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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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But for Scotland, the campaign continues. The dream shall never


die. Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. A major Grimsby road gets


an increase to its speed lilit But local politicians warn


the government not to forget Days after helicopter crash killed


two men, wreckage is recovered. Hull City face


a Newcastle side whose fans want I will tell you which chart`topping


band will be coming to this music venue. And that important wdather


forecast that follows later in the programme.


Hundreds of drivers who werd fined for speeding have won


their campaign for a higher speed limit on a road in Grimsby.


North East Lincolnshire Council has voted to raise the limit on


But it's led to questions about who should set speed limits,


After all, three emergency services opposed the rise to 40


It is almost one year since new average speed cameras began


enforcing a 30 mph speed lilit. But now, thanks to people power, it is


going up to 40 mph. The road was designed as an express routd into


Grimsby, but hundreds of motorists caught by the cameras claim the


limit was too slow for that type of road. Last night, their outcry


pondered councillors to increase it. The public are concerned thd speed


limit is too slow. We have to give a little bit of a board for the people


who've been caught out, who've gained points. They are out of


pocket and some will have lost their licence. It has been seen as a


victory for common sense and the council say they have listened. If


people aren't happy with solething put a petition to counsel. We have


to listen to what people sax. We have listened, and we have had to


listen to some common sense. The cameras will stay. At the elergency


services are against the rise. Police say there has been a


reduction in people injured since the enforcement began. Prior to the


implementation of the camer`s of the average speed cameras, therd was a


large number of crashes at those junctions. My only concern hs that


if the speeds is increased, then potentially injuries may increase if


we have further collisions. We feel speed is of actor in a lot of


crashes. It is one of the bhggest killers on Britain's roads. Slow is


invariably say that. With speed limit of falling nationally, there


is here welcomed the decision. It is an improvement because 30 mph is


rather too slow for such a beautiful piece of road. It is about time


Being that low, I am only in third gear. You can't work walk down


there. It is better. It does need to go up. It is too slow. Whild the


decision has been made, there is warning to motorists who usd this


road. The new speed limit whll not come into 40 mph until the new ones


have changed. I asked him if he fought thd limit


was too slow? We live in an era in the wake of the


speed kills mantra, where things are becoming incredibly two`dimdnsional


on the subject of speed. Speed kills, therefore go slower,


but it won't be long, if you follow that intellectual


route, before we will be back to a man walking in front with


a red flag, and I don't think Motorists have been pestering


for an increase, even though the The great shame is that up


until only ten years ago, and for 30 years or so before that, thdre was


a great tradition of British roads, engineering, and the concept was,


the 85th percentile it was called, the concept was that people drive


down roads on average, most people, at a speed that is safe,


because people don't want to crash. If you have emergency services


against a speed increase and then it still happens,


you think that is wrong? Yes, that is an interesting factor


because in our experience the emergency services, don't


forget that the police know a lot about driving and advanced driving,


the police do not tend to stpport Draconian decreases in speed limits,


so I don't know what has happened here and whether there is good


reason for emergency servicds opposition, or whether, and I don't


know so it is supposition, or whether there is some polithcs going


on in terms of the idea that, oh, well, speed kills so we shotld have


limits all the time and everything And do you think


a driver who is not frustrated at having to go so slow agahnst


their will, and now is going to be Well, I think that is a bit of a


simplification, but I think what is also a simplification is saxing as


long as people drive slowly, forget observation, forget state of the


car, forget driver training and all those other things,


as long as they drive slowlx, Research data


and statistics don't back that up. A lot of people


in power seem to believe th`t. Very interesting to have yot


on the show, Rupert, Who should be listened to


when it comes to speed limits? Do get in touch weathers. `` with


us. That is our e`mail addrdss. Or you can text us.


I look forward to hearing from you on the issue of speed limits.


The Army has helped winch the wreckage of


a crashed helicopter from the bottom of 200ft cliffs at Flamborotgh.


It crashed on Tuesday, killing the two men on board.


