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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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I'll have more at ten - but now on BBC One, we join


Super headteachers are going to be brought into struggling


We are offering some of the best headteachers to go to some of the


areas that have a higher degree of challenge.


Claims that big issues about council services aren't being debatdd


The explorer whose ship has been found more than 160


years after disappearing in the Arctic.


A University honour is given to the man behind TV's Downton Abbey.


Join me for the detailed five day forecast in 15 minutes.


North Lincolnshire is to be one of the first areas


in the country to get a new type of "super head teacher".


100 people will be chosen by the government as having


the talent and leadership to help improve under performing schools.


But there are concerns amongst some unions that it could just bd


Summary trilled run in North Lincolnshire are not getting the


quality of education they ddserve, say the government. `` some trilled


run. The Minister for schools has launched a new idea he thinks will


hope. We are asking the best headteachers in the country to go to


areas where there is a highdr degree of challenge, work in the schools


and generate a future band of leaders in those schools. North


Lincolnshire will be among the first places in the country to get a share


of the first 100 headteachers. How will the staff react to the


government saying you are not doing a good enough job and we nedd to


bring people in? I hope the staff see this as a positive step because


we all need to take advice `nd guidance from people who have


experience in doing other things. I think they should be happy to be


educated. North Lincolnshird has been identified as needing help 57%


of children in the County Court five or more GCSEs, lower than the


national average. `` in the county. We need to be careful not to build a


heroic model of leadership, we need people to stay there for thd


long`term and build a legacx and make the other people who work in


schools stronger, and have ` successor at the end of it. Heidi,


the head of an Academy in Grimsby, has been identified as a potential


candidate for a super headtdacher. A good leader believes every child can


succeed regardless of social background. There will be pockets of


variable pack is in a school and that needs to be nurtured. ``


variable pockets. The candidates for the roles will go through a rigorous


recruitment process. Nick Raine is from the


National Union of Teachers. I asked him if he welcomes one


of these "super headteachers" We would be delighted with `ny


initiative that improves edtcation in Lincolnshire or any part of the


country but we are not sure what a super headteacher is or what their


qualifications are to lead schools. We have some wonderful teachers in


Lincolnshire and Yorkshire `lready. You have said it is window dressing.


Isn't bringing in a super headteacher Web GCSEs are bdlow


average a good thing? You mtst be pleased. `` Web GCSEs. Schools that


are working against each other we are not happy with. School teachers


are leaving because of government initiatives. Some teachers have got


to be better than others, that is a fact of life. Why not give the good


teachers the hard schools to lead? There have been initiatives like


this before and most people who become headteachers are excdllent


teachers with a good record of achievement. It is much better in a


local area and being monitored by someone from the local area rather


than someone from Westminstdr. We do not know who these people are. We do


not know yet because they h`ve not applied. You are being less than


enthusiastic and that is not fair on a place like Scunthorpe which needs


all the help it can get. We know there are problems with the school


system at the moment, and that's problem is the change in


examinations from the government. We have a government that is obsessed


with school structures rathdr than the quality of teachers. Do you


welcome the super headteachdrs? We do not know who they are so we


cannot comment. We welcome ` qualified teacher in every class. We


welcome teachers getting on and doing their jobs properly which is


not happening at the moment. A pleasure to talk to you, th`nk you.


We want to hear from you on this story, are these new


'superheads' the answer to below average GCSE results?


How else could standards be improved?


Your thoughts on this one. Do contact us.


The team helping to run The Floral Hall in Hornsea say the


The theatre was saved from the bulldozers ` and t`ken over


But money is running out ` and the Hall has to become


self`sufficient by 2016 in order to secure its long`term future.


Step inside the Floral Hall and you will see signs of the fight to save


it from top they have got to put back any thoughts of all those is on


this site! In 2012 campaign is protested against the locathon being


flattened. A year after, is the whole thriving? We managed to save


the Floral Hall, that was the easy bit at the difficult bit is keeping


it open. It is volunteers lhke Alan who do a lot of the work around


here. This is an example of the Prime Minister's big societx in


action. David Cameron has bden talking about his vision of


volunteers taking over local services for years. We need people


to come together and work together because we are all in it together.


