12/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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but it'll be turning quite breezy. Thank you very much. That's it.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


A call for more money from fuel duty to be spent fixing potholes.


All of these taxes and it ndver goes back into the road is being done.


Seven teachers are suspended at an East Yorkshire school over the


I'm live in Killingholme, where the go`ahead has just been


given for a new power station to supply a million homes.


Hull City manager Steve Bruce says he doesn't believe


What he did on transferred deadline day is not the actions of a man who


wants to sell a football cltb. And the streets of Lincoln `re


filled with people from the past, And after a pleasant week a decent


weekend to come. I will be back later in the details. `` later in


the programme with all of the details.


Motorists in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are backing


a plan for more of the monex raised from petrol and fuel duty to go


?2 billion is used to repair potholes and improve roads


but the Local Government Association wants much more to be spent.


Hull City Council says it ndeds an extra ?4 million


Lincolnshire county council says it faces a backlog of repairs.


Avoiding cracks and holes on our weather`beaten roads.


The legacy of severe winters and now a backlog of repairs.


Motorists say they already pay a lot of tax and deserve ro`ds fit


Those at the pumps in the East Riding told me they get poor


Road tax, fuel tax, MOT, evdrything else, and it never goes back into


the road is being done. I h`ve had my card an in twice. When they do it


they only do budget repairs. Fuel duty contributes more than ?33


billion a year to the UK Trdasury. Two billion of that is spent


maintaining the road network. The Local Government Associ`tion


says that's not enough. It wants 2 pence a litre


of fuel duty to be used soldly to maintain the network `


an extra ?1 billion a year. An idea which


a recent survey found some of the highest support for in Yorkshire,


85% of people backing the plan. Drivers will be astonished to learn


how much money they contribtte to the Chancellor each year, not just


in fuel duty but also vehicle excise duty and VAT. We need a bigger


amount of that spent on the road network. Councils in our arda have


been given an extra ?9 millhon for repairs of the road network.


That could mean `` that shotld mean 150,000 potholes will be filled in.


Yet Lincolnshire County Counciol still faces a repair backlog


Those who drive for a living say motoring costs are adding up.


Motoring is expensive, the vehicles, suspension, tyres. Going ovdr a poor


surface it is `` it stands to reason that you will need repairs.


Councils want more money, btt billions have been spent on repairs.


And the government isn't kedn on ring`fencing money


Do you think more needs to be given to councils to sort out out roads?


Should the money raised by taxes on drivers be spent solely


Are there any patches of potholes near to you that need fixing?


The first sailing cobles for years have been launched in Lincolnshire.


Three people have died in a head on collision on a road in Lincolnshire.


A 70`year`old man and a 19` and 21`year`old were killed in the crash


last night, and two other pdople are in hospital with serious injuries.


It happened on the A52 near Chapel St Leonards. The Polhce say


It is always bad that peopld are dying on the roads and we always


hope the numbers will be lower than the previous year but on thhs


occasion in one fell swoop three people died in one incident, and


that is tragic . A human rights activist


from Lincolnshire, facing trial in Thailand, has returned to Britain.


Andy Hall from Spalding was charged with criminal defamation


after criticising working conditions in Thailand's pineapple picking


industry. He has to go back later this


month and could be jailed for up to seven years if found guilty.


A new power station will be built in North Lincolnshire.


The government has approved plans for a gas`powered station at


It will be able to power one million homes.


Kate Sweeting is at the planned site.


How important could this be to North Lincolnshire?


Approval for the power stathon came from the Secretary of State for


energy and the change earlidr today. Not only will it be able to power a


million homes it will provide 1 00 construction jobs and a further 140


permanent local jobs once fhnished. This is already an industri`l site,


there are two gas power stations adjacent, with two oil refinery is


not far away, and the company behind this told me one of the reasons they


chose this area was because of the infrastructure and transport links.


With this development we will be creating a large number of jobs


both during construction of the plant, when we need up to 1600


people, but also in the longer term, during operation. We requird up to


140 people directly employed. North Lincolnshire Council has told us it


is too soon to comment on this announcement. The power station will


not be operational until at least 2016/2017 but building work could


start as early as next year. Hull City say they're now going to


appeal to the Football Association over plans to change the cltb's name


to the Hull Tigers. They were going to go through the Court of


Arbitration for Sport, but have reversed that decision. Thex expect


a decision to be made by thd end of November. Yesterday Assem Allam told


me he would sell the club if he I worked in a


legal and you are You would sell it? Yes, I s`id that


before. I do not call bluffs. I said, if the decision is no, I walk


out. If you won in arbitrathon three months later you could be khcking


yourself then. Why? Because you could have kept the club and got


what you wanted. Hull City's manager Steve Bruce held


his weekly press conference this morning. He said that he dodsn't


believe the club's owner wants to You only had to see what he did on


transfer deadline day, thesd are not the actions of a man who once to


sell a football club. If he feels that strongly about the brand and


the name change to help us go forward, that is his person`l


belief. We have to respect that for what he has done.


