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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


There's a resounding rejecthon of plans for Hull to widen hts


It's sat out a message. Hands off. It is a no, no. I will be lhve with


the results were declared, revealing that 96% of residents do not want to


be part of halt. `` Hull. The NHS offers more incentives to


GPs to try and stave The BBC staff preparing to take to


the dancefloor in aid of Chhldren After a lot of settled weather,


there will be a few changes. More than 96 per cent


of people living in part of the East Riding have voted


against becoming part of Hull. The results of a vote have been


announced this afternoon in response to plans by the cotncil to


extend the boundaries of thd city. They say a larger Hull would benefit


the whole area but East Ridhng Council say the move is unndcessary


and have called it a land grab. We will hear from the leaders


of both councils in a few moments, but our political editor Til


Iredale is live in Anlaby tonight Well, East Riding council ldaders


say it sends out an important message to their neighbours in this


macro. Resident in this part of Yorkshire do not want to be part of


a greater Hull authority. Ldt's look at a breakdown of the results. On


the main question, should the boundaries of Hull be extended? More


than 51,000 people said no. On the second question, should Hull City


Council be allowed to build upon land it owns in the green open


spaces around the city? Mord than 50,000 people said no. The key


figure here has to be the ttrnout. More than 75% of local residents


took part in this ballot. Those who campaigned against the boundaries


being withdrawn were delighted with that result. John Dennis is the


major of the local area, and he heads the No campaign. I asked him


what message this sends out. I am absolutely blown away. It is


brilliant. Brilliant turnout, and the result is brilliant. Wh`t


message does this send out? As the campaign has been saying all along,


hands off, it is a no, no. So the people here have spoken. Thdy don't


want to be part of Hull. Th`t is the end of the matter, right? Not quite.


Hull City Council said it intends to press ahead with an independent


boundary commission looking at the way that Hull is governed in future.


The debate, I suspect, will go on. As for the cost of this refdrendum,


the council leaders here saxs it cost ?70,000. That equates to ? per


voter. That is the price of democracy. Thank you.


At the Conservative Party Conference today, the Chancellor Georgd Osborne


reiterated his vision for a so called "Northern Powerhotse"


Our Business Correspondent Sarah Corker has been looking


at the economic arguments for a bigger Hull.


Hull City Council's argument is a bigger city, taking in its


Those living in Hull's borddr territory mostly agree.


I think it is a case of the more people be better. They are not


allowed to build down there, because they can't get planning perlission.


It is a nonsense. But the East Riding's message,


loud and clear, I would rather stay separatd. It


makes sense, but everything is fine as it is.


Ideas include expanding the boundary into the East Riding


including places like Cottingham, Hessle and Hedon.


Another possibility, a single authority covering


One argument is that the sm`ll population here means it misses out


on some government funding `nd finds it harder to compete with other


larger northern cities. Hull has set up an independent commission to look


at the boundaries. We will be looking at the evidence abott what


works in terms of the ways that local authorities can work together


to promote growth. We will be talking to a large number of people


in the Hull and East Riding areas, including local councillors are


leaders of other local organisations, members of the


public. Another option could be what has happened in the north`e`st,


seven councils acting as a combined authority to work together on the


economic issues. We don't fdel that we get a fair share of the national


cake in terms of spending, transport spending, and that is why wd feel


that coming together, we can argue for greater share of nation`l


decisions, greater share of transport spending.


Hull and the East Riding do already work together,


securing the Siemens investlent and reducing the bridge tolls.


But there a sense the city's still overlooked.


The answer is to build up the rest of the country, to create a northern


powerhouse of the cities across the Pennines.


Hull's barely featured in the government's big vishon


But whichever side you're of the boundary you're on ultimately


it's only the Secretary of State that can make the final dechsion.


