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tonight fighting extradition to Britain after they took their


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


A troubled hospital trust defends giving big pay increases to


its bosses, as unions say it's unfair to front line staff.


But macro ala members of staff are more than fed up. It does not add


up. The decisions were intended to protect the best interests of the


trust, despite the inevitable controversy that generates.


"Welcome back Ryan" ` the Lincolnshire teenager returns


home more than a year after sustaining serious head injuries.


Out on patrol with the police as figures show half of backseat


And we meet young girls from East Yorkshire who have become


Big deals as Hull City's manager and owner look to strengthen their squad


for the coming year. I'm at a training ground with the


very latest on transfer deadline day.


And we meet young girls from East Yorkshire who have become


And the all`important week ahead weather forecast.


Bosses running three hospitals in northern Lincolnshire and Goole


have been awarded pay rises of more than ?10,000 a year.


While the increases have been strongly


criticised by local politicians and the unions, those in charge of


the Trust say they need to increase salaries to hold onto staff.


The Royal College of Nursing say it wants the government to put


Our health correspondent Vicky Johnson reports.


Karen Jackson's been at the helm of the Northern Lincolnshire


and Goole Trust during some of its most turbulent years.


High death rates, special measures and now


But the pay of those in charge hasn't been affected.


Three years ago, chief executive Karen Jackson was earning


It's now gone up to ?180,000 to ?185,000, a rise of 29 per cent.


The Chief Nurse, Dr Karen Dunderdale, received between ?40,000


She's now also the Trust's Deputy Chief Executive and receives


a salary of between ?100,000 and ?105,000, a rise of 150%.


It's all down to market forces, says the trust's chairman,


That market is a competitive market, and we need a competitive


position to allow us to recruit and retain key executives. They've only


just come out of special measures. They were being investigated for


unexpectedly high death rates. Were they doing a good enough job to


warrant that sort of pay increase? We certainly are. We have seen


trusts come out of special measures, as a result of trust


staff, doctors and nurses, who have been well lead in achieving an


accident from special measures. These executive pay rises haven't


been well received by front`line staff, who are already being


balloted nationally on industrial action. The NHS deal will only give


1% to those not receiving a pay award through progression.


They feel increasingly beleaguered in the fact that the trust see fit


to remunerate high`paid, high members of the board, but that their


terms and conditions when they see fit.


Those in charge to acknowledge that executive pay is controversial, and


it is likely to remain so as long as it is down to local market forces


and not settled nationally. Earlier I spoke to Brigg and


Goole MP Andrew Percy. I asked him if he was happy


at the pay rises. Well, they are responsible and


important jobs, but so is being a nurse and a health care assistant,


and nurses and health care assistants are only getting a 1% pay


are set by an independent are set by an independent


committee, they haven't given them their cells, they? Of course not,


and a lot of these people I work with and deal with, and they are


good people. I'm not sure now is the time to be awarding such high pay


rises, however. They have done well in their jobs, the trust is at a


special measures, shouldn't they be rewarded? It is out of special


measure thanks largely to the hard work of doctors, nurses, midwives


and every body else. If there will be a double`digit pay rise, it


should apply to everybody or nobody. The last increase for staff at the


trust was 1%. How will they feel tonight they watch this? I'm in


contact with quite a lot of nurses anyway, and if you are the mapping


onto me saying they feel really undervalued and really disappointed,


that senior management are seeing a massive increase while they are


not. I think they will be upset, quite rightly so.


The executive turnover at the trust over the last two years has been


quite a lot. If you want to keep these people, retain them, you have


to pay competitively in the marketplace. That is a problem we


have had. Over the last decade and they are, we have had a massive


explosion in senior executive pay in the public sector, and at that has


been allowed to happen, we have massive competition within the


public sector as well as the private sector, and that is something I am


afraid politicians need to answer for.


So, you're viewing one sentence on these pay increases is what?


They are people doing the jobs, they are very decent at their jobs, but


this is not the right time to be awarding such big pay rises when the


rest of our NHS staff are facing a relative pay freeze.


Good to talk to you. What do you think


about this amount of pay rise? Should executive pay rise


at the same rate as the pay Or are senior workers taking on


extra responsibility at a difficult Our contact details are


on the screen. The Scottish referendum ` we look


at what a "yes" to independence It's a day his family


thought they'd never see. Today Ryan Smith returned to


his home in Lincolnshire, just over a year


after being knocked off his bike. The 17`year`old spent weeks


in a coma and his family were told After months of specialist care, it


has been an emotional homecoming. Jill Archbold reports from


Chapel St Leonards. This time last year, Ryan Smith was


in a coma. Now, he is welcomed back home, 14 months since he was last


here. It has just been so emotional today. It is just amazing to see all


the family back together again, and it is better than winning the


lottery, really, isn't it? I can't lottery, really, isn't it? I can't


believe the amount of people who have turned out for him. He has won


so many battles over the past 14 months. I am a little bit tearful. I


don't know where to start. I just can't believe how popular this young


man has become. , do you want to take him? Ryan was


knocked off his bike cycling to work last summer. He wasn't wearing a


helmet. Among the guests, the paramedic who attended him.


