28/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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week. Great, Peter, thanks very much. It


is Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. Calls for


a senior council official to resign after she was interviewed as part


of the Rotherham sex abuse inquiry. Why people


in Lincolnshire want more say in They shouldn't have to wait for


something major or an incident where someone loses their life before they


look at changing them. Hundreds


of Belgian supporters arrive in Hull Ahead of tonight's Europe Boboli


tied `` Europa League type. Everyone has been nice to us so we are having


a good time. And looking back on a career, the ligature biker who sold


his house to raise. And a look at the weather for the weekend coming


up. `` the Lincolnshire biker. There are calls tonight


for a senior officer at East Riding Pam Allen has a top job safeguarding


children and young people but it has been revealed they she


held a similar role at Rotherham Council during years of widespread


child abuse and grooming. A report published earlier this week


showed there had been collective failure by the authorities


in that area to stop child abuse. East Riding of Yorkshire Council


have refused to comment. Our correspondent Vicky


Johnson has this report. Sexual grooming, rape


and widespread abuse was allowed to blight the town of Rotherham


for more than a decade because those It's now emerged that some senior


officials employed there have since gone on to work


for other local authorities. Pam Allen started work for Rotherham


Council in 1996 and was appointed Towards the end of that year,


she joined East Riding Council as head of children and young people's


support and safeguarding services. While Pam Allen has been interviewed


as part of the enquiry, it's not clear what she knew


of the allegations. But there have been calls for


those who once worked in Rotherham People who were clearly in positions


of responsibility and authority, whose duty it was to look after


these children but failed to do so, I just think it's what everyone


would expect, that people would then accept responsibility


and say it is not appropriate to One of the biggest Pakistani


communities in our area is in Scunthorpe,


less than 40 miles from Rotherham. Local people insist there isn't


a problem here. If anything like this is happening,


we made sure that the police, social services, the local


authority, they stamp these things out and there is nothing like this


happening in Scunthorpe and I hope Back in Beverley, and there's been


silence from the council about what implications, if any, the Rotherham


scandal has for this authority. We've been told that Rotherham's


chief executive has written to East Riding Council


and other employers of those individuals who are still working


in child protection in light of But officials here have turned down


our request for an interview and We asked to speak to Pam Allen


and someone from East Riding Council, but no`one would make


themselves available for interview. We also spoke to all the


East Yorkshire MPs. Earlier I asked Yorkshire and


Humber MEP Jane Collins, who was in Rotherham meeting victims


of the abuse, It came out at 2pm


and I physically felt sick when I Pam Allen held a senior role


at Rotherham at the time. She is now head of children


and young people safeguarding People watching tonight


will be horrified at that. Having failed to protect children


on her first watch here in Rotherham, she is now looking


after children and young people's That is quite a disturbing thought


and it needs looking into. This job holds, I'm told, a salary


between ?73,000 and ?98,000 pounds. Should she still be in that job


or should she call it a day? I think, really, everybody who has


been associated over this period of time, that had the information


in 2004 and 2005 when they had the seminars which told them all the


graphic details and previous to that as well,


are in an untenable position and they should all resign, whether they


work for Rotherham Council or any council, they are all responsible


and should be held to account. So Pam Allen,


who is head of children and young people safeguarding at East Riding,


you would like to see her resign? Rotherham will write to East Riding


Council, I gather, and warn them and What would you say to


East Riding Council tonight? I would say that you have to think


about this lady's position and think about the people that she is getting


paid to look after because out of all of this, right from the


beginning, the priority should have been the children, not people's


careers, not worrying about being called racist, not worrying about


whether your colleagues will get into trouble, the main priority in


all of this that should have been And finally and briefly,


Pam could be watching TV tonight. I think you've got a lot


of questions to answer, After December's floods, the vital


support centre for disabled children If any of the people involved in


trying to reopen the centre had a child that had to access that


service, that building would have been opened by now, I'm sure.


People living in parts of Lincolnshire say they should have


a greater say in setting speed limits on the county's roads.


At the moment a formula is used to determine how fast cars can travel.


