the show on wheels that's


touring rural Lincolnshire. And the headstones that are being


restored. This view of the Humber Bridge was


taken by Helen Parish. It looks like some might return next


week. `summer might return. It will be a rainy start tomorrow but it


will clear later. We will have a fine evening with sunshine and


places. It will be dry through the evening and the first part of the


night. We will see patchy rain which extends across all parts by dawn


tomorrow morning but only a couple of millimetres. Temperatures will be


13 or 14 degrees. High what time in Skegness will be half past eight in


the morning. `` high water time. It will soon brighten up in the


south`west with just the risk of a few showers in the West tomorrow


evening. It will be a couple of degrees warmer than today with highs


of 21 Celsius, very pleasant indeed. That is 17 degrees Fahrenheit. On


Friday and Saturday a mixture of Sunny spells with occasional showers


weather between those showers. It weather between those showers. It


will be dry with sunshine on Sunday and we hope that someone will return


as we head into Emily September across Yorkshire and East


Lincolnshire. `` into early September.


Work is under way to repair headstones across East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire which commemorate the lives of men who died in the First


their lives in the Great War are given a proper memorial. Damaged and


difficult to read, this headstone is one of more than


50 at Gainsborough Cemetery with inscriptions commemorating men who


died in the First World War. Many, like this one, are in a poor


state of repair. state of repair.


These out broken into pieces that stonemasons are still able repair


them. It was in a very poor state and it was face down in position so


we could not read the memorial and it was in 23 pieces to be a fax to


pin it together and clean it so that we were able to read it. The project


is helping local people rediscover their family history. This woman had


no idea that her great uncle had died in the war. It is like finding


a long lost brother that you did not know existed. I come from quite a


large family and there are six of us and we are all very close so it is


the fact that family is important. state of repair.


The work in Gainsborough is just one of many restoration projects being


carried out across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to mark


the centenary of World War I. Memorials in North Ferriby and


Bempton in East Yorkshire and Glentham and Wootton in Lincolnshire


are among those under going repair. Lottery funding has provided


?10,000 to carry out the Gainsborough restoration.


Gainsborough does have its own war memorial, though there


are no names inscribed on it. The only places men are commemorated


in this their hometown is on headstones in the cemetery and


that is why, say volunteers, this project is so important.


Hull City manager Steve Bruce says the signing of England international


The fee is believed to be around ?3


million. He's the brother of former Hull City defender Andy


Dawson. We are delighted to bring him here.


It has been a long process but we are delighted to have them.


Dawson. Scunthorpe United were knocked out


of the Capital One Cup last night. The Iron lost 1`0 at home to


Reading ` who are managed by their former boss Nigel Adkins. The draw


for round three ` which will include Hull City ` takes place tonight.


An arts group in Holbeach St Marks is performing a play on the back of


a lorry. It's hoped by taking the theatre into parks and town centres


of Lincolnshire it will get children and some adults watching plays and


enjoying theatre for the first time. Here's our arts correspondent,


Anne`Marie Tasker. This may look like any other lorry but take few


steps backwards and you'll see it's been transformed


into an open air theatre to host the very first production of


a play called Fen Boy. This is the auditorium, a row


Of deckchairs. You do not have too rely on the language to understand


what is going on. I love it and it is really nice. We probably would


not have gone to the theatre but we have enjoyed it. Around 200 people


are watching this performance which has many more than if this had been


performed in the theatre. I love the fight will be nothing here in 15


minutes but it will be in the memory of the people.


performing alongside Yul Brynner, Dirk Bogarde and Gene Kelly. And now


Withernsea's most famous daughter is being remembered in her home town.


Kay Kendall was one of Britain's best known actresses, at one time


married to Sir Rex Harrison. But she died when she was just 33. Amanda


Her career and life were cut short by leukaemia. As she remembered


here? I have seen her films years ago but I don't know a lot about.


Not associated with this part of the world, no. This museum is dedicated


to keeping her memory alive. She was in over 30 films. She starred with


EU Brenner and Stanley Holloway and I really handle. ``Yul Brynner and


Irene Handl. Kay Kendall Soon the sister of Kay Kendall will unveil a


plaque to her sister. In life she was the start of the show. Surely it


is time for her extraordinary beauty and talent to be celebrated in her


hometown. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Calls for action following a damning


report into child sex abuse in Rotherham, but the South Yorkshire


Police and Crime Commissioner says Plans to ban people from smoking in


cars if there are children present are described as unworkable by one


local MP. overnight rain soon clearing,


turning brighter through the morning with sunny spells developing,


although a few showers are possible later. Maximum temperature 21


Celsius (70 Farenheit). A massive response to smoking in


cars. One woman says it is ridiculous and will not be effective


and this man says that anyone who smokes with children inside their


car must be of low intelligence and should be fine. If they stop a few


then it is worthwhile even if it is hard to police. Clearly says ``Chloe


says she does not believe it can be policed. Have a nice evening and I


will see you at 25 past ten. You asked for it. You got it.


SHRILL WHISTLE I promise not to


take off all my clothes. I'm going up in the world, babes,


and from today, one can't sack someone


for going, "Bleuh-huh-huh-huh". I'm going to teach you


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I'll get it later. Big School returns for a new term.


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