09/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Thank you very much indeed. That is it from Edinburgh we will


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


The wind farm developers accused of ignoring the local communitx to save


The boat environmental damage. ``People here are worried.


loss on EVERY litre of milk Farmers here say there's too much


milk in Europe, and that's pushing prices down.


There are calls for waiters and waitresses to get a fairer cut from


soldiers from our area compdting in Prince Harry's Games.


The developers of a wind farm off the Lincolnshire coast have


been accused of ignoring thd community to save money.


Energy firm RWE wants to put up 280 turbines off the Lincolnshire coast


and build a substation at Bhcker Fen near Boston.


But one local councillor saxs there are better options which will


have less impact on the countryside. In a moment we'll be hearing from


RWE Innogy, but first Crisphn Rolfe has this report.


Where to bring offshore wind power onshore? North Lincolnshire's


industrial heartland or Bicker Fen. The developer says the answdr is


clear and cost effective, it's Bicker Fen. The critics inshst the


company's latest report puts cost over the environment to the


detriment of local communithes. Killingholme will already t`ke the


infrastructure for the onshore elements. A major development. If


they can go there, why not Triton Knoll? It will need some new


infrastructure but it is an industrial area. The companx says


Bicker Fen is closer to Triton Knoll which is 20 miles of the


Lincolnshire coast. It plans to bring power sure to the credk and


run a cable underground need to Skegness which will go south to a


large substation at the Nathonal Grid site at Bicker Fen. Thd company


Grid but people living nearby disagree and say they are h`ving to


put up with onshore wind power, let alone offshore. The company says


this solution is ?128 million cheaper than the next best one


Killingholme and it will help power 800,000 homes and they'll bd cash


for the community. Nobody w`nts a substation on the back door.


They have worries the roads will not be up to the


task. I do not see how a pl`ce can be the most cost`efficient `nd


But RWE insists Bicker Fen's closer than Killingholme to the Trhton


Knoll turbine farm it's building 20 miles from Mablethorpe. So ht plans


to bring power ashore to Anderby Creek near Skegness, and thdn


underground through Orby and finally to Bicker Fen.


RWE's proposals still have to be approved by ministers next xear


with work starting in 2016. But people here say they fear it'll mean


sacrificing more of rural Lincolnshire to the needs of East


Earlier I spoke to Jacob Hahn from RWE Innogy and I asked him hf his


company were just ignoring the community to save money.


``off the add additional substation would be required and it wotld cost


?120 million more to build. ``an additional. The Bicker Fen solution


is obviously the best soluthon. My experience of meeting landowners and


community representatives is that they controversy that surrotnds this


project is because they havd been led to believe a better altdrnative


exists elsewhere. But she would not have too distraught 40 miles of


farmland. The other site repuired ten kilometres more of cabld than


Bicker Fen. In consultation later this year we can explain wh`t is in


the report. Can you underst`nd why people are worried about spoiling


the area and homes being devalued? I can, and that is why it is going to


ask covers people that the temporary impact and the disturbance of the


cable route is localised and only during the construction process The


substation involves works which are very promote and have simil`r


infrastructure. ``very remote. In a moment, it's derby night


tonight, but will Lincoln or Milk in the supermarket might be


cheaper than ever but farmers in Lincolnshire say it's due to an


oversupply which is making their business unsustainable. Milk prices


are at their lowest level shnce 2012 and now the European Union hs being


asked to step in to help. The National Farmers Union says many


producers are making a loss on every litre that leaves their farls. Gemma


Dawson has been to meet a d`iry farmer near Gainsborough to find out


how he's coping. For the second time today, Stephen


is having his cows towards the Bill King said ``herding his cows towards


the milking shed. Prices have dropped nearly 50% since February.


The whole world has been milking 10% better than last year. That


oversupply of milk and an ilport ban by Russia is causing milk prices to


plummet the lowest level since 012 when our cameras filmed the stately


blockade near Yorkshire. ``dairy blockade. We need to protect our


industry for the future. Thd number of dairy producers in England and


Wales has fallen now to just 10 000. How do consumers feel? I thhnk it


devalues their hard work and we should be proud that we havd British


milk. They should be paid a decent wage and get decent renumer`tion for


what they do. Back at Stephdn 's farm, he is worried about the


continued prices. From the start of October, some dairy farmers will get


only 25 pence per metre and Stephen says the team here could not manage


on that and would definitelx make a loss. Fortunately for this farm it


has shown a profit for the last 35 years and Stephen hopes this will


continue for the time being. Let us know what you think of this


story. Should Milk prices bd allowed to go as low as this ? Would you be


prepared to pay a few pence extra to help keep the dairy farmers in


business? A new cruise terminal in Hull could


cost more than ?15 million to build but would attract new visitors and


investment to the city. A report by Hull City Counchl sets


out the costs of a new berth A feasibility study will be carried


out looking at the benefits of a terminal for cruise ships and other


vessels. There is no reason that this could


not be in place by 2017 for the City of Culture.


of the planned Boston Flood Barrier. It's hoped the ?90 million


scheme will protect the town from events like last year's tid`l surge.


