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Britain will not be cowed, says the Prime Minister. That


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


A family's heartbreak as thieves steal a watch given


It's not just a watch. It's so much more than that. It's a link with


Matthew. I just hope the person who has taken the property can return


it. Just so that we can try to get back on what their lives.


Revealed for the first time ` the ?25 million spent


by our councils every year treating smoking`related diseases.


Hundreds of complaints are made about horses


I live in Hull horse owners say they have tethered for more than 30 years


without any problems. DVD players, nail polish.


And the Lincolnshire mum who's won thousands of pounds worth of prizes


And quiet weather conditions look set to continue.


The family of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan say they've


been left heartbroken after thieves stole treasured belongings that were


Sergeant Matthew Telford who was from Grimsby was killed by


His family returned to their home after a holiday last week


Amongst the items missing is a watch that Matthew placed


on his dad's wrist before he went to fight in Afghanistan.


Our news correspondent Anne`Marie Tasker reports.


After the murder of their son in Afghanistan, every possession


Matthew Telford left behind has become precious to his mum and dad.


So they were devastated to get home from a family holiday


Among the things taken was the Tag Heuer watch Matthew had given to


On the night we heard he had been killed, when his body came home and


the day of the funeral, as we presented me the watch. You try to


get on with your life, you climb up one day, then something knocks you


back later this. `` like this. It would be a great help if the persons


could return or property that means so much to us.


Sergeant Matthew Telford was shot dead by a rogue policeman


Hundreds of people attended his funeral in his home town


of Grimsby and a park in the town was even renamed in his memory.


But for his Mum, getting back his watch would mean everything.


I know it's a watch, but it was a link to Matthew that he left his


father. It was devastating. He has been very emotional because he feels


that he has lost the link he had with Matthew. Whenever we go


anywhere, he wears that watch and he feels as though part of Matthew is


with him. Police have appealed


for the public's help in tracking down the watch like this one and say


they're actively investigating the And though his family have many


photos, it's the watch that's the treasured link with Matthew


they desperately want back. If there are any developments, we


will let you know. The Lincolnshire market town told to


pull down free parking signs by the council, because they don't


meet regulations. The cost to the NHS


of treating illnesses caused by smoking is well known but for


the first time today new figures reveal just how much local councils


spend on caring for smokers. Local authorities in our area spend


?25 million supporting people affected by breathing problems


and other chronic conditions. The Government believes


the true cost is even higher and wants councils to do more to stop


people smoking in the first place. Peter Hardman from Hull cared for


by his wife Lynn. He has COPD or chronic obstructive


pulmonary disorder, which is caused by smoking, and is a disease now


claimed to cost millions, not just to the NHS, but in social care


for those coping with it at home. I now need the oxygen 16 hours a day


minimum, sometimes 24. I use it over night. If I wasn't here he would


definitely need someone here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to


look after him. He cannot call on his own.


The public health charity ASH says the cost of caring for people with


smoke`related diseases at home in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


Lincolnshire County Council pays almost ?10 million a year `


?9,923,421 ` and Hull City Council close to ?5 million ` ?4,826,753.


But the true cost could be much higher.


ASH estimates that another ?19 million ` ?18,906,848 `


worth of care is provided free by the likes of family members.