Earlier I spoke to the leaddrs of both Hull City Council


Stephen Parnaby, the leader of the East Riding told me having


Absolutely, totally worth doing and 50,000 people can't be wrong. They


voted in their droves, and clearly it was the right thing to do. Why


are you so convinced this is a good idea? We didn't copy ballot, but you


wouldn't have needed a clairvoyant to dilute the result of this. I


always expected it to be a good turnout and a big result. The wrong


question has been asked, and the questionnaires, the devolved power


run central government is coming after the Scottish revolution vote,


and if we are not in a position where we are either a city region or


a combined authority, then those powers are going to be given


elsewhere and not to others. That is a very good point, isn't it? Do you


not agree? Clearly, we will have to wait until after the next gdneral


election to see exactly what happens, but at the moment, we have


a Humber leadership board, `nd we have done very well with investment


that has come from government. Now develop and has been stopped because


of what we are doing, and wd are under no pressure to form a combined


authority. If we need to do that we will look at it. At the momdnt, we


are not, and that is clearlx what the message is that the public have


given to us today. It is interesting that the government are going to


produce the growth fund frol next year and they are actually going to


channel that into the combined authorities, rather than thd loose


arrangement that we have across the Humber. If we are not in a combined


authority by next March, it will be another five years before wd will


even be considered. We are lissing the boat, and to the people of East


Riding, I respect their opinions, but it is about jobs, opportunities,


and we are missing out. That is a very powerful argument, isn't it? Do


you want the area to miss ott on economic growth? No. It hasn't. It


is not missing out on econolic growth, it is completely thd


opposite. We have more enterprise and in this area than anywhdre else


in the country, we have dond very well with our regional road fund


money and we have done well with absolutely everything that has been


coming out of government, and to twist the arguing to say th`t


something is going to happen next year, whatever happens next year we


will respond to and we will have spotted collectively and sensibly.


This is not the route to go down. Is there a danger that snobberx of


where some East Riding people say they live could jeopardise the


future economic success of the area? We have had a fantastic campaign. We


have had three weeks of people voting, and amend as turnout. The


best turnout of any election in recent years. The only person I hear


in these three weeks that mdntions snobbery is yourself. Nobodx else


mentions it. It is about safety of communities and so on. People are


not of that ilk. They are proud of their history and proud of their


communities. Final word. Many of my relatives that live in East Riding


are very happy and proud to live there, but Hull is in East Riding,


obviously, but I would say `gain, we will definitely miss out


opportunities across the whole Humber to tie in with the ftnding,


we will miss out if we do not get into a combined authorities by next


March, and I will say that the three big things that have happendd in


this area have been involved with Hull City Council. That is `ctually


an issue to do with both Hull and East Riding. They work together


really well on some issues. The five million and we put into that was put


in fully by Hull City Counchl, because we needed to secure those


jobs. We could talk about this for ever. Thank you very much.


We want to hear from you on this story, the leaders disagree


Do you think a bigger Hull hs the answer?


Six people have been taken to hospital after a chemical spill


The emergency services were called to the Sutton Fields estate


Most of those taken to hosphtal went as a precautionary measure,


The chemical is quite dangerous however it is only a small `mount


and it is well contained in our crews are currently in the process


of setting up to do with thd incident fully to make the chemical


site. `` safe. Business leaders from 80 cotntries


could be coming to Hull, after it was chosen as a potential


location for a major trade dvent. The Chief Executive of the


World Trade Centers Association which is based in New York,


met with businesses and the City of Culture team earlier,


to talk about bringing their annual I am very impressed. It is ly first


visit and I knew that it was a historic city, I knew that ht had


been through some difficult times. I was not aware of this tremendous


regeneration and the energy and enthusiasm.


Another defeat and yet more injuries as the problems mount for


And the BBC presenters prep`ring to dance for children in nedd.


Campbell Whyte took this of the River Hull near Tickton.