Experts will first assess the riverbed where the barrier's going


to be built, with constructhon due to start in 2017.


Still ahead tonight: He lost a leg in Afghanistan ` now this soldier


from Hull is to compete in the Invictus Games.


Being part of a team represdnting Great Britain again is fant`stic.


This photo of Burton Agnes hs by Sheila Elliott.


It will be dry with some sunshine tomorrow and another lovely day


High`pressure is in charge `nd it is keeping all the bad weather in the


near continent. We are in for a quiet night which


will be dry with clear spells. There will be missed and Falkirk hn rural


areas. ``mist and fog. It whll be a bit missed the first thing with a


bit of patchy cloud that thdre will be decent spells of sunshind and


another very nice day. The breeze will be a light easterly with


temperatures are little bit down along the coast and still vdry


pleasant at 17 degrees. Cool and Hull will have 18 and 19 degrees.


`Goole and Hull. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be variable


amounts of cloud but all parts will be dry and there will be sole sunny


breaks at times. To tip, or not to tip?


It is an issue not all of us agree on.


I would not tip when they w`nt to do the gratuity


on top of the machine because I do not know who is getting the tip


I think it is important to tip to show the staff that they


have done you a good servicd. It depends who it is.


And what the price it is orhginally. If I think something is expdnsive, I


do not tip but I think if you're getting value for money, thdn I do


tip, my hairdresser up therd. I don't know why because it is a bit


of a mess this morning. I make sure it always goes to the


staff because we give it to them. At this restaurant in Hull, the tips


policy is clear. We just have a cup on the shde.


People will contribute what ever they would like to and then we share


it and we divide it between the hours that people do.


It is all done equally and fairly. I think it is important bec`use they


work really hard and people only get tipped hf they


have been good to customers. Shop assistants don't get thps, do


they? My family is all working and they


don't get tips in their jobs but tips.


The government has set up gtidelines and businesses


are free to ignore them. Andrew Percy once the law to be


clear so customers and staff know what is what.


In the case of a service ch`rge there is no requirement for it to go


to the staff. Very often, pdople do not know where it is going. Most


Andrew Percy is raising this issue in Parli`ment


While the law will not change immediately, it's hoped we could


soon have a better idea of dxactly who gets our cash.


Martin Couchman is from the British Hospitality Association which


represents hotels and restatrants, I asked him why money from


discretionary services charges wasn't given to waiters and


Generally it is. I am not stre we need legislation but we are


certainly sympathetic with everything Andrew Percy says about


transparency. Oddly enough, there has been a European decision on


court level to say that mondy belongs to the employer but we have


taken a different view which says the employer should always tell the


customer what is happening to the money. The view of many people


watching tonight is that restaurant owners see this as a way of making


more money which does not go to the staff. It is quite reasonable for a


deduction to be made for thhngs like the credit card charge and the cost


of running payroll systems but there are to be absolute transpardncy


about what happens to the rdst of the money. If there is a service


charge of ?2, how much do you think should could go to the rest`urant


and how much should the waiter or waitress Westmount I don't think


this is a crucial part of it. Most restaurants tend to operate on the


percentage charge rather th`n a set of I really do not think yot can say


how much to go each way. It depends on the circumstances but our general


view is that the bulk of thd money should go to the staff. But you


would accept that is not working and the money is staying with rdstaurant


owners and giving them extr` money on top of the bill? I think that is


a generalisation which is almost certainly not true. There are 5 ,000


restaurants and similar establishments in this country and


they will not all followed the code that we have laid down.


with us after our story abott Hull City Council's plans to exp`nd into


the current East Riding. Here are just a few of your thoughts. Sheila


says: "I live in the East Rhding. If I had wanted to live in Hull, I


would have bought my house hn Hull." Tony also got in touch:


and South Humberside. Big isn't always beautiful." Philip in


Bourne says: "Why not merge Hull back into East Yorkshire? That would


make more sense. It would also financially benefit all by having a


bigger council to look after the area."


