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That's all from the team here at Westminster.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Taking on the big banks ` campaigners fight to save the only


To be perfectly frank, I thhnk it is tantamount to killing the vhllage.


People come into the villagd, or the town, to use the bank facilhties.


A speeding driver who ran over and killed a teenager is jahled


Fears the destructive plant known as Japanese Knotweed could have


I did not realise how bad it was ` especially, affecting house prices.


It is indestructible, it can come up through foundations, and it


And, we meet the dancer frol Hull returning to


After a cloudy start a cloudy start it brightens up nicely. I whll have


the forecast later in the programme. People in East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire are taking on the big banks over plans to close


more branches. NatWest


and Barclays are being crithcised The banks say customers are


increasingly doing their banking online using mobile phones `nd no


longer rely on their local branch. But many older people


and businesses say they are being Our rural affairs correspondent


Paul Murphy, has been to Market Weighton in East Yorkshire


and Kirton in Lincolnshire, where It is not often that the villagers


take to the streets. But thd loss of their last remaining bank h`s raised


hackles. It will leave this community with only cashpoint and a


post office. It is vital for us So many of us cannot walk and we are


not well. John uses a computer but he says that he also needs to visit


the bank to pay in cash. He is fearful about its departure. I think


it is tantamount to killing the village. People coming to the


village to use the bank fachlities. When they had parked, there is free


parking, they can also use the local shops. In Albania, 12 communities


have lost all of their banks. `` in our area. Soon there will bd no bank


here either. Barclays has confirmed that it will pull out beford


Christmas. It is a centre for the villages around. If they ard not


with the come here to do thdir banking, they are going to go to


another town and spend their money there. The bank said that they are


having to make commercial ddcisions due to the movement towards online


banking. That is despite thdir public commitments to areas that


suffer bank closures. We will continue to provide banking


services, even when we are the last back in town. The bank says that the


number of people using the branches has Bollinger magically. Here, they


are making arrangements with the local post office so that pdople can


continue to make financial transactions. Community say that


what they really want is for `` cuties say what they really want is


for banks to consider the ilpact of the closures.


Both Natwest and Barclays s`y customers can use a Post Office for


everyday services, but, according to the Campaign for Community Banking


Services, there is no offichal agreement in place between banks and


the Post Office and transactions for businesses will take longer


Earlier, I spoke to Rob Watts from the British Bankers' Associ`tion `


I started by asking him whether he thought the banks were


They shouldn't, because that is how they lose customers. No bank was to


close branches and the reason that they are doing it is becausd


transactions are falling very quickly, much faster than they


thought that they would. Anx of the major banks will tell Butchdr 's


actions are falling by around 1 % every year. In some branches it is


more than that. It is happening for a range of reasons. One reason is


that people are using technology to bank using their mobile phones,


computer, or tablet. We know that, but one branches to close rdad the


nearest branch is 25 miles `way There was a protest today. The banks


are ignoring the community. It is a real problem. It is important to


remember that increasingly xou can bank in your post office. There are


thousands of people watching the programme tonight who have never


been able to bank in their local village, because there's never been


a bank. However, because thd banks have done these deals with. This is,


they can no bank there. That argument does not wash with the


people who are watching. Yot are making adverts saying that xou


provide helpful banking, but it is not helpful today. Everyone knows


about the post offices, but they are also closing down. Also, yot cannot


do everything in a post offhce that you can do in a bank. There will be


many people watching your programme tonight you do not know that they


can bank in their village or town. They have never had a bank there


before. But now they can bank there. If you run a business, you cannot


turn up to peer in a lot of money at a post office. If we were vdry


honest, have the small bank branches had their day? I do not think so.


Roughly speaking, the number of branches have half in the l`st 5


years. `` how have to. At the end of the day, you want to keep your bank


branches open. My question hs, well all be branches eventually close? I


do not think so. It is something that your competitors do not have.


If you are bank, you have any advantage by keeping branchds open.


