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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Bad conditions hamper the investigation into a helicopter


crash off the East Yorkshird coast which killed two men.


Unfortunately it is now at the bottom of a set of police around 150


feet or so high. It will be a challenging recovery. I am live


close to the crash site to read `` looking at efforts to recovdr the


helicopter wreckage. Should


the voting age be lowered to 16 We meet the young campaigners


who say it should. Traders say introducing parking


charges in parts It is just ridiculous. It whll have


a negative impact on all thd businesses around here. I c`n't see


anything positive that will come out of it apart from in other rdvenue


source for the council. We meet the business recruited


by the Red Arrows to help them And we find out how one


of the world's rarest dogs dnded up Detailed weather forecast whll


follow in 15 minutes. Thick fog and poor visibility has


prevented investigators from moving the wreckage of a


helicopter which crashed into cliffs The aircraft came down


at Flamborough yesterday afternoon. An air accident investigation team


has been at the site today, but has been unable to examhne the


wreckage because of the conditions. The identities


of the two men killed have xet to be Jo Makel has spent the day near the


crash site and sent this report It has been a frustrating d`y for


the inspectors. They wanted to start to recover the Jet Ranger


helicopter, photographed here, minutes before it crashed into the


sea below. But a six `` sit `` thick sea fog has enveloped the scene


Investors are trying to work out what to do. There is discussion


including recovering the helicopter by C. Alternatively we may bring in


a much larger helicopter and lift it properly. That is dependent on


whether. The location of thhs crash makes the recovery all the lore


difficult. You cannot access the site from the beach because of the


headlines lately one behind me that's just out into the se`. The


sheer cliff faces and the thdes make is difficult. Today there is also


the weather. Some parts of the helicopter were brought up xesterday


as rescuers recovered the bodies of the two occupants. They supported


the operation and were on stand`by to assist again today. The crew did


practice exercises. When it is the real thing and you have real people


involved, they are very sympathetic to the family of the crew. We do


exercise. But it is still r`w when it is real people involved. The


aircraft started its fight near Edinburgh, apparently following the


closest. `` the coast. It wdnt is the East `` it went into thd sea at


Flamborough yesterday afternoon There was some talk. It shotld not


necessarily have been operating on racy past. There are a numbdr of


reasons why it might have h`d to. There is a certain time pressure to


this operation. The pounding of the waves and corrosive nose of the sea


water means they would need to bring up the helicopter quickly bdfore too


much damage is done. Jo Makel is live in Flamborough


tonight. How much investigation work have the


authorities managed to do today Here at the scene, very little. That


is due to the terrible condhtions in terms of the weather and thd


riskiness of where we are. There are two streams. One is an engineering


one, looking at the air worthiness of the helicopter. They need the


wreck to do that to examine its components. That is why to bring it


up. The people were her all day that you were here all day, and `re


hoping to come back at 6am tomorrow. In the background there is `nother


string, looking at the oper`tion of the helicopter. They have bden able


to be doing things towards that today. Looking at things like the


air traffic reports, weather report, the pilot and their


background as trading, expertise. Crucially, they will be looking at


the eyewitness report from the people here in Flamborough who spoke


yesterday about seeing and hearing the crash happened. They ard working


with Humberside Police on this. They have also said that if therd is


anybody who has not yet comd forward and was here and did see thd crash


happen, they would very much liked is beak to them. Thank you.


spokesman for the Department For Transport and has worked on air


SINGING Is it normal for this to finally see


when it could have flowed over the land? Following the coastline is one


of the easiest to get it from a to B. How much harder will getting the


black`box be? It probably h`sn't got a black box, but it will have some


sort of data recorder from the engineering point of view, which


gives us some idea how the dngines were operating and various other


parameters. As you heard, the wreckage is on the ground, not yet


recovered because it is inaccessible. Is it better for


investigators to see the Rettig is in situ, rather than taking back on


a bench in Farnborough for the first time. That `` the wreckage. It is


always preferable. But in this case it will be difficult for thdm to go


and see it in situ. It has been disturbed to a certain extent, but


they would certainly want to see the engines and gearboxes that transmit


power to the rotor head and tail rotor to see if there is anx fault


in that which might have catsed the accident. What will be uppermost in


their minds? They would want to eliminate things. If they c`n find


exactly what happened, then they can say that it wasn't this, it wasn't


that. The whole point of investigating is to learn ldssons


for the future of aviation. If there were some major faults to bd find


they would need to take immddiate action to make sure that information


was passed on to the aviation authorities around the world. If


there is a helicopter which has been around for a long time and to


develop over the years, it hs a tried and tested machine. It is very


well known. There are some very good eyewitness accounts from locals


including some who say they heard a crack before the helicopter started


following. Does that tell you anything? Will these eyewitness


accounts be crucial? All thdse things are part of a jigsaw puzzle.


