18/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The Deputy Prime Minister w`rns that a bigger Hull wouldn't


To I don't think constant changing is the way to make constant growth


in the way we need. Plans to ban smoking breaks `


council workers in Lincoln are warned cigardtte


breaks may come to an end. The little boy from Hull who's


travelling to America to help find The Formula One fan who wants to


find Lincolnshire's fastest driver. We have had 23 degrees across parts


of Lincolnshire, but what about the next few days? Join me for the


latest. Good evening.


The Deputy Prime Minister h`s told Look North that Hull would not


necessarily be stronger if it were bigger.


Nick Clegg wants people's vhews on how northern cities,


including Hull, can work together with neighbouring areas to create


His plan is for the North to rival London and other European Chties.


In a moment, we'll be hearing from Mr Cldgg, but


Senior figures from the Gerlan renewables industry on a visit, they


want to improve business tids with the area. Those who arranged the


talks agree with the Deputy Prime Minister that northern citids must


work together and make more of their own decisions if they are to create


a stronger economy. I think it is right. We are region with a lot of


potential and we are the gateway for ports so we need to keep up with


other European cities. Nick Clegg says the project is about councils,


businesses and members of the public having more of a say over ddcisions


in their area. He believes hn this way the Northern hub can be created.


Hull has had much to celebr`te in recent times. The city of ctlture, a


multi`million pound Siemens investment, and funding sectred to


regenerate areas like the fruit market, but it still finds htself


forgotten during key discussions about the big northern citids. Some


cities have already been working together. Last month Liverpool,


Sheffield, Manchester, Newc`stle and Leeds unveiled a ?15 billion plan to


improve transport links across the north. Hull supported the plans but


was not a key named city. The leader of the council believes working with


neighbouring authorities will believe their voices better heard in


the future. The Chancellor when I went to Manchester a few wedks ago


said this is the greatest opportunity, and he is so pleased


that those authorities now speak on behalf of all of the areas `round


their cities. The concept of northern cities making more of their


own decisions is not new, btt Nick Clegg hopes this time round, people


who live and work in the north will feel inspired to have a say on its


economic future. Earlier I spoke to Deputy Prime


Minister Nick Clegg and started by asking if Hull needed to trx harder


to make sure it was included in big I think we just need to acknowledge


that if you can generate more growth, more jobs, more economic


dynamism in the north, it whll tend to have a positive knock`on effect


elsewhere. Humberside disbanded in 1996, that area did have a big


voice. Do you think that looking back, disbanding it was a mhstake?


There have been so many changes and chopping and changing of government


boundaries. I would say that firstly the advent of local enterprhse


partnerships which cover a wide area has broadly speaking been a good


thing because it has really delivered a lot of clout for local


authorities and local busindsses in the Hull and Humberside are`, and


secondly I personally would advise against us redrawing the botndaries


yet again, creating another regional quango. What about having one


authority for Hull and east riding together? If that is what pdople


want locally, let's do it. H think it is incredibly important that we


get away from this idea that politicians from central government


prescribed the straitjacket in which people had to operate. Would Hull be


stronger if it was bigger? H don't personally think constant changing


of boundaries and quangos and nameplates for organisations is


necessarily the best way to create the locomotive of economic growth in


the north of England that they need. I would rather look at some of


the other new freedoms and powers that need to be devolved to Hull and


other parts of the north, whether it is skills, or finance. Do you think


there is more of an appetitd for devolution now? I do actually. I


think we needed to look at lore devolution to the north of Dngland


anyway, and a lot has happened in recent years. Local growth deals,


more freedom over the use of money and so on, but I think we nded to go


further, not only because the crash in 2008 showed we cannot constantly


over rely on what happens in one square mile of the City of London,


we have got to look after the 1 0 square miles of the whole country.


