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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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September will settle down with Sony spells and it will get warmer --


sunny spells. A story with a happy ending.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Yorkshire ambulance staff walk out on strike again, as the row


save frustration what is happening. We feel we are not listening to


others. Calls for landlords to stop


rubbish from building up The place is becoming unsightly and


people have seen vermin, rats and mice.


It is wanted as a tourist attraction in Hull.


Now, a bidding war erupts over who gets HMS Illustrious.


And putting the spa back in Woodhall Spa ` could this


And I will be back with the full weather forecast later in the


programme. There could be some good use.


They are a small band of workers who have been in dispute


with their bosses for almost two years and, this afternoon, some


staff at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service walked out on strike again.


At the heart of it is a row about working hours.


The Yorkshire Ambulance Service now refuses to recognise


their union and, with both sides refusing to budge,


amid claims patients are being put at risk, can a solution be found?


They provide a vital service, and one that most of us take


But one ambulance worker's union claims staff in Yorkshire


The members are frustrated and fatigued. They are at breaking point


move. The dispute centres on giving


more responsibility to emergency care assistants who Unite claim


don't get enough training before Other claims include longer shifts


And changes to shifts which Unite say could lead to staff working 10


hours without a meal break It is a row that has now lasted 22 months


and sparked several strikes. With both sides


refusing to back down. Other unions have been able to talk


and council strikes. Why have you not been able to do that. They are


refusing to talk to us. We have left to with no avenue apart from this.


It is thought about 120 ambulance staff across Yorkshire have walked


out, out of 4500. The hospital says while they are worried about the


impact on patient safety, they do have other plans in place.


But this ambulance worker who wants to remian anonomous for fear of


losing his job, says striking is the only way to voice concern about the


It could be worrying that F a paramedic was called, they could get


someone who barely had a first aid certificate.


But at Hull Royal infirmary today some felt strike action was


a step too far The mediator Acas has now stepped


The mediator has now stepped in to try abrupt break the deadlock, but


after two years of dispute, a swift end to the road seems increasingly


unlikely. Management at the


Yorkshire Ambulance Service dispute the union's figures about


the number of people on strike. I asked Ian Brandwood


from the service why they would not We were talking to them until about


two years ago, but they were deviating eyes after they failed to


conduct themselves properly last time. The unions see the door is


opened and they want to talk. Why is your one closed? Because we have


nothing to talk to them about any more. The reality as they represent


a very small number of staff in the organisation. We recognise Unison,


who represent the majority of our staff. You mention the numbers


there, I believe about 100 out of 4000 staff were out on today. That


figure is wrong. They would probably be about 40 people on strike, ten of


which are on strike in the region here. Is it just a small disruptive


minority? No, we value our staff members, but clearly those who are


in Unite view we need to take strike action. It was purely around the


derecognition of the Unite union. We do not think that is an issue. This


number of people on strike, what is your message to them? Our message to


them is simple. If they have grievances, talk to us and we will


try and address them. Are the ambulance staff right


to keep going on strike. Or do you back the managers who are


refusing to talk to their union? Contact us in the


following manner and let us know. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council


today confirmed it is talking to Rotherham Council after it emerged


one of its senior child protection officers previously worked there, at


a time when hundreds of girls were Pam Allen who is now the Head


of Children and Young People Support and Safeguarding Services at


East Riding, was in a similar job What is the council saying about


Pam Allen? I have we know that this report into


Child exploitation came at a time when she was working there. In her


previous role, East Riding Council refused to stay anything. We have


issued two statements today. In a letter sent to the


Chief Executive, he asks whether the council plans to


review Ms Allen's suitability "If it is the case that she bears a


serious level of responsibility for the situation that was allowed


to develop in Rotherham, it is highly doubtful whether Ms Allen


should be entrusted with a similar safeguarding role in the


East Riding, Well, the council has issued


two statements today. He asked whether the council is


going to renew a look at her suitability. They said,


the council said the statement was a response to his questions, but they


do not appear to have answered everything that they had asked. We


will keep you up`to`date with any developments on the story.


Lincolnshire Police say they have arrested two girls and a boy


in connection with the murder of a 42`year`old man in Spalding.


The man was airlifted to hospital from Coronation


He died from his injuries in the early hours of this morning.


Four people have been injured, three of them seriously,


in a road accident on the A158 at Wragby in Lincolnshire.