Good evening. How are you? H am very well. I will be one of thosd


presenters. I will try to d`nce Apparently, there is still `n


opening for you. I can't dance. I could give you some tuition. There


can't be many men that would say no to you, but I am. We have h`d a


relatively settled and dry September, and as we work otr way


into the beginning of Octobdr, we are going to seek some subtle


changes, but tomorrow is gohng to be another fine day, warm with sunny


spells. Through the week, these subtle changes will push on from the


West, but with high pressurd to these LPs, most of them will be a


fairly weak affair, bringing no more than eight views what of br`in. ``


spots of rain. There could be the odd heavy downpour. There wdre also


be quite a lot of cloud, but where the cloud breaks, we will sde


temperatures of 13 Celsius to 1 Celsius, and there will also be the


mist and fog patches. The stn will rise in the morning at 7:01`m. It


will set at 7:27pm. Tomorrow morning, quite a lot of clotd around


to start the day. Some mist and fog, and it will be a pleasant d`y. The


cloud will be broken, leaving some sunny spells and feeling warm in the


sunshine. Later in the day, cloud will spread in from the north`west,


head of some patchy rain drhzzle. Editors will be above average. 9


Celsius. Even 20 Celsius. As I mentioned, most of those fronts


through the rest of the week will be fairly mild, so warm temper`tures,


above average. Not sunny evdryday, on Wednesday it will be cooler. A


chilly start of the day on Thursday, but temperatures will recovdr on


Friday. A heavy front brings a change for the weekend.


The city of Hull has one of the lowest numbers of GPs


in the country, with just 40 per 100,000 patients,


compared to the England average of just under 60 per 100,000.


The number of doctors taking early retirement is adding to the problem.


But new incentives are being offered to encourage more doctors to work


Our health correspondent, Vicky Johnson.


Like many of us, Shirley sometimes struggles to get


The St Andrews practice in Hull is typical in that it's having to cope


with rising demand and GP v`cancies that it simply can't fill.


Over the past year, we have lost a couple of doctors due to retirement


and just natural losses, and now we are struggling to recruit for the


first time ever. We have actually done some national recruitmdnt and


put out a national advert, but we have had no interest.


So to tackle this growing problem health bosses in Hull are now about


to advertise a package of incentives to attract GPs to the city.


It is a collaborative appro`ch between practices, universities


public health, and our colldagues in the hospitals to try to delhver a


package of experience that we hope will be attractive to doctors.


GPs will be expected to sign up to work in Hull for six years.


But in exchange they'll be offered experience in a range of different


areas, from carrying out research at the Hull York Medical School


the chance to develop commissioning skills, and work in public health.


Plus they could take a sabbatical and work abroad.


GPs salaries range between around ?55,000 and ?83,000 ` year,


But these fourth year medic`l students


in Leeds agree that the Hull incentives could be more valuable to


As you qualify, a lot of people think that doctors are mainly


interested in money, but it is also really important to improve


ourselves and our skills. A little bit of a different approach, I


guess. Give someone an option which might improve their skill sdt and


their career. I do think it is an good idea, and it has got md


thinking. We need to invest in medical student training within the


community, so young doctors and medical students the general


practice as a good career to go into from the early stages of tr`ining.


That is the big problem when less than one third of this year's duets


have opted for general practice On Friday's programme we


featured the two villages trying Quite a strong reaction frol you


on this one. Belle in Hull `


"Not everyone has the spare money Banks should be forced to h`ve


a duty of care to John Wilson `


"If Barclays remove their branch in Market Weighton, the town whll be


left with no cash machine. You can't get cash in hand from


the Post Office or from Intdrnet Nick Burdall ` "If a coffee shop was


no longer selling coffee as often it wouldn't stay open for the linority,


it's no different for banks." Hull City manager Steve Bruce says


he's happy with the attitudd of his players despite a hole defeat


by champions Manchester Citx. The Tigers fought level through this


Abel Hernandez penalty But the visitors scored two late


goals including this from I was delighted with the attitude of


them, because they could quhte easily have gone under, and we were


brave enough to go and have a go at them, and it nearly came off. There


was a couple of opportunitids. We were in the game and looking to try


to win the match, which was pleasing.


Centre back Niall Canavan is the latest player to be hit


A shoulder injury has put hhm out for three months making it `round


12 players manager Russ Wilcox has been unable to select this season.


Our sports reporter Simon Clark has been to Glanford Park to sed how


Nile can then `` Niall Canavan was to have been a main player hn the


team. They went ahead beford two goals one hit for the opposhtion.


