30/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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blustery. Thank you very much. That is all from us. Now


North. The headlines tonight: The lunch police checking children's


pack`ups for banned food. Hull helps to solve a recruhtment


National Powerboat Championships say it may head up the coast next year.


On strike ` the construction workers walking out over the state of their


toilets. The ?1 million fundraising campaign


for guide dogs which has taken nearly 50 years.


A school in Hull has tonight changed a controversial policy on p`cked


Academy gave 11`year`olds jobs as packed lunch police to check


other pupils' lunches for chocolate, crisps and sausage rolls. M`ny


parents say it is up to thel what goes in the lunchbox. After we


contacted the school today, they changed the policy and said the


responsibility for checking pack`ups would now pass to teachers. Phillip


The morning ritual of packing lunches for Rachel's two chhldren.


A child's lunchbox, inside the sausage roll, chocolate and crisps


that will get a warning from the packed lunch policd,


a school imposed police force of Year 6 pupils that sends


warnings home to fellow students parents for unhealthy food.


for their dinner. It is the parents' decision.


It is ridiculous. It is not down to staff or children what the kids eat


Rachel says her children have been returning home hungry,


afraid to eat items which could land them in trouble


I would rather pack them up with something than worry it's something


At the school today, many parents were unhappy.


It is disgusting where they can get ten`year`olds other children's bags.


I did not know who is polichng the ten`year`olds. My children, if they


see the police coming round, they hide the food so they do not get


into trouble. It is wrong, putting them in a predicament that they do


not need to be in. It can c`use arguments, as well.


The issue of healthy school meals was first highlighted by


Jamie Oliver in 2005 when hd managed to remove now infamous


Another high`profile incident saw parents feeding children fish


and chips and burgers through a school fence in Rotherham as they


And it's not the first time Hall Road Academy has hit the he`dlines.


At the height of Euro 2012, the school banned football


The statement says there has been a huge abbreviation `` radiathon


``variation and the types of food brought in for school lunchds and


the policy domains but will no longer be policed by pupils.


Jo Nicholas is from the Children's Food Trust, a charity which offers


advice and training to help kids have a balanced diet. I started by


asking her what she made of lunch boxes being checked.


I think it is up to every individual school to decide what is best for


the pupils and for themselvds. It needs to be done with full `nd


proper consultation with parents. Parents have told us that they


should choose what goes at ` lunch box. Should the school suspdct that?


I think it is all about givhng consistent messages. In the canteen


at lunch time pupils cannot have things like confectionery and salty


snacks like crisps and sugary drinks. A classy children are taught


about healthy eating and it is important for those consistdnt


messages. What do you say to parents who regularly put crests and sausage


rolls and chocolates in the lunchbox of her son or daughter? We would


encourage parents to follow the packed lunch policies of schools


where they are in place. I would not say a child should have those in the


lunchbox. Who should dictate what's in a


packed lunch? Do parents know best Armed police officers have


surrounded a house in Hull. The emergency services were


called to Beverley Road at just before five


o'clock this afternoon. Humberside Police have confirmed that they are


currently dealing with an incident A pilot scheme to give school pupils


a flu vaccination is being tried out in Lincolnshire.


Nurses are visiting all secondary schools to give the vaccine, which


is sprayed up the nose rathdr than by injection. It's hoped thd scheme


will eventually be introducdd Demolition work has begun at a


former hotel in Hull. Hull City Council says The New York Hotel


which is opposite the railw`y station had become unsafe. Ht's


hoped the area will be redeveloped The Government is to give an extra


?2 million to help improve rail services between Lincoln and


Nottingham. The additional funding will be used to run faster lore


frequent trains. The changes are expected to be made by May next


year. The main one


for us is that there is a ndw It will be leaving Lincoln puite


early in the morning but arriving Whether that's connectivity to other


trains, or for people who pdrhaps need to get to work early in


Nottingham, or for appointmdnts over that way if they are in bushness


meeting clients in Nottingh`m. That's all to the good


for businesses and those th`t live, It's claimed Britain is at risk of


being left with a "one shot" Army that could never fight in more than


one country. The Government wants to double the number of reservhsts


while dramatically reducing the regular Army. But with recrtitment


much slower than expected the army performed a stunt in the centre of


Hull to try to enlist more part timers, who start their service on


?36 pounds a day. Crispin Rolfe A PR stunt being abseiled


into the heart of Hull. The army in urgent need


of reservists, part`time soldiers who'll fhll


the gap left by government cuts They'll see 102,000 regular soldiers


are being reduced to 82,000 by 020, with an aim


of then increasing reserves But is today's recruitment drive


an admission that the army hs Overall, the reserves incre`sed by


2% last year. We have stoppdd the decline we were experiencing in


previous years and a five`ydar programme, we are investing in it


and confident to make the ntmbers. That confidence isn't shared by


auditors, which is why the `rmy s come to Hull, traditionally one


of its strongest recruitment areas. Steve Andrew is about to go


for his first week's training. Looking forward to that and seeing


where it takes me. Are you disappointed it is not full`time?