There's been a big reaction from you to Mr Allam's comments yestdrday.


Earlier I spoke to Peter Ch`rlish, who is a lecturer in sports law


I began by asking him what he thought of the decision to


appeal to the Football Association over the planned name changd.


I think it is very sensible. It is a logical decision, rather prddictable


but I think it is sensible. Is it likely, or have they been other


cases where a change has bedn made when they go to appeal after any ``


and an initial decision by the FA? With regard to a change of name I


have not been aware of any decisions that have gone before the [email protected] before.


It is possible that the appdal will overturn the original decishon. It


all depends, I guess, on thd strength of the submissions made by


the parties and also on the strength of the original decision. They are


well on in getting on with this behind the series `` the scdnes and


the manager is a clever man, so do you think he can win this? H think


it will be very difficult. @ssuming there is no brand`new evidence he is


presenting to the appeal. Hd is a very clever man, he wouldn't say


that publicly yesterday unldss he was sure, would he? I have no doubt


he is a clever man but he also is not going to say publicly, H am not


particularly confident. Do xou think he is going to get his own way? I


would be surprised if the ddcision made his `` went his way.


What do you think of the move and the appeal? We asked last nhght but


if you want to comment again these are the details.


The first sailing cobles for years have been launched in Lincolnshire.


And the future and the past collide on the streets of Lhncoln.


Matthew Phillips has taken this from Drypool Bridge looking down the


River Hull towards the tidal barrier and the new footbridge.


"Please could Peter wish my daughter Lily good luck, as she leavds home


Good luck, Lily. Where were you on Saturday when I


was at the festival? I could not any `` I was thdre but I


could not get anywhere near you for the hordes of Keeley Donovan fans.


It looks like a nice weekend. We have had a very pleasant wedk but


every morning we have had a bit of mist and fog in places, which will


be the case on Saturday and Sunday as well. On the pressure ch`rt you


can see the high pressure, so we are still dominated by that, me`ning a


lot of settled weather to come through the weekend and into early


next week. The cloud did brdak up gradually through the day so we have


had some sunny spells, the best in parts of Lincolnshire. This evening


and overnight the cloud will remain broken and dry. We will havd cloud


breaks and because of the breeze we will have some mist and low cloud.


The sun will rise at 6:30am, setting at 70 `` at 7:23pm. Tomorrow


morning, a bit of a grave start in places, some patchy mist and ground


fog. `` a grey start. Temperature is very similar to today's valtes,


reaching the high teens, about where they should be for this timd of


year. We might just clip 19 around the wash. `` the Wash. On Stnday we


start with a lot of cloud, perhaps something `` some patchy mist and


fog as well. It will gradually brighten up and by the afternoon the


cloud should be broken and there should be some bright or sunny


spells. Temperatures about `verage for the time of year, 17 or 18. High


pressure continues to domin`te in the next week but I think wd will


gradually see a breakdown and the increased risk of showers for Monday


and Tuesday. We have a message here, how do you


join the Keeley Donovan Fanclub You are the head of that Fanclub.


That was from Matthew. Seven teachers at an East Yorkshire


school have been suspended following claims pupils' work was


falsified during an exam. Governors at the Goole High School


are to investigate. The teachers have been interviewed


and a report will be given to The Department for Education says


it's aware of the investigation Seven members of staff suspdnded, an


investigation into falsified exam entries under way. Goole High School


was placed in special measures last year and is now facing allegations


that a computer studies exal was manipulated. The Wakefield city


academies trust that took over the school last year has confirled it is


looking into it. This afternoon parents were angry


and told me they had concerns about is `` about teaching standards.


Absolutely disgusting, and ht is about time that they actually did


reorganise the school because the teaching is abominable. The school


has been going down for quite a while from what it used to be. I


think there has been bad management. My daughter is 16, she has just done


her exams, and as far as I `m aware there has not been any cheating She


has done really well, had loads of help from the school and I don't


have anything bad to say about them. How much help teachers give their


pupils with exams and coursdwork is a concern for the government. It is


another week before the report when the findings of the investigation


are delivered. Regardless of whether there is any basis for the


allegations, nationwide there is an increase in cases where teachers are


accused of helping their pupils One third of pupils who responddd to one


questionnaire say they have experienced this. The fact that the


trust has acted quickly and swiftly is to be commended. I hope they


conclude the report quickly because we do not need a dark cloud hanging,


we need this finalised very quickly. If it is true of course appropriate


action can be taken. The suspended staff members have been intdrviewed


and a report will be presented to the trust next week. The Department


for Education says it is aw`re of the allegations.


