22/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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goodbye from me and on BBC One, we now join the BBC's news teams where


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The power station accused of harming the environment while


We deal with pellet produces the deal with biomass from areas which


are not protected. Seven people


from Lincolnshire are arrested in an Despite one of the goals


of the weekend, Hull City throw away The country's favourite corner shop


opens its doors again, And I will be back with the week


ahead forecast. It's one


of the biggest power stations in Europe providing electricity to


more than five million homes. But the Yorkshire power station Drax


is being accused of causing environmental damage as it tries to


produce 'greener' electricity. It's converting part


of its operation from burning coal But some campaigners say


it's damaging woodland. Here's our Environment


Correspondent Paul Murphy. Is one of the biggest coal burning


power stations in Europe, it is a big polluter. But it is going to


change. It is hoping to redtce the amount of carbon dioxide it omits.


These pellets come from fordsts that regrow. They can reabsorb the carbon


dioxide. What biomass does ht turns us into a renewable power station.


It preserves the jobs in Yorkshire, and it is dot`mac the biomass is


shipped from the United States. Drax says that it uses trees which are


not good enough for furniture, construction, and it ensures that


the trees are regrowing. But some question the wisdom of burnhng trees


in the first place. When yot burn it, CO2 go straight up the chimney


and into the atmosphere. For a long time, we have been told that we


should not worry, because the forests will regrow. But it is


common sense that trees takd a bit of time to regrow. They can take


decades to neutralise the CO2 that has been put back into the


atmosphere. There are furthdr concerns. Environmental ``


environment list in the United States say that some of the trees


are from sensitive habitats. The biomass industry want you to see an


artificial planted Pond Plantation. They do not want you to seek a


forest like these, in part because anyone can look around here and see


that there is a lot that wotld be lost if these were cut and burned


for fuel. Drax says that all trees are very well policed. We whll only


do with pellet produces frol areas which are not protected, not define


a special habitats. The company is convinced that biomass is bdtter


than coal for the environment. Allen we are delivering 80% savings, so it


is the low carbon fuel. That is why it's good few of us. The government


is using millions of pounds of taxpayers money to subsidisd the


conversion, but despite the concerns, the Minister declhned our


invitation for interview. Well our correspondent Paul Murphy


joins me now, live from Drax. Paul, we've heard Drax deny claims


about harming the environment, how does the company make stre it's


producing more environmentally It tells us that the responsible


sourcing of sustainable biolass is at the very heart of what it does.


It has to be, because that hs the basis on what the government


subsidises it. From next April, they are focusing the mind of thd biomass


industry by introducing a whole raft of tougher measures to ensure the


trees are coming from the rhght place, and the trees are replanted


to replace the trees that are cut down. But the challenge of dnforcing


any policy is that these pellets are being sourced 4000 miles aw`y in a


different country, with different laws and different regulatory


environments. It is difficult for Drax to ensure all the time that


what it is getting here is absolutely sustainable, and it has


come from a safe source, if you like.


And you can see a longer report about this on tonight's inshde Out


We would like to hear from xou on this story. Do you think thdre is a


better way of producing electricity? Thousands of pounds are pledged


for an award winning dog brdeder after all her animals are khlled


in a fire. Seven people from Lincolnshhre


have been arrested as part of an Lincolnshire Police, working with


the National Crime Agency and the International Red Cross executed


arrest warrants at five loc`tions in and around Lincoln today, including


Drinsey Nook near Saxilby. Six men


and one woman have been arrdsted. The youngest aged 25,


the oldest in their sixties. Jessica Lane is in Lincoln


for us now. Lincolnshire police have described


the arrest today at the tip of the iceberg. They say they come as a


result of months of investigation. That work will continue. Thd seven


people arrested will be held at locations around the county. The


allegations are about modern safe Lee slavery. These are people,


living in slavery in servittde. They have been living in cramped, squalid


conditions, they have not bden given access to food, medical card and


water. They have been working for many hours without receiving a


decent day's wage. What we know about the seven people? Fivd of them


are English and is to them `re Eastern European will stop they have


had medical attention, and Lincolnshire police say that


safeguarding these people is their number one priority. When it is


appropriate, they will be qtestioned as witnesses.


Police have been given more time to question two men,


arrested following an armed robbery at a bank in East Yorkshire.


Officers were called to the TSB on Manor Street, Bridlington,


on Saturday morning, after four members of staff were


Police now suspect that the robbers had stayed


Two men ` aged 50 and 27 ` were arrested in connection with


Thousands of pounds has been pledged to help a family who've lost


their home after a fire which killed more than 20 dogs in Hornse`.


The animals were bred at a private house which burnt


Fire fighters say the building was already well alight


when they arrived, and the dogs couldn't be saved.


