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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Government inspectors say Htmberside and Lincolnshire Police are failing


The result will be that these claims will be de`criminalised. Thdre are


never going to stamp out anti`social behaviour if they don't do something


about it. It's helped hundreds


of people lose weight. So why is Fit Fans losing


its funding? I don't have any aches and pains, I


don't take tablets. It's only done me good.


Panic on the flight from Ibhza as smoke fills the cabin.


We got on the should and thd captain told us to quickly get off the


plane. And their name is also on the


list ` a new Dad's Army fill could Plus a detailed forecast for the


weekend. A report by Her Majesty's


Inspectorate of Constabularx has found a number of failings


in how Humberside and Lincolnshire Both were found to have


a policy not to attend all reports of crime and hadn't consultdd


the public about this policx. Simon Spark has been looking


at the findings. What exactly did this


report consider? The aim of the report was to inspect


how well forces were responding to crime and anti`social behavhour and


focusing on core police functions. But it's time for Humbersidd in


Lincolnshire Police that certain crimes like theft from motor


vehicles but only had no officers being sent out but little


investigation at all. It is my view that those forces who have `dopted


this do nothing approach to these crimes, the result will be that they


will be decriminalised if nothing is happening other than recordhng.


Neither force have a policy to inspect every crime. Officers are


dispatched after a serious of considerations. But the report said


that the public had not been consulted. I think the publhc should


have been consulted because there has been a lot of deterioration in


the police. My ex`wife is played with boy racers in the car parts of


the police don't want to know. There are never going to stamp it out if


they don't do anything about it The police will come and see evdry crime


reported. We do take all crhmes seriously but on occasion they


actually don't want us to attend, they just want to bring us `nd


reporters for insurance purposes or something. We also run a di`ry


system which means we can attend and speak to people at a time that is


convenient for them. It's not as cut and dried as we don't attend every


incident. Neither For the prevention of crime,


neither force had an overarching crime prevention


strategy but in Lincolnshird's case it was said, that didn't inhibit


their effectiveness. Where Humberside Police was singled


out, was where they were un`ble to provide numbers of suspects who


failed to answer police bail. They were unable to speak to us


today but in a statement sahd, their commitment to give the best service


possible is universal in Hulberside and they are currently making


changes to further ensure this with The HMIC noted that


Humberside Police had embarked upon a significant change progralme and


were looking forward to re`dxamining joining me as Paul Davidson who ran


to be the Police and Crime Commissioner. You surprised that not


certain crimes? I'm not enthrely surprised. It only confirms what


everyone has known for a long time, that we haven't investigated some


crimes or 15 or 20 years now. This has come very late for many victims


who might be watching tonight. When you campaigned to be crime


Commissioner, you said everx crime would be looked at. Is that


possible? It is possible and if I had been successful, the mahn part


of my campaign would have bden to investigate every crime. I did it


easily as, under the East Rhding, and I think it is nonsense but to


provide a high`quality servhce to the public. They should invdstigate


every crime. I did for thred years, it is easy. You saying they are


making excuses? Absolutely. I'll give you an example. 75,000 crimes


are recorded each year. 20,000 or so are not investigated. If th`t is one


criminal power crime, you'rd letting off 20,000 criminals. I don't know


why he would not want to catch them. The police tell you what thdy're


going to do. They don't ask you whether you want investigathon or


not. At the moment, there are many criminals walking the streets. That


is a strong criticism from ` former senior officer. I was one of very


few in the whole country who investigated every crime and I did


it because the sole purpose of the police is to serve the publhc. I had


my car broken into. Is that really what the police should be


investigating? One, it's to reassure the person. It is not a main crane


to you. We need to reassure you We want to hear from you


on this story, do you think the police should investigate and send


an officer to every reported crime? Let us know with


the contact details on scredn. 160,000 people are expected


in Lincolnshire for the I'm like that Burghley lookhng at


the impact on the local economy `` live at.


People who've lost weight in a programme that's had stccess


around the country are crithcising Hull City Council


FitFans started in Hull fivd years ago, in partnership with


the city's professional Football and Rugby clubs and was so


71`year`old Barry putting into practice some of the exercises


I don't have any aches and pains, I don't take tablets. It's only done


me good. Whether or not I'll do it in my own time, I don't know. I


couldn't tell you. Only timd will tell.


He'll soon find out because at the end of this month cl`sses


like these will end because funding's being withdrawn.


FitFans says it's now helped 16 0 people get into shape, which is


The scheme's been rolled out to other places in the UK


including Edinburgh, Burnlex, Wigan, Leicester and Ipswich.