But it could lead to a full`time job Young people


could get great skills and they have The Army's been welcomed here


by Hull City Council. But with no full`time jobs on offer,


will people be signing up? No, because there are coursds out


there like team`building. I was interested in a chef, different


opportunity. This is what reservists


could be signing up for. them is the government's nedd to


create a new cost effective Army by So opportunities


for Hull are there but underlying We need to reserve this bec`use of


the ad very economical in kdeping spare capacity in peacetime and


offer a real opportunity for the young men and women who join them.


Is the marketing and recruitment pool? ``poor? This is exactly the


sort of thing we can sure pdople how exciting it is to be to be `


reservist. A former colonel said the move to reserve this is


short`sighted and another one said it is like moving from comprehensive


insurance to third`party insurance and we wonder if it is army on the


cheap question the Mac? ``Army on the cheap? No, in both world war as


the reserve has played a crtcial role. Joining the reserves offers


huge opportunities to acquire new skills and for leadership and, chip


and so on and 70 decorations for gallantry which members of the


reserve forces have one in Hraq and Afghanistan has shown just how good


they can be. ``have won. Yot may be interested in contacting us about


this. construction workers walking out


over the condition of their conveniences.


Nearly 50 years in the making ` the David Marsden took this looking


towards Bridlington from Sewerby. It does not look too bad for the


start of the tool bar. Septdmber was the driest on record. ``for October.


Thursday will be dry with some sunshine but there could be missed


and fog in the morning. ``mhst and fog.


The sun rises in the morning just after seven o'clock and the high


water in Hull is at half past 1 in the morning. There will be some


sunny spells and the risk of 12 showers. ``one or two showers.


Thursday will offer a taste of autumn and Friday looks find but


then autumn really arrives overnight and it will be unstable over the


weekend. One lady has asked you to stop putting your hand in your


trouser pocket. See you tomorrow. Trading Standards officers hn


Lincolnshire have raided shops and seized hundreds of packets of what


are described as legal highs. Scientists at the Universitx of


Lincoln are currently testing the powders to check if they contain any


illegal substances. Many sililar drugs were made illegal by the


government in 2010, and expdrts say manufacturers are making tiny


changes to the drugs to get round This is one


of 1100 packets seized by Trading Standards in Lincolnshire


recently. Sold legally in shops


on the high street, now scientists are analysing them to


find out exactly what they contain. We have powders and pills


and then herbal products. The powders and the pills txpically


are stimulants and they are designed The herbal products,


tend to be cannabinoids, Known as new psychoactive


substances, legal highs are designed to have the same effect


as illegal drugs but they h`ve been changed ever so slightly


at a molecular level so thex are However, the most recent figures


show the number of deaths lhnked to legal highs in the UK rose


from 10 in 2009, to 68 in 2012. The concern is these


substances are not regulated. Manufactured in premises


which have got no quality control, no safety precautions in pl`ce


and no`one knows what the short or long term effects of these products


are going to be on the user. The owner of one


of the places recently raiddd says she only buys from suppliers she


trusts and never sells to children. She worries targeting shops


like hers will force the sale of legal highs underground,


making them even harder to control. The problem is a lot


of this stuff is now being sold for easy money under the cotnter


by people who are not displ`ying it, by houses that I know of


in Boston that are just litdrally Trading Standards said it whll


continue to strictly monitor legal highs and if harmful substances are


found in seized packets, Organisers of the National Powerboat


Championships in Hull say it's possible it won't be held in the


city next year. P1 Superstock says Hull City Council has never helped


with funding and the event's become to costly to run without support.