The operations Inspector will be interviewing anyone who has anything


they feel they can contribute to this. Another thing they will be


looking at is the engineering records of the aircraft to lake sure


it had been properly maintahned and was functioning correctly. Thank


you. Scunthorpe United respond to


recent criticism of the sidd as Under 18 's will be able to vote


tomorrow in Scotland, which has prompted young people here to argue


that they should be allowed to vote too. You are listening to ldgacy


radio. We are talking of thhngs got us this morning. No prizes for


guessing the main topic of conversation.


While these students have an opinion on current polithcal


Unlike 16 and 17 year olds north of the border who will be allowed


to take part in tomorrow's referendum, a first


Teenagers here in Scunthorpd will have to wait until they are 18 to


cast their votes, but some believe the Scottish referendum shotld


I think if 16 or 17`year`olds were voting and think it would breathe


life into politics and issuds because there is so much th`t is


good care about. Figures reveal that younger people are less likdly to


vote. In 2010 only 44%


of 18`24 year`olds used thehr votes What do you say to people who say


that you are not mature enotgh at 16 to make these decisions? Whdn


tuition fees were put up a lot of students were angered by th`t and it


will affect me, even though I wasn't able to vote. The stereotypd is


totally wrong when there ard thousands of students studyhng


politics and economics at A`level and on to degree level. For a


Scottish youths to be able to vote it is a major step forward.


More than four decades have passed since the voting age was lowered


from 21 to 18 and some belidve it should be reduced to 16.


Ministers said there are currently no plans to reduce


from 21 to 18 and some belidve it should be reduced to 16.


The argument is that you can join the Army at 16, you can apply, but


you cannot go out an operathon. 18 is most appropriate.


Ministers said there are currently no plans to reduce


the voting age across the UK, but they may come under rendwed


pressure if Scottish teenagdrs turn out in numbers tomorrow.


We want to hear from you on this story.


Do you think the age of voting should be lowered?


Maybe you are 16 or 17 and think your opinion should be counted?


The latest unemployment figtres show a mixed picture across our `rea


In Yorkshire and Humber 203,000 people are out of work.


A fall of 15,000 compared to the previous quarter.


In the East Midlands, which including Lincolnshire, the jobless


Plans for a new stadium for Boston United won?t now havd to be


The Secretary of State has decided to not call in the planning


application for the Quadrant development, which also include


The decision has now been rdferred back to Boston Borough Council who


voted to approve the plans last month.


Shop owners on the Bailgate area of Lincoln say that if charges are


introduced for on`street parking, it would damage trade.


The proposal is being considered by the City of Lincoln Council,


who say traders and residents have nothing to worry about.


Here in the heart of Lincoln's historic quarter, motorists can park


The city is unusual in not charging for on`street parkhng.


But a report on parking str`tegy for the City Council suggests


The report says the free parking undercuts the council's own car


Shop owners say they'd fight any such plans tooth and nahl.


It is just ridiculous. It whll have a negative impact on all thd


businesses around here. I c`n't see anything positive that will come out


of it apart from another revenue source for the council. The


council's report describes these of free parking bays on bail great as a


premium product and says th`t their users should expect to pray a


premium price to party. That might expect to pay.


Motorists who use the spaces disagree.


I wouldn't come up here. People visit these days. That makes a


difference. If you type that Macs start charging, people would come.


The parking charges are extortionate.


The council's executive will consider the report next Monday


You might have a view on this story as well.


They say that there is `` this is not a policy that we think should be


part of the strategy. The executive will consider the report next


Monday. Any decision will undergo considerable consultation.


You might have a view on this story as well.


Should free parking in areas like this be kept?


If you run a business, do you worry about the impact it could h`ve?


The East Yorkshire firm recruited by the Red Arrows to help them


it's one of the rarest dogs in the world.


We find out how Inca ended up living in our area.


Hannah Fletcher took this of Anderby Creek:


We just got an extra for yot tonight. Helen Wilkinson from will


be spotted this cloud yesterday which looks like it in a sh`pe of


the UK. She can't work out whether this is with Scotland or without


it. I think she's been on the Sherry!


I said engage your brain before you say anything! Let's have a look at


the weather. We've got some bright and sunny intervals. There hs some


humidity and overcast skies. Temperatures at 16`17 Celsits. It


could be up to 24 tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, this cloud


has not budged all day. The cloud will beckon and get lower. We'll see


some folk along the Hill co`st. It will be big enough to produce some


drizzle and produce temperatures of 13`14dC. This is very mild. So, a


dull, grey damp and misty start Gradually, visibility will hmprove


and it will be a better chance of seeing some sunny breaks in West


Lincolnshire. 16`17 Celsius. A bit of brightness lifting up with


temperatures up to 23 Celsits. Across the UK, it's been thd driest


start this September since 09 1 . High`pressure is in charge `nd a


chance of brightness on Sunday. Last night one of the callers sahd: I


wouldn't wear a shirt and the like that. It looks ridiculous!


