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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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degrees. Thursday, more of the same. Is that is all from us. Now on BBC


One Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. Free for all `


the MP pressing to get rid of Fans delight as Hull City are


considered Deadline Day winners. A human rights activist goes on


trial in Thailand after criticising End of the line `


the signal box under threat There are fresh calls for hospital


car parking charges to be scrapped. The MP for Scunthorpe says high


charges add to the ordeal of already ill people.


But parking revenue is worth more than ?200 million to the NHS and


some say the idea is unrealistic. Parking charges can make hospital


visits even more stressful. This couple paid a ?2 50 for an


appointment that lasted less than half an hour. The government says


free and reduce parking should be available for people with


disabilities are people with gravely ill relatives. The Scunthorpe MP


once charges scrapped altogether. ``wants charges


When people are ill the last thing they need is money worries at that


It is far better if there are not many


But some patient groups say free hospital parking


could be achieved but the constraints of the system will not


The land is not there. The money is not there in


terms of the revenue aspect from car parking. If you insist that


hospitals devote what effort and space they can to car parking


provision, that money is out of a single pot and will come from


clinical care. It is vital that there are car


parking charges. If it is going to the hospital I've not got a problem


with it. You look why do we have to pay. All hospital


trusts do offer concessional parking but of years charges have increased


now the government has issued guidelines to all NHS organisations


that free or reduced parking should be available to more people,


including those with disabilities, with gravely ill relatives and staff


where public transport is not available right now.


Nic Dakin is continuing to lobby the government on this issue


but with parking charges worth an estimated ?250 million to


the NHS nationally, it's revenue that might be difficult to replace.


Kate, how realistic is it to have free parking at hospitals?


In short, the Department of Health says it doesn't want a law against


parking charges. This is a huge revenue earner for hospitals which


at a time when their budgets have been frozen, would be almost


impossible to claw back. It is important to point out that all


hopital trust do offer concessionary charges, so a reduced rate for


disabled people for example. The government guidlines issed a


disabled people for example. The government guidlines issued a


fortnight ago are designed to help, but they are up to the hopital trust


if they want to implement them. So if bosses think it's acceptable to


charge say ?2 an hour they are perfectly allowed to do so. One


possible change, the government has said it wants to see hospitals


introducing pay on exit schemes for people who don't have change when


they arrive, which it said would help patients and their families,


again though its up to hospital trusts.


scrapped `` it's up Later we will be talking about national Health


Service pay. In a moment: What the referendum in


Scotland means for the price of fish Bruce and the owner Assem Allam


after the club's record spend on new Fans and football experts are


praising the Hull City Manager Steve players. Hull were the busiest


premier league side in the transfer window. The final signing was only


made in the early hours of this morning when the FA granted a last


minute extension. Crispin Rolfe was there as the deals were signed.


It took a late night extension, but France star Hatem Ben Arfa said


"yes" to the Tigers yesterday. As Hull City did some of the Premier


League's best deadline deals. The pieces fell into place for four


major new signings. First Uruguayan striker Abel Hernandez ` a club


record ?!0 million for a World Cup player with seven


international goals in 14 appearances. Defensive midfielder


and Senegal Captain, Mo Diame, for ?3.5 million. And then two


late surprises ` Southampton's Gaston Ramirez, signed on a season


long loan along with Newcastle's Hatem Ben Arfa both highly rated


attacking midfielders: And the credit for all this excitement seems


to be going to manager Steve Bruce. A lifelong Hull City fan. I've never


seen anything like it. I think they are good, yeah.


I think they are going to change the team.


Ramirez is coming and Ben Arfa. All the hype over the one`hour


extension, it's just absolutely crazy.


Earlier Senegal's captain Mo Diame also added to the craziness by


signing autographs as well as for the Tigers, leaving pundits


amazed by the amount of business Steve Bruce has been able to do.


What he has here is people who can open the door.


Ramirez hasn't really done it at Southampton but everybody knows


about his ability. Ben Arfa, the same thing at Newcastle,


hasn't really happened for him but on his day, absolutely unstoppable.


The icing on the cake was the little bit of the maverick one


in Ben Arfa, who we all know is a wonderful talent.


He will bring that little bit of flair and creativity,


which every team needs. Have you ever done a better day's


transfer business in your career? Well, I mean, listen I with my staff


and a lot of people work tirelessly behind me.


I think we have done fantastic business.


