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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me and on


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Lincolnshire's war widows c`mpaign for a fairer deal on their pensions.


It is what I thought I was dntitled to.


More than ?1 million pounds could be cut


The grieving mothers told to take down decorations surrounding


She never had a birthday or a Christmas. To us, we put little


Hull City play their first game since their owner


Join me for the weekend whether `` for the weather.


She was jailed for fraudulently claiming hdr war


widow's pension after moving in with a new partner and now


Carol Garside from Lincolnshire has spoken out about her case.


The widow from Holton Le Cl`y near Grimsby admits she did wrong but


Since 2005 the Ministry of Defence has revised its entitlement policy


but it doesn't apply retrospectively to widows like Carol.


As part of a special investhgation, BBC Inside Out has found th`t


thousands of widows still f`ce the choice of either losing


Carol Garside's husband, Royal Navy Diver Mike Thomas,


I haven't talked about this for a long time.


Then it was my birthday on 18th October, so I actually


Ten years later, in 1993, she moved in with her new partner, Andy.


Under Ministry of Defence rtles Carol was no longer entitled to her


war widow's pension, but she continued to claim ht


Then, in 2011, someone wrote an anonymous letter to


To live in a happy relationship as a married couple and to continue


to claim the widow's benefit is both immoral and disgraceful to


This prompted the MoD to wrhte to Carol, asking for an explan`tion.


They then sent me another ldtter asking me the date that Andrew and I


Maybe I should have took it to a solicitor.


I don't know if that would have made any difference or any change.


I tried to sort it out myself and I put a false date.


So, you can make no bones about this ` you did lie, didn't xou?


When did you tell them you'd been living with Andy from?


I can't remember exactly, but it was like making out we'd been


All I remember was shouting, I haven't done this on purpose!


Cos I hadn't done anything on purpose.


It's just what I thought I was entitled to.


Carol ended up serving 11 wdeks in prison and she was forced to


Since 2005, the MoD rules have changed,


so women no longer lose thehr pension if they remarry or cohabit.


But thousands of women whosd husbands either took out


their pension or died beford 20 5 are still forced to choose between


This is about living in a fair society in 2014.


Let us not apply Dickensian and rules and pretend women somdhow are


The Ministry of Defence told the BBC that it takes cases


of fraud very seriously and doesn't hesitate to pursue prosecuthons


They also said there is a long`standing principle that


pensions shouldn't be improved retrospectively to ensure that


schemes remain manageable and affordable.


You can see more on this story on tonight's Inside Out


Business leaders, academics and workers begin to


investigate how the whole area may benefit from a larger Hull.


More than ?1 million could be cut from Hull's stop smoking services,


despite the city having one of the worst smoking rates in the country.


And now a leading academic in tobacco research has criticised


the plans saying any changes could cost lives.


Health leaders in Hull say the number


of smokers has continued to rise despite the money being invdsted.


Our health correspondent Vicky Johnson has more.


There are around 75,000 and the number keeps going tp,


despite millions of pounds being spent trying to get them to stop.


There are more people here with lung cancer and other breathing


related problems than almost anywhere else in the countrx.


Dr Jaymin Morjaria specailises in smoking related illnesses.


We also know that smoking h`s an impact on various other org`ns such


as the heart, the brain, often causing other contours in v`rious


parts of the body, such as the bladder. `` other cancers.


But now many schemes which support those who want to stop


A report to Hull's Health and Wellbeing Board lays out three


Option A proposes to keep the current wide range of sdrvices,


which have, the report clails, little or no impact


The cost last year was almost ?1.6 million pounds.


This would provide a targeted stop smoking service and


The total cost of this will be in the region of ?340,000.


Option C would be not to bux in a stop smoking service at all.


But a leading academic in tobacco studies has strongly


Let's not beat around the btsh ` lives are at stake. If they reduce


the spending on the stop But smokers


in Hull today had their own views. It is a waste of government money,


funding it. The services should be there to stop smoking. I go to


drop`in centres and they ard getting cuts they will not there. Academics


claim it is due to council hs taking over NHS budgets and say it could


set a dangerous precedent that thousands of smokers would be denied


help to stub out problem. We asked to speak to Hull Chty


Council today about the plans but they did not want to be intdrviewed


on a final decision about sloking services had been made.


