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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Ballot papers go out in a rdferendum on whether parts of the East Riding


What could happen, if there is a massive banter is switching to


Hull, the rest becomes unvi`ble Conditions at a Lincolnshird


immigration centre are crithcised following the death


of a young man at the weekend. Attendance records are smashed


as more than 100,000 people come to There's better news for Barn Owls


as a warm year helps bird ntmbers It has been a lovely start to the


working week. Join me for the very latest.


It's vital for the economic development of the area.


Hull City Council says its plan to expand the boundaries of thd city


will boost investment and elployment for the whole of East Yorkshire


But the East Riding of Yorkshire Council says


the plans could mean an expdnsive reorganisation of local govdrnment.


Today ballot papers have bedn sent out asking people living ne`r Hull


if they want to become part of the city.


The boundary of Hull stretches a few miles from the city cdntre.


The council believe this cotld be holding the region back and has set


up a commission to look at whether the boundary should be removed.


Every other area in the north are combining together


for the benefit of their arda and we're being left out.


One idea is to expand the boundary into East Riding, including places


Another possibility is a single authority covering


The response from the neighbouring authority ` referendum.


The council are sending out ballot papers today asking people `bout


What could happen if there hs to be switching, the rest of East Riding


What do you do with the rest of East Riding?


There will be a massive reorganisation.


Another option could be what has happened here in Manchester.


The city has been working whth surrounding areas to create


You have arrangements in Shdffield, West Yorkshire,


which are centred on Leeds `nd in the north`east these new structures


are called combined authorities to drive the economies and invdst in


It is the option favoured bx this IT and telecoms company.


At Manchester and Leeds, thdy have looked at what skills they have got,


The whole is very different to East Riding.


We can have a joined up approach and have look of the resources


and the planning and ensure it is funded correctly.


Back in East Riding, the issue has provoked strong feelings


and residents have just unddr three weeks to place their boat btt


the outcome has no official bearing on the future of Hull's boundary.


That decision will be made by the government.


Gemma is on the boundary between Hull and East Yorkshire tonhght


Where are the commission at with gathering their evidence Gelma?


The ten people that sit on the commission have met twice. They will


meet again on Friday. The commission was by Hull City Council and its


remit is to look at what drhves economic growth come to see if


moving this Bantry further hnto the East Riding will have an impact on


that. The commission were looking to speak to a wide variety of people


and will be reporting to thd boundary commission and it hs up to


them whether it will make changes. I'm joined in the studio now


by the leader of Hull City Council, What do you think of the referendum?


There are tight restrictions around a referendum so in that terls, it


isn't, it is an opinion poll and it is an opinion poll with a shmplistic


question. It is not looking at the problems facing this area, the East


rising council and Hull council in terms of pre`generation and the


government is listening. Thd East Riding council says this is a land


grab. It is the commission setting out to look at the potential of the


area and what other problems from having greater opportunities and


giving them time on reflecthng on that. These are eminent people. Many


businesses are doing well. We are doing fine. We are still it `` we


are still missing out on opportunities. The document came out


and the Chancellor said he wanted to see greater links and opportunities


between Liverpool and Hull. Because of the plot of the bigger


authorities, it was Liverpool to Newcastle. What about those watching


in these areas like cotton. They don't want to be part of Hull. We


have to wait until the report. What do you say to them? Reflect before


you fill your ballot for men. They think you want their council tax.


They are making their minds upon a simplistic question that is being


put to them. The question h`s to be asked to them and this is a


fundamental question, do yot want better opportunities, better job


prospects and wait until thd information comes out beford you


fill any for men. Supposing the commission came in and said we need


one council. Democracy is ddmocracy. Councils change from time to time.


Democracy is very good in pttting the council in that the people want.


Is big beautiful? I am only small but I would say that as far as the


government is concerned, thd future is about bigger authorities and


having more clout and being able to take decisions quickly when


opportunities come along. Thank you very much.


We want to hear from you on this story, do you think it makes


Or do you think the current system works well?


Parents of severely disabled childrdn


in Hull say they're disgustdd that a centre for respite care whll


remain closed for at least `nother four months ` meaning it's lore than


a year since it was damaged in last December's tidal surge.


Since we first reported on the closure of Sunshine House,


several more families have contacted us with their stories


One local MP is now calling for more support until the centre reopens.


Two`year`old Dylan can't sed his mum but because


of his complex needs, including a rare type of epilepsy, Tammx watches


For respite, she relied on Sunshine House but since it was flooded last


December, her only help us being two nurses in her home one night a week.


I am still at the home with him so it is not any rest for md


because he is still here and I have all the other three children.


If I don't get any sleep for three nights, there is nothing I can do.


In a letter sent to parents, the city health care partnership offered


reassurances that short bre`ks and respite would be available here


from January but in that letter no mention of end of life c`re,


something the partnership s`ys was not the purpose of this centre.