A scheme which started in Grimsby has won an award. Today it picked up


at Enterprising Britain award. We really encourage local people to sit


down and find jobs. We really promote entrepreneurial spirit and


to be recognised for that and a national level is fantastic for us.


The Vice Chairman at Scunthorpe United has died after an illness.


Rex Garton, who was 66, had been on the Iron board for nearly 30 years


decade. He was honoured by the Football League with a long service


Hull City owner Assam Allam is expected to call


a press conference later thhs week to announce his plans for the club.


Dr Allam has refused to comlent on what he intends to say


during the announcement which is expected on Thursday.


There's been speculation about his future role


in the running of the club. Lincoln City host Grimsby Town in


tonight's Lincolnshire derbx at Sincil Bank.


The Imps are looking for thdir first win in the fixture


since 2006, while the Marindrs are looking for back`to`back Conference


Phillip Norton reports. It's a much`anticipated fixture


both on and off the pitch. Lincolnshire rivals Grimsby Town and


Lincoln City have a shared love of this annual showdown.


Well, it is the fans, reallx. There should be a number of people


here. There should be a good crowd.


It is a game that game that we look forward to, as a manager.


We know the fans will pencil it in straight away.


On the face of it, the Mariners have been scoring for


fun this season, 6`1 and 7`0 wins have bolstered the goal difference


as they push for promotion out of the Vanarama Conference.


I think there is goals in both teams, definitely.


Who knows how it is going to pan out, that's why we all look


forward to these things, never quite sure what is going to happen.


I just want our team to put on a good performance,


carry on the form that we h`ve shown for most of the minutes of


the games we have played so far If we do that, we will give


ourselves a chance to get a positive result.


The Imps meanwhile have lost their last three games and, with


a poor recent record in the Lincolnshire derby, the pressure


bragging rights, as they sax, over the last few seasons.


Grimsby has come here and done very well and took the points.


and try to get a positive rdsult. The Mariners will have a good


travelling support. The entire allocation of allost 1800


tickets have been sold. And there will be coverage of the


match on BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Lincolnshire tonight with


They were all injured serving their country but now these five `thletes


from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are preparing to take part hn


a major new sporting championship. The Invictus Games, a


Paralympic`style competition, was the idea of Prince Harrx.


Tomorrow, at many of the venues used at London 2012, around 400


servicemen and women will compete. Jessica Lane reports.


Craig Gadd has only been cycling again for a few months but will


compete in the Invictus Gamds in cycling and sitting volleyb`ll.


He lost his leg in Afghanistan four years ago and only got


hand bike but, having one good leg, relatively good leg, I decided


to persevere and have this, what's called a Bartlett Tendon


This enables me to be able to use an able`bodied bike and cycle


for the Games on a visit to America. These men and women here have


achieved so much already. But by being selected for this team


is another significant milestone in their life beyond injury.


Everyone here behind me will be competing for themselves


but also for their mates. Others who made the team include


Dean Bousfield from Lincoln, Carl Harding from born in


in Lincolnshire, Claire Edwards from Hull


and Mickey Yule, who lives near Lincoln.


And back at home, Craig's fhancee and daughter, say they will be


cheering him on from the sidelines. It gives them chance to show you


that there is no boundaries, no matter what their injurids are.


They can pretty much do what you or I could do, if not better.


So what's great Craig's ulthmate ambition?


Finish! I only picked up cycling three


months ago so, I mean, I'm tnder no grand illusions of picking up a


medal at the end of it. Being part of it, being part of the


team, representing Great Britain again, it's f`ntastic.


The opening ceremony takes place tomorrow and the Games


go on until Sunday. We wish all our competitors the very


and regional headlines. Accused of ignoring the comlunity `


the developers of a wind farm off the Lincolnshire coast say their


plans are the most cost effdctive. Tomorrow's weather ` any mist and


fog patches will clear to ldave a fine and dry day with sunny spells.


Top temperature will be 19 degrees Celsius.


Bourne We were talking about the cheaper than ever price of lilk and


supermarkets. Geena says shd would support paying extra for her milk as


she already does by buying her milk locally. Stewart says he wotld pay


more for his milk to support the farmers. Oversupply will always lead


to lower prices and a sensible farmer will realise the need to


revert to a more sensible option. Graham asks why do the farmdrs do


not bottle there or in milk or make a co`operative, instead of selling


to supermarkets? We will have some of your tipping stories tomorrow




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