How easy has it been to find volunteers to help run the Floral


Hall? It is not easy. The shtuation in Hornsea, there are six or seven


voluntary commissions and it is the same couple of dozen people who work


in those industries. It is very difficult for people to comlit their


own time. Parts of the commtnity are supporting the Floral Hall. This


line dancing lesson was well attended and regulars tell le the


cafe is often busy. Me and ly husband come quite a lot because we


have the dogs and we can sit outside. Sometimes we cannot get a


seat. Everything about it h`s improved since it came in local


ownership. I hope they make a success of it because it wotld be a


shame for it to go. The challenge is for the Floral Hall to make enough


money to support itself so ht can be used by the community for another


100 years. We wish everybodx well who is fighting to save the Floral


Hall. Fishermen who have been stopped


from fishing on the site of a planned wind farm off the


Lincolnshire coast say they're still Danish company DONG Energy took out


a High Court injunction to halt fishing on the Race Bank site last


month while surveys take pl`ce. The 24 fishermen affected s`y


they've not yet been compensated It is not about the money, ht is


about being treated with a bit of respect to start with. We are


dealing with the tea boy at the company. They are running after the


High Court and we do not have a chance against people like that All


these little pieces add up to big pieces and there will be nowhere


left for us to go. Plans have been unveiled to


re`develop a site in Grimsbx Under the proposals, the former


Ramsden's Superstore could be Those involved say it's one


of the most exciting schemes Opposition councillors in North East


Lincolnshire are calling for an overhaul of the way it's structured


amid claims it lacks transp`rency and is undemocratic. They s`y there


aren't enough full council leetings to allow them to hold the atthority


to account. Phillip Norton reports. The members of the Cabinet `re all


Labour so there is no representation from any other members of the


Council, and that effectively says that there is no representation on a


large swathe of the populathon in the Grimsby Borough. The concerns


over a lack of democracy in the council chamber are shared by Tory


councillors. They have put forward their own proposal for changes


although feel UKIP's propos`l would not be writes while the authority is


trying to cut costs. Modern sea has been stifled recently and that is


largely because it has been a reduced number of council mdetings.


`` democracy has been stifldd. That is the reason for putting this


motion forwards and frankly, what I am asking for is for two extra


council meetings per year. North East Lincolnshire Council holds two


full meetings a year, along with the AGM and budget meetings. It is the


same as North Lincolnshire `nd Lincolnshire County Council. In


Rosdeep Kular, it is double with eight being held over the ydar. ``


Hull. There is not a right `nswer to how many times a year the council


should meet. I did a quick straw poll and generally councils meet six


to eight times a year. The leader of north`east Lincolnshire Council says


he is open to having more mdetings but says the current system is bad.


It is a socialist and communist way of doing things where everybody is


treated equally, regardless of how they vote. The public vote for


democracy and if the system is so good, and such an enlightendd way of


doing it, can someone tell le why Ed Miliband and MPs are not sat around


a Cabinet table in Downing Street? That is not the way we do politics


in the UK. With strong views on all sides of the political spectrum it


is down to councillors to ddcide which is best.


What have north`east Lincolnshire Council said about the clails? They


say they moved to the Cabindt system in 2011, following consultation to


reduce the number of meetings. It points out that councillors can call


for special meetings in certain circumstances and at that any two


council members can call for Cabinet decisions to be scrutinised. These


proposals that we have heard about will go through the next cotncil


meeting at the town hall here. That is on Thursday night. Are more


meetings the answer? Get in touch. Thank you for watching this


Wednesday night. The man behind TV hit Downton Abbey


is given an honorary doctor`te Keep the pictures and photographs


coming in. This is absolutely stunning. Peter took this of the


super Moon over Lincoln Cathedral last night. That is stunning.


Incredible picture, Peter. @ pleasant change from the Hulber


Bridge. You said that was a Geordie term, I cannot believe how lany


e`mails I have got! As you light imagine, I have the weather glossary


here. I do concedes in Northumberland, low cloud along the


coast is referred to as... H thank you! Let's have a look at the


headline for the next 24 hotrs. It is looking very pleasant but there


is a variable amount of clotd. High pressure will be in charge but we


may pick up more in the way of cloud from the North Sea over the next few


days. Still some good sunny Breaks to be had. 21 degrees.


Overnight, clear skies means there will be mist and fog and a hint of a


bit Overnight, clear skies means there


will be mist and fog and a hint of a bit more in the way of cloud towards


the coast. Temperatures in the towns and city centres around ten or 1


degrees. In rural areas, lower than that. Sunrise is at 6:27am. The next


high water time... A bit of mist and fog inland. That will lift `nd break


and all parts will be dry. @ bit more in the way of cloud and we have


been used to but it should be bright and there will be sunshine for all


of us. Let's have a look at the afternoon temperatures. We will be a


couple of degrees down on where we were this afternoon so we are


looking at highs of 15 in Bridlington and 18 in Lincoln.


Looking further ahead, a taste of variable cloud and all parts will be


dry with some sunshine. Temperatures should be very close to the


long`term average for Septelber That is the forecast. I cannot


believe how many messages there were on this one! It is surprising how


many Geordie viewers we havd! 170 years ago the explorer


Sir John Franklin from Spilsby in Lincolnshire lead two shhps


in to the Arctic to try and find a lucrative short cut


for trade between the Atlantic But shortly after setting off the


expedition dissapeared, becoming one of the great mysteries of


the age of Victorian explor`tion. Now,


after years of searching and rumours over what happened to the mdn,


one of the ships has been found This image shows the wreckage. It


has been buried for more th`n 1 0 years and its discovery in the


Arctic, thousands of miles from Lincolnshire, has made an ilpact


here. At the collection, thdy have a pair of the snowshoes. An incredible


Lincolnshire explorer who fought at the Battle of Trafalgar with an


amazing career, before he wdnt on to Arctic exploration. He was born here


in Spilsbury, the statue is a reminder of the town's famots son.


He is still being commemorated and this film about Franklin was


projected onto the wall herd. It is hoped this could bring more tourism.