The road has been closed for several hours


The principal of the Thomas Ferens Academy in Hull has resigned


Juliet Strang stepped down after figures showed only one


in five of her pupils hit the government benchmark


The Canadian Lancaster bomber flown to Lincolnshire to take part


It landed safely in the north east this morning


Work is beginning on a new multi`million pound building


The site will provide accommodation, as well as training workshops,


Private landlords are being urged to take responsibility for piles


of rubbish left by their tenants in parts


Residents have complained about houses with so much rubbish outside


One of the city MPs says landlords need to be good neighbours


and take responsibility and it is urging the council to use


a rundown, unsightly and he's in squalid. This is some of the words


used to describe the streets, home to a high population of students.


She says the problem is getting worse. They do not lose deposits are


bonds, so they have nothing to lose. At Christmas time, they put all the


rubbish in the front. It was horrendous. You could tell it had


been there for months. There was a terrible smell. There was a gap


between the two houses and a gap between the two houses between them.


I could not even get into the letterbox. The council said it is


working to educate residents, to take enforcement action also we are


relevant. They also want to see how the powers could be strengthened. I


want to see how the powers could be strengthened. I wanted to make sure


tenants put rubbish out, keep premises clean and tidy and that


they are an asset to the city. One local letting agent may be to punish


bad landlords. That is the only way we can go forward. Something has to


be done. If it is not tidied up, then you have to impose a fine. At a


property owned by Christine, new students have just moved in. In our


experience, it is not always practical for them to clean up after


the tenants. If I have found they have left a load of rubbish, they


cannot just buy get up and take it to the tip. But I am penalised. What


do we do, leave it at the house? Residency it is not the first time


they have complained, but they hope they have complained, but they hope


the renewed focus of the problem will lead to some improvements.


People have already been telling us about rubbish on West Parade


in Lincoln and Beverley Road in Hull, on our Facebook page.


Have you seen rubbish dumped where you live


Still ahead tonight ` there is heartbreak for Hull City fans,


as the Tigers' European dream comes to an early end.


We take a special look at the history of this Lincolnshire


landmark and ask could it be brought back to life?


This photo of Cleethorpes was taken by Wayne Porter.


Please keep your photographs coming in. Thank you very much for that


one. We have had issues with Paul looking green over the past couple


of nights. Maybe I should replace him permanently! I think a few


people would be quite happy with that!


It looks quite nice over the weekend. An improvement, with the


return of summer. Over the weekend, it is looking quite decent. Sunny


spells with the odd isolated shower. It should stay largely dry on


Sunday. It may just be interrupted for a little foil by this weather


front pushing and overnight on Sunday into Monday. There have been


some showers around this afternoon. Most of the showers on the coast.


Through the next couple of hours, they will tend to die up die out.


Overnight temperatures 12`15 Celsius.


Tomorrow, it is looking like a pretty decently. There could be the


odd shower, but generally drier and brighter than today. There will be


some pleasant spells of sunshine. It will not be quite as breezy, so


should feel a bit more pleasant. Temperatures average for the time of


year. 19`20 Celsius. A fine start to the day on Sunday. If anything, a


bit more clouds developing during the course of the day. Wendy with


patches of rain overnight into Monday. Settling down and warming up


on Monday. When I say read, you forecasters and


a bit touchy about that. It is all lot here!


It has been suggested that Hull is among only three bidders being


considered to rehome the decommissioned aircraft carrier,


Hull City Council wants to bring the warship to the city as a visitor


attraction for its year as City of Culture in 2017, but some residents


say they are concerned about having it moored outside their homes.


Our study a ceremony to officially enter a naval career yesterday, a


new HMS Illustrious home is now being sought for. The council are


hoping this could be yet. But some residents are worried. They were


complaints about the tidal tribune Neptune which used to be here. There


was a noise that the residents complained about. The jetty for the


illustrious would be a lot bigger. Obviously, the ship is also a lot


bigger. And its 32 years at sea, illustrious served at war and in


natural disasters, helping out. It weighs 22,000 tonnes and the council


is not giving an idea how much it could be bought for. It is estimated


to be worth ?10 million and scope. The Ministry of Defence says that is


not an option and must be in the United Kingdom. The local MP wants


it to stay here. I have written to the Prime Minister and said it


should not go to the scrap yard by default. If you want to keep the


scrap yard by default. If you want to keep me here, you it. We have


just one of these. The council will not reveal details of the bed. They


have not said how will be paid for, but they are confident funding could


be found. The Ministry of Defence will not see who else is in the


running, although it did confirm the error of three bids to rehouse the


ship. The council see if they are successful, residents will be fully


consulted. It is believed they could be weeks rather than months before


the future home for this famous warship could be chosen. I wonder


where the other two places are. And would you welcome at?


