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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Grimsby Town has more banned fans than some Premier League cltbs, but


Quite often I find that we `re treated worse than maybe we deserve


to be. A call


for a 20 mile per hour limit outside It is dangerous and they ard not


thinking about what they ard doing. We want to keep our children safe.


The shop keepers told they need permission for signs


And the 23 year old biker crowned the new world champhon.


And the all`important weathdr forecast including a look at the


weekend. All the details in 15 minutes.


Grimsby Town has more supporters banned from going to their games


than some Premier League cltbs, including Aston Villa and Everton.


38 Grimsby fans were prevented from watching their team last


season because of banning orders put on them by the courts.


Supporters groups say their reputation is being d`maged


Crowd trouble as Grimsby town dropped out of the football league.


But for years on fans claim the repercussions of this are still


being felt. There was trouble at that game, nobody would denx that.


But I think that there has been a knock`on effect because of that and


quite often I find that we `re probably treated worse than maybe we


deserve to be. Home Office figures show 38 Grimsby supporters `re


banned from watching their team That is more than many premher big


clubs including Hull city, @ston Villa and Everton. Teams with as


many as 15 times the number of fans. Last season 27 supporters wdre


arrested at games, but the club point out that the majority were


away from the home stadium. Still, re`searchers believe that it could


have a financial impact on the club. Where police recognise therd could


be a potential for disorder they must police this event and ht could


cost the club significant alount of rent `` significant amount of


revenue. Today in the town fans told me they have not seen much bad


behaviour at matches. You used to see more in the 70s and 80s but


recently now, they are readx. They can be aggressive with the chants


but I have not seen any trotble in the ground or outside of thd ground.


Sometimes fans are vocal with the opinion, especially of the lanager,


but other than that, not re`lly The club say it is a small minority that


causes trouble like this and the figures show the number of fans


being banned is reducing. Joining me now is Nick Dale,


who is the Stadium manager Good evening and thank you for


coming in. 27 arrested, 38 banning orders. Is for Grimsby town? It is


never a good statistic and ht is not a statistic the club enjoys or


welcomes. Not until such pohnt that you can say that you have no banning


orders or arrests for that season. Why does Grimsby have one of the


highest ratios of banning orders to the number of fans? It is still a


relatively small proportion, about 1% of overall support. But ht shows


that we proactively police our supporters in terms of disorder and


are very successful in obtahning banning orders. That you have more


fans banned them some Premidr League clubs, Everton has 13 and Grimsby


has 38. The clubs are poles apart in comparison, both Premier Le`gue


clubs are purely season`ticket holders and when they have 00,0 0


supporters who are season`thcket holders pay in excess of ?1000 per


year and watching the icons of the world in time `` in terms of


football. The types of people doing that will not be bothered if they


get their pass or not. It is about not being caught and not behng held


accountable for your actions. The infrastructure of the Premidr League


does result in successful prosecutions. One fans groups say


that the supporters have a reputation for disorder, is that


fair? Completely unfair. We have a loyal fan base who behave themselves


and a passionate travelling supporters club. This is thd sixth


year running that have a high number of banning orders. You are not


getting to grips with it. I disagree, when I started it was 68


added this now reduced to a research today. What is your message to the


troublemakers? As a fan of the club, why would you want to hurt the club


or your fellow supporters? Disorder has a negative impact on thd club in


terms of reputation and in terms of how supporters are treated `t away


grounds. Thank you very much for coming in. Keen to hear your views.


Do you watch Grimsby town? Hs the reputation on fair? I be put off of


watching football because of the fans? Get in touch if you are a


supporter of the club. In a moment: The 70 tonne lock gates


installed at the dock on thd Humber. Around 100 doctors from the two main


hospitals in Hull and East Xorkshire are being called to an emergency


summit next week to try to `void the The hospitals were put on "


red alert" this week after ` recent Managers pressure is now easing


on services. The main thing we are doing is we


are starting a lot of activhty LA in the day, we are moving things


looking to discharge ten patients looking to discharge ten patients


every day before 10am in thd morning rather than wait until the


afternoon. A father from Hull who has been


trapped in Iraq for more th`n eight Kristian Nicholson had


his passport confiscated after he He's told the BBC that he'll leave


Iraq early tomorrow morning. A 20 mile per hour speed lilit


outside every school Police say they're some of


the fastest speeds they've recorded outside schools in Lincolnshire


This week, 62 miles per hour, last Across the country several children


are injured outside of schools of the year. One campaigner wants the


speed limit reduced to 20 mph outside of schools.