Just after ten o'clock this morning, the first parts of the wreckage were


A system of pulleys used to hoist several large pieces from the sea,


It has been carried out in very tragic circumstances.


However, the Ministry of Defence and also the lifeboat who assisted


to secure the equipment, have all worked to the best of our


ability in very difficult conditions to bring about a satisfactory


The helicopter set off from the Edinburgh on Tuesd`y,


On board, the captain Brian Bridgman from


Canterbury was killed, alongside his passenger John Kent, from Romford.


The wreckage was just below here, in a cove beneath the overh`ng


The awkward location and several days of bad weather has


It is thought the wreckage will now be taken to


Flamborough to be examined by air accident investigators.


With Scottish Independence now off the cards, politicians here are


talking about getting more powers for English regions, meaning we


could be seeing more flags flying for Yorkshire and Lincolnshhre.


There are growing claims th`t places in the North are ` in the words


of one councillor ` getting " crumbs from the table" comp`red with


I'll be talking to former Ddputy Prime Minister John Prescott, who's


First, here's our Political Editor Tim Iredald.


Amid the scenes of celebrathon and commiseration in Scotland,


an important question needs to be answered.


How will England be governed in future?


It is a big talking point at the Highland Laddie pub in East Hull.


The majority of the English people should get exactly what


A lot more control over their own situations.


London gets so much arts funding and all kinds of funding


because all the MPs live thdre and get the benefit of that.


In Hull and in the North and Yorkshire, we have been forgotten


Political leaders past and present assured the Scots they


would still get more power dven if they voted no to independence.


But every person living in Xorkshire and the Humber, they have ptblic


spending on services that is 18 below that in Scotland.


That is why our MPs are not going to vote for anything


When it comes to public spending, per head of the population,


people in Yorkshire and Humber received just over ?8,500.


The East Midlands, which covers Lincolnshire,


gets just over ?8,000, but people in Scotland received more than


Council leaders in east Yorkshire and Lincolnshire said that funding


formula that favours Scotland can't be allowed to continue at


It is absolutely disgraceful that we have not got more control over


the spending, that we have to rely on civil servants and ministers to


actually give us the crumbs of what is left after giving all


If you're going to devolve Scotland, England needs to start banghng


the drum that more power should be passed down to the cities


In this part of Lincolnshird we get less funding than London and


That is not fair and does need to be addressdd.


Politicians from all sides `wait details of what the Prime Mhnister


today described as a fair and balanced settlement for England


I'm joined by Lord Prescott, who as a minister in the Labour


government, offered more powers to the North East of England.


Good evening. Are you happy that Scotland has been offered so much?


You have been up there camp`igning. There have been unhappy English MPs.


Ever since I produce this rdport, saying you have to have devolution


in the states. We needed in England. Nobody listened 32 years ago. I gave


the opportunity in the north`east and lost it. 48% took part. It has


changed and I am happy Scotland has opened the doors. We can re`lly do


something the English regions. Scotland has ?1500 per person. That


is more than here. We are gdtting the crumbs, according to ond MP


Getting more per head is wh`t they're used to. I have a pose that


constantly. The Scottish people used to say we can't take it off at the


moment because there is an dlection. We need a redistribution of those


sources, is everyone gets a fair share. Again, your party is not


happy about that. If you actually make it an English Parliament, you


loaded up a Tory MPs. We cotld win the election and have no power. We


need to take those same valtes of education, of housing, all those


things they have, give them to the English regions and then yot don't


have to have a problem. Could you have education and roads looked


after in the regions? Why not? We are almost there with education It


would mean that regional ardas would make the decisions. They cotld have


the taxation. Talk about tilescale. It won't happen, will it? What'll


happen is that you have to observe what the leaders have committed


themselves do. There must bd a White Paper which lays out that the


regions are going to get a fair proportion of the powers and


resources, and then the timdtable which were of an election round the


corner, we are committed with devolution, that'll be the course of


action. It is a fundamental change. Who is in charge of it locally? We


did bring in assemblies. Nobody wanted them. Hang on. Let's give it


a bit of history. The first referendum was rejected in Scotland


and Wales and the north`east. The reason why we didn't get it, we did


not give them enough powers. You can't say second`hand powers for the


regions. Hypothetically, if you have the same thing in Yorkshire that you


have had in Scotland, with ` bold I believe so. Things have changed. I


could not get the Cabinet to give powers like Scotland, but you can't


get away with that now. People have seen what has happened in Scotland.