And that's the common consensus with players and pundits saying


come with him it was a key factor. Steve Bruce is a huge factor. His


personal charisma, his man management and it is what he has


achieved. Players like to get to cup finals and play in Europe and that


is a big factor.


Overall Hull City have spent more than ?25 million


in this transfer window. So ambitious, yes, but there is one


headache, how to fit all their A coroner has ruled that a


Lincolnshire doctor who drowned off the coast of Tenerife died


accidentally. Dr Barathi Ravikumar ` who was a GP at Bracebridge Heath


near Lincoln ` drowned along with Dr Uma Ramalingam in April. An inquest


in Stockport heard they were caught by unexpectedly large waves while


standing on rocks. A woman who suffered serious facial


injuries after falling over on new paving in Grimsby town centre won't


be given any compensation. 74`year`old Anne Heenan suffered a


broken nose and twisted ankle after falling on New Street. North East


Lincolnshire Council said the fall was not due to the design of the


kerb and not a defect. Hull's Ice Arena has failed to


reopen as planned this evening after being closed for most of the summer.


The council says there is a technical fault. The arena has been


closed to fit a new cooling system Spalding in Lincolnshire has gone on


trial in Thailand after he criticised working conditions in the


country's Pineapple industry. Andy Hall is charged with criminal


defamation because of the comments he made about the company, Natural


Fruit. He faces up to seven years in jail if he's found guilty. He wants


the British Government to help him. His report alleged poor conditions


for workers at a company owned by Natural Fruit. If he loses his case


he could spend up to seven years in prison. The intention behind the


cases to silence me because I'm rude peeling what the government and


industry do not want me to say. `` revealing. Today I am fighting my


case, that is all. He has good support internationally and has good


lawyers so we hope he shall win the case. He is trying to protect the


migrants and the poor. I speak to him every day and he has a very


positive person. `` he is. The Foreign Office has told us they are


aware of his case. Still ahead tonight: End of the line


` the signal box under threat from The search is on to find people to


take part in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.


David Hancock took this of Spalding.


Variable amounts of cloud once more. There will be some sunny breaks and


high pressure in charge but also cloud trapped underneath the area of


high pressure. There has been the sunshine today. Skegness was


beautiful for a time but has no clouded back over from the


south`east. There is the cloud that spoiled things through the course of


this afternoon, in particular quite thick cloud but it continues to


slowly nudge away eastwards. It looks like the cloud will come into


Skegness and Bush westwards overnight so after Aquila interlude


looks like all parts will be cloudy. The odd spot of drizzle by dawn.


There will be a light easterly breeze. Next time water time will be


an Skegness at one minute past midnight. `` in Skegness. It should


brighten up into the afternoon but with variable amounts of cloud. It


should feel quite pleasant with 70 degrees in Bridlington and 21


degrees further south. `` 17 degrees. Temperatures will be close


to just above the average amount for September.


News yesterday that bosses running three hospitals in northern


Lincolnshire and Goole have been awarded pay rises of more than


a year each has led to widespread criticism.


unions, say they do not agree that those in charge of the Trust need to


increase salaries to hold onto senior staff. Most NHS staff are


We had a huge response to this story and I'm joined by the man who signed


off the pay rises at Goole, Scunthorpe and Grimsby Hospitals, to


put some of your questions to him. Dr Jim Whittingham, you are the


chairman of the trust do you understand why these pay rises are


And we knew they would be controversial. At the end of the day


it is my job to look after the best interest of the trust and in our


view the best interests are served by such measures. How can you


justify this when your front line staff are getting 1%? Our intention


has always been to move those salaries to a competitive position.


Linda says if she were one of the hundreds of staff limited to 1% pay


rise she would feel like a face had been robbed in the dark. We do not


set to pay for the thousands of doctors and nurses who work here.


Those paid rates are set nationally. You say that our murky forces and


the going rate. ``market forces. If we had to go out to the marketplace


and we would have to pay similar salaries to attract people. This is


not a system that we invented. But it is a system that we need to play


with as a foundation trust and it is extremely important that the trust


is well lead. But you could have stopped this? Yes and we would have


taken a different rest. I am paid by the National Health Service to look


after the interests of this trust. But you have only just come out on a


very torrid time in special measures. That is to the great


credit of the thousands of doctors and nurses that we employ and also


of great credit to the team that have led them. If you look across


our performance we have come out of special measures and we are


successful in terms of accident and emergency targets. I can hear some


people shouting at the television. Your message would be what? Our


staff are well led by an executive team that are transparent and


capable. Our staff are well led and need to be well lead. Everybody is


doing a fine job and will continue to do so in taking the trust


forward. Thank you for and soothing those difficult questions.