But campaigners say the authorities don't always get a true picture


Speeding is an issue that many in Lincolnshire have an opinion


about and some communities think they should have more of a say


It took over four years to get the whole of this road cut to 30mph.


Campaigners say their views should carry more weight


and it should be quicker to get the speed limit changed.


For accidents where someone has gone in the back of someone, it's not


reported to the police, then they don't have statistics, so it's


trying to get the place a safer road to go down but without having a


tragic accident before you feel that the Highways


When a council is considering reducing a speed limit,


it has to decide what is appropriate for that specific location.


It takes into account whether there have been accidents


in the past, people who use the road and its general layout.


Now new signs warning drivers to check their speed will be given


The county's Police and Crime Commissioner says speed is


a big issue and one raised with him wherever he goes.


By providing repeater signs, which will be put on suitable


lampposts or whatever, street furniture in areas where speeding


has been a problem or is still a problem, simply to remind motorists


But Keith Peat, a former traffic police officer who


now campaigns for motorists, says residents do not have the knowledge


Maybe they were a baker, a butcher or a candlestick maker, but what is


their qualification to be judging what is correct and what isn't?


The simple issue is that if the accidents are not happening,


So although some think reducing speed limit isn't the answer,


others will be hoping the new signs will help give more


Councillor Richard Davies, who is responsible for Highways


and Transport at Lincolnshire County Council, joins me now.


Good evening. What evidence did you need before changing speed limits on


roads? 25 locals say it is too high, can you act on that? That is part of


the information we feed into the process. Last year we reviewed


speeds but on all major roads, looking at the layout, speed of


traffic and accident it to give an overall response that set limits


fairly. The crime finished `` commissioner says speeding is a big


problem in Lincolnshire. Lots of residents talk about it. I do not


think it is necessarily as much of an issue as people think it is but


it is the perception we have to think `` we have to deal with and


there are lots of places where we have a problem. You say roads


through villages are the lifeblood of the community. Is that code for,


we cannot have everyone going slowly? You have to balance the


needs of residents and motorists. In Lincolnshire we have the 4th largest


road network in the country but we not have the major dual carriageways


and motorways that enable us to divert traffic out of small


villages. If you travel from Lincoln to grant them, you will be going


through a number of small villages that are concerned about speeding.


If we were to implement 20 mph speed limits on every road, the impact to


the economy would be big. Earlier this year when we spoke to


residents, we found the majority of people are broadly happy with our


policy. You also said Lincolnshire isn't a retirement home. Are some


people who are maybe retired and wanting people to go slowly, and it


isn't practical for you and people trying to do business? Lincolnshire


is a forward`looking county and we have to support our results and or


economy, and where we don't have the public transport we might like, the


road network is key to moving goods, people and services, so we have to


keep traffic moving. Good to talk to you, councillor.


We want to hear from you on this story.


Should local people have more of a say on setting speed limits?


Maybe you think the speeds should stay as they are.


Whether you live in Lincolnshire or East Yorkshire,


it would be good to get your views on this subject tonight.


Do you think the speed limits are about right in Lincolnshire?