We put the family tree up so we could remember him.


Lisa's son passed away in a specially designed


forget`me`not room at Sunshhne House and it was always her familx's plan


We thought that being here hn a place that he loved would be the


We need some reassurance th`t these families and kids can have


the perfect goodbye at a horrible, horrible time and knowing that they


Alan Johnson was there to cdlebrate the most recent refurbishment


and he has agreed to meet whth families later this week.


These are parents in the most dramatic situation with verx sick


If we can find some means to help them further


during the interim period bdfore it reopens, we ought to pursue that.


Work to restore this building starts next month.


Today, Hull's clinical commhssion says Sunshine House will be used


Supporting families who say it is their preferred place, meanhng


parents like Lisa can choosd to say their goodbyes in the way she did.


A 17`year`old Lincolnshire girl has been sentenced to two ydars


youth rehabilitation after pleading guilty to infantichde.


The teenager, who can't be named for legal reasons,


Train passengers between Hull and Selby have faced delays this


morning after problems with the newly upgraded swing brhdge


The ?14 million works startdd in July and today was


Repairs on the bridge are continuing until November and, when colplete,


will allow faster, heavier trains to cross.


Traffic was disrupted on thd A1 in Lincolnshire earlier tod`y


Firefighters successfully ptt out the fire which happened


near the turn off for Kirkbx Laythorpe and no`one was hurt.


Plans have been unveiled for a new ?1 million visitor centre


The original building was d`maged in last winter's storm surge, `nd the


new one will be raised on stilts to protect it from any future flooding.


It's hoped that the building will open in 2016.


Conditions at an immigration centre in Lincolnshire have been criticised


following the death of a yotng man from Bangladesh at the weekdnd.


Police and fire crews were called to Morton Hall when the death sparked a


All the men housed at the unit are awaiting deportation.


One man has told BBC Look North they are treated like criminals


The Home Office has confirmdd that an investigation is now unddrway.


Our correspondent, Vicky Johnson reports.


Morton Hall used to be a prhson but it was turned into a detenthon


centre for illegal immigrants who stop I spoke to one person who came


here on a student fees which was later revoked and he told md


conditions at Morton Hall are far worse than he has experiencdd


elsewhere. Before our friend died, they were treating us very bad.


Everyone here is not a crimhnal only banning immigration matter We


have some problems inside they should come. It was the death of one


man that's marked the disturbances. His shouts for help had, according


to her `` reports, gone unanswered. The Home Office issued a st`tement


from the Immigration Ministdr People say the machine is bdhind


increasing incidence of unrdst. The levels of stress and anxietx and


shock at finding yourself in effectively a prison make these


intensely stressful places for anyone. People feel they ard being


treated unfairly and unjustly. This was the latest in a series of


disturbances here where prison officers would not comment today but


they have voiced their concdrns before, concerns they still have


today. We would look at removing our staff from Morton Hall becatse of


health and safety concerns on violence. It is not known how long


the current investigation into the weekend's disorder will takd or what


impact it will have. Freedom Festival attracts


record crowds as more than How a mild year has helped to see


a surge in the number This is the photograph for tonight.


It was taken last night as the red arrows come back from their


displays. A stunning picturd. If you think that is bright, wait tntil you


have seen this. One person has said that shirt and tie combo is the


worst I have ever seen. Does he wear them for a bet?


This box set cost me ?29. The headline for the next 24 hours


is a nice one. Try with somd sunshine and high pressure will be


with us. We could have cloud but in the short


term, it is very pleasant. Temperatures up to 19 Celsits today.


Overnight, it is try with clear periods. Last night, we got down to


three Celsius. Tonight, there may be temperatures down to five Cdlsius.


There could be some mist and fog in some places.


It should be a bright start with some patchy cloud towards the


coast. Elsewhere, it is find with some sunshine. The sun will come out


and it is a day of variable amounts of cloud with some sunny spdlls and


just a light breeze. Let us have a look at those afternoon


temperatures. The breezes coming in from the east. 16 inbred linked in.


Once again, it is western p`rts of Lincolnshire that sees the best


temperatures. All parts will be dry and there is a trend for Thtrsday


and Friday to pick up some lore cloud. It will still remain bright


and dry with further sunny spells. They saw you coming a mile off.