Even the Welsh aren't happy. So devolution is in now that you were


ahead of the times you were a trendsetter. Very good to sde you.


And the devolution of powers to Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire will be discussed on this weekend's Sunday Politics.


Guests include the Brigg and Goole MP Andrew Percy and the


Steve Bruce takes on the manager who he's been tipped to replace


We'll be live at the Hull club preparing to `nnounce


the chart topping act coming to celebrate its 30th birthday.


Denied's photograph was takdn by Alfred. Some good pictures taken at


the weekend. Send them in. We will show another one on Monday. It is


Friday, isn't it? I was mord surprised to see you when I looked


up. No glamour for you tonight. Just read the forecast. The next 24 hours


will be cloudy and quite dalp. There has been some heavy downpours


around, especially in Lincoln. Those continue to drift northwards, so it


is a dull and other night. Dull and done tomorrow but this front is


interesting. Behind it therd is brighter conditions for Sunday.


Sunday is easily the best of the weekend. What a mess. Look `t that


satellite picture. Lots of cloud here. Some thundery downpours in the


far south. There was drifting northwards, fizzling as thex do so


was even if you don't get them, there will be drizzle in pl`ces


Some mist and coastal fog. Dven by the end of the night, a risk of a


few thundery downpours, but elsewhere, good temperatures. 1 or


14 Celsius. So, the sun risds in the morning at 6:43am. The next high


water time is there at 4:22`m. It is a bit of a dreary start of the day.


Any showers in the far south pulling away. A bit of drizzle. Watch out


for that cold front. It brings drizzle through east Yorkshhre and


northern part of Lincolnshire. He's Yorkshire might brighten up by the


end of the afternoon, but whichever way you look at it hit is cloudy and


damp. Temperatures are still not bad for this time of year, around


average. 16 or 17 Celsius. @ll that cloud clears away on Saturd`y. One


or two showers perhaps scraping along the coast for a time, but


Sunday is much better. Dry with a good deal of sunshine and whth high


pressure in charge, it looks like Monday will be a beautiful day. A


touch of ground frost on Sunday I mentioned your old Michael Fish


image last week. I will talk over you. Paul wears an extra tight to


hide his old age. That is a six`pack. Have a good weekend.


A Sunderland man who started a fire on a North Sea Ferry `


which was attended by lifeboats from Bridlington RNLI ` has been


Boden Hughes, seen here at an earlier hearing, admitted


causing the fire while smokhng cannabis on a ferry from North


He was sentenced to nine ye`rs for arson and affray,


plus two years for his involvement in a copper cable theft conspiracy.


Fire engines we need to tackle the blaze at the leisure park in


Skegness yesterday. Three qtarters of the complex was damaged by the


fire. Investigations are continuing into how it started.


Hull City face struggling Newcastle United tomorrow,


whose fans are calling for the sacking of manager Alan Pardew.


The Hull City manager, Stevd Bruce, is tipped by some to step


But Steve Bruce says that talk is disrespectful.


Here's our sports reporter Simon Clark.


There will be two teams in `ction in Newcastle tomorrow,


but you'll be forgiven for thinking it's a one teal show.


That's because of calls frol many in the North East


for the removal of Newcastld United manager Alan Pardew.


Mass hysteria, he says, but going into the game with Hull Citx, the


Alan Pardew had to defend hhs assistant. Do you think he wants to


see the manager and banners going up? Of course not. He tried to


defend that, albeit in the way John Carver does.


By contrast Steve Bruce, Northumberland born and bred,


He was delighted with his team's performance against


West Ham on Monday, even if it ended in a draw, but knows all


Difficult place to manage. We have to try and take advantage of it We


have to be mercenary enough to do that, but the other stuff is not


enjoyable to watch, because at the end of the day he has done ` decent


job. Steve Bruce was quick to distance himself from the job.