``answering those difficult questions.


There's concern about the price and supply and fish in Grimsby, if


Scotland votes to leave the UK next month. Grimsby processes about 80%


of the UK's fish, and while most of it comes from Iceland and Norway,


many businesses have Scottish suppliers too. Our Business


Correspondent Sarah Corker has been looking at the industry's links with


While the rest of Grimsby still sleep,


merchants gather for the 7am auction at the UK's biggest fish market.


?10...20... 30.. 40... It's a fast`paced affair.


Most of the produce here usually comes from Iceland or Norway


but recent bad weather has seen more Scottish fish on sale.


We always like to have Scottish fish available to sell because


some people prefer Scottish fish. Price is a biggest factor in the


end. It varies from week to week what is


available. This cod was landed yesterday in


Peterhead in Scotland and transported overnight by road,


arriving here at Grimsby fish market this morning.


It will then be sold and end up in fish and chip shops, fish mongers


and supermarkets across England. So would independence affect that


supply? I think Scottish independence is


wrong. Britain is better together.


Aberdeen to Grimsby 15 years ago. You would end up exporting fish from


Grimsby up to Scotland. What would the currency be?


Likewise, a lot of fish comes down from Scotland to Grimsby


and how would they work it? Grimsby is Britain's fish`processing


capital with 75 businesses. Young's Seafood is the number one


buyer of Scottish farmed salmon. With processing sites both sides of


the border, its Grimsby factory is focusing on salmon production.


While big firms like Icelandic SeaChill and supermarket


chain, Morrisons, process fish brought down from Scotland.


Those at the heart of the industry here believe whatever the outcome


on how much fish is allowed to come from Scotland into


Grimsby and Hull because all the merchants around here do bring a


lot of fish down from Scotland. Of course, England itself is


Scotland's biggest market for the sale of fish, so it will continue.


But could Scotland choose to do more of its own fish processing?


The SNP is lobbying for funding to do just that.


Fishmongers in Cleethorpes shrugged off any effect that


I don't think that would change if Scotland get independence, they


will have their processing facilities, we will have ours.


Scotland and England trade both ways, the view here is that will


to save.a railway signal box in south Lincolnshire. People in


Deeping St James are angry that rail bosses are going to demolish the 150


year`old building. Simon Spark reports.


Tonight there is a meeting to save a piece of village yesterday. This


signal box has stayed here for 166 years but now stands in the way of


new equipment. But these signatories also stand in the way. This is our


box and we have a lot of enthusiasm to keep this box. My husband


remembers many a day helping his father out here. It has an awful lot


of memory. We cannot get any dates from Network Real as to when it is


being knocked down so it is quite imminent. We have three of the


barriers already put up. The barrier still to go up will be in place of


the signal box. Network Real and investing millions to modernise the


network but despite the list Alger manually operated signal boxes are


no longer required. Network Real city have listened to the concerns


of the local timidity and are working to preserve as much of the


box as possible but it cannot remain in its current location as the land


is needed for the new signalling system. ``local community.


Auditions are about the start in Lincoln for those wanting to appear


in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar which will be performed


next year inside the city's Cathedral. The musical caused


controversy when it was first launched in London four decades ago,


When it was first shown on stage, Jesus Christ Superstar was met with


protest ` some feeling it was offensive to the church, even


blasphemous. But how times have changed.


The musical, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is going to be performed


Tonight open auditions begin to find a chorus of hundreds for the show


next July. It's the first step to transforming the Cathedral into a


performance venue. In a year when it announced it needed twice as many


paying visitors to survive, it will be not just a radical change of


These are just some of the people who have turned up for the additions


tonight. Let's listen to what they will have to do to win apart. `` win


a part. SINGING SINGING The parents of a seriously ill child looked to


be set free as the case against them is dropped. Temperatures tomorrow


look like getting up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. There have been replies


to our article about hospital parking charges were some people


saying it is needed to generate money and effort were free there


would be too much congestion. Someone else says they need the


money to pay for their overpaid managers. Another viewer asks why


MPs are concerned now and says it is because the general election. Have a


nice evening.


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