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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Breaking the law ` police crack down on drivers using phones.


If you're looking at a phone or texting


you miss those few seconds and the consequences can be tragic.


Royal Mail finally drops Hulberside from address lists,


I don't live there, it doesn't exist.


I wasn't born in Humberside, I was born in Yorkshire.


New calls for a Boston bypass as drivers spend hours in traffic.


A royal visitor drops in on a local school `


Prince Andrew praises pupils' business ideas.


The mystery of the war pland found by divers on the east coast.


And a fine day to come tomorrow but there is a change on the wax. I


would back later in the programme with the details.


Mobile phone use at the whedl is increasing,


despite a fall in the number of drivers being caught.


as a month`long campaign targeting offenders gets underway.


Officers say more people ard using smart phones, updating soci`l media


But the phones are being held out of sight,


The level crossing gates have gone up, you can see the phone in her


left hand. She is holding it up right now. It is still in hdr hand,


you can see it. The first motorist caught today using a phone `t the


wheel. I am glad to tell yot that you would be eligible for an


educational course and under the circumstances, that is what I will


recommend. It is an offence all to familiar. Our camera easily spotted


an above people talking on their phones while driving this morning.


Another people caught on thdir phones behind the wheel has fallen


over the last three years. Hn 2 11, it was just under 3000 whild last


year, 1369 `` 1689 record. 93% were set on a course rather than


receiving a final penalty points. The fall in figures may be down to


technology such as Bluetooth, meaning that phone use is ldss


visible. Just follow us, pldase Modern technology like smartphones


mean they can be kept out of you from the police. That is wh`t the


police say is difficult to detect. I have seen you come past with a


mobile phone in your hand and you are pressing it with your thumb It


is all text in, social medi`, looking on websites and so on. Then


we have the messaging services. So people have their phone in their


hand, where we can't see it. We would struggle to detect th`t a lot


of the time. I'm not on the phone when I'm driving. It is one of those


stupid things where you glanced down. It makes a lot of sense. I


have admitted I was using it, so it is fair enough. Driving


organisations say more enforcement and higher penalties are nedded to


act as a deterrent in an agd where people are tied to their mobile


phones. One of the problems is that many people seem almost addhcted to


their phones, so if they he`r that they have got a text or a social


media alert coming through, they feel compelled to look at it. That


is the problem. People cannot control themselves, they should turn


their phone off when they are in the car. Officers say drink`driving and


not wearing a seat belt is now socially unacceptable. Attitudes


need to be changed before it is the same for mobile phone use.


I'm joined by Inspector Mark Hughes from Humberside Police.


Good evening. Why do you thhnk it does not have the same stigla as


drink driving? It hasn't, bdcause drink`driving has been long


established over the years `nd it is now socially unacceptable, `s you


say. Mobile phones and other such devices are now an everyday part of


everyone's life. What about the numbers of people using thehr phones


compare to the number being caught? I'm sure they would be frighteningly


high but I do not have the numbers. If they are just reading thdir phone


beneath the steering wheel hs that breaking the law? It is, yes it is


extending the dangerous. It is more dangerous than using the mobile


phone to have a conversation, because you are reading and not


looking where you're going. Even just reading it? Because yot cannot


catch that. Not always, it hs difficult. It depends on thd line of


sight. That discrepancy between the number of people you catch `nd the


number of people doing it, ht could be enormously high. It could be


yes. If most people get sent on a course, there is not much ddterrent.


There is another way of looking at that. A lot of people, becatse


everyone uses mobile phones these days, they would probably t`ke the


risk because not a lot of pdople get caught in relation to the ntmber who


use it. If you educate people, I personally don't think people really


belies the consequences `` really realise the consequences of it. It


just occur to them what happens in that one or two seconds. A friend of


mine said he always answers the phone if it rings. He said ht was


business, he could lose bushness. What you say to people like him who


be watching at the moment? H understand his rationale for


answering the phone but it hs not an excuse. Whatever the reason for the


call, the danger is still there It is exactly the same, whatevdr the


reason. You could still havd that accident, whether it be minor,


serious or the most tragic. Very good to see you. Thank you for


coming into night. We are grateful. We would like your thoughts on this


one. Do you think drivers


who use a mobile phone Is a course enough


of a deterrent to drivers? Do you use your phone while driving


and what would make you stop? You have heard the story thdre and


the figures. We would like xour views.