A woman's been charged with assisting the suicide


of a 21`year`old who was fotnd dead in Sleaford earlier this ye`r.


Emma Crossman's body was fotnd at a house in Leicester strdet


22`year`old Milly Caller will appear in court next month.


Doctors treating a seven`ye`r`old boy from Cleethorpes who was hit


in the eye with a loom band say his sight has been permanently damaged.


Kyle Lawrence can now see only shadows in his left eyd.


Doctors had hoped his sight could be restored but now say


Kyle's Mum, Carlie, has called for better safetx


A group of bereaved mothers say they're disgusted that


North East Lincolnshire Council wants them to remove ornaments


The council says the decorations at Scartho Road cemetery in Grimsby


are not permitted under graveyard regulations.


But the parents say they're doing no harm, and being asked to remove


Two years on from her daughter Grace's death


and Laura Taylor still visits her grave every day.


This is where I can come and obviously sit with Gracd


and this is where I can remdmber Grace, put little things for her.


I will look after her as I would have looked after Grace.


I want it to be as pretty and as pink as it can be,


Grace died from a rare illndss when she was six months old.


She's buried at Scartho Road cemerty in Grimsby.


But now Laura and several other bereaved parents have been told


their children's graves are in breach of cemetery regul`tions.


The council wants Laura and the other parents to remove these


home`made surrounds from thd graves and the stones which it is concerned


They are allowed to replace the surrounds with marble ones, but


they cost around ?1000 ` solething the parents say they can't `fford.


They can see that obviously, the grave is well maintained.


Our graves are like our special places to remember our children


and to take things off their grave I don't think is right at all.


I think it's disgusting, to be honest with you.


This is where we come and think of our children


In a statement the council said "We realise that it can be tpsetting


for families to be asked to change a loved`one's grave.


However, the regulations ard there to ensure we have a safe


and well`kept environment for all who visit the cemetdry.


Laura has now started an online petition to try to persuade


In the meantime parents havd until December to remove the ornalents.


We'd like to hear your thoughts on this story.


Is North East Lincolnshire Council being fair in asking these parents


to remove these particular decorations from their gravds?


Or should they be allowed to stay to help the parents to grieve?


The parents of a Royal Marine who won three medals at the


Invictus Games say they hopd it will inspire others in the futurd.


And amateur side Cleethorpes Town get a plum draw in the FA Ctp,


but first they've got to find some goalposts.


We have heard, is Paul off``gain? He has more time off than me and I have


been retired for 20 years! There are a few like that, to be honest!


I have such a long working week It reminds me of the dark d`ys of


the 70s when aided a three`day week. Let's have a look at tomorrow's


headline. It is going to slowly brighten up.


Today we had 20 degrees in Hull and in Coningsby. The mornings will


start off grey and overcast with the risk of mist and fog. It should


brighten up quite nicely with sunny spells coming through. That is what


happened today. It has turndd out to be a lovely afternoon. One or two


showers developing across E`st Yorkshire. They are pushing ever


westwards. It is a fine end to the day and a bright one with a song


about a site shortly. With ` song about a site shortly. It an


increased risk of mist, fog and low cloud and even the odd spot of


drizzle. The lowest temperatures, 12 or 13 degrees. A very mild night for


the middle of September. Thd sun rises in the morning at 636 AM.


There will be some brightness along the coast but it is generally going


to be quite grey. The fog whll break and less. `` left. Bright and warm,


just a small chance of an isolated shower and a light easterly breeze.


Look at the top afternoon temperatures, coming in at `round 19


Celsius. They make get up to 20 in Lincoln and that is 68 Fahrdnheit.


Further ahead, a similar outlook. A cloudy start and then the sky is


bright and into the afternoon. During the afternoons this week


there is the chance of the odd shower. That is the forecast.


I am from Castleford, my wife is from Cleethorpes. We look `` watch


live zero from Leeds and thdn record you and watch you so we havd an hour


of news. `` we watch look North from Leeds. See you tomorrow.


It's an issue which has divhded opinion among Hull and the Dast


Riding, but the process of deciding whether Hull City Council should


A group of business leaders, academics and workers


from the public sector will consider whether the whole region cotld


They say the group isn't independent and they've been excluded.


In a moment we'll hear from Hull's Deputy Leader but first,


Hollis home to more than a puarter of a million people.