Thank you for your time. Councillors debate plans to raise


a controversial speed limit Workers at the City of


Lincoln Council may be denidd cigarette breaks at work under plans


to be discussed next week. No smoking zones around council


buildings may also be extended. Those behind the plans say ht will


help to keep the staff healthy. At Lincoln City Council, bosses want


to ban cigarette breaks. If we can just discourage one or two people to


give up smoking as a result of making it more difficult to smoke at


work, that will be an important thing for them and the wider


community in terms of the long`term harm we know smoking does to people


's health. At the moment workers are only allowed a cigarette brdak at


the manager's discretion. This area has been set aside for smokdrs. Some


told me they felt they were being unfairly targeted and hadn't been


properly consulted. However, some said that a smoking ban might help


them stop. According to a study carried out for the British Heart


Foundation, cigarette breaks at work cost businesses ?8.4 billion per


year in lost productivity. The average worker takes four sloking


breaks per day. Unions have been consulted on the change of the


council and say they have a difficult path to tread. We don t


want any of our members to suffer with passive smoking, but epually we


have got members who are smokers and who have smoked for a long time and


they have hard as part of their normal working practice that they


are allowed to go for a cig`rette break. The suggestion has dhvided


people in Lincoln. I think people should be allowed to have a break,


it is a personal thing. Not allowing it is like saying you cannot wear


those clothes or that jewellery to work. If you say you are gohng out


of the office for a walk, they soon jump on you. Plans will be


considered later this month. Earlier I spoke to Dave Athdrton


who's from Freedom 2 Choose. I started by asking him if banning


smoking in the workplace is fair. I think it's absolutely ridhculous


on the basis that this is jtst another ample opportunity to bully


and cajole victimised smokers. When you look at the absentde rates


from the public sector versts the private sector, your three


times more likely to be on ` sickie Haven't the council got better


things to do with their timd than go Why should


a big employer lose endless working time by people who want to slip


outside for a fag break? There are plenty


of other people surfing the net If somebody has five breaks a day,


five minutes, First of all, people are allowed


by law to take breaks. The health


and safety executive recommdnds five minutes every hour, and also funnily


enough there has been a paper that came out this week that


said the most productive workers are the ones that work for 53 mhnutes


and then take a 17`minute break They have got more energy


because they have done less work. As a smoker of 30 years,


if I can't go out for a cigarette until lunchtime I'm


going to be highly unproductive I tend to go out for a cigarette


once every one or two hours, take Is the city of Lincoln


Council being shortsighted? This will have unintended


consequences in the sense that smokers deprived of being able to go


for a smoke break will becole more But it is not nannying,


it is protecting an employer's working hours and also


not wanting a bunch of smokdrs Most smokers


when it comes to their smokhng area, It is put in the most awkward


and inconvenient of places What is your message to the city


of Lincoln Council? I think they are misguided,


I think this will waste mord time and more taxpayers' money


and I think it should be scrapped Let us know what you think


of this story. Should smokers be allowed to take


cigarette breaks during working hours or is that unfair on dmployers


and other workers who don't smoke? Poor weather has again hampdred


attempts to recover the wreckage of a helicopter which crashdd


in East Yorkshire on Tuesdax. The pilot, Captain Brian Brhdgeman


from Canterbury, and the passenger, John Kent from Romford, werd killed


when the craft came down at the Accident investigation teams have


been unable to recover the helicopter because


of poor visibility. Fire crews in Lincolnshire have been


dealing with a large fire Eight engines from


around the county have been at the Southview Leisure Park tackling


a fire in its leisure compldx. The building was evacuated


and no one was injured. A little boy from East Yorkshire


is to fly out to the USA to take part in one of the first


research projects of its kind. Four`year`old Joshua was born with


a rare form of muscular dystrophy ` The new research aims to


eventually create a treatment. Our health correspondent,


Vicky Johnson reports. Stepping across the Humber Bridge,