Over 51,000 people will need support from their families in your region


alone and to support them as a result of their smoking habit


leading to them having care needs. But with councils and families


facing financial pressure. Who should pay for the cost


of smoking`related social care? I think the Government should pay


half of it. What happens to overweight people are alcoholics? It


can go on for ever. If you did get ill, probably yourself, because it


is your own fault. If you are an over 50s smoker, your toys as likely


to need social care. You will want that in nine years sooner than


nonsmokers. But with Hull having one


of the highest smoking in the country, medical experts warn


there will be a long term cost. But worry remains


about how much councils and families What do you think should be


done to stop people smoking? If it the job


of the Government or councils to try Who should pay for the care


of ex`smokers? Should it be the councils or do


smokers pay enough in taxes? Get


in touch via the details on`screen. Work could start on a multi`million


pound wind turbine production plant The final plans for the


development were approved for the Councillors say it could encourage


other companies to now invest A 29`year`old man has been arrested


as part of an attempted murder Lincolnshire Police say a member


of the public was hit by a car being driven dangerously


in Ingoldmells last night. He was not seriously injured


but officers want to hear from anyone who saw something


on Sea Lane between 7:00pm The Prime Minister says he'll look


at the case of a father from Hull who is trapped in Iraq


after it was raised in the Commons Kristian Nicholson had


his passport confiscated in the country eight months ago after his


involvement in a fatal car crash. He was given


a suspended sentence last week and planned to return home but he's


yet to have his passport returned. I take a personal interest


in each and every one of these cases to work out what we


can to do help their families, bring these people home and to resolve


these dreadful, complex situations. Animal welfare groups say they're


struggling to cope with the number of horses abandoned


and left to graze illegally More than 850 people complained to


the RSPCA last year and charities say their struggling


to cope with the number of horses One group has told Look North


that councils need to come up with land to help people who have


nowhere to house their animals. Why are more animals being


left to fend for themselves? Some say this is nothing new. Horse


owners told me tonight they have tethered here for more than 30 years


without any problems. To the without any problems. To the


untrained eye, the field behind me seems to be in good health but as


the growing number of horses whose basic care needs that are not being


met that other major concerns of the big welfare charities. Jubilee will


soon be forced as `` fostered as a riding horse. She was tethered


illegally unlink in common. This rescue centre in Lincolnshire is at


full capacity. They say the number of horses is increasing. The facts


prove that abandonment is on the increase. Welfare charities have no


power whatsoever. It has to be done through the proper channels. Without


permission, abandoning is illegal. Hull has been abandoned as a


hotspot. Some say council should designate areas. The council should


put aside proper land where horses are protected and the public are


protected. Set aside, land and these horses can graze happily. The source


had no water. During filming, her had no water. During filming, her


owner arrived. I shall keep telling them because I am doing no harm as


long as the council don't worry me. They have never said anything to


me. The issue has sparked a debate between MP or Mac this happening. An


increasing number of groups of people who cannot afford to look


after their animals. Obviously the travelling community but also


dealers large and small. It is multiple groups involved. Animal


welfare charities say it is hard to prosecute owners. They had to cease


offering before they can seize. But the hope that the debate could cause


change. He was in Jill's package and earlier


I spoke to Dene Stansall who is Could this change anything? Today


MPs met with the travelling community. A lot of evidence was


given that this is a growing problem. It has been compounded by


the number of horses being bred which is spiralling. This will all


go into one big report. It could be a while before we see the Government


take any action. He was in Jill's package and earlier


I spoke to Dene Stansall who is I asked him what he made


of people who abandon their horses. They're actually breaking


the law under the 2006 Animal Welfare Act because anybody who


takes on a horse has a duty of care to that horse and should be looking


after it throughout its life. Let's talk about the travelling


community first and the flygrazing. The travelling community leave


the horses on roadside verges which is dangerous


for the horses and the public. Councils need to step in,


rather than hand this to the RSPCA. They need to take responsibility and


put aside some common land, 30 or 40 acres maybe, to allow travelling


people who don't possess land to put So you want


the council to give land for Land was taken away


from people many years ago, With number so high at the moment,


can animal charities actually cope? Animal charities are full to


the rafters with unwanted horses. We need to look


at how many horses are out there and stop the over`breeding of horses


and stop people taking them on. If you get a horse, you must be


a horse lover and animal lover. I don't think people realise what is


needed when they take on a horse. I have three horses


and that costs me ?9000 a year. Are some people getting horses


who shouldn't have horses? Yeah, people should understand what


they are committing to and when they get into problems,


they want to offload the horses onto animal charities, and that's


where the problem begins. In a nutshell,


if you cannot afford your horse any You need to talk to animal charities


and see how best you can resolve It's not about abandoning the horse,


there are ways to resolve problems You think that councils should


provide land for horse owners to graze their horses on? Let us know


your thoughts. We meet


the Lincolnshire mum who's won thousands of pounds worth of prizes


by entering online competitions. It is my hobby but it borders on


obsession sometimes. You can't not get addicted to getting things for


free. Now let's get the weather


and your pictures. This is Gateway to Alkborough,


taken by Keith Drury. Now, just to warn you that


if you're watching us on Freeview, some changes have been made this


afternoon. Some channels are moving number,


and you may find some are missing. You can get everything back to


normal by retuning your TV. But if you need extra help,


contact Digital UK on 03456 505050 Let's have a look at the next 24


hours. Once more, a lot of fine, settled weather. All parts will be


dry if cloudy. High pressure is in charge of the lot of cloud trapped


underneath. That said, it brightened up across eastern part of


Lincolnshire and whole, where it was Lincolnshire and whole, where it was


22 Celsius. `` Hull. You can see all the sunshine. It was nice in


Skegness. The cloud will melt away tonight before returning from the


south`east. It may produce the odd spot of drizzle and mist heinous. It


will be a mild night of 12 or 13 Celsius. Sun rises at 6:15am and the


next high water is at 1:33pm `` 1:33am. It is another cloudy day,


especially in the morning. Once again, we might see breaks across


eastern Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Even on cloudy areas, it should feel


pretty pleasant. Scunthorpe has been cloudy today at 19 Celsius. More of


the same on Friday. Subtle changes over the weekends. The cloud might


thicken on Saturday to produce rain but skies should brighten nicely on


Sunday. The text last night asked, is the


weatherman radioactive because the other presenters are not green!


In two weeks time, Scotland will decide whether it


wants to break away from Britain and become an independent country.