For five years, FitFans offdred free classes promoting health eating and


But In a statement, Hull City Council says:


Some people might say you could go to a gem. But it is expensive. We


are pensioners. Those behind the project ard


determined to bid again for funding We're hoping to keep some exercise


sessions running for the people who have been on the programme


previously. Until next April, just to keep our good name and good work


going. There will be a small cost, not`for`profit but just to keep


things ticking over. Barry and Marion both say FhtFans


has kept them, and many othdrs, They claim that with the city's


rising obesity levels it wotld simply be a false economy for the


council to stop the classes now A family's plea for the rettrn of


a stolen watch that belonged to a soldier from Grimsby who was killed


in Afghanistan has led to one local Sergeant Matthew Telford who was


murdered by a rogue Afghan policeman back in 2009 gave his watch to his


dad before he left for Afgh`nistan. But it was taken during


a burglary on the family's home It's not just a watch. We are so


much more attached to it th`n the monetary value. We would appeal and


say, could you please have ` conscience and let us have ht back.


A father from Hull who is trapped in Iraq has been told it will still


be another three weeks before he is released.


Kristian Nicholson had his passport confiscated eight


months ago after his involvdment in a fatal car crash.


His MP Diana Johnson says she hopes pressure from the Prime Minhster


Safety work on the A63 in Htll should be completed tonight.


The work's being done to improve public safety before this wdekend's


Freedom Festival which is expected to attract thousands of vishtors.


It's hoped by giving pedestrians longer to cross, and replachng


permanent safety barriers whth removable ones, the road won't need


Iman was terrified after a flight from IDs are filled the cabhn with


smoke. This mobile phone footage shows the


footage after a Jet2 plane was evacuated at East Midlands @irport


last night. Passengers say ht landed on the second attempt and that smoke


filled the cabin. There was a smell of burning that was horrendous. Then


we were trapped in the fuse Elijah. It was coming from the back of the


plane `` trapped in the fushlage. Mothers are panicking. We all wanted


out. 26 firefighters helped passengers evacuate. Jet2 s`y at a


safe arrival, it had to be dvacuated as a precaution only manage ``


precautionary measure. Passdngers shouldn't be worried about tsing it.


Passengers always go through maintenance. The aircraft or older


which means the more issues, but it is only a minor problem, not


life`threatening. Airport staff were on hand to help the passengdrs. It


is currently being investig`ted Bridlington could become thd


fictional town of Walmington`on`Sea If they do come to Bridlington, they


intend to film and the tea. It's quite exciting.


Colin Edwards took this of Beverley Minster.


Susan says she can't understand why you took another day off. She knows


you have only just came back because she was on the same flight `s you!


She went back to work on thd same day but hasn't had a day off since.


Some of us work 12 hours! For the next 24 hours, cloudy spells and all


the areas will be dry. Therd is a change on Friday night. This cold


front will bring patchy rain, so Saturday morning looks damp. The


afternoon is better with Sunday said to be the best day of the wdek with


sunshine. There has been sole pleasant spells of sunshine across


eastern part again. We had some threat along the sea. If yot've got


clear skies, they will fill in with low cloud and mist. At least it is


going to be my old, most temperatures coming in at around 13


Celsius. `` mild. A grey st`rt in many areas. That cloud will come and


go, but skies will brighten and there will be sunny breaks through


the course of the day. We'rd the sun pops out, it should feel pldasantly


warm. Here is you look at the highest afternoon temperatures. ``


you look. `` a look. Saturd`y afternoon is an improvement with


Sunday and much of Monday brighter with some sunshine and a sm`ll


chance of a he also had his own chauffetr


waiting at the airport! As Scotland are due to go to


the polls exactly two weeks today to vote on independence, thdre are


claims that the issue is le`ding to calls for greater regional power to


the North of England. Campaigners in favour


of a new regional Government say people in the North are missing out


and that power has become too I think people are starting to think


seriously about regional government. We've seen the success of ddvolution


to Scotland, Wales. London has its own regional Government that we


often forget about, so it is the other regions that are misshng out.


England remains very centralised on London. It isn't working and I think


people are waking up to that. I'm joined now by Lord Prescott who


has campaigned for more powdrs to be Would it be a yes or no for you for


Scotland? I want us to stay together. 30 years ago, I wrote a


report on regional policy and air pollution. It was to match the


devilish and for Scotland and bring power to northern regions. H think


that's going to come now. Would you like to see the North have hts own


setup? Absolutely. I proposdd it. In Scotland, the first referendum was


lost, same for Wales. If yot ask them now, if they want more


accountability, they'll say yes That was only 2004, you're not


saying it would be very different if we tried again? It was a short time


between successful referendtms between Scotland and Wales. If


you're going to give more powers whether you're in or out to


Scotland, you can't do that without giving too northern regions similar


powers. There are more people and the North Scotland! `` in the North


than Scotland. Lord Erskine was on my team who was campaigning in


Yorkshire and ducked out. I'm glad he has changed his mind. I had to


fight in the north`east bec`use he and the group decided it did not


want the vote in Yorkshire. We pay M people are Mac to make thesd


decisions. `` MPs. They certainly want to get the resources that


Scotland get in the North. Ht's going to cost a lot more money.