Our reporter Emma Massey is in Hornsea,


All that remains after a fire ripped through this bungalow. Inside at the


time 20 dogs, all of them pdrished. Those who saw it said that the fire


took hold quickly. Two days on, and many people living nearby are


shocked by what happened. At seven o'clock, you could hear dogs usually


yapping, and you could not hear them. Everything was alight. I am


presuming that they have didd. It must be heartbreaking, I did not


know they had so many dogs `t all. I thought they just had a few. The


building was owned by this woman, shown with some of the dogs that


died. But no puppies had bedn bred for some time. The couple do not


want to appear on camera just now, they are too distraught. But they


have said that this is not ` business. This is a family home and


their dogs were part of this family. The Fire and rescue service tackled


the blaze, but they are investigating the cause. We are


trying to establish the cause of the fire. There is not a lot to go on.


What we have to do is speak with the family, and try and put togdther a


timeline of events leading tp to the fire being discovered. Thousands of


pounds of donations have already been pledged by as far afield as


Australia. The family say they are thankful, but nothing can rdplace


what was lost at the weekend. Councillors at the city of Lincoln


Council have approved a new smoking policy. At the moment, council


workers are allowed at cigarette break at their manager's discretion.


It is going to come in next April. You may want to comment on that one.


Thank you for watching us. The time is 6:39pm.


Still only one defeat ` Hull City's good start to the season continues


Everyone at the football cltb is frustrated. But it is still a point.


It is still an early part of the season. They are in the top half of


the league. Open all hours once again `


a special guest for the country s Tonight's photograph is takdn by


Chris Wren. A stratocumulus. I was going to say it was a stratocumulus.


Do you want to upset any more major players? What did Pauline h`ve to


say? I am dealing with the complaints. Lets have a look at the


headline for the next 24 hotrs. It is going to be dry with somd


sunshine. Some rain on the way tomorrow evening and tomorrow night.


That is courtesy of this we`ther front. It is a big change this week,


because we have had easterlx winds. A lot of wet weather to comd this


week. 18 Celsius today. As we had through this evening, it looks like


it will be dry. Mist and fog in the bottoms of the valleys. Vishbility


should be good. Temperatures of 9`11dC. These are the times of high


water. It looks like it's going to be a fine morning. There will be


some patchy cloud floating down from the north`west. Then, apart from the


odd shower, cloud thickens. There is the rain, it holds off into tomorrow


night, then it will sneak sdlf. Just the odd shower in the early evening.


Temperatures 18 Celsius. Looking further ahead, it could be puite wet


for a time, but it will cle`r by Dawn Wednesday morning. The emphasis


is on a good deal of fine and dry weather. That is the forecast. One


person said that he would w`tch in black and white. That is thd only


way they can cope with your shirt. They should watch with the sound


turned down as well. See yot tomorrow.


David Cameron has held talks with senior Conservatives to discuss


barring Scottish MPs from voting on issues that only affect Dngland.


They met at the Prime Minister's country residence, Chequers.


Mr Cameron has said he wants a settlement on the matter to be


reached at the same time as new devolved powers covering tax and


Phil texted to say "I personally think England as a country `re going


to pay even more tax to fund an already stable Scottish life .


Well earlier today I discussed the issue of devolution with


Diana Johnson MP for Hull North and the leader of UKIP


I started by asking whether Scottish MPs should be able to vote on issues


affecting England only. I don't think it is sensible, when xou are


dealing with the constitution of this country, to deal with little


bits in isolation. You have to look at the whole thing. You havd to look


at the whole of the House of Lords. You have to look at how this area


can make decisions for them. That is why I want a constitutional


convention. How do you think you can see devolution happened nattrally?


Eight movement has been started We will see the Welsh and the Northern


Irish and we will continue to seek the Scottish asking for mord control


and power in their own countries. That will potentially lead to the


House of Commons becoming an English house of commons. That is why I


think the country needs to have a debate about the weight that we are


governed, and the roles of these different assemblies in Northern


Ireland and Wales and Scotl`nd, and what we do about England. What I am


anxious about is areas like Yorkshire getting the powers they


need to best fit the requirdments of our local populations. I am not sure


the idea of having an English parliament will ever do that. It is


about bringing things down to a much more local level. It is also about


the money. If the Barnett formula was applied to Yorkshire, wd beget


another ?2 billion every ye`r. `` we would get. It is an impossible


dream, because if it was applied to England, that would mean th`t ? 0


billion per year. That would double our existing deficit. I am


interested in making sure that certain parts of the countrx which


are not getting a fair deal under this government get a fair deal and


I have been fighting for a fair deal for the city of Hull in particular.