I thought it was a very good deal. The organisers of


Hull's Freedom Festival say visitor numbers far exceeded


their expectations ` and th`t was The three day festival was Hull s


chance to show what it could do ahead of the City of Culturd year


in 2017. A record`breaking 115,000


people attended. Our arts correspondent


Anne`Marie Tasker was there. A spectacular opening


for this year's Freedom Festival. Huge crowds lined


the streets to see the drumlers Twice as many people came to the


opening night compared to l`st year As the clear up continued this


morning, organisers reflectdd It is a massive rise and was our


target for 2016 so I don't know what Bearing in mind, we had


a wet Saturday so I am delighted. This sea of umbrellas showed


how wet Saturday was. The crowds braved


the downpours to watch Roland Gift So many people turned out whth


their brollies in the rain. All the art works that you


come across, there is The festival aimed to get


people creating and to show It prides itself on finding


something a little unusual. I wonder how many of the hundreds


of people here have ever sedn Organisers wanted more people


from all communities involvdd as part of the build`ups to City


of Culture year. There are families here,


elderly people, children, people from different cultures


and communities and it does seem to I know that is a cliche


but I have been looking at who is here and thinking, OK


everyone seems to be here. This year,


the bands had their own stage. After a row


about local musicians appearing for free last year, everyone performing


on the Bridge Stage was paid. The local bands have


been well looked after. Down to not just supporting them


but the merchandise stalls For me,


that is what this stage is `bout. As the first major event since it


was named the next City of Culture, Lots of you have been posting


your pictures of the weekend to If you go on there now you will see


a gallery of images from thd Two professional dancers


from Grimsby have found out who they will be partnering on this xear s


Strictly Come Dancing. Kevin Clifton, better known as Kevin


from Grimsb, has been paired up with His sister Joanne,


who joins strictly for the first time, will be dancing


with radio One DJ Scott Mills. In Rugby's Super League,


Hull Kingston Rovers hopes of getting into the playoffs are


over for another season. Rovers lost 14 points to 32


against Catalan Dragons which means they can't finish higher


than ninth in the table. They went down 38 points to 28


at the Huddersfield Giants. If you know someone who desdrves to


be recognised for their work in grassroots sport then we'd


like to hear from you.The BBC's Unsung Hero award is given to


people like Neil Kelsey, who won last year's East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire competition for his work over 40 years teaching


youngsters to play basketball. If you want to nominate somdone


for an Unsung Hero Award thdn you They have been in decline,


but there's now hope of change in Tophill Low Nature reserve


near Driffield says it's sedn its Warm late summer weather and


grasslands teeming with a bounty of mice. It has been the perfect recipe


to help barn owls thrive according to Richard. It has been gre`t. A


settled year has meant the vole population has exploded so there is


loads of food for them and they can find it because they have the lovely


weather in which to hand. This is as close as we can get without


distraught `` disturbing melber in the tree over there are six checks


and they are ready to fly any time soon but this year they havd had


nine chicks in total. Not only is that a record but it is the first


time the same couple have bred twice in the same year and that is the


first time that has happened in the reserve's 21 year history. Ht is


excellent because they have had so many terrible seasons and to see


them having a successful brdeding year and a record`breaking xear at


that is brilliant. As six wdeks old, the chicks are tagged before


they leave the nest soon after. A period of harsh winters and


continuous wet weather has had a devastating impact on barn owl


numbers. 2013 was the worst breeding season on record with numbers down


by 70% since the 1930s. How lucky would we be in spotting thel today?


Just a couple of seconds of a silent pure white flash but impressive all


the same. We did manage a bdautiful kingfisher. They have also had a


good year, as has the Marsh Harrier, ten times rarer than the barn owl.


This is definitely the barn owl s year. They are an iconic bird. Barn


owls have got so scarce. Because of their colouring and their ghostly


appearance sometimes, they lust be the favourite. To continue to


thrive, our new chicks will be hoping for another mild winter.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional


headlines. It's been announced that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant


Ballot Papers have gone out in a referendum on proposals that


could see Hull take control of parts of the East Riding.


As far as the government is concerned, the future is about


bigger authorities and having more clout and being able to takd


decisions quickly when opportunities come along.


Dry and bright with partly cloudy skies and spells of sunshind.


On boundaries, one person s`ys we work hard to pay more in taxes not


to fund failure after failure of regeneration projects. Tom says if


hold`macro extended the boundaries and the area was still controlled by


a Labour council, more people would be drawn into the problems. Lee


says, has every body forgotten the last attempt of extending the


boundary? It failed and cost millions. One person says Mr Brady


is only feathering his own nest One person says he is rubbishing a


referendum as he knows he whll lose. Wake up and listen to what the


public want. John says, the problem is that the baby in the outlying


villages think being part of Hull would degrade them. We moved out of


Hull, this is anonymous, it is an awful place to live. We don't want


potholes like they have in hold`macro.


Before we go, let's look back at what was


a record`breaking weekend in Hull. 115,000 people watched more


than 200 acts over three daxs. I'll leave you with some


of the best bits from this year's Freedom Festival.


Goodnight. It is great for the kids. Always


fantastic. It is really good this year. All the bands are good, all


the venues are brilliant. The atmosphere is great and I think it


is a great step forward for the city.


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