Thank you for having the back for being on the programme tonight ``


thank you for being on the programme tonight.


Should banks have any duty to stay open, especially if they ard


Or are they right to close them if they are hardly used?


Contact us using the details on screen.


A speeding driver with a defective car who knocked down and killed a


teenage boy from North Lincolnshire has been jailed for six years.


15`year`old Koen Allwood, from Barton, died in hospit`l last


November after being hit by a car as he walked his friend homd.


Damien Benson, who is 23, was driving a defective car


and later commented about the incident on Facebook.


Our reporter, Gemma Dawson, was at Grimsby Crown Court this


It was here that Koen Allwood and his girlfriend were hit by ` car


being driven by Damien Benson. You can see that there are still


tributes here. Earlier, Damhen Benson arrived at court surrounded


by friends and family winning a grey suit and carrying a holdall. In


court, we heard that he had been driving at between 48`50 miles per


hour in this 30 miles per hour zone. Koen Allwood died almost


immediately. His girlfriend has had to have five operations since then


as she will to have another one soon. The judge said that no


sentence can bring Koen Allwood back or restore his girlfriend to the


happy, lively girl but she was. Koen Allwood's mum gave me her rdaction.


It is terrible. I have another son who is only 12 years old and I had


to tell them about it and kdep going for him. I just do not want to get


out of bed. It feels like bding stabbed. You feel very alond. No


parent should have to go through that.


Tonight, Damien Benson is starting a six`year prison sentence. Koen


Allwood's mum said that she wants to move to the future. She was too


wrecked a memorial in the area. She hopes to go into local schools to


talk to young people about the dangers of driving irresponsibly, in


the hope that something poshtive can come out of this tragic event.


The Grimsby MP, Austin Mitchell is one of a small number


of MPs who voted against military action in Hraq


Politicians have been recalled to the Commons to vote on whether the


RAF should join the United States in air strikes against the grotp ISIS.


Mr Mitchell, who is stepping down next ydar,


is one of 43 MPs who were against bombing ` 524 were in favour.


A teenager has been stabbed near the city centre in Hull.


The 17`year`old boy suffered serious injuries when he was attackdd,


with what police described as a "sharp object",


A 47`year`old man has been `rrested on suspicion


It is a weed that can grow eight hnches


a day and can even penetratd tarmac ` potentially wiping thousands


Now, it is thought Japanese knotweed has invaded an area


of Hull that prides itself on its greenery and well`kept gardens.


It is one of Hull's most le`fy neighbourhoods ` full


But an unwelcome resident h`s put the shrubbery under scrutinx.


It is indestructible. It can get the new tarmac and go through


foundations. This is Japanese Knotweed


in a passageway behind homes It is classed as one


of the world's most invasivd species due to the impact it can have on


biodiversity and the damage it can It's such a problem that


in this country it is classdd as "controlled waste"


to try and prevent its spre`d. People who live nearby had no idea


such a menace was threatening Is it a worry? It is if the cause of


damage to the house. If you want to move in the future, you havd to


think whether it will affect the value of the house.


But this Asian plant is not confined to one area of the city.


This place in Hull is absolttely full of dad`mac. It is very


difficult and expensive to get rid off. One expert has told me that to


clear all of this land for `ny future work it would cost over


?100,000. Here is a substantial amount of Japanese knotweed.


Dave Cook is one specialist who has seen a rise in requests to deal with


the invasive plant ` he says people need to know how to identifx it


This is a perfect example of dad`mac. It has spear shaped


leaves. The other important thing that you can see is that thdre is a


green stem with purple speckles While we were filming, one passer


by realised he has been battling I didn't know about it. I s`w you


there and thought, I have that in my garden. I cannot get rid of it.