This week we've been looking at what the referendum means for


Today, we look at the relationship the RAF has with


Scotland and how a Yes vote could impact on Lincolnshire's RAF bases.


RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire is on the front line of the defence


But it's here in Scotland's Lossiemouth that its aircraft and


So if Scotland votes Yes to independence, change is inevitable.


In the long`running, the rest of the United Kingdom would not want a base


`` to base expensive assets outside `` to base expensive assets outside


of its own borders. It would look to transfer from Lossiemouth to another


base in the UK. The risk would be that they would downsize the


military so that they bring them back and not put them anywhere.


The Scottish White Paper for independence proposes taking


keeping 12 Typhoons as part of a plan to continue


Currently, Scotland is home to more than 11,000 regular armed forces


and 4000 Ministry of Defence civilians based at 50 MOD sites.


If more RAF assets are brought into the county, that would ultimately


mean more jobs for local people. It was at the positive economic effect


on the county clearly. It would have an increased noise effect on the


county. The future of defence has been


a hot potato in this referendum debate but the Ministry of Defence


says it has no contingency plans in place in the event


of a Yes vote on September 18th. Well tomorrow we'll be looking


at whether the Scottish referendum debate has


lead to calls for more powers for I'll be speaking to Lord Prescott on


this one on tomorrow's programme. Two years ago the retail expert


Mary Portas told Market Rasen that it needed to sell itself


and it's free parking. But now the signs that were put up


to tell passers`by about the parking The county council says


they're not appropriate. Shopkeepers say


the move will harm business. In Market Rasen, they think free


parking makes their town special. That's why it's


on their welcoming signs. Mary Portas thought it was


a good idea. This week, in Market Rasen, the car


parks were full and drivers seem to The free parking was one of the


first recommendation is to Government to make it convenient for


people to come into town to shop. But you cannot declare that is in ``


as an advantage, it makes it more difficult.


Lincolnshire county council says "The reference to 'free parking'


means this sign falls foul of the law for signs on the highway.


The department say that road signs had to be clear enough for drivers


to understand. But some here aren't happy


the signs have to come down. It is a bit childish. I think they


have other things to worry about Lake potholes rather than signs.


Market Rasen town council says it is disappointed in the decision.


But that it will now apply for suitable replacements.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch about a suggestion on last


night's programme that hospital parking charge be scrapped.


Rachel says, 'I think they should scrap the parking charges.


I've been in and out of hospital this past few months and


the last thing I want to think about is getting money for the meters'.


And Jackie says, 'I don't disagree with car parking charges, as long


as that money is used for nurses, equipment and patient needs.


I hope it isn't being used for pay rises for executives'.


This photograph of the Red Arrows has been voted the best


Senior Aircraftman Adam Fletcher took this image of the new


Red Arrows tail fin design, which celebrates


More than 150 people have taken part in a mass audition for Jesus Christ


It will be the first fully`staged performance of the musical


The performance will be the first of a series of shows to raise funds


It's a fantastic thing to be involved in, Jesus Christ Superstar


It's nerve`wracking for me, I've never done this kind


The idea to raise funds for this beautiful building is tremendous.


She's won holidays, mobile phones and computer games along with cash


prizes and that's why Katy Spence from Boston says she's addicted to


Katy enters up to a hundred competitions a day and has been able


Some people treat competitions as a full time job


but Katy still manages to run her own business and find time to be


A pair of sunglasses. A DVD player. A personalised packet of crisps.


Nail polish. A BAFTA goody bag. This is Katie Spence. Robert unluckiest


lady in Lincolnshire. She doesn't buy much because she wins it. ``


this is the luckiest lady. It's absolutely ridiculous how much I've


won. When most of us done on the evening TV, she turns on the laptop


and enters up to 100 competitions a day. She has bagged ?30,000 worth of


prizes in 2.5 years. It is a hobby but it borders on obsession. You


can't not get addicted to getting things for free, especially things


you couldn't afford otherwise I you want to give as gifts. We want this


in the competition and we went to Greece. No one escapes as the whole


family are often required to make videos or dress up. I dressed up as


Superman! This video one higher a goodie back. There are so few


entries. People don't put effort into competitions so you have an


advantage at your willing to put time in. For TJ, the best things in


life really are free `` Katie. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines: Britain will not be intimidated,


Islamic extremists threaten to kill Islamic extremists threaten to kill


a British hostage. A family's heartbreak


as thieves steal a watch given Dry for the most part with rather


cloudy skies, but some sunny breaks are expected


in places later in the day. Talking about the care of cost for


smokers, we've had text asking how much alcoholics and drug addicts


costs. Again, smokers get a bashing. Another says if there are so


selfish, they should pay for private care. The last one says the


Government should ban it, but they never will because of the amount of


tax they make from cigarette sales. Suzanne says, why should smokers pay


towards care? If you broke your leg skiing, would you be expected to


pay? Have a nice evening. See you at 10:25pm.


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