People living in parts of Lincolnshire say they should have


a greater say in setting speed limits on the county's roads.


At the moment, a formula is used to determine how fast cars can travel,


but campaigners say the authorities do not always get a true picture


Bob says, "It's not about reducing speed limits, it's more about


There are not enough police to stop the speeders."


Phillip says, "If I drive through any of these villages at 30mph,


I am aggressively tailgated by people who don't see any reason


And Patty says, "There is no point in reducing speed limits


Thank you very much for all of your comments, throughout this week.


Hull City's historic, but short`lived,


They scored twice against Lokeren last night, but it was not enough.


On the streets of Hull, fans of both sides mingled


peacefully, in contrast to the violence in Belgium last week.


They had filled the streets with their yellow and black. The fans


from Belgium enjoyed the occasion. They are now going home after


breaking the amber parts of whole city. The Tigers went into the match


knowing they had to overcome a one nil defeat in Belgium. They got a


dream start, with the lead after just six minutes. It all went wrong


in the second half. This away goal which proved decisive. Despite them


winning 2`1 on the night, and taking the lead from the penalty spot. With


20 minutes remaining, the striker was sent off for this challenge. The


decision incensed the supporters, but the manager was disappointed


with the performance. I was disappointed. We gave the ball away


far too cheaply in good areas. For five players did not get to the


were terrible. I have not seen as were terrible. I have not seen as


playing so badly. I am absolutely gutted. A great game ruined by an


incompetent referee. We will certainly follow the games that they


play this season. There was a large police presence, following a large


amount of trouble caused by a minority of Belgian fans during the


first leg. All ended peacefully as the dream in Europe came to an end.


Steve Bruce says the Tigers' focus is on the Premier League.


They are away to Aston Villa on Sunday.


Radio Humberside with the commentary from 1.30.


Tomorrow afternoon, on the same station on FM, you can


On AM, on digital and the BBC sport website,


And on Radio Lincolnshire, you can hear Lincoln's home game


Phil Norton is at the KC Stadium, with news of


Yes, a busy 24 hours here at the KC Stadium and this is one


of those nights that it feels like the whole city looks forward to.


It is only really Hull KR that have anything to play for,


It is the final derby game of the season and the Robins still


have a chance of making it into the Super League play`offs.


Hull KR have also had a very good derby record recently.


They have already beaten their West Hull rivals twice this season,


including the 38`24 win at Manchester City's Etihad Stadium


during the Magic Weekend back in May.


No team has managed a clean sweep of victories in a Super League season,


so tha is something Hull KR's Chris Chester will be aiming for here,


And you can hear full commentary of the derby on BBC Radio Humberside.


Beach huts along the coast could no of new orders. The council say they


have already had interest from some organisations looking to take over.


The benefits of the Spa water in Woodhall Spa were discovered


by accident in the 1800s, but it has never become a draw


for tourists, like the waters of Harrogate and Bath.


It is safe to bathe in, but the original Spa Baths


in the Lincolnshire village have been boarded`up for many years.


So, could the Spa be brought back to life?


People still enjoy coming to the spanner to take a depth. As the name


suggests, the village is a long history with water.


The spanner are shy came by accident, when Maynor searching for


call accidentally hit on a water spout. The story goes that some


local people drank the water and were cured of the illness. A


bathhouse in a tail were built and people flocked to taste the water.


Highly concentrated sea water, is the best way to describe it. I would


not recommend you drink it on a regular basis. A lot of people dead.


You would not find many people drinking it now, but ten years ago,


attempts were made to use it. In 2004, the golfer till you try to


pump it up into its own spanner. At the moment, the pump is broken. They


cannot use the original waters at the moment. People say they enjoy


the experience. It is very difficult to make medical claims, because you


cannot substantiate it, but we feel the minerals help people. The


original bathhouse is up for sale and the water is still under there.


I am of the Shotley myself. Letters have a cap of the national


headlines. The UK's terror threat level is


raised to severe, meaning an attack Yorkshire ambulance staff walk


out on strike again, as the row And tomorrow's weather `


some cloud in places and sunny spells, too, with just


the occasional shower expected. Talking about the ambulance


straight, Newell says all public services should have a no strike


agreement. But Emily says, good luck to the paramedics getting what they


want. It says I fully support them going on strike. Like the police and


Fire Service, these people are always undervalued. Thank you for


all your responses this week. Have a good weekend.


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