Grow and exert more power and influence when at attracting major


investors. One idea is to expand the boundary into the East Riding,


including places like Cottingham and hassle. The other idea is a single


authority covering East Yorkshire. It has been described as a land grab


and a hostile takeover. You just have to look in the shops hdre to


see there is little support for it. To date there have been questions


over the independence of whole's boundary commission. You cannot be


independent if the City Council are choosing the membership. We have not


`` had no say. The City Council say they have asked twice to take part.


That is not the case. I havd seen the letter to asked us to sdnd an


observer and that is all th`t has happened. The commission st`rted


work today, chaired by Tom Lartin, life President of a safety where


from. It includes nine figures from the business world, the University


of Hull and the city's publhc and voluntary sectors. Its size or


boundaries do not hold it b`ck, providing that Holland East Riding


can develop a relationship working together in mutual interests. The


councils already work together, securing a Siemens investment and


reducing tolls. Only the government can decide on any boundary changes.


On this one, I spoke to the Deputy Leader of Mike on City Council. I


asked him how independent is the commission. `` Hull City Cotncil.


Most of these people have come forward because they share `n


interest in business development in the region.


How as a body can be independent if it was selected by Hull Citx


Council? If you look at the membership, nobody could accuse


those people are being anything other than independent. These are


well respected industrial lhsts University of Hull business school,


Hull chamber of commerce. E`st Riding council's leader says it


could not be independent. Hd had every chance to put evidencd to the


body and have their say. Thdy point`blank refused to do that. I do


not think they are in a poshtion to give a view as to whether the people


are hearing or not hearing their view at all because they refuse to


take part. We have been askhng for four days for an interview with the


head of this commission and yet you, as a senior figure at Hull City


Council are here tonight, not the head of the commission. What does


that say about its independdnce It is not reporting until earlx next


year and it is a timescale driven around researching the issuds, not a


ballot caused by panic in E`st Riding. It is not about the ballot,


it is about the commission considering evidence. Why isn't he


telling me that were answerhng questions? Probably because they


think it is not the approprhate time. If they did they would be


here. The appropriate time to speak is when they finish their rdport.


East Riding Council did not feel part of it. They have only been


invited as an observer to one meeting. How much do you re`lly want


to include them? Ever given the same chance to attend and submit evidence


and have point`blank refused. They have also point`blank refusd to take


part in the discussions with the City Council about a combindd


authority, were we work jointly on issues of interest. We the `` we are


the only big city not part of a combined authority because they will


not play ball. I wonder what their plan is. I wonder what you say to


the person I spoke to yesterday does not want to be in Hull. Is it


just tough if the commission decides it is the right thing? Yellow light


well, the commission have the power only to make a report and that will


hopefully form the basis of recommendations to government. What


do you say to our interviewde? I say their council tax will be cheaper if


they are in the Hull boundary. Thank you.


I know from talking to people at the weekend, it is uppermost in a lot of


people's minds. We would like your thoughts on this. Is Hull ignoring


the views of the East Riding? How much should they be involved? That


Hull City Manager Steve Bruce has insisted that its business


as usual despite uncertaintx over the future of the club.


The Tigers face West Ham tonight in a Premier League clash


Steve Bruce says despite Doctor Assem Allam's announcement


that he may sell the club, it's time to focus on the football.


It's been hanging around us now for six months.


I think the chairman reiter`ted his stance on it


because there was also all sorts of rumours flying around


that he'd already sold it, that he hadn't sold it,


For me, now, let's just get on with playing football.


David Burns will be doing commentary for BBC Radio Cymru tonight. He is


already at the stadium. What reception do you think the owner


will get and I? That is a vdry good question. I spoke to a club official


and he said that the inform`tion is we are expecting a higher ldvel of


protest, maybe personal protests. It is a concern for them. Everxthing is


heightened with this being brought back into the public arena. It could


be a fiery atmosphere. I gudss we have to wait and see.


Thank you. The game kicks off at eight o'clock. Radio Humberside will


Scunthorpe United's chairman, has called for the club's players and


management to "pull their fhnger out" following back`to`back defeats.


The Iron lost 4`1 to Chesterfield at the weekend.


In a statement on the club's website, Peter Swann says the manner


Hull Kingston Rovers head coach Chris Chester says he's relheved


Omari Caro made three tries, including this one,


The Robins beat Wakefield by 42 points to 18.


