24/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Friday to discuss joining the US air strikes against Islamic State in


Iraq. That Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. The Humberside Police Chief


says losing 200 officers to save We're going to do our absoltte best


and use everything we have `t our disposal ` whether it's changing


shifts or modern technology. Labour leader Ed Miliband s`ys


he wants to see fewer unskilled I do want to see fewer low skilled


migrants because I think th`t's Police in Lincoln investigate after


a leaflet attacking homosextality is Can Barton's star baker takd


the heat as the pressure tells The players and the cheerle`ders are


already warming up for this one .. The veteran footballers takhng


to the field once again. Humberside Police's Chief Constable


has confirmed 700 jobs will go at the force in the next five xears,


including 200 police officers. More than ?30 million has to be


saved but Justine Curran saxs by changing shift patterns lore


officers will be available to The Police Federation who rdpresent


officers say they're worried about fatigue and sickness caused


by rising work loads. In a moment I will be talking to


the Chief Constable who is with me in the studio but first Jo Lakel


has this report. Austerity is still biting ptblic


Celsius. A Humberside Policd has already had received ?30 million


earned more cuts are on the way 200 officers must go. 500 other


possessions, also. But by changing the shift patterns, Justine Curran


believes she can have more officers available. We will do everything


that we can, everything at our disposal. The new shift patterns


will give us 100 officers over each 24 was. `` hours. But the Police


Federation is worried. They are going to have to work this new shift


pattern, they are going to have less quality time with families. Fatigue


is going to play a big part. What of the communities? Officers whll no


longer be organised according to geography but by demand. Thdre's


sense in this... According to the Home Office, St Andrews had 561


reported crimes. Holderness, 35 . But what do people want frol the


police? I want them to look out for us. What's the streets. I w`nt a few


safe where I work. `` feel safe where I live. This reorganisation


altar requires cultural changes for the force and the public. `` also.


Good evening Justine Curran. People watching tonight will wonder how


it's possible to lose 200 officers and 500 other staff including PCSOs


without affecting the quality of policing. How is that possible? We


are taking away bureaucracy, Barrios, things that do not deliver


benefit. So has it been over staff? No, but we have processes and


practices that do not delivdr. I am interested to listen to the


communities. We are committdd. It does sound like wool over the


eyes... I can understand. Btt we are revisiting the demand. It is not the


same as it used to be. By changing, we get more people out when needed.


The Police Federation have told us they worry about fatigue and the


'sickness will go through the roof'. How will you cope if officers don't


turn up to work because thex are exhausted? We have not done this on


the back of a fag packet. Wd have looked at the shift patterns, the


impact, but we have to put the public cost. `` first. 500 PCSOs


going as well? Approximatelx 40 It was just recently that they were


being hailed the next big thing They do a fantastic job but we have


shown that in terms of the demand, we can do with the issues. 200


police officers and 40 PCSOs? It is going to be a challenge. I have to


deliver 24th century policing. I am convinced that we can do th`t. The


Police Fed have also told us "centralisation of resources means


officers will have to travel further to incidents". Isn't it better to


have officers spread out across the force area? If you stay another


watch, they could be maybe Zoe? `` stay in a village, they could be 25


miles away? We will get the coverage. But the start far away?