Everyone in the family has fought and stood by Ryan's site, and he has


fought like the stalwart Wars and the worry that he is. That is his


nickname now, the Blond Warrior. Since November, his home has been a


specialist centre in Surrey, run by the charity the children's trust. It


was four months after his accident that he said his first words here.


By Christmas last year, Ryan was starting to show some signs of


movement in his left side. After daily physiotherapy sessions,


by spring, he was working on standing.


Back in Lincolnshire... Ryan's family home has been modified to


give him as much independence as possible.


How long have you been waiting to come home? It has been a long time,


hasn't it? Yes. What is the first thing you are going to do in your


new place? I'm going to watch TV! Play on my Xbox. Ryan never got to


pick up his GCSE results like his friends, but like many other


teenagers, September for him is back into education.


But for now, this is all about welcoming back a family member who


has been away from home for so long. An amazing day for everyone


concerned. We wish Ryan and his whole family the best.


Police in Spalding are appealing for help from local people


as they investigate the death of 42`year`old Warren Fee.


He died in hospital on Friday from head injuries.


Seven young people arrested as part of the investigation have


Fire crews have spent the day damping down


at a building in Louth after being called out early this morning.


It took six crews to bring the fire under control.


Investigators will return to the site tomorrow to try


The Canadian Lancaster will not fly at the Lincolnshire Aviation


The plane needs to have an engine replaced


A police campaign to catch people who don't use their seat belt has


been branded a "nonsense" by a former Yorkshire MEP.


Police say hundreds of deaths could be prevented every year if everyone


belted up ` but that half of back seat passengers fail to do so.


In a moment we'll hear from Godfrey Bloom, who represents the Drivers'


Union, but first Kate Sweeting has been on patrol with officers


Driving through Grimsby this morning, it wasn't long before we


saw someone not wearing their seat belts. Have you been dealt with for


this offence previously? This man was offered a reduced fine and an


online safety course, but if he had been a repeat offender, the fine


would have been ?100. I just stopped at the shop, jumped


back in the car, and I just forgot about my seat belt back on.


As a safety device that is in most modern cars, it sounds an audible


alert, and some debug around that by putting the seat belt and then


sitting on top of it, which beggars belief, really.


Last year, Humberside Police got more than 2000 people not wearing a


seat belt, and it is thought that 370 deaths and 7000 serious injuries


could have been prevented across the country last year if everyone had


been wearing one. The collision with the car didn't kill him. TV adverts


like this one are designed to have a dramatic impact. In 1993, it became


illegal to fail to wear a seat belt when travelling at the driver or


passenger in a motor vehicle, but only 85% of front seat passengers


and half back`seat passengers wears one. It is up to the police to make


They are doing it to save lives, They are doing it to save lives,


that is the main thing, so it is a good thing they are doing.


It's either catching bus without seat belt or hiding behind a bridge,


catching people speeding. Umag I think they should be monitoring it,


that is not that I'm looking for people, that the other stuff they


need to get on with. Police say they have seen a


reduction in the number of of people not wearing seat belts, but it is a


risk that thousands of people in this area are still willing to take.


Earlier I spoke to the former MEP Godfrey Bloom who campaigns


I asked him if he thought it was a shame that only a half of back


Yes, I think it is a shame, and I think they should. Everybody is a


lot safer wearing a seat belt. Do you agree that someone who is caught


should be fined and go on a course? no, I don't. I don't believe in what


should be a free society. It should be the business of the police. It is


the sensible, thing to do, belt, but I think it brings our police into


disrepute and this kind of Aaron. I don't know whether you remember 17


years ago, when Assistant Chief Constable Clark ran the same


campaign. What it did was alienate the public, and the public feel that


the police should have better things to do than this. And you think they


have got better things to do? I think they have. When I was an MEP


for the region, people were saying there doesn't seem to be resources


for rural crime, drug dealing openly on the streets are people's estate


stop`macro but family lives and injuries could be saved every year


by getting seat belt on? Surely as president of the Drivers


union, you should be applauding the police force? No, I don't. Why don't


begin to the role of the police. There is nobody else to do it! More


people are injured in their domestic kitchens and bathrooms than I ever


injured on the road. I was suggesting policemen should help us


in and out of the battle? Ali suggesting that macro Hang on, two


years ago, you were telling me that speed cameras should be done away


with and are ineffective, and now this.