The Council says it's liaishng with organisers and no decisions have


been made. Tolu Adeoye reports. These were the crowds in Hull to


watch the national powerboat Championships earlier this xear It


was the fourth and possibly last Organisers, Powerboat P1 sax it


costs around ?75,000 to stage. Much of the money gods


towards ` security, signage, road closures and street cleaning. It


says Hull City Council has never helped with funding and wants it to


meet 50% of the costs. We would really like to continue to


build a relationship with Htll. It is time that the council cale to the


party and shared some of thhs with local business.


Hull Speed Ahead was paid for by local businesses and races `t the


event. Pilot Dave says it would be a massive loss if the race dodsn't


It is not just financial, it is about the heritage of the Rhver


Humber and it is a great spdctacle and it is free. Officials from the


council said they did not think it was appropriate to talk abott this


at this time and in a statelent they said that no decisions had been


made. A little further up the coast ` and


Scarborough is one of the other venues being considered to host the


event in Hull's place. A final result of yesterday's referdndum,


which asked people living in the East Riding if they wanted Hull to


have more control of their `ffairs. More than 96% of those who voted


said they didn't want Hull to extend its boundaries to take in places


like Hedon, Hessle and Cotthngham. Mark from Hull says "They don't


complain when they come across and use our shops and the things we


provide like the new theatrd so I think it comes down to snobbery "


Patricia in Cottingham disagrees. are East Riding and would lhke to


keep some green spaces, not because we are snobs but because we do not


want to live in a concrete jungle. Mike in Beverley says "Hull clearly


struggle managing a small chty with current funding. So they wotldn t be


able to cope with a larger city and The FA has confirmed its decision to


reject Hull City's name change is being looked at again. The proposal


to change the club's name to Hull Tigers was rejected by the FA


council in April. A final ddcision There's a full round of non`league


Conference matches tonight. Grimsby Town take on Southport. You can hear


that game on BBC Radio Humbdrside. And BBC


Radio Lincolnshire have Lincoln City's match with Gateshead. That


programme starts at 7.45. The Lincoln branch of the Gtide Dogs


charity hope to topple ?1 mhllion of money`raising during Nation`l Guide


Dog Week. It's enough to fully train 20 dogs for their entire working


life, but they won't be popping the Champagne just yet because they re


still ?15,000 short and to get this far has taken 47 years. Simon Spark


has been finding out more. You are relying on everybodx else


and family and friends and xou feel you are putting on people all the


time. Catherine is the mothdr of two grown`up children, an accountant,


and registered blind. With her third guide dog to help she is hardly ever


in her house. This has turndd me around from being a hermit to


someone who is happy to go `nd speak to somebody in a school or ` club


and tell them about what it is like to have a visual impairment and that


you can have a fulfilling lhfe. This is a big dog with a big strhde.


Hopefully a milestone is just around the corner as this weekend Catherine


will be raising money for the start of National Guide Dogs Week. They


are hoping to achieve the mhllion pound mark, which will have taken 47


years. We do not do the ice bucket challenge and it has taken ` long


time to achieve this which hs why it is something that we are very proud


of. power station staged an unofficial


strike this morning ` over the conditions of the toilets. Lembers


of Unite and the GMB union walked out, claiming facilities on site


were not fit for purpose ` `nd were causing workers to become unwell.


Kate Sweeting reports. These construction workers should be


building a new power station at Ferrybridge.


Instead they're on strike ` but not over pay.


The reason, they say, is thd state some time ` but is now so b`d


workers said they had to walk out. I would not put my dog in there


There have been a few lads going home with tummy upsets and bugs


When you need to go to the toilet and you don't have time to balance


the members. By the time we balloted the members, you can imagind what


would have happened. The contractor says it's aw`re of


the problem and is hoping to resolve bring in new toilets and improve


hygeine. They'll return to work tomorrow, when it's hoped bding


caught short will no longer be a Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The Home Secretary says a future Conservative


government would impose tighter restrictions on people with


extremist views. A school in Hull changes its


controversial policy on packed lunches that led furious parents to


start a petition. Tomorrow's weather: Rather cloudy


with some sunny spells and ` risk of a few scattered showers although


many places will stay dry. Laximum temperature 18 Centigrade (64


Farenheit). James asks what gives a school right


to ask parents what they should put in packed lunches. Shirley says she


would rather give her child something she knew they would eat


rather than have them be hungry all day. Another lady says that parents


who put unhealthy stuff and a packed lunch might need educating


themselves while Simon says that the duty of the school is to edtcate and


not dictate. This spine into mansion boxes is wrong and should bd


stopped. Join me if you can later on.


The stage is set for the Party Conference Season 2014.


Stay with BBC News for the key moments,


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