18 years after the county of Humberside was abolished,


campaigners have finally won their fight


Royal Mail bosses have agredd to no longer put


North and South Humberside in directories


The county name was unpopul`r with many and frustration has grown


at the continued use of Humberside on letters.


Melanie Moss makes and sells chutneys, marmalades and jals.


It's important to her both personally and professionally


that she's seen as based in East Yorkshire.


But, if you look at her post, not everyone has got the message.


I just find it really, really frustrating.


I don't live there, it doesn't exist.


It was abolished in 1996 and, you know, everything else


in the world is rushed to bd updated but we are East Yorkshire.


The county of Humberside was created in 19 4,


composed from the East Riding, Hull and parts of Lincolnshhre.


It was abolished in 1996 after years of unpopularity


and replaced with four separate authorithes.


The name, though, has often lived on, even the highest places.


I'm sure it will be a great success for Hull


But it's one of David Cameron's own who's claiming victory todax


after taking on the battle to banish the Humberside address.


Eight or nine years ago, I started the campaign to s`y


I didn't think it would need to be a campaign.


My constituents joined together with me, sending stickers saying,


address not recognised whenever any junk mail came through


And it's made many of his constituents in Beverley happy,


although not everyone is that bothered.


Well, we've actually realisdd it doesn't exist any more,


so it would be nice for it to be recognised.


I was not born in Humbersidd, I was born in East Yorkshird.


No problems with Humberside on postal addresses or anything like


Royal Mail has said it may take time


depending on how quickly colpanies update their databases.


is firmly trying to build on her Yorkshire brand,


she may find that Humbersidd is preserved on her post


Jo is in Beverley tonight ` success for campaigners over Royal Lail


Yes, the BBC is not exempt hn this because the local radio station here


for Beverley is BBC Radio Humberside. I have been told by the


station editor today there `re no post change the name of the radio


station, it is one of the BBC's most successful and also the namd Radio


Humberside predates the County of Humberside by three years, so it has


that heritage. Humberside Police have told me that when the county


was abolished, there were some talk about changing the name to Humber


but the cost of that would be prohibitive. Humberside fivd Brigade


have the same sort of costs facing them so they have said therd are no


plans in these stringent tiles and what they believe is that is the


service that counts, not thd name. Thank you very much indeed.


What do you think of the Royal Mail's decision


Are you one of those that will miss it


and think Humberside should never have been abolished?


Or will you be celebrating its demise tonight?


I'll be talking to Graham Stuart later on tonight.


Police believe a man was st`bbed after he asked another man


to come down from scaffolding attached to a house in Hull.


Armed police were sent to Beverley Road yesterday aftdrnoon.


Police say the 36`year`old victim's injuries are not life threatening.


We are looking for a white lan in his 30s, 5'8" or 5'9",


with black hair, with silver flecks in it.


At the time of the incident, he was wearing blue jeans


Clearly, it is of concern to us in relation to the injuries


If the public to see this m`le, they are not to approach hil `


Thieves using a digger have ripped a supermarket cash machine


out of a wall and escaped with its contents.


The police were called to the Co`op in Market Deephng


A petition calling for a bypass for Boston in Lincolnshire


has so far received just under 1,000 signatures.


A group, which represents businesses in the town,


says the lack of a bypass is having an impact


But the county council says there is currently no funding available,


although it is trying to find some money.


The evening rush hour in Boston But people here say it often lasts


from 3:30pm until 6pm. And, right now, roadworks on the


We definitely need a bypass. It gets so cramped with cars and evdn


walking is difficult, to get across the road. We have so much traffic,


we have Sunni houses being built, the road cannot cope.


Businesses say the lack of ` bypass is having a serious impact.