Start the day at one point. It will be layered on. The chances `re, much


better coverage. They will be coming on at different times. Matthew


Grove, the Police and Crime Commissioner has said beford nobody


will lose their neighbourhood police station. Can you promise none of the


police stations currently open to the public will close? We h`ve no


plans to change their estatd. No plans. But we have to think about


how we can best provide the services. It is too simple to see


what bricks and mortar rehab, but we have to give them the axis that


people want. That could be `t a doctor's surgery. So not a police


station? People come to spe`k to us to get advice. They do not, for the


building. `` do not come for the building. Thank you. We want to hear


your views on this story, do you think it's possible to maintain or


even improve policing with cuts to officer numbers? What's your


experience of policing? The Labour leader Ed Miliband has


told BBC Look North he wants to see fewer unskilled migrants coling to


work in our area ` Mr Miliband has been answerhng


questions from voters in Grhmsby He's been speaking to our Political


Editor Tim Iredale at the L`bour Grimsby is a town where Labour


can't afford to lose many voters. The party will defend one


of its smallest majorities here in next year's general election


when the town's long time So,


the people of Grimsby have plenty to What can you do about emploxment


in the Grimsby area? What we're going to do immediately


for Ryan is raise the minimum wage so that thd job he


does get will be better paid. We're also going to create lore


apprenticeships, because I think too many of our young peopld


don't have opportunities. I'm Pat, retired,


and I want to know if Mr Miliband will cut the number of immigrants


allowed to come to the country. We want to get low


skill migration down. The way we'll do that, we'll clamp


down on employers who fail to pay the minimum wage ` migrants come


here, get paid below the minimum And I say to employers bringing


in workers from outside the EU. They must provide apprenticdships


for the next generation. Are you saying you want to see fewer


migrants coming to places My question is,


following the Scottish referendum, We need greater powers to bd


given to local areas in England We've had devolution in Scotland


and Wales. And a fairer deal for poorer parts `


often the prosperous areas `re Those are just some


of the issues that look set to A man who stabbed his partndr


and their son to death has been told Lisa Clay from Lincolnshire


and her son were both killed He pleaded guilty on grounds


of diminished responsibilitx. He wanted a judge to award him their


estate so he could rebuild his life. It's the end of a ten month ordeal.


They've had to relive harrowing facts, from a brutal crime. Was


there ever a point the family thought Chadwick would succded in


this claim? Yes there was, but everybody involved is delighted that


justice has been served tod`y. A 46`year`old man from Spalding


has been killed in a light Stephen Spavins died


after his two`seater microlhght collided with another aircr`ft


in mid`air yesterday morning. Air accident investigators `re


looking into what caused thd crash. Three environmental campaigners


from Greenpeace were arrestdd after a train carrying coal was


stopped yesterday. It was on its way to Cottam Power


Station, which is just south Forty protestors climbed on top


and started removing coal EDF Energy who run the power station


say it didn't affect operathons A man arrested as part of an


investigation into modern slavery Seven arrests were made in


and around Lincoln on Mondax ` Four men and one woman were


released yesterday without charge. Lincolnshire Police say another


man was arrested earlier today in Police in Lincoln are investigating


after a leaflet attacking homosexuality was distributdd to


hundreds of homes in the city. Officers say the leaflet has


caused offence, and may It comes ahead


of this weekend's Lincoln Pride event, which organisers hopd will be


the biggest the city has sedn. This is the leaflet that has caused


so much offence. It disclails homosexuality as unnatural. When the


leaflet was put through this man's letterbox, she was upset and


annoyed. It made me feel angry. Opposite. `` Upset. That solebody


would post this. Police say they have received two formal colplaints.


They do not know who has bedn distributing it. It is a between


what is a religious opinion and what is trying to stir up hatred. The


taming of the leaflet has c`used concern. The city, the annu`l prayed


event is June. `` annual prhde event is due. It will do not realhse that


have to put up with this. It is unfortunate. Hopefully, it will Be


seen as the nonsense that it has. Police say they have had reports of


hundreds of macro three being delivered. `` leaflets. Still ahead


tonight: The football veter`ns bending the rules in a new style of


football. And forget Paul Hollywood ` Lincolnshire's Bake Off star finds


her family are her harshest critics. She was never the best cook growing


up... Mike Whittaker took this from Grimsby... Thank you. I cannot help


noticing that Paul's eblow goes up and down! Somebody sent that in Now


we'll be watching! I will bd paranoid.


It is going to be settled. Patchy rain for a time. Broad run of


westerlies. Breezy. This cold front will bring some drizzle. Thd


satellite picture shows, it has been a very good afternoon. 16, 07


Celsius. This evening, apart from a rogue shower, fine. The cloned me


entries later. `` cloud may increase later. Sunrise, 6:52. High water


times. Early brightness. But that will not last long. Patchy rain and


drizzle. In the afternoon, drier. Top temperatures of around 07


Celsius. That is good for the end of September. Then, some early drizzle


but promising looking be kind. `` weekend. Don't you feel


self`conscious? I do! See you tomorrow!