There will be more on that subject tonight at 10:25 PM. Some more news


from around our area in brief. A father from Hull who is trapped


in Iraq has been told he won't be able to leave the country until


at least next week. Kristian Nicholson had


his passport confiscated eight months ago, after he was involved


in a fatal car crash. He received a six`month suspended


prison sentence last weekend and was set to have it returned,


but that still hasn't happened. Police have named a man who died


in Bridlington yesterday as The 39`year`old was found


unconscious on Sewerby Road Four men arrested on suspicion


of murder remain in police custody. Two men


and a boy were also arrested earlier Former Conservative MP Neil


Hamilton, who's now a member of UKIP,


has applied to be a Parliamentary It follows existing MP Mark


Simmonds' announcement that he'll Two wards have now been closed


at Scunthorpe Hospital as staff work Tests are being carried out to


see if it's caused by the Both staff and patients have been


affected, and visitors are being urged not to come to the hospital


if they have been unwell. An aircraft carrier, which Hull City


Council wants to bring to the city, The 32` year`long career of HMS


Illustrious came to an end today Hull City Council wants to host the


ship as a visitor attraction for its The Ministry of Defence says it will


decide where the ship will go North East Lincolnshire Council say


six employees have been dismissed The council's annual fraud report,


which came out today, says reasons for the dismissals range from theft,


abuse of the time management A children's care centre in Hull


damaged in December's tidal surge is still


closed to families, nine months on. One mum says in that time she's


been offered no overnight respite The Humber NHS Trust,


which owns the building, says repair 10`year`old Annie`May could have


a life`threatening epileptic It means she always needs


experienced carers nearby. Her family had relied on


Hull's Sunshine House and its nurses for respite care,


but since it flooded in December's There is no`one that can have


Annie`May overnight now because there isn't that facility that


has nursing care within the city. We're been offered no alternative


for that so it's had a huge impact on us because as a family you need


time off when you're caring This building is owned by the


Humber NHS Trust but the services were provided


by the city healthcare partnership. The partnership have


since offered some occasional in`home help, but families say that


doesn't go far enough and they want to know when their children could be


back in this building. These photos show some


of the flood water damage. The trust say the building had to be


thoroughly dried out and disinfected Some equipment at


the centre had been given by local I've been trying to get


in touch with them to find out what's happened to that equipment


because of We need to replace that equipment


but also if Sunshine House opens back up or when it opens back up,


we want to be able to say we'll have equipment back in there to


support their needs because it is A welcome overnight break hasn't


been possible for Mary`Jane and her I'm sure if any of the people that


were involved in trying to reopen Sunshine House have a child that


actually had to access that service and had profound and complex needs


and knew how available that service was to parents, that building would


have been opened by now, I'm sure. `` how valuable that service was to


parents. Meanwhile, The Humber NHS Trust say


building work should begin in Children


like Annie`May will benefit from The mistake


which gave Lokeren the edge. Now Hull City are looking


for a win at home tonight. Hundreds of fans from Belgium


have come to the KC tonight to cheer Lokeren on, but Hull City


are hoping they will still be able Tonight's photograph was taken by


cumulonimbus in the background. I cumulonimbus in the background. I


mentioned last night about you mentioned last night about you


looking green on the TV, someone said you looked like the Incredible


Hulk. But much grown here. I was Hulk. But much grown here. I was


scrawny. Low pressure in charge scrawny. Low pressure


tomorrow but we do get a lot of low tomorrow but we do get a lot of low


pressure so the showers will be few pressure so the showers will be few


and far between, some places will stay dry. The weekend will not look


too bad and next week summer should return either middle of next week so


that is something to look forward to. We have had a few sharp showers


in the last few hours but they are just about clear of the Lincolnshire


coast so it should be sunny this evening, then overnight looks dry


with clear periods, a little more cloud later in the night so it is a


fine night, the wind will pick up, temperatures looking around 12 or


13d. The sun rises at 6:04 a.m., next high water time is at age 30 3


am at Cleethorpes. Very able cloud tomorrow, a risk of 1 or 2 showers


but most activity will be further west and to the north of us,


although showers may make more progress is to, but the emphasis is


still on dry and bright weather. It will be quite windy, tough afternoon


temperature a little below average for the end of


Hundreds of Belgian football supporters have spent the day


in Hull ahead of tonight's Europa League tie at the KC Stadium.


Hull City must come from behind against Sporting Lokeren to keep


To the stadium then, and our reporter Phillip Norton.


Phil, what's the atmosphere been like so far?


I think most fans have had a cracking day so far.


I spent a few hours walking around the city centre earlier to


find hundreds of Lokeren fans dressed in their


yellow and black colours wandering around and taking in the sights.


Lots of them chatting and sharing good`natured banter with


Many had been to tourist attractions like the Deep.