People said that in 2004. They thought it was just like local


authority. If Scotland are going to get more power and a greater share


of resources than we do in Dnglish regions, and if Wales is gohng to


get more, do the English regions just go for an English Parlhament?


What type of decision would you like made for the North of England?


You've just been talking about the police. There are 44 police


authorities. That should be one authority and the police `` in the


region. Same for health. Give the powers to the regions and you won't


have the differences. You'll be giving them accountability.


This is another story you might have a view on as well.


Do you think there should bd more power for our part of the country?


Organisers say the Burghley Horse Trials, which starts


today, will see ?16 million being spent in the local economy.


Some of the top names in the equestrian world are


at the four`day event near Stamford in Lincolnshire, which attr`cts


Our rural affairs correspondent Paul Murphy has this report.


For local hoteliers Burghlex is something of an economic fe`st.


In fact it's thought every room within a 20`mile radius of Stamford


The people don't often come here, there are literally coming for the


Horse Trials. They get to sde the area and really love it, so they


come back any couple of months the kids. `` in a couple of months.


This has always been a well`heeled corner of Lincolnshire.


But the continuing growth of one the world's best`known equestrian


Sports tourism is great for the local economy and even further


afield. Here, we employ a lot of local people and contractors. It is


huge for the area. It's also been a good day in the


saddle for Lincolnshire's Ghna Ruck. I got into fourth place at ly first


ever Burghley. It was amazing! Sporting achievements aside,


it's said 160 gallons of Pilm's will This is so much more than


an equestrian event. Believe it or not, there ard people


here today who might never see a horse. Their Burghley is a festival


of shopping. Burghley's retail village is


another economic success story. The shops to attract us back every


year. We know friends running stalls and helping out. It's just


unbelievable. You should never assume that people don't have any


money. Some people don't, of course, but there are a lot of people who


have. I think coming to Burghley and spending it is a lifelong p`ssion


for a lot of people. We've done a lot of shopping to take homd. To


help at the bar back in the United States.


This is all a far cry from the humble contest


The raw economic clout of the Burghley Horse Trials is solething


Paul is live at Burghley for us tonight.


How significant are these four days to the economy of the `rea


If Stanford gets any welfard, it will also be lobbying for


independence! That is seriots spending power here. There hs a


surreal quality, as though someone has taking a chunk of Kensington and


put it in a Lincolnshire fidld. Car dealers and expecting to sell dozens


over the next four days. Not all of the money is going into the local


economy but a lot of it is `nd as people leave D1 today, they're going


to continue spending their cash in restaurants and bars `` day one


Animal welfare groups have told Look North that local counchls need


to set land aside for travellers to graze their horses.


Rescue charities say they'rd struggling to cope with


the number of horses abandoned and left to graze illegally


We had a big response to thhs, almost all agreeing with Jackie


Visitors to RAF Scampton's heritage centre can now find out


for themselves what it's like to climb inside a Lancaster bolber


Part`original and part`replhca, the fuselage was restored


It's now one of the highlights of the station's historic colldction.


We bought the knows about tdn years ago and started to reconstrtct the


fusilage using original drawings. We've put 18.5 thousand World War II


rivets in her. A new film is being made about Dad's Army. Prodtcers are


considering Bridlington for the setting.


Dad's Army has been a British comedy institution


It had 18 million viewers at its peak.


If new feature length Dad's Army is filmed here in Bridlington,


I think it's not just the f`ct that we have a fabulous high strdet than


can be put into the period of the 1940s, we also have a fabulous


seafront. I think everybody will be on board to help out with this


endeavour. There could hardly be anywhdre


better for Fraser's Funeral Parlour We think it's a really good idea. We


are excited. We're trying to keep a low profile at the moment! H've


never had a television so I don t know what you're going on about


Saudi! `` sorry! Up the road at


the Georgian Rooms is where Captain The intent to film here if they


choose Bridlington. It's quhte exciting! They will transform it, it


will look anything like this. With its grand architecture, cards are


the only thing that are too modern. There is even a handy spot to pick


up the odd prop or costume. Being map for Walmington`on`Sea brought


visitors to Bridlington? Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlhnes The Prime Minister says he won't


rule out airstrikes against Islamic Government inspectors say Htmberside


and Lincolnshire Police are failing The weather: A grey start,


brightening up with sunny spells Maximum temperature inland: 21


Celsius. We asked you,


should police investigate and send Rebecca says, it is absurd to expect


police to investigate every crime. We should get used to this `s the


number of officers is reduchng. Mick says, I am a retired senior


Lincolnshire Police officer and I agree with the commander yot have


interviewed. They simply do not supply the service they are supposed


to. Rob says if police stopped attending vandalism, people will


start being vigilantes and they will find their own justice. Michael says


we pay council tax for the police to investigate crime.


We're back at 10:25pm. Have a good evening.


about the breeding habits of Icelandic shellfish is back.


OK, OK, it's ACTUALLY about the warm-beverage preference


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