With reports of some people being refused


mortgages due to infestations of the plant, experts say normal


The problem is that if you have a very long established plants. As any


gardener will tell you, it will take several applications of weedkiller


to get rid of it. But its cane`like stalks and deep


roots cannot be thrown out with normal waste by law ` a gardening


headache for those with this Phillip Norton, BBC Look North,


Hull. The UKIP leader Nigel Faragd says he


will limit the number He shaved his hair off for charity,


now Hull City's Tom Huddlestone is A Lincoln photographer who has


snapped some of the world's most famous faces,


including Frank Sinatra and the Queen, will hold his first


exhibition in the City tonight. Mike Maloney, who used to work


for The Daily Mirror, has given us a preview of these


previously unpublished picttres It includes the Queen letting


down her reserve in 1978 chdering A picture of Princess Diana


on her wedding day. And these photographs showing Frank


Sinatra and Liza Minnelli ` who is Mike showcases his work frol tonight


at the Guildhall Studio in Lincoln. It is also the science Festhval this


weekend and Trinity music fdstival in Hull. Let's see if the wdather is


going to be good. It is looking OK for this wdekend.


It should be dry. Tomorrow, it should stay dry and we may see some


sunshine. This morning it w`s cloudy. But there is a front coming


from the west that will introduce more cloud. This evening it will be


fine. Overnight, it will st`y dry and clear. Tomorrow morning, it will


start to change. Temperaturds 7`10 Celsius. The sun will rise `t 6 55am


tomorrow. Here are the high water pipelines. It is going to bd a cold


start. `` here are the high water times. Through the afternoon


tomorrow we will see more cloud but it should stay dry. Temperatures


tomorrow will be above aver`ge at 18, 20 Celsius. Overnight, there


will be quite a lot of cloud. Temperatures 11`12 Celsius. On


Sunday it will still be clotdy. Temperatures will still stax at


around 18`19 Celsius. The UKIP leader, Nigel Farage,


is defending his party's proposal to limht the


number of migrants coming to work In an interview for BBC Look North,


Mr Farage responded to a qudstion from a nurse at Boston's Pilgrim


Hospital ` who asked whether the NHS UKIP's annual conference


has started in Doncaster. Nigel Farage has been speakhng to


our political editor, Tim Iredale. I have been wanting this cotntry to


be free, independent, and self`governing. If Nigel Farage


wants to secure MPs at Westlinster we will have to wind over voters in


towns like Boston. I would like to ask misty Farage what he is going to


do about his law and order policy. `` Nigel Farage. Many peopld who


commit serious crimes only go to prison for a short time. We need to


build more prison places. There are problems with placing due to be


rocketed. We need a change of culture. I would like to ask Nigel


Farage how he is good to crdate more jobs for English people in Boston.


I'm going to control the labour supply. There are too many people


coming looking for work. We are back to the peaks that we were at under


the last Labour Party. It is getting harder for young people to get jobs.


I work in a hospital and I `m Filipino. I would like to ask Nigel


Farage weather he is happy to accept immigration in this country,


particularly for the NHS? Is it necessary? No one is saying that


there is not good people coling into work in the hill fog servicd.


However, there are also manx people that we are providing hill fog care


for. It is meant to be a national health care service. Do you accept


that without foreign workers there will be a problem in the NHS? We


need to control it. Almost dvery country in the work controls who is


coming to their country. We have an open door on an unlimited b`sis As


they gathered at Doncaster racecourse, UKIP were no longer seen


`` UKIP are no longer seen `s political outsiders.


The UKIP conference will be one of the talking points


Guests include the MP for South Holland and the Deepings `


Hull City star Tom Huddlestone has been named Celebrity Fundrahser


of the Year by the charity group Just Ghving.


He was given the award for refusing to cut his hair


until he scored, raising money for cancer research as he dhd.


Tomorrow, all of the Tigers' players will be backing the


Teenage Cancer Trust, as our sports reporter, Simon Clark, expl`ins


He is the captain of the cltb and now he is an ambassador


Curtis Davies had no hesitation in backing the club's partndr


charity this year, as they seek to raise ?50,000 for poorly yotng


We are trying to raise ?50,000 through tickets, experiences,


auctions of shirts and boots ` whatever we can do.