The footfall in the town is going down. You also have issues for the


farming community, the food Manufacturer 's and so one, getting


the produce out of the county. Government figures show


the A1 at Grantham used by more than


42,000 vehicles every day. But the A16 through Boston


is the second busiest ` nearly 38,000 vehicles


cross the river daily. That compares to fewer than 30, 00


using the A46 Lincoln bypass. The moment you do any kind of look


work in Austen, you have flooding to deal with and at least two rivers


and a railway line have to be crossed, so we're talking about


really substantial pieces of a battle investment, ?100 million or


more. That cannot be delivered quickly or easily.


This online petition isn't the first campaign.


Seven years ago, a group took control of the council camp`igning


The current council thinks a major development could provide


some relief for developers building a new football stadium,


They'll also build a new road to take some traffic


If you are coming from the @16 and you want to get onto the A52, you


have to go virtually into the centre and go out again. This will take me


straight around without even touching Boston. Although m`ny


people here have told me thdy do think a bypass is the best option,


they will be hoping that thd new road starts to ease the traffic


soon. Divers from Grimsby think they have


found a Second World War pl`ne And what does this


village name mean? We reveal some little`known facts


on Lincolnshire Day. Now, to night's photograph was taken


by Claire near Cleethorpes. Another photo tomorrow night.


That looks more like Barbados! Don't try to butter me up comedy


were being mean last night. That is not me talking, after you asked me


to be your dance partner I was inundated with complaints about you.


For example, I thought he w`s underlined turning `` iMac not


gallant telling you down. We obviously get on very well.


You can make your mind up in the next few days. Tomorrow looks like a


nice day, warm once again in the sunshine after any early`morning


mist has lifted. As we go through the next few days, Thursday or


Friday, it does not look too bad. The first storm of the autuln will


push from the north`west late on Friday, bringing some wet and windy


weather. With high`pressure close by, the front that is affecting us


is not producing a lot of r`in. It just reduces a lot of cloud to end


the day. That pushes Southe`st and has some moisture on it. Under the


cloud, so mist and fog will form. In the countryside, it will be cooler.


We could get a touch of frost in east Yorkshire. Sunrise at 7:04am.


Some early morning mist. It will linger through the rush hour before


it lifts and a draw in fright they with some sunny spells. The best of


which through the morning. Lore cloud through the afternoon, turning


cloudy and breezy as well. Temperatures around 16 or 17


degrees. Another dry comedy since day. That comes off the back of a


very dry September, the dridst for the UK on record. That is bdcause


the Jetstream has been north of us, leaving us in fine conditions. In


the next few days, it will love southwards and it will steer areas


of low pressure across the TK, bringing spells of unsettled


weather, more seasonal weather. That starts on Friday. On Friday to


Saturday, wet and windy weather some very heavy spells of r`in.


Changeable and unsettled conditions for the weekend and next wedk.


All I could say is that there were plenty of offers the other night.


Prince Andrew has been meethng school children


He's been seeing some of the work being done


to get youngsters interested in business.


and met pupils from three Hull schools.


He met people from the Acaddmy, all keen to show off their enterprise


skills. It is a delivery method You have turned it into an app. He was


keen to visit Hull after medting members of the enterprise


partnership in June and being impressed by a board game they had


designed. I can see that Hull and Yorkshire are going in a direction


that they know where they nded to go and they know what young people need


and what is really impressive with that is the fact that young people


are responding. It was an alazing experience. He is a royal at the end


of the day and he has come here today, it is a good experience, not


just for us but for the whole of Hull as well. How long have you been


doing this? A year. AJ? Are you paying the bills because yot are


earning the money? Having arrived by car, the Duke left in some style.


Those behind the trip hope the visit will inspire the entreprenetrial


spirit of the city's young people in future.


A surgeon at Boston Pilgrim Hospital has spent thousands of pounds


of his own money on hospital improvements


which could reduce the numbdr of infections.


Dr Michael Oko says using copper surfaces


will dramatically cut infection rates.


The government estimates infections caught in hospitals


and lengthen hospital stays by up to three weeks.


We may be the last generation to actually enjoy antibiotics.


so you have to think about the legacy of where we are now.


If we can't kill something, for example like ebola,


Thanks to everyone who got hn touch about packed lunches yesterday.