Quite a few were sampling the local beers but all


We were here specifically, not a lot of atmosphere, locals are welcoming


us, you are here for the match, really nice. We had a great time


here. We went to the deep, we had a few beers in the pub everyone is


very nice to us so we're a good time. It is very nice to be here. A


wonderful city. The local fans have been tremendous, `` the Lokeren fans


have been tremendous, lots of atmosphere and singing, it is what


you want. Here on the pitch it is all to do.


A week ago it was an error by keeper Allan Mcgregor that gifted


They come here with a 1`0 lead, and of course away goals come


into play for them tonight so the Tigers will be doing all they


can to keep a clean sheet, and overturn last week's result.


Steve Bruce says they will not be gung ho but we're focused on keeping


the European journey alive. It's the great nights and European


nights, the things that when your career finishes, you remember them,


and if we can come together with a really big pull here and a big


European night, it's what you play football for, what you're involved


in football for, and this club has not really been


there so it is a journey we are all going to try and enjoy if we can,


and let's hope we can pull it off. And it doesn't get much bigger than


facing the likes of Inter Milan or holders Sevilla ` very real


prospects if Hull City manage to turn this scoreline around tonight


and progress to the group stages, Thank you, Phil. There will be


commentary on the game. You can listen on BBC radio Humberside.


We've had a lot of messages about the plans to ban smoking in


cars with children, which have been called ineffective and unenforceable


Experts say it could improve the health of young people in Hull,


a city with one of the highest smoking rates in the country.


"Some smokers are totally delusional.


Simon, who is a lifelong smoker, says:


Hull's Luke Campbell will challenge for his first professional boxing


These pictures of the announcement which took place at


a press conference in the city today include flash photography.


The 28 year old went nose to nose with the Argentine boxer Daniel


who he'll fight for the vacant WBA Intercontinental lightweight


Grimsby Ice Rink will re`open in just over a week's time,


It follows the installation of a temporary ?200,000


ice pad ` after a refrigeration failure forced it to close in June.


A Lincolnshire biker who sold his house to continue in


his sport has been reflecting on one of the biggest wins of his career.


Peter Hickman from Alford battled through dreadful conditions to win


in the British Superbikes at Cadwell Park at the weekend.


At the start of this season, he didn't even have a ride, but on


Monday peter Heckman showed everyone why he is a contender in the British


superbikes championship. The most unlikely race winner we have


experienced. He won in the worst possible conditions. Today he was


back at Cadwell Park, reflecting on the moment. There aren't many words


that can describe it, fantastic atmosphere, a big turnout and good


to do it in front of home fans. He has come to the championship late,


and awesome job at the TT, fastest ever newcomer and he knew he would


come to his backyard. Peter started as a teenager on mini Moto 's. We


went to have a look at him and he was flying around, he loved it and


he started winning, so that was the start of it. I got him playing the


all and swimming and cross country, everything but riding motorcycles,


but the will of the boy, he decided this was what he wanted to do. To


keep his racing dreams alive, Peter gave up his house last year and


lives with his girlfriend in a mobile home. Living is expensive


nowadays and so is racing so I had to cut bumping out, so unfortunately


it was the house for a bit. Hopefully this will not be permanent


but for now it is doing the job. It must have felt worthless as he


crossed the finish line 1st. I couldn't believe it when I sought, I


just burst into tears, couldn't help but, but so pleased for him. Here's


hoping it is that 1st of many home victories. `` it is the 1st.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines: A blow


for the Conservatives as Tory MP Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP.


Calls for a senior council official to resign


mentioned last night about you looking green on the TV, someone


Tomorrow, if you sunny spells, most areas will stay dry. Tomorrow


temperatures will get up to 19dC. Now, talking about speeding on the


roads in Lincolnshire. Robert says there is a residential road near us


that people speak that which has a school. My mum was hit by a speeding


car down there but the council would do anything about it until someone


is killed. Maureen says, having not long moved to Lincolnshire from


Essex, many drivers here seem to be on a suicide mission with their


high`speed overtaking. Interesting someone has just moved here. Neil


says cars regularly exceed 30 mph in the residential street where we


live. The police and council will not do anything about it until


someone is


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