We are trying to give a little bit of money back to fund


the Teenage Cancer Trust in this region, especially


Castle Hill which is just around the corner from our training ground


When a young person gets to meet someone from Hull City,


But being able to come down to the football ground while they `re going


through treatment is a really normal then the young people can do.


Being able to partner with the club in that way is gre`t.


Good work is nothing new for the Hull City players,


revealing very sound bedsidds manners at a Christmas visit to


Tom Huddleston made a very public statement


about cancer research by growing his hair until he scored thhs goal.


Off came the hair and in came the cash and Huddleston has


been named Just Giving's celebrity fundraiser of the year.


Tomorrow at the KC, fans can be involved too as collections


And that collection takes place before Hull City play Manchdster


City tomorrow ` hear it on BBC Radio Humberside FM frol 3PM.


On AM, it is Scunthorpe United's League One trip to Oldham.


Digital and online has Grimsby Town's Conference m`tch with


Chester and BBC Radio Lincolnshire's covering Lincoln City's homd game


And good luck to Cleethorpes and North Ferriby, who face each other


in Grimsby tomorrow afternoon in the FA Cup qualifying competition.


The Bishop of Hull says he will miss the people


of Hull and East Yorkshire, as he prepares to leave the city to


During his 16 years in the post the Right Reverend Richard Frith


supported acceptance of womdn bishops and spoke out against


a number of policies, including the so`called bedroom tax.


It is very important that whth so much that is positive happening


in the city that we do not `llow people to get left behind.


I think the role, part of the role, of anyone who is involved in


the life of the city is to try and ensure that we do not forget those


There is a lot happening and a lot that is very positive


I think that Hull being the city of culture is great


and it does make me have very mixed feelings about leaving.


Liam Mower, from east Hull, was just 12 when he hit


the west`end playing Billy Dlliot in the musical version of the film.


He became the youngest winndr of a Lawrence Olivier award.


Liam is now 22 and taking on the role of Billy again hn a


performance that will be broadcast live from London to cinemas


Simon Spark went to meet hil in rehearsal.


This is Liam Mower aged 12 hn 2 05, chosen to become one of thrde


Billy Elliots for the launch of a new musical.


And this is him now, aged 22, back to play an older Billy


in a special performance to his biggest ever audience.


Because not only will he be live on stage in London, but the whole


production will be screened live to most cinemas across the country


I am going to try not to thhnk about it too much. There is going to be


one performance where a camdra is going to be on stage and it is going


to look around. `` it is gohng to go around me. I am gaining expdrience,


but I still feel like a little boy. It brings back many memories. I get


very nervous but I am excitdd as well. I am not nervous just now but


on the big day I will be nervous. One of Liam's most recent roles has


been playing the prince in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake `


the same ballet and part th`t Billy So fittingly,


Liam will now play an older Billy It is such a bizarre real`lhfe story


that he has ended up in Sworn Lake and then he has come back to the


show. This is a privileged look at the rehearsals. This will bd a very


special show. Billy Elliot the musical will be


performed and simul`cast to cinemas on Sunday at 2PM and will star


Hull's very own success story. And you can see that perforlance


at almost every cinema Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlhnes MPs vote for British air strikes


against Islamic State in Ir`q. Campaigners in Lincolnshire


fight to save the last remahning Rather cloudy south of the Humber


at first, with the risk On the subject of banks, we have had


some mixed responses. One m`n says that he does not have a bank and he


now needs to get a bus. He has a computer but he does not do Internet


banking. A woman says that branches are also closing around her on


designated days. It is being done quietly. Another person comlents


that they lost a branch recdntly. Protests do not do any good. A lady


comments that you cannot do business banking at a post office, only


personal banking. Another pdrson asks what happened to supporting


your local post office? Get your facts right and stop living in the




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