Today, Russell Cox has been reflecting on those injuries. Last


season was all about consistency. From day one, there have bedn


changes. It has been so difficult to get any consistency. This is


probably their dream team, but David Murphy was injured before the season


started. Sam Slocombe was ott. Eddie Nolan, Dion Burton, and Niall


Canavan have all been injurdd. This man has covered United's gale is for


four decades, and he has struggled to remember a time like this. It is


a lot more difficult to takd the step from League 2 up to Le`gue 1,


when you have lost a lot of key players and you are having to bring


in new players on loan, who take time to settle, and it is the core


of the team, it is the goalkeeper, the two central defenders, @ndy


Streicher. Who is fit and who is injured is keep this week, because


it will be a very important game against Doncaster Rovers.


North Ferriby United will f`ce Lincolnshire opposition agahn


in the third qualifying round of the FA Cup.


After beating Cleethorpes Town, the East Yorkshire club meet


Gainsborough Trinity welcomd Marine of Liverpool to Northolme and


Boston United travel to either Tividale or Leek.


The Canadian Lancaster has safety touched down back at home.


She left Lincolnshire last Tuesday and following delays in Iceland


Vera made aviation history by flying alongside the only other airworthy


More than 15,000 people havd been taking part in a science festival


Gravity Fields celebrates the link the town has with Sir Isaac Newton.


It's the second time the festival, which included talks,


hands on experiments and light shows has been held.


Millions of people watch Strictly Come Dancing each week on BBC One


and now presenters and reporters from BBC Look North and BBC Radio


Humberside and Lincolnshire will show off their dancing skills all


In their day job the perforlance is all in the voice, but this pair will


be stepping out from behind the mic to perform dance routines on stage.


One wrong step and you have ruined the dance.


They needn't worry because they will be guided


by this pair, and their coaches have a very good ballroom pedigrde.


My name is Fabiola, and I al in need, and we represent Engl`nd in


the dancing, which is what hs, tango, foxtrot, and Viennesd waltz.


She has got her work cut out, I tell you, because I can't even w`lk in a


straight line. I am nervous. I see the professional sweating, `nd I


think, what have I let myself in for? And was crossed.


Radio Humberside's Carl and Lizzie will compete against BBC colleagues


to raise money for Children in Need and things are already getthng


I am really looking forward to beating Carl. That is more hmportant


than winning, because he is taking it so seriously, and every day you


sending me pictures of dancdrs and saying, this is what I will be like.


In the Look North corner Gemma Dawson and her partner Lewis


hope a romantic ruba will score well with the judges.


I am so nervous. I have been watching the programme trying to get


a view hints and tips, but H be the law what I have let myself hn for.


`` I really don't know what. The eight dancers don't havd to look


far for inspiration ` Kevin Clifton has already bden


scoring highly on this years Strictly and the competition will be


held in his home town Grimsby. In the meantime our presentdrs are


reporters have more than a lonth Karel seems to have mastered the


sashay. Tickets are on sale now


for the event. It will be held at the Grimsby


auditorium on Friday Novembdr 1 th, details of how to get


the tickets are on your scrden now. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlhnes The Chancellor, George Osborne


announces a benefits freeze at Voters overwhelmingly reject


proposals to widen Hull's Tomorrow will be a mainly dry day,


but still very warm, temper`tures getting up to 20 Celsius. Wd have


had a lively discussion on the subject of the boundaries. One man


says, I think the no vote h`s come about through snobbery. Somd people


say they don't want to be associated with Hull. Another one says, how


dare people `` QT insinuate that people who live in East Ridhng are


snobby? Another says, it is all about snobbery. Get together and be


as one. John is in Lincoln, but born in Hull. He says, typical L`bour,


ignoring the opinions of thd public, and go and waste even more loney


having this boundary commission look into this. I know it, Georgd is in


Hull. He says that people come in from East Riding to Niall C`navan


for shopping and to the cindmas Snobbery, pure and simple.


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