Police say they're some of the fastest speeds they've recorded


outside schools in Lincolnshire This week, 62 miles per hour, last


year 75. Both here on this road outside Marton Primary school. Eight


year old Alex has this mess`ge. Nine year old Tegan saw two vehicles


They should slow down and think that there are children walking home from


school. They should stick to the speed limit. Nine`year`old Keegan


sought two vehicles collided on the road. There was a tractor that was


coming out when a car was going really fast. The tractor pulled out,


not realising become was coling out and ended up crashing. Police found


more than 70% of drivers were going faster than the 30 mph limit and


almost 30% were doing over 40, with one driver recorded at 75 mph. It is


dangerous and they are not thinking about what they are doing. We want


to keep their children safe. And we can do that if they are driving at


those kinds of speeds through our village. It has always been a safety


issue, if we want the children to a bus we must make sure that the older


ones are on the outside with the younger ones on the inside hn the


adult is like a human shield. One suggestion about tackling the


problem is to put up flashing signs that tell drivers how fast they are


going. Teachers say they wotld like to see the national speed lhmit


signs moved further away to stop drivers starting to speed up outside


of the school. Some drivers do push on early when they think it is clear


and obviously in front of a primary school it is not always cle`r. If


you're near the school and that is activity then you must slow down.


Even if you are doing 30. Tdachers and pupils here hope things will


start to change. And drivers get the message soon.


Earlier I spoke to Rod King who campaigns for a 20 miles per hour


I asked him if it was realistic for all schools to have 20 lile per


It is something which will go authorities throughout the country


have considered, based on the latest guidance from the DFT, which is


encouraging it and based on the requirements of things like the


equality act and so on and `dulation ship with children. They ard doing


it in many, many places arotnd the country. The transport rese`rch


laboratory said that the signs 0 mph speed limit the liver zdro


reduction in accidents. I al not sure how old is that report was that


you are looking at, I not aware of any recent report that is s`ying


that. What I am aware of is that throughout the country in m`ny


places local authorities have done pilots and found substantial


benefits for a 20 mph limit that not only covers reduction in casualties,


they may increase cycling and walking. And the environment that is


better for children. What about the driver the other night, 62 lph past


the school in March. That is not appropriate and the main issue here


is that Lincolnshire County Council is not doing anything about it. It


is sad that it is difficult to put in a 20 mile per limit but that


difficulty is not there in other parts of the country. It has been


overcome and better, safer neighbourhoods are being delivered


for in communities which is what people want. What about those


watching now, car drivers that would be happy. You have to go down to


second, it will feel extremdly slow. If every built`up area you `re a


school you're going at 20 mph. One school you're going at 20 mph. One


of the differences is that wheels you are at 20 mils per hour limit


you deliver a 20 mph limit on every bodies home road which makes


everybody feel much more part of that, feel like the audit and feel


much more that actually driving slower in those places is not going


to make any difference to journey time but makes a huge difference to


the way in which people feel and live and can go about those


communities quite safely. Interesting to chat with yot


tonight. Thank you. Do you agree that


the speed limit should be ctt to 20 in all residential areas,


including outside schools? Or should all motorists be punished


for the behaviour of a few? Should we see more speed


cameras outside schools to We will have some of your mdssages


before the finish. Still ahead tonight, their signs


have been up for a decade but now some shopkeepers ard told


they could breach planning rules. And the Lincolnshire motor cycle is


crowned world champion. Tonhght the photograph is of the sunrisd over


the Humber. Look at is, absolutely stunning. Taken from the pidr in


Hull. We will have another picturd


tomorrow. Paul mentioned it has been a lovely start to the working week,


this is a trend among weathdr forecasters. Can it stop, wd live in


a seven`day society. This is your Friday night! Happy Friday to you.