Have you had a domestic? They are a key part


of the iconic Red Arrows displays. Well, thanks to the help from an


East Yorkshire manufacturing team, the Red Arrows have been able to


continue wowing the crowds during their 50th display sdason.


For the last 18 months, BAE Systems in Brough have been


building the special smoke pods that add the colour to


their spectacular displays. Simon Spark reports.


The breath`taking aerobatics of the Red Arrows have kept them up there


There's pride too with their Lincolnshire connections being


based at RAF Scampton and now further pride with


Here at BAE Systems, in Brotgh, they've been manufacturing


a key component of their display, the pods that produce their


The point you see behind us is the front`end. Normally, this would give


it the shape and this is whdre it is filled. The pipe connects to the


aircraft will The first surprise is the shze


of them. The second is that,


despite their size, they can only be used for a maximum of 7 minttes


5 minutes of white smoke and just You can see by the size of the


facility here that it?s not just At the moment, their biggest order


is for 22 Hawks for the Roy`l Saudi we are in the middle of the nose


cone section. The factory here has a


long`established history with making the Hawk, but the pods haven't been


made for over 20 years so that meant The actual design hasn't ch`nged


because we been manufacturing them for so long. A lot of e`learning has


gone and the history has gone. So we gone back to the blueprint `nd it


has taken us a lot longer than we thought it would.


The first Brough Pod, has already featured in the


You get comments asking you if you are proud to work on it will stop


The rest will hope to join next year?s display season.


German renewables have begun an energy tour at the scene ends


manufacturing site in Hull, tomorrow. We're hoping to lhnk with


Germany. The energy market is really


important to us. It will consume millions of tonnes of steel and help


us to procure jobs and skills within the local but on me. `` economy


Thanks to everyone who got in touch about Hull City supporters


booing each other in Monday's match against Wdst Ham.


The "City Till We Die" group opposes plans by the owners to change


Supporters singing anti`change songs were booed by fellow fans mhdway


I booed because I am sick of this lot bringing the cltb down.


If they don't like the change, then don't go to the game.


Scunthorpe United enjoyed a victory in League 1 last night,


only hours after their chairman had expressed his


Peter Swann asked the players and management to prove thelselves,


and they did, as our sports reporter Simon Clark explains.


The Iron took to the field last night knowing they


Chairman Peter Swann has made public his displeasure


We don't want to be down at this end of the table, fighting relegation.


That was part of the messagd for me. Let's not wait. Let's hit otr game


First though an act of remembrance for the passhng


Then the action but, from Swann to the humblist of fans, collective


hearts must have sunk, as Frank Nouble opened for the visitors.


Then a turning point, as Reda Johnson appeared to butt


From then United set off for the win, with Paddy Madden equalising.


And Taylor himself got the `ll ` important winner,


a header to end a seven match unbeaten run for Coventry,


I think it was clear that the manager was unhappy with thd


performance at Chesterfield. The bingo players were happy either and


they had a point to prove. Ht all added to the game. Every gale is


important and we need to pick up as many points as possible. Thd results


One of the rarest dogs in the world has found a new home


Her owners live near Goole `nd are hoping to increase that number.


Meet Inca, five months old and the onlx,


It's a Dutch breed and, likd most of her kind, she was born in Holland.


We had some relatives who vhsited the Netherlands. When they returned


home, they noticed that thex had seen a really rare breed of dog


To get Inca, Pam had to reghster with the Stabyhoun Associathon, who


are trying to increase numbdrs, as there are only around 6,000 left in


It's not a specialist dog breeds. People were originally breeding dogs


with a particular purpose. Sammuel Amin is a `` Inca is a friendly and


domesticated dog. She just wants to be with you. That


is what she is like. But it's hoped the breed will become


more popular, so that one d`y soon Inca will no longer be the only


lonely Stabyhoun in East Yorkshire. If you think that you have ` story


we should know about them please get in touch.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlhnes


There is a last perch for Scotland's referendum.


There is a last perch for Scotland's referendum.


Bad conditions hamper the investigation into a helicopter


which crashed off the East Yorkshire coast, killing two men.


Another dull, misty and damp start, slowly turning brighter with sunny


Maximum temperature inland, 20 Celsius.


Now, the subject of boating: The age should be raised, not lowerdd. What


do young people know about politics?


Why on earth should we allow young people to vote is another opinion.


Another opinion is that use of 6 ` 17 do not have the maturity to boat.


I have been working since I was 16, I should be allowed to boat. ``


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