We will continue to follow that if there are any developments next


week. A Scunthorpe`born businessm`n is


campaigning for Scotland to become independent


in next week's referendum. Andy Lythgoe claims


his adopted home country wotld be Scotland is my home now and has been


for 25 years and I am interdsted in Scotland, my country, performing


better economically. All of the studies that I have seen through my


working life show that Scotland could and should be doing bdtter


than it is. The Scottish independence rdferendum


will be discussed in the first programme of a new


series of the Sunday Politics. Guests include the East Yorkshire


based UKIP MEP Jane Collins. Hull FC's Richard Horne will make


his final appearance for thd Black and Whites this evening,


after 16 years at the club, He made his debut when he w`s just


16 years old and his colleagues have paid their tribute to the former


Great Britain international. It will be great if he can roll back


the years to put in an occasion like has done for some any years.


We wish Richard all of the best Lincolnshire archer Carl Harding has


just missed out on a medal Mr Harding from Bourne was beaten in


the Bronze Medal match by another Two identical 26 foot sailing cobles


` the first to be built in almost 40 years ` have bden


launched today in Bridlington. With their flat bottoms and high


sides, the harbour was once home to Two brand`new cobles


for Bridlington. The boats were once


a common sight at the harbotr ` a staple for inshore fishing all


along the north east coast. Building these two has been


a labour of love for John Clarkson It started off with one piece of


wood and it is like a jigsaw puzzle, you keep going! It has never been


documented as such and we w`nted to document it so we could makd a video


and a booklet on it so we could produce it, because it has not been


done before. They are a supdr shape and to go out and find trees the


right shape, get all the bits and pieces you need, and when you finish


them and you drop them in the water and they float, it is great


The men were also behind the restoration of the


First built in Bridlington lore than a hundred years ago, it


She's now on the national register of historic ships.


The new boats alongside the old one proved popular.


I have watched these two behng constructed over the past fdw months


and it is something we will not see again, a skill that has been lost


forever. It is amazing to think they have


been handmade using traditional materials, it is brilliant.


Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for, the first of the


cobles was placed in the water. Reminders of the past very luch at


home in Bridlington water. Big day for cricket, becausd


Yorkshire have won their first The title was sealed with a game to


spare following their victory over We have waited a little while for


this, it is a special time for the club and I am sure we will `ll enjoy


it. It is my special time ott for my wedding anniversary. It would have


been a nail`biting afternoon if it had gone on a bit that, yeah,


fantastic . Imagine if our modern world


of cars and computers was still being made with Victorian tdchnology


like clockwork and steam power. That's what enthusiasts will be


doing in Lincoln this weekend. They might look like they'rd in


Victorian costume, but look closely and you'll see lots of modern


upgrades, as Simon Spark explains. What happens when our everyday


modern society embraces Victorian values but then makes it punk. You


get the Lincolnshire steamptnk Festival and it is like another era


has invaded. I thought it w`s a mad Max Convention! I think it hs


fabulous and next year I might have to join them. It is basically very


modern, very contemporary v`lues, but all of that creativity `nd


imagination, but we draw masses of inspiration from the past,


particularly Victorian era. Usually steam punk ladies dress in black and


brown but I like to be a bird of paradise. This is just a maverick


nerve gun that has been painted An eyepiece for detecting magic storms,


clearly, and my pocket watch just to tell the time. If you want to dress


like steampunk you basicallx have to dress like your grandmother did Or


more like her grandmother! This is the mad Hatter's tea party, an


icebreaker where everybody gets to know each other a bit better. I feel


seriously underdressed. This festival is the largest of its


kind in Europe and its spectacle continues throughout the wedkend, so


don't be surprised to see G`ngs Of New York type stand`offs. You don't


need to dress up to be part of the fun but to be quite honest ht would


help. The main headlines tonight. The


Reverend Ian Paisley, for ddcades the voice of hardline unionhsm in


Northern Ireland, has died. Seven teachers are suspended at


Goole High School over the falsification of exams.


Mostly dry and sunny over the weekend, temperatures up to 18


Celsius. We were talking about potholes at


the start of the programme `nd whether money from fuel dutx should


be used to help out. Adam s`ys my friend has just hit a pothole and


ruined his car, it was as ddep as his whole foot.


Yes, more should go into fixing potholes but what about the road tax


excess. The amount of tax in this country is


massive, we should have the best road network in the world.


More money should be charged to foreign lorries. We went down to


London and we were amazed bx how many foreign lorries were on the A1.


Many roads in Lincolnshire `re written a dangerous state and with


the tax rates they should bd paved with gold.


Thank you for your comments on that and the other stories as well. Have


a peaceful weekend and I will see you on Monday.


more than 400 international competitors.


No strangers to battle, all have served their country.


Prince Harry has challenged them - now they will challenge each other,


pushing their bodies to the limit in the quest for glory.


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