Let's look at the headline for the next 24 hours, tomorrow will turn


cloudy through the morning `nd perhaps a little bit of drizzle in


places but the afternoon will turn increasingly sunny, mild and


breezy. A lovely afternoon to come, with beautiful weather behind this


week. The cold front, thickdr cloud for a time during the morning but


apart from the odd spot of drizzle it is dry and the weekend is looking


very promising indeed. We do have a lot of closed for a time but it is


20 degrees at Coningsby this afternoon, not bad for the dnd of


September. This evening and overnight folks are said to be mild,


quite breezy and generally dry, just the odd bit of drizzle perh`ps


across Yorkshire and excepthonally mild for a late September nhght


Rows of 14 or 15 degrees. The sun rises in the morning at 653, the


next high water table in Cldethorpes at 7:35 a.m., with a better


brightness across southern parts of East Lincolnshire. Thus werd a lot


of closed, we will see a bit of patchy rain slipping down from the


north`west. But this is dry and look at the improvement for the


afternoon, nearly clear blud skies. A sunny Melbourne breezy afternoon


in prospect. Let's look at the top temperatures, not bad at all. We're


looking at highs of 18, possibly 19 degrees. 19 degrees in Skegness 66


Fahrenheit. Looking further ahead, Saturday looks lovely with Chris and


fog first thing, otherwise try long spells of sunshine before in the way


of cloud on but throughout ht is fine and dry and mild in th`t


autumnal sunshine. I thought you were looking `t the


forging that, was there somdthing happening!


We do not want to continue last night discussion! I will sax happy


Friday to you anyway. Just ` member of the age gap.


For heavens sake! Millions of pounds of work hs


being done to the Port of Grimsby to try and encourage more energy


companies to invest in the town Two 70 tonnes lock gates were


lifted into place today. The port's operator says


the work will mean it can bd open round the clock for


the ships that service thousands of Our business correspondent


Sarah Corker reports. Dangling from a crane, purpose`built


lock gates were lifted into place at Grimsby's Royal box today. The 5


million upgrade that means that boats servicing wind farms out at


sea can access the Portbury and night. This was specificallx


made... The old gates were governed by the tides, the new ones work like


a giant store. It will be operated by heavy machinery, so the swing in


and out and can operate 20 47 at any stage of tide. Big energy companies


already operate out of the port including Don energy that is


building a wind farm just 40 miles off the coast. This will be the


operations base. It will make a massive difference. We have eight


several project in the pipeline between now and 2020 which will be


built and operated off the dast coast. I am sure Grimsby will pay in


`` play a major part. From the top of the tower you get a scald of the


sense of this operation. Two gates each weighing 70 tonnes brotght in


by barred from Holland. Most of the engineering work is done under the


water, so divers were brought in. This face`lift is part of a wider


investment in the energy yesterday, the port operator told me this will


attract new business. This hs a significant step change for the port


of Grimsby. We are already ` hub for operations and maintenance, we have


numerous `` numinous organisations here already and this will `llow us


to attract large craft into port. Once a thriving fishing ports they


are used to big imports year, and as the final nuts and bolts ard put in


it is hoped that this will reinforce the Humber's status as you... Centre


for renewables. Some great shots of set up looking


down from the top of the dog. Thanks to everyone who got hn touch


about cutbacks to Humbersidd Police. "Everyone knows a reduction in


police means a reduction in capability,


and therefore service."John "The fact is, that as crime rates


fall and new technology makds policing easier, the force should


bear their fair share of austerity "If they can save money now without


the service deteriorating, then why Shopkeepers


in Brigg say they're disgusted after being told their advertising


signs are breaking planning laws. Some of the signs


in the town have been in pl`ce for more than a decade, but the


local council wants business owners It says it's been forced to act


after a number of complaints. Brady is one of Lincolnshird 's


prettiest market towns, but a row over shop signage is turning ugly.


Plu`mac the problem is mainly these signs, these two here. According to


the letter they have your consent to be up there. Of all these shgns have


been here for years the shop owner has been asked to apply for


retrospective planning permhssion. I do not see why we should go through


a planning process for our centre have been up there for the summit of


time. Other people leads to apply for planning, why not you? The sides


have been there longer than ten years and are solicitors have told


us to virtue of consent the `` because the sides have been there


for more than ten years we `re within our rights to leave them


there. The problem began whdn advertising hoardings hung


indiscriminately around the town where starting to litter thd area.


The town council said it has succeeded in getting the worst


offenders removed but this latest planning issue is simply an effort


to get everyone playing by the same rules. But the Federation of Small


Businesses has called its disappointing, bureaucratic and


confrontational. Rachel Crispin agrees. It is just another nit`pick


for small businesses, and I think we should be focusing more on sorting


out the litter that is caushng problems in the town. You h`ve got


to have signage so you know what the shops are, particularly the people


coming into the town for thd first time. They look fine and ard not too


in`your`face. We know where the shops are, we do not need the signs.


Applying for consent is costly and time`consuming. It is something


traders say they would like to avoid.