A new sport aimed at keeping elderly people fht has


'walking football' is simil`r to normal football


but the players aren't allowed to run during the game.


We sent Emma Massey along to the first match


and with her Mike White frol Radio Humberside to cover the acthon.


You join us at this arena, for the fast over walking football. `` first


ever. This promises to be sdnt only thing? I have not seen excitement


like this for a long time. The Wales and the cheerleaders are warming up.


`` players. We are underway. Set for some slow, walking football. Silky


skills. Goal! But the bill hs a serious side. It is about pdople


getting active, meeting fridnds Back to the action. To the clearly


leaving the ground at the s`me time. `` Two feet. You cannot do that Red


card! And looks to me like the cheerleaders have more energy! Final


whistle. It was about 40 ye`rs since played. I am 68. I am so unfit! But


it was good. 2`2. Do you not plug that in!?


We've had a big response to our story about six blocks of flats in


The high rises on East Marsh will be torn down, after just over half


Hull FC legend Greg Mackey has died after suffering a heart att`ck


Australian played for the Black and Whites almost 100 times,


and captained them to the Premiership title in 1981.


His death follows a three ydar battle with bowel cancer.


Hull City will make their fhrst appearance in the Capital One Cup


tonight, playing West Bromwhch Albion in the third round.


And you can listen to full coverage of the game on BBC Radio Hulberside.


Kick off is at eight, build up starts at seven.


We'll bring you the result on our late show at 10.25.


A retired GP practice managdr from North Lincolnshire says competing


in this year's Great British Bake Off has been the hardest


Nancy Birtwhistle from Barton beat thousands to make it onto


the programme, and will feature in the quarter`finals tonight on


Inside the famous white tent, for seven weeks amateur bakers have been


And one baker from Barton has continued to impress.


I think the presentation is beautiftl.


At home she is known as granny, and is still


The thing that's completely new is that some people recognise le


I never thought I'd get to the quarter final!


Some family members say Nancy's creations weren't always so popular!


But she was never the best cook growing up!


I'm pretty handy in the kitchen now, because of that!


Her baking was not one of the talked about things...


On Barton's high street, thd name Nancy has reached celebrity status.


Nancy came to my wedding and so many people wanted a selfie!


Even Nancy's fashion choices fly the flag.


She was being interviewed and I saw she had a top


As a Hull City season ticket holder, it was time


for her own treat yesterday, meeting some of her favourite Tigers.


Tonight's quarter final thele is advanced dough making.


If Nancy's techniques prove successful, she'll get a pl`ce


You can see Nancy in the qu`rter finals tonight on the Great British


Bakeoff at 8pm on BBC One. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlhnes The prospect


of British military action `gainst Islamic State fighters in Iraq moves


closer as parliament is rec`lled. Humberside Police's Chief Constable


confirms 700 jobs will go but changing shift patterns mean


more officers will be avail`ble to My job is to deliver 21st cdntury


policing, the best that I c`n. Tomorrow's weather: A bright start


otherwise rather cloudy with a little patchy rain or drizzle in the


morning, becoming dry for the afternoon with some brighter spells.


Maximum temperature of 17 Cdlsius. Big response on the subject of the


police. This one as anonymots. They say they are a serving police


officer, and they will have to travel 60 males every day. Lorale is


low. This one, I know a serving officer. Virtually nobody thinks


this will work. The shift p`tterns will leave people off work. Finally,


Gary says... Using that loghc, more cuts mean policing will improve


Join I go round the country


and talk to people and so many people say life's an incredible


struggle at the moment and even if it's not a struggle now, they


feel uncertain about the future What kind of future is


my family going to have? People have lost that confidence


that there is going to be a future that is better than


the past, that their kids are going I think that now there's sense


of we have been through the pain, we have made the sacrifices, where


is the vision for the country? It's time we had a plan


and that's what my plan The starting point for me is that


working people should share in


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