It was after a primary school in Hull


was forced to change a policy of getting 11`year`old pupils


to check younger childrens' lunches for unhealthy snacks.


"Ban all junk food in packed lunches in all schools.


"I agree with schools banning certain foods from lunch boxes.


"If parents want to give chhldren unhealthy snacks, do it at home "


"It is absolutely ridiculous the school are dictating


"The parents are the ones buying the food."


Divers from Grimsby think they have found a rare Second World W`r plane


on the sea bed off the coast of Lincolnshire.


But mystery surrounds the dhscovery near Mablethorpe,


because the crash does not appear on official records.


one of the most important aircraft of the Second World War.


Its job was to destroy the T`boats targetting ships in the Atl`ntic,


keeping open the trade routds that were a lifeline to Britain


Now it's thought one has been discovered


The Sunderland flying boats were a big thing in the Second World War.


Winston Churchill was in love with them.


He thought they were the best thing since sliced bread.


And they did a huge service to the country.


near Mablethorpe, 27 miles off the coast,


and it was originally thought to be the remains of a Halifax bolber


finally allowed divers to reach the site.


And this footage reveals details that show it could be a Sunderland.


The images make the hairs on my neck stand up because of the people that


possibly died on this aeroplane they were out fighting for ts.


And that, to me, is one of the biggest things of all.


Hopefully, we can put a namd to the people that were on the aeroplane.


The Ministry of Defence has no record


And there are so few left, it's got the experts very excited.


It could be the fifth Sunderland, military Sunderland,


three military Sunderlands left in museums now.


It is an intriguing story ` what is behind it?


The team here is now trying to establish which Sunderland


it could be, and hopes to rdturn to the site next summer.


Flags have been flying in Lhncoln, London and Australia


as Lincolnshire people across the world celebrate their countx day.


It was started eight years `go to give people a chance to mark


But how much do people living there actually know


Lincolnshire flags flying hhgh in Lincoln today and over government


buildings in Westminster and even over the Sydney Opera House in


Australia. There is no wonddr why linkage of people are so proud of


their county. But how much do they really know about it? It is time to


test the people of Lincolnshire to see if they can earn a yellow belly


status. What would you do whth Mavis Enderby? Would you pay respdcts as a


Lincolnshire Police and all visit her? I should say pay your respects.


I thought it was a character in Coronation Street. Mavis Enderby is


the unusual name for a tiny hamlet with a population of just over 00


people. Well, I didn't know that! How long is the shortest border and


which county is it with? I would think Grantham and it can ndxt. .


The shortest border is wherd it meets Northamptonshire, just by the


Aone, where the bushes are over there. It is a distance of just 18


metres, about as far as I h`ve just walked. It is right next to the town


the Stanford, where we ask our final question. Which Lincolnshird town or


city used to be the capital of England? Lincoln? Stanford? How does


it start? Gainsborough was the capital of England and Denm`rk a


thousand years ago. This king was crowned here and he was killed,


suspected of being poisoned. A good effort and a fantastic fail. It


doesn't matter and it doesn't stop linkage of people enjoying their


Lincolnshire day. Let's get a recap of


the national and regional hdadlines. The prime minister promises


a double dose of tax cuts if the Conservatives win


the next election. Humberside Police say mobild phone


use at the wheel is increashng as they start


a campaign to catch offenders. A dry day with variable clotd


and sunny spells. A maximum temperature of 17 Celsius,


that's 63 Fahrenheit. Talking about using mobile phones,


but just making calls but detecting, a few minutes ago on the


programme. This a powerful `nd different message as you will see


from Mandy. If you are one of those who has to bury their loved ones


because of an idiot on the road then trust me it is well worth it. I


heard the comment in court `fter my little girl was killed and this was


the quote, "everybody does ht. It is Tommy got harder, not softer


Someone says, the fine should be higher. Martin says, I was that my


phone go to voice mail when driving and pick up the message latdr. Barry


is an HGV driver and he says that he can see most car drivers because he


is higher or stop he says that until it is stronger, people will continue


do it. Families left without a pay packet


at the end of the month.


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