Earlier I spoke to Councillor Rob Waltham who represents Brigg


I began by asking him whether he thinks the counchl have


Now, I have to say that I don't I think the conversation could easily


have been had with each of those businesses to see what consdnt they


had for the signage they had up And frankly there could have bedn an


understanding about how long the sign had been up and obviously had


they done their best to work with the businesses rather than send out


a letter that causes concern and anxious to businesses. You would


agree with the Federation of Small Businesses who say it is


disappointing that the council has taken this approach in a


bureaucratic and confrontathonal way? I absolutely would agrde. Was


return is our leader and shd is clear she is pro`business and wants


to avoid bureaucracy and make doing business as simple as it possibly


can be. You say that but thdn you send these letters out. Somd of


these people have had their signs up for ten years and now they lust do


retrospective applications that will cost ?110. That does not sotnd like


a council backing business. We must work with each business on `


case`by`case basis, politic`lly the message is very clear that we are


absolutely committed to makhng sure that businesses avoid bureatcracy


and get on with doing the job that they need to do but clearly there


are some signs that maybe do not conform to the signs and thd


application can sense that dveryone else has, other traders in the town


and we do indeed to pick thdm up and bring them up to standard and make


sure they follow the law in terms of permission is required. What we


could have is somebody paying hundreds and ?10 to put an


application in for their sale then to be told by the council you're


saying does not fit in with our tweed look for the town so take it


down. That is why I say this must be done on a case`by`case basis and


that is why I am disappointdd that they have taken the tactic that they


have as the local authority and said they will put in a letter to


everyone because one size fhts all. Each business has their own signage


and own business format and that is what we must adjust our polhcy to.


That is what we will do as councillors, work with them in the


future to make sure they ard not inconvenienced. There we ard, the


subject of signs in brick and do not forget if you have a story xou think


we should know about then sdnd us an e`mail.


Hull City manager Steve Bruce was frustrated after his team threw away


a lead in last night's Leagte Cup tie at West Brom.


City led 2`1 with ten minutds to go, after goals from Tom Ince


But the home side scored twhce in two minutes late on, to put


She has been riding motorbikes since she was five years old but now Emma


Bristol has been crowned thd ladies world trials champion. It adds to


two other world titles that she has achieved this year. Her success is


now taking her around the world In a remote part of Lincolnshire


there is a tough piece of l`nd that is not for the faint`hearted. This


rocket Arena serves a very special purpose. It is a training ground for


Lincolnshire world champions. That world champion is calldd in the


Bristol and she is 23 years old and knows how to handle a motorbike


She has just become the ladhes world trials champion in and order. But


this is her third world title this year. This one is the indoor and


order World Championship medal, this one is the team event, for the


championship, and this one hs the trials for the championship winning


medal. It is a dream come true, really. This has been my sport of


choice since I was about five years old. I think growing up on the farm


you get stuck in with the boys and I did not think at that age that I


should be dressing up in a party dress and going to parties, I was


just happy doing what the boys were doing and riding the motorbhkes


Touch the fund, keep the wehght back. Coat and boyfriend is James


Fry. What Emma has managed to achieve is incredible. It h`s been


lots of hard work to keep the level up in trials the technical level,


you must be on your bike evdry day. Someone like Emma is training for


hours per day. Everyone said she had done it but I could not belheve it


until she came round the corner and held her finger up and said first.


That was amazing. For now they deserve a bit of a break but it will


not be long before Emma is back on her bike. To do it again wotld be


brilliant! Well done to Emma. The time is five


to seven, let's recount the main national and regional headlhnes


The Cabinet has backed a Brhtish air strikes against Islamic State


militants in Iraq. And Grimsby town football club have more support was


banned for their games and summer Premier League clubs. Tomorrow's


weather, a bright start but coding overthrew the morning, dry `nd sunny


through the afternoon with top temperatures of 19 degrees.


The subject of Grimsby town, VS says as a female Grimsby town fan I feel


the scrimmage against when H go to away matches. I feel out thd


stewards treat us and policd as is often appalling. They think because


you are a fan of Grimsby town you're looking for trouble. Joe saxs last


time I went to see Grimsby H was appalled with two fans at their


aggressive behaviour. It has put me off taking my grandson.


Leon said being a family man I have seen any trouble with my three kids


in seven years. Add in thred said, people in Lincoln and the elderly


will not go into Lincoln town centre when Lincoln city are playing


Grimsby. This is not accept`ble and Grimsby fans should be banndd from


coming to Lincoln. We will have your speeding sullies


tomorrow. Have a nice evening, goodbye.


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