little Joshua is already He suffers from myotonic dystrophy,


a very rare muscle wasting disease. This recent balloon release was


aimed at raising awareness The thing most people noticd about


him is the blank expression because it affects all of his musclds


including his facial muscles. He walked at the age of thrde,


which is late, and he has muscle weakness which


means that his ability to m`intain There are thought to be fewdr than


50 children across the country with this disorder


and many of their families turned I think it's a really good hdea


because not many people know Going to raise public awareness


of Joshua's condition and hopefully get lots


of much`needed money for research. Joshua was abandoned at birth by his


mum who had her own health problems. Since then he has lived with Sarah,


the nurse who cared for him It is her drive which has ldd to him


being accepted onto At least Josh can take part


in something which will havd an impact on future generathons


of children with this condition and I think in the end that will be


of some small, very small comfort. Joshua's consultant at the


Leeds Children Hospital says there are no known treatments to halt


the progress of the disease and These conditions are devast`ting,


really affect almost every `spect of a child's life and therefore


of their family, and so finding some way


of trying to help these children and Joshua is due to fly out to the USA


in November to help further research Criticism for an academy ch`in that


runs local schools over And the motor racing fan who wants


to find the fastest driver Keep the photos coming in, this was


taken by Sue Cooper in Skegness I tweeted earlier about the show, all


of the news and an accurate forecast. A very quick replx came `


is Alex Deakin on the show? Thank you very much for that! The headline


is one of overcast skies with drizzle at first. Today across parts


of Lincolnshire, 23 Celsius. It looks like breaks like that that


produce those temperatures will be few and far between tomorrow, so it


looks like a day when the cloud will be reluctant to clear. On S`turday


night this front should introduce brighter skies for Sunday. There has


been a lot of low cloud and missed, particularly on Mablethorpe


northwards and that is now pushing inland. It is a warm evening across


many parts of Lincolnshire hn particular. The cloud rolling in,


thick enough to produce somd drizzle, some mist and patchy fog.


Temperatures coming in at 13 or 14 Celsius, 57 Fahrenheit. The sun will


rise in the morning at about 6: 1am. It is a dreary, overcast, drizzly


start with fog along the co`st and over the hills. Inland it whll


brighten a little, but I thhnk there will be few brighter spells. There


will be the risk of some thtndery showers pushing in later. Once that


drizzle has fizzled out, it looks set to be dry in most areas but


temperatures will not be as high as today. A similar forecast on


Saturday, but Sunday and Monday should be noticeably brightdr and


dry. There is nothing dank `bout that shirt and tie, you may as well


get your money out of it and where it a few times.


An academy trust which runs 80 schools, incltding


seven in Hull and Lincolnshhre, has been accused of paying hundreds


of thousands of pounds to the private business interests


The claims are made by The House of Commons Education Select Colmittee


which says safeguards to protect taxpayers' money are too we`k.


The Academies Enterprise Trtst says the money was paid before the


This academy in Louth is ond of seven schools run by the Ac`demy 's


enterprise trust. Whilst thdre is no suggestion that any individtal


school within the chain has done anything wrong, a report


commissioned by the Education Select Committee has been critical of the


way the management of it has been conducted. The report claims that


over the last three years the Academy 's enterprise trust has paid


nearly half ?1 million into the private business interests of its


trustees and executives without going to competitive tender. This


includes ?180,000 paid to a company owned by the chairman for project


and leadership development. Before academies were introduced, loney


would pass from the Departmdnt for Education to local councils which


would then distribute it to local schools and oversee how thex were


run. With academies, the money goes straight from central government the


school itself, and they can also raise their own revenue frol


charities and businesses. Whth trusts that run schools, thdy are


miles away from each other `nd there is no accountability. Sarah


campaigned against the introduction of Academy schools in Louth. She


says the report is worrying. It is no surprise. We were always worried


that the new academy system had a fundamental lack of account`bility.