I will make it much fairer, not just concentrating on the south `nd


London, but making sure that Yorkshire gets its fair share of


money. That is linked with political reform. We have a London focused


government. We had some e`m`ils after Friday's discussion. Ht has


moved on to having an English Parliament. You may have a view on


that. You can get in touch with us. We will have some of those responses


tomorrow. On Lake programme tonight, I will be talking to Andrew Percy.


He was at the talks with a bra minister today about barring


Scottish MPs from voting on English issues. If you want to be in touch


on that one, you can get in touch. A former Hull City captain says


there is no need to panic even though the club have drawn


their last two games Ian Ashbee described the prdsent


squad as the best there's ever been. He's been speaking to


our sports reporter Simon Clark Hull City visits to Newcastle tend


to arrive when there is bother at This time, a fan revolt


against their manager, Alan Pardew. Today, we invited former captain


Ian Ashbee to view the match, It was a game where Hull City made


a positive start. A possible goal of the month


from Nikica Jelavic. And pushing Jelavic all the way in


that competition is Mohammed Diame. But when Pardew introduced


Papiss Cisse, the match turned. And the Tigers failed to sed out


the game, as Papiss Cisse epualised And yet, with just one defe`t,


Hull City stand ahead of Liverpool, Manchester United and Everton


in the table. Lots of quality players,


no question about that. And that is why people are wanting


six points out of the last two Everyone at the football cltb is


frustrated, but it is still a point. It is still an early part


of the season. And we are in the top half


of the league. We were up twice in the Prelier


league, and it is usually enough to hold on and it is usually enough to


see a game out. Today, we have not,


which is totally disappointhng. I think the crop of players are


far better than what we had. Goals are there for sure,


and it is exciting times ahdad, and I can see many goals in


the season this year for Hull City. It is set up for staying


in the Premier league a long time. And I believe that it will happen,


for sure. So a little work for Steve Bruce


this week, before champions Manchester City visit Hull City on


Saturday. Hull boxer Luke Campbell warmed up


his forthcoming inter`continental title challenge with a stoppage over


Luke won in the seventh round and now faces Daniel Brizwella `t Hull


A pub singer from Scunthorpe is through to


Jake Quickenden was praised by judge Melanie B for his


"passion" and "commitment" following the performance.


Two years ago Jake reached the judges? houses stage


Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association is donating $10,000 to the Canadian


warplane Heritage Museum. The world's last legs like the bombers


through for the last time. `` the world's last lacklustre bombers flew


for the last time this weekdnd. It was a programme that aired for the


first time over 40 years ago, but open all hours is reopening its


doors. It is one of Britain's best loved Common Pleas `` comedhes. Now


filming is underway in Donc`ster. David Jason is owner of the corner


shop. Last year, he spoke to us It is a deal. If I can get you a


serious? I will get you apart. It is a fantastic deal. This is mx


trailer! Man in crowd, that is me. You get your own dressing room with


a lounge. I am trying to le`rn my for words. Soon it was in to make


up. There is a lovely glow to your skin! Are you outdoors a lot? I live


on the Humber. I love you, `nd I love you! They then head to the


famous corner shop. Green bd real. Absolutely. Because the secret of


comedy is actually that you must be real. You may think in your head,


but forget it. This ordinarx terraced street has been


transformed. Thank you for ly personal acting lesson! The worst


thing is the build`up. It is not what you think. Acting lesson over,


it is time to the big moment. We are not allowed to film the scene being


shot. I know he is quite nervous. I am hoping that he remembers his


line! Is absolutely fascinating to see people working. David bdhind me


does not miss a trick. Amazhng. He is across everything, and a real


gentleman. He has not shoutdd at me yet. I did not hear any raised


voices. How did he do? It is tremendously exciting for md. Have I


let you down? I am thinking you are good sport! If this leaks ott to


everyone, you are gone! It will be a few weeks before we find out whether


we have lost our presenter. One of the best days I have ever h`d,


filming that episode of Open All Hours. We will remind you ndarer the


time. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlhnes Tesco shares drop to


a ten year low after the supermarket Drax is accused of causing


environmental damage as it tries to A fine and dry morning with sunny


spells, turning cloudy throtgh Talk of the power station, Drax


Peter says that the sustain`ble burning of trees is ideal for the


way forward. Andy says that some people are never satisfied. They


don't want anything except nuclear power. They should be made to get on


a treadmill and produce the electricity themselves. How much


does it cost to get the Nuggets to the UK? Surely this cannot be


economical and green. Anothdr says that he cannot see how it whll work


importing from abroad. Another says that how can it be economic or to


lose thousands of miles across the Atlantic? Another mad energx


policy. One that we will bitterly regret. Carl says that fracking


should be included. Don't forget, that programme, that is on BBC One


in just over half an hour's time. We will have more on the English


Parliament later. We will bd back at 10:25pm. Goodbye.


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