If you had your own way, it would be like the wacky races out there. Not


at all. I would like to get common sense back into the leasing of our


roads, and this is not common sense.


But if we're not doing it, unhappy people in the backs of cars had not


seat belt on, we need the police will start no, we don't. It is not


the role of the police. We don't live in a police state. We should


not live in a police state. I want to see the police get back to real


policing, and when I service Commissioner for police, I actually


said this is the sort of nonsense I would stamp out. Let's get people


back to real policing. Very good to see you.


There we are. Should police be spending their time


catching drivers who don't belt up? Or should resources and officers be


used investigating other crimes? Half of us who sit in the backs of


cars and then put their seat belt on. If you want to e`mail in, the


address is on the screen. We're live at


the Hull City training ground, where it's been a busy transfer deadline


day for the owner and his manager. And we meet the young girls


from Beverley who have become Keep your photographs coming in to


show halfway through the programme. Tonight, it is near Grimsby, and was


taken by Mike Whitaker. Thank you very much indeed. Another picture


tomorrow night at the same time. Good evening. You were back last


Tuesday, on Friday. This means you have done a three`day week! It is


like being in the seventies! My agent said I should get the same


conditions. Less is more! Don't all rush at


once. The headline for the next 24 hours


is not a bad one. It is settled, rather a lot of cloud at times, some


bright or sunny intervals. August turned out to be the coolest since


1993, so at least things are settling down quite nicely. High


pressure in charge. This will bring the cloud backing from the North Sea


overnight, so tomorrow will be quite cloudy, but a better chance of


brightness Wednesday and Thursday. A front that came through this morning


gave rein in the Lincolnshire area, which is now across East Anglia. A


lot of us are fine at the moment, with cloudy skies. Bright or sunny


intervals, and then overnight, the crowd will break up for a time, but


then returned from the North Sea. That cloud could bring just a little


drizzle in places, the most part will be dry, temperatures 11 or 12


Celsius. The sun rises in the morning, at 11 minutes past six.


Your water time in Cleethorpes at 11:06 a.m.. A bit of drizzle


bursting, otherwise, dry, cloudy skies across much of our area. Skies


will brighten up a bit, and there could be one or two light showers,


but it is a predominantly dry and fine day. Some bright or sunny


intervals and just a light breeze from the East. I think we will be a


couple of degrees down into a bridge, and highs of about 18


Celsius. The risk of one or two light showers Tuesday night into


Wednesday morning, but as I say, the theme is predominantly dry weather,


high pressure in charge, and at the breeze switches ran to the


south`east, a better chance of the crowd breaking up. Sunny spells


Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures up to 21 degrees, and that's fine


settled weather lasts through Friday and into next week.


That is the forecast. There has been a kerfuffle over you looking green.


A reader writes, I like his shirt and tie, but we think he has more


style than that of Alex Deakin. I think you need a new TV if you think


that! Much more is what you mean! If Ms Deacon is watching, good evening.


See you tomorrow. Later this month, the people of


Scotland will get to vote on whether they want to become independent from


the rest of the United Kingdom. Nearly 25,000 people who were born


in Scotland now live in But if you don't have any family


connection north of border, why should you be interested


in the referendum? All this week, we're looking at what


impact a Yes or The leader of the Scottish


Parliament, Alex Salmond, says the 300`year`old union is no longer fit


for purpose, and that an independent Scotland with its oil wealth would


be one of the world's richest countries. The UK Government and


Prime Minister David Cameron want to keep one of the world's most


successful social and political unions. This region has strong trade


links with Scotland in oil and gas. Grimsby is Britain's fish processing


capital, and has connections with Scotland trading both ways. There is


close RAF connections do, with front line bases in Lincolnshire and


Scotland. But what is the view here in Hull? 264 miles from the


capital, Edinburgh. I think they should stay with the


loss. Keep Britain as Britain, for fair trade, good economy, and a


strong trade with the rest of the world.


I think it will affect all the country, and what goes around comes


around. It is not just about one person, is it? It is about what is


Whatever the outcome, it brings the Whatever the outcome, it brings the


topic of devolution for the North of England it is a focus once more.


More powers should be moved out of London so that people in the North


and Midlands as well as Scotland have more say over their affairs. We


are much better at dealing with our skills problem here in Hull than


people in Whitehall are going to be. There is no sense people in


Whitehall thinking they can answer those problems. They can't.