Newcastle, let's not forget, won last time the two sides met


but in the corresponding gale last season Hull City led Newcastle


I hope I am dancing but I nded to improve. Although Hull provhde the


opposition, don't be surprised if the media concentrates on Ndwcastle


United, because Alan Pardew is under intense pressure, not just from his


own fans. It is a situation that Hull know they could exploit.


And Scunthorpe have a chance to break free of the


League One relegation places in that game tomorrow.


Both teams start the game with seven points `fter


Remember that we have just come up from League Two.


There is always talk about the Championship at this


football club, and rightly so, because we have been there before.


We have to make sure we adapt to League One.


Hopefully we're just about finding our feet


And your BBC radio station will be covering the action.


BBC Radio Humberside has thd trip to Newcastle on FM from 3.00.


On AM ` it's Scunthorpe United's game with Leyton Orient.


On digital ` and the BBC sport website `


And BBC Radio Lincolnshire has commentary of Lincoln City's game


Thanks to everyone who got in touch about workers at Chty


of Lincoln Council, who may be denied cigarette breaks in future.


Managers say it will help to keep staff healthy.


A tiny back street music venue has hosted Oasis and Pulp.


But it's best for showcasing small local bands.


Now the Adelphi Club in Hull has attracted one


of the country's biggest nales to play at its 30th birthday.


Let me tell you that the axd at this small little venue has attr`cted


over years is incredible. The likes of Way says, Radiohead, to name a


few. `` away `` Oasis. And now the Kaiser Chiefs are playing.


Getting the crowd of the size excited about mtsic is


Here they are playing in front of tens of thousands of people


And if you're not a festival goer, maybe you have seen lead singer


Ricky Wilson as a coach on the Voice.


Right now the Kaiser Chiefs are playing


in west Hollywood and Dallas, Texas, but then they will fly back


to be here on the 3rd of October, where they will play on this tiny


Here at the Adelphi, things get very cosy and very close,


It is useful if you want to steal somebody's drink.


If you get thirsty halfway through the concert.


You can even look in their handbags if you want.


The Adelphi should be cherished because it is a unique placd.


There are not many places like this in the world.


But it is mainly a place for new talent to be discovdred and


Hull band Black Delta Movemdnt will be supporting the Kaiser Chhefs


To be supporting them at the venue is a really big thing.


Every band in Hull has some form of history here.


If you look at the state of it, that has been 30 years


of extreme stress and worry, of never feeling quite secure.


It has been 30 years of extremely hard work, and it has


It is going to be quite a p`rty but we don't predict a riot.


Outside you will see this bhg orange container and that is where you ll


get your ticket from. It won't be that easy. There won't that many


available, so you need to prove you are a fan. Brings memorabilha. The


tickets go on sale at 7pm, so in a few minutes' time. If you w`nt to


want, Peter, you will have to be quick. Thank you. Tickets on sale at


7pm. Celebrations with the Kaiser Chiefs. Get your tickets now. Let's


have a recap of the national and regional headlines. The SNP leader


Alex and decide to stand down as First Minister of Scotland `t the


country says no to independdnce A major road in Grimsley get `n


increased speed limit despite police opposition. A dull, damp and drizzly


start becoming dry and brighter in the afternoon on Saturday. Top


amateur very warm, getting tp to 17 Celsius `` temperature. Talking


about the Peaks Parkway and increase speed limit. Kevin says it hs OK. It


will still keep the cameras as some people will want to go fastdr and


then moan when they are caught. Graham says the speed is not the


problem, it is the ridiculots two lanes into one at the juncthon which


should be changed. Simone s`ys it will be great. We come in and users


wrote all the time. Bertie hs too slow. This one is an excelldnt fire


service `` this one. The new 40 same speed is the aim. Thank you for


those. Have a good weekend. I will see you on Monday. Take card.


devoting their time to National Lottery-funded projects


and, tonight, we're celebrating the difference they make.


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