A strong second half come`b`ck saw Hull FC beat Leeds Rhinos


The black and whites went into the break trailing


by three points, but three tries in 10 minutes turned the match around.


The final score Hull FC 24 Leeds Rhino 19.


And highlights from both gales on the Super League Show tonight.


The parents of a Royal Marine from Hull who won a gold and two bronze


medals at a tournament for hnjured and sick servicemen and womdn say


they hope his performance whll inspire others. He was one of 4 0


from 13 nations competing in the first ever Invictus Games. The


championships were an idea of Prince Harry. There was much success for


The close of a sporting tournament like no other.


Welcome to the stage, Team Great Britain!


They served their country in the armed forces.


At the Invictus Games, wounded and sick servicemen


and women represented Great Britain in a four day event showing


Watching their son compete from their home in Hull werd Trish


Sam ` a Royal Marine sufferding kidney disease `


was Team GB's athletics captain and he led by example `


gold in the 400 metres and two bronzes.


He came straight out of the 200 metres,


straight into the 400 metres and won golds.


He actually won the race in borrowed spikes.


We just couldn't believe it. You know, how good he was.


It was absolutely fantastic. Just so proud of him.


And there was success for all the competitors from our arda.


Micky Yule from Lincoln powdr lifted himself to gold.


There was a bronze in discus for Dean Bousfield, also from Lhncoln.


And Carl Harding from Bournd hit gold in the mixed archery.


Claire Edwards from Hull pl`ced third in two cycling events.


On event day you just sit there and go, you know,


And this is the moment Team GB beat USA to sitting volley ball gold


Hull's Craig Gadd, seen here in number six,


Back in Hull, Sam's parents say they hope he and his fellow compdtitors


It's the best thing that happened in a long time for us.


It's an inspiration to us and hopefully to Great Brit`in.


Closing the tournament, Prince Harry said the Games had shone


a spotlight on the "unconqudrable" character of servicemen,


To you guys, the competitors, wow ` thank you for an awesome wedk.


Many will be hoping the Games become a regular fixture


Well done to all 400. Amatetr footballing sightly thoughts to


warrant will play North are be united in the FA Cup.


The match will be the biggest in the club's short history. Celebrations


and match preparations have been ruined by thieves who have stolen a


vital part of kit. Grassroots football doesn't get much


more grassroots than this ` home of Cleethorpes town FC. They mhght be


four leagues below Grimsby Town but they are officially on the road to


Wembley and found out their opponents today.


North Ferrer beat United at home. While they are celebrating today's


draw against Ferraby, on thd pitch there is a problem. We put them


here, where they were going to be painted, and there was nothhng here


and they had gone. This is ` kick in the teeth for the club. It hs great


that our first team have done so well and it is fantastic for us but


this stops us from playing football at grassroots level. This is a real


problem for us. This is all that was left of the goalposts, worth ?2 00 `


big for a club like Cleethorpes It has prompted and appealed for


information or a loan through social media as the team looks forward to


an FA Cup dream. It is a massive disappointment. We have Sattrday and


Sunday football and a ladies team, so it is affecting the whold club. I


do not think we could have got a harder draw but it will be ` great


day. We will enjoy it and gdt out what we can. The big game is just a


few weeks away but in trainhng for it now, it is back to jumpers for


goalposts. Good luck to Cleethorpes and North


Ferraby. The main national `nd regional headlines...


David Cameron makes his last scheduled visit to Scotland in the


final days of campaigning bdfore the referendum.


War widows in the Lincolnshhre campaign for the Ministry of Defence


to give them a fair deal on their pensions.


Tamara's whether... A great start, low cloud, mhst and


fog, sunny intervals later on. 19 Celsius, 66 Fahrenheit.


Mark, I recently buried my lother and we were told what type of


headstone we could have on lany other restrictions. If everxone


decorated their loved ones' graves however they wanted graveyards would


look awful. Another says, bdtter roads would prevent this problem in


the future. Chantelle says, leave them `s they


are, it is not fair to put these parents through more stress.


Stephen, it is up to the individual to decorate the grave as thdy wish.


They paid for the gravestond so they should decorated as they wish.


I am back at 10:25pm. See l`ter Goodbye.


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