So while Scotland may not be on our doorstep, the outcome there might


still have an influence here. Kevin Keane is a BBC Correspondent


who grew up in Bridlington You know East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire well ` why should people here care


about what happens up there? I think if they don't, then come


September 19, Peter, if there is a yes vote, then they will be faced


with quite a significant shock, because there will be 18 months from


that point onwards until Scotland becomes independent, and during that


time, or the negotiations have to take place between the two


governments, and of course, businesses that operate on both


sides of the border will also have two change, sometimes considerably.


Aberdeen harbour is where I am, and that is where the oil and gas


industry is based. The oil is in the northern half of the North Sea from


here, the gas off where you are, so they will clearly have to be some


considerable differences there, and in other businesses like fishing,


but then of course, you go on to document infrastructure issues like


the RAF and who gets what planes. Scotland wants some of the planes


will stop will they be once Lincolnshire?


Is there much debate in the pubs of Scotland about the vote or is it


Oh, no, this is definitely reaching living rooms, pubs, offices, even


the oil rigs out there are people who have been working offshore have


been telling me that they had been having some very heated debates in


the difference, polarising views and the difference, polarising views and


opinions are, but come the 19th of this month, that is when we will


know what has happened. Think you're much.


Well, tomorrow, we'll be looking at the potential impact of the


A new type of chip and pin fraud has been uncovered


?450 million is lost to credit card fraud in the UK every year.


The new method sees fraudsters convert legitimate chip


and pin terminals, enabling them to steal cash.


A victim from Cleethorpes will be telling her story tonight on BBC


Inside Out. That is one not to miss at 7:30 p.m..


It will be a late night for Hull City manager Steve Bruce


as he looks to bring in new players before the transfer window closes


Crispin Rolfe is at the Hull City training ground in Cottingham `


there's been action there already this afternoon?


Plenty of comings and goings here already today, and it could get much


busier as the clock ticks down to the deadline of 11 o'clock


Steve Bruce has been here at the training ground, as have


And their chequebook has already been out this afternoon with


?10 million has been spent on Uruguayan international


He's 24 and played at the World Cup, and joins from Italian side Palermo.


West Ham's Senegalese midfielder Mohammed Diame could join


It's believed a fee for him has been agreed,


four hours and ten minutes before the transfer window slams shut.


Scunthorpe United got their first win of the League One


Hakeeb Adelukan gave the Iron the lead at Glanford Park as he ran


Gary McSheffrey then curled a 25`yard free`kick


into the top corner for his first goal since re`joining the club.


Hull Kingston Rovers coach Chris Chester says some


of his players have played their last game for the club.


He was angered by Friday's 28`0 defeat


It was the first time that they'd failed to score against their


It's associated with urban life in big cities.


But a street dance group from an East Yorkshire market town


has taken second place in a dance World Championships.


The girls, who are all aged between 10 and 13,


come from in and around Beverley, and Jo Makel has been to meet them.


It is a routine inspired by The Wizard Of Oz, but forget any thought


of Judy Garland. This version is street dance.


It has just turned 18, called Lucky Chip, second place in the under 14


category at the UDI world street dance temperatures. Held in Glasgow,


it is the largest street dance club addition in the world, involving


more than 30 different countries. You have to try to be different,


world, we were the only Yorkshire world, we were the only Yorkshire


team there. There is a lot of London, Essex `based dance groups. I


think there is a lot of opportunity around London, but it is nice that a


little town in Beverley could be competing with the big guys from


London. Britain got talent winners diversity


and programmes like Cost To Dance have been inspirations to the


gills. The United Dance Organisation says street dance is growing in


popularity. Many of the girls here have done


more formal classes like ballet in the past, but say they now preferred


the freedom that street dance gives them.


I like street dance because you can express yourself and have fun. You


can just relax and enjoy yourself, really. There isn't really any


rules, unlike other dances like ballet, where you have to be


straight and tight. But these girls really do train


hard, and are already working towards qualifying for next year's


finals. Well done, girls. I am sure they


will be watching the programme tonight.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The parents of 5`year`old Ashya King are in a Spanish jail tonight as


Cloudy with a few light showers possible, most places dry with


We were talking about pay increases. The trust in North Lincolnshire and


Gulf. One viewer says, they have not earned their pay rises. It is such a


large increase. It should have been 1% along with other staff. They are


only as good as the staff who work for them. It is teamwork. Charles


says, why should an executive have more money than the Prime Minister?


Christine says, if the executives had any sense of loyalty to their


staff, they would decline the pay rises. They are not forced to take


it. And Arthur says, aren't we all going through the same difficult


times and having to tighten our belts? This should apply to all of


us. Thank you very much for those. We will have some of your stories on


seat belts tomorrow night between 6:30pm and 7:00 p.m.. Join me later


at 1025 p.m., will also have the latest on transfer deadline day. See


you later. Goodbye.


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