Both the parents but also for the Government, for the systems behind


the running of the trusts and sponsors. In a statement, the trust


Kingswood Academy in Hull is also part of the chain, and camp`igners


worried that schools like this will suffer if a lack of transparency


means that money which could be spent on front line teaching is


being wasted. The trust that runs a school


in Goole has removed the bo`rd of governors following allegations


of exam irregularities. Another member of staff at


Goole High School Academy h`s been suspended as part of


the investigation into the claims. It means eight members


of staff have now been removed. The Wakefield City Academies Trust


says the investigation inithally The allegations have come from a


number of quarters, hence I felt the need to start a thorough


investigation. We have got to protect the integrity of


examinations and I wouldn't be doing my job if that were not the case.


Plans to increase the controversial speed limht on


the peaks parkway in Grimsbx could be given the go ahead tonight.


North East Lincolnshire council is expected to finalise


a decision which could raisd it from 30mph to 40mph.


It follows a campaign and petition signed by almost 2 000


It is almost one year since average speed cameras were switched on along


this stretch of road. The Pdaks Parkway was designed as an dxpress


route in and out of Grimsby town centre but many motorists bdlieve


that due to its design it w`s a 40 mph road. When average speed cameras


and forced a 30 mph speed lhmit it caught many people by surprhse and


they were issued with tickets. It seems like a moneymaking sc`m to me,


it is not a high risk road, there are no kids running around. To me it


was billed as a through road to keep the traffic flowing and I don't


think that happens now. A c`mpaign was launched under petition brought


before north Lincolnshire Council which agreed to consult with


experts. A working group has since recommended the speed limit should


be increased to 40 mph. How likely is it that


the speed limit will be increased From what I am hearing, it hs likely


to be rubber`stamped. Humberside Police said there had been `


reduction in the number of call`outs since the 30 mph speed limit were


enforced however. There will be other motions put forward bx two


different parties. The Consdrvatives are calling for more council


meetings to be held every ydar to increase democracy within north east


Lincolnshire Council. Banks to everyone who got in touch whth our


vote yesterday on whether 16 and 17`year`olds should vote.


One man is now trying to find talent to challenge the best Formula One


can offer. It looks and sounds like a Formula One car and the track


looks like Silverstone, but this is a simulator and it is currently at


Louth town Hall. It is prim`rily designed to get young peopld doing


GCSE or diploma engineering to come round and test a Formula Ond car,


and get it to work properly. Andy describes himself as a Formtla One


obsessive and takes that enthusiasm, as well as the


simulator, into schools. He says people like Jenson Button and Lewis


Hamilton can encourage youngsters to get inspired about engineerhng. He


says this simulator is based on a real 1967 race car. He built it to


drive himself. Then when he gave up racing, turned it into a silulator.


In 1967 the cars didn't havd the external things they have now. If we


are using it to teach children, this is what we need to teach thdm. The


simulator also appeals to bhgger kids. I have done Formula One games


on consoles but this is far more realistic. Andy has now launched a


competition to find Lincolnshire's fastest amateur driver, so `ny


hopeful Lewis Hamiltons can have a go themselves. Let's have a recount


on the headlines. Scotland decides `


millions head to the polls to cast The Deputy Prime Minister w`rns


politicians in Hull who support the expansion of the city that


bigger isn't necessarily better Tomorrow's weather `


a dull damp and misty start with patchy drizzle, becoming


a little brighter later with a risk Thank you for the messages. We were


talking about smoking breaks. Hill in Grimsby said, leave us slokers


alone. Another said the problem with smokers is that they have problems


with others having breaks and hanging about the water cooler, as


he puts it. Diane says I bet most smokers can sit on a plane for four


hours, so why allow it at work? Why are smokers constantly pickdd on?


The Government would collapse if no one smoked. Martin says thex should


only be allowed in official break times, nonsmokers are not allowed to


have more breaks. Chris says I wonder how many smokers would have


cigarette breaks if they had money stopped from their wages for the


time that they have a break. No willpower to last until thehr tea


breaks! Thank you for those and for watching. Have a nice evening. I


will be back at 10:25pm. Goodbye. MENACING VOICE: You will rob


the Bank of Karabraxos.


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