We want to work with VisitBritain to see if we can make connections with


Canada and King William Isl`nds In Canada, Sir John Franklin's


expedition was so important to them that there could be an opportunity


for overseas tourism. The expedition less England in 1845, trying to


charge the Northwest passagd through the Arctic. We were trying to find a


shorter trading route through Asia. It is believed Franklin died two


years later. Canadian ships have searched for the wreckage for six


years but this has been a great Canadian story and mystery, it has


been the subject of scientists and historians and writers and singers.


It is now hoped even more c`n be discovered about what happened to


the expedition crew. Earlier I spoke to Claire W`rrior


from the National Maritime Luseum in Greenwich, she told me how


important the discovery is. This really is a very excithng find.


People have been looking for these ships for about 160 years so to


actually find one of them, `nd one that looks intact, is very dxciting


indeed. Why is this so important for people who know nothing abott


Franklin? It was one of the biggest expeditions that the British ever


sent to the Arctic that we do not know what happened to it. The men


were there to search for thd Northwest passage when Brit`in felt


it was for the taking. Things did not go so well and the ships got


caught in the ice. John Franklin died and we do not know what happens


to the rest of the expedition. There are theories that the crew, when


trapped, turn to cannibalisl. Is that true? Local reports from people


in the area suggested that `nd all the evidence would suggest that in


desperate times, he men turned to cannibalism. What are you hoping


might still be on the ship? `` the men. We are hoping there max be some


evidence about what happened on the course of the expedition. There is


some evidence at the Museum in Greenwich which tells us a little


bit but not much. We hope to find the ship's logs if they are legible.


Also, to find out about lifd on board the ship would be fascinating.


Do you think it will bring tourism to Lincolnshire, there will be a lot


of interest, were there? I hope so. He was Lincolnshire born and bred


and there is a magnificent statue of him in Spilsbury. I hope it brings


more interest. Thank you very much indeed.


We've had a lot of messages on the subject of tipping.


There are calls for waiters and waitresses to get


The MP for Brigg and Goole Andrew Percy says bushnesses


should make it clear who gets the money from service charges.


Thank you for all the e`mails, texts and tweets.


"Restaurants should build all their costs into the retail price


Tips are voluntary and should be given to the staff depending on


"Why should customers in restaurants and cafes feel obliged to thp


Customers do not tip staff in shops when they receive


"I urge all restaurateurs to be fair with their staff.


A happy crew puts bums on seats because a happy customer


Lincolnshire police are seeking witnesses after three fans were


arrested and a steward was hnjured at last nights Derby match between


The steward was treated for head injuries


The game saw Lincoln City whn by three goals to two at Sincil Bank.


The Mariners came from behind twice but the home side grabbed a winner


It is one of the most successful Brithsh TV


programmes with more than 100 million viewers around the world.


The new series of Downton Abbey starts next weekend


and today the show's creator, Lord Julian Fellowes has bedn


awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Lincoln.


Having already filmed scenes in the city for the show, hd told


our arts correspondent Anne`Marie Tasker he felt proud, flattdred and


He has a Golden Globe and an Oscar and now he has added an honourable


doctorate from the University of Lincoln. I do already love Lincoln


and I already have associathons with the county with my family, but also


with my career. I have seen Emily Blunt crowned Queen of Engl`nd in


this very cathedral and luckless Mr Bates was locked up in Lincoln


Castle while he protested hhs innocence. Known as the cre`tor of


Downton Abbey he has been rdcognised for his outstanding work in film, TV


and theatre. I am thrilled, proud and flattered. I will spread the


word of Lincoln, whether or not that is what they have asked me to do. I


like supporting new univershties, I think there is a good feeling here


and a lot of enthusiasm. Thd University's hope they will benefit


as well. University gets in association with people who have


made such a contribution. I will be putting my best acting abilhties on


display today and hope I get a part in Downton Abbey! The fifth series


of Downton Abbey begins this month. When it comes to the plot, he was


not giving away anything. No, I do not think so. We hold our h`nds on


the radiators until we agred not to say anything! We are not allowed to


put it on Twitter or Facebook or any of that stuff. We had a few fights


about that in the first year because bits of plots were being le`ked


Downton Abbey has seen succdss around the world and the Unhversity


of Lincoln is hoping that its latest honourable doctor will bring it a


bit of recognition as well. Julian Fellowes told us when we


asked what's going to happen in the new series and how proud he is to


get an honorary degree by going to Facebook.com and search for BBC Look


North and 'like' our page. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlhnes The leaders


of the main political partids have been in Scotland to try and persuade


voters not to go for Independence. So called "super headteachers" are


to be brought into under performing Mist and patchy fog clearing then


dry with a little cloud Elaine says it would be better to


replace the parents who send their offspring to school with no


intention of learning or expecting discipline with a super headteacher.


Anthony says that a super headteacher would be a great idea.


This is interesting from Rebecca. She says, I am a teacher in


Scunthorpe and I feel very `ggrieved by your comments to night about


schools in Scunthorpe which need improving. The Lawrence Academy says


it is an excellent school. Thank you, have a nice evening. Join me


later on BBC One. Take care, good night.


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