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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


A family's anger as their father, who has dementia is moved to four


While we can never prove it, we honestly believe that the moves


that he had to undergo affected him and made his condition worse.


Sinking the road and building new bridges -


plans for major work on one of Hull's busiest


The idea is to speed the road from terrorists. Many believe they will


have to wait another five years before anything happens. -- to speed


the road up for more terrorists. -- for motorists.


The rescued 'designer' puppies which could have


fetched criminals up to three hundred pounds a time.


The bid to raise three million pounds to bring the oldest steam


Temperatures are recovering but it is still cold. I'll be back later in


the programme with more details. A family from East Yorkshire


are calling for major changes in the way care for the elderly


is funded after their father who had dementia had to move care homes four


times in the last year of his life. Pat Maguire from Beverley


says his father in law's condition worsened significantly


because of the moves. A number of privately run


residential homes in the area have closed in the last year and now


Mr Maguire says adult social care should be nationalised and funded


directly from Government. More from our political


reporter Sarah Sanderson. Pat Maguire has spoken out


after he and his family chose to find residential care in Beverley


in East Yorkshire for his But because of issues surrounding


closures and suitability, his father-in-law had to be moved


four times after initially settling While we can never prove it,


we honestly believe that the moves that he had to undergo affected him


and made his condition worse. Yes, they give money


to local authorities but it's the Government,


through taxation, that ought to be caring, just as we expect them


to do for small children, the young, we ought to be providing


the same level of care Funding issues have been blamed


for a number of care homes And earlier this month,


Jeremy Corbyn said a Labour Government would take failing


private care homes into public ownership in order to maintain


social care protection. But the Conservative MP


for Beverley and Holderness says The Government's absolutely


committed to getting this right. If you look on the ground


in Beverley, despite the current problems, in the next few weeks


we're going to see new places coming forward and over the next years


I expect to see a much improved situation and the Government


is playing its part in doing that. In a statement, the Department


of Health says... that it recognises


the pressures of an ageing population, which is why it


announced nearly ?900 million of additional funding for adult


social care over the next two years. It adds that the Prime Minister has


made clear that this is not just about money and that they're working


to find a long-term solution which helps councils learn from each


other to raise standards. Meanwhile, for those who are dealing


with and adult social care problems, that long-term solution can't


come soon enough. -- current adult


social care problems. I'll be asking for your views and


comments in just a moment. Earlier I spoke to the Conservative


MP for Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart and I asked him


if it was acceptable for this gentleman to live in five


care homes in a year. Well, I don't think anyone


would like to see an elderly relative go through that and it's


not good and it wouldn't Some councils are having to increase


council tax by almost 5%. Is it fair to make the taxpayer foot


the bill to deal with this adult social care crisis,


which the Government must have Well, the taxpayer


does pick up the bill. I'm talking about increasing council


tax, some people paying up to 5%. Some taxpayers have


got to pay for it. The Government is putting in another


900 million over the next two years. There's the change, as you rightly


say, to the social care That will bring in 200 million extra


this year, 400 million next year. We've lost five care homes


in just the last year Something needs to be done now


to stop the water leaving the dam. Well, I think some care homes,


if they're no longer fit for purpose, if they're too


expensive to run, We've seen Westwood Park


close, and Keldgate Manor In the next few weeks,


we are going to have 70 places opening at Claremont


House in Beverley. Parklands is going to be coming


forward, another 79 places, and Keldgate Manor will be opening


on a larger scale. So actually, if you just take


the town of Beverley, we are losing places


which were rather older and we're going to get


state-of-the-art, modern care homes. The Local Government Association say


reductions in funding for social care have increased the pressure


and the financial burden on the NHS. That's the Local


Government Association. They represent local government and,


as we know, the LGA will always bang the drum for additional funding


and support for local authorities. We have an ageing population,


we have a vast deficit, as you know. And just briefly, Labour have


suggested that adult social care Well, that's Jeremy


Corbyn, isn't it? Just as they did in the 70s,


nationalising failing industries instead of allowing them to be


closed and reformed, instead of having what we have


today, a transformed Failing care homes being


nationalised, kept in aspic, we wouldn't get the investment,


we wouldn't have the highest standards, we wouldn't


have the innovation and improvements I think, as ever with Jeremy Corbyn,


it's not just unpopular, We could talk about


this for a long time. Is very emotive subject. I know you


will have a view on this. What is your experience of adult social care


locally? What do you think about Jeremy Corbyn's idea to nationalise


it? Here's how to get in touch... And there will be coverage


about care on this Guests include the Hull North MP


Diana Johnson and Cleethorpes Plans to improve one of Hull's


busiest roads will mean less traffic and new bridges -


but it will be between five and seven years


before the road is ready. The designs for the A63 which went


on display to the public today, could also lead to more flooding


on the road - but those behind them say they're putting measures


in place to deal with that. Laura Foster has been


looking at the plans What exactly do they


want to do there? Well, they want to change the layout


to speed it up for motorists. It might not look like there is a big


problem at the moment but you ring rush over, it can be busy. It is


because of the traffic lights that lines as part of the writ. Today,


they have unveiled at these plans and released this video. It starts


at the flyover and what they are looking at doing is widening the


road, getting rid of the traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.


They will change the junction. The roundabout will disappear and


traffic will pass over the top. A63 traffic will pass underneath. They


are also looking to build a bridge over the key. People at the


exhibition today wanted to tell us what they thought of the plans.


At the end of the day, there's going to be a long-term benefit.


I think people would prefer that things were happening a lot more


quickly than what they are going to be.


I don't think it's the right solution.


It's all alluvial ground that's been built up with peat


and soil and river debris, so it will probably float.


What have lorry drivers and other people who use the road regularly


We have spoken to several lorry drivers and taxi drivers and


hollowed funds # Firms. They say that they are in


favour of what is being done today but that not enough is being done.


They don't just stop when they are in a robbery that go beyond towards


the docks. The fear is that they don't... It will create more


traffic. There are also concerns about the gate junction. The plans


to change that. That is just likely. The roundabout will do is appear and


they will sink the A63. Doing that so close to the Humber worries


people. Because the design is sinking


the road seven metres, ground conditions, we have spent


an awful lot of time with the contracters, carrying out very


detailed ground investigations and The consultation on these plans runs


for another two weeks But it'll be about two years before


you'll see any work being done here. It will be at least five before


anything is finished. Investigators are examining


whether a fire at a semi-demolished Firefighters were sent


to the Grand Central building on the seafront during the early


hours of this morning. Crews were here from around


about half three, four They have managed to extinguish most


the fire but that but the problem The plan of action at the moment


is to cordon off, keep the public away from the building,


safe, and we can carry on the damping down process


which we'll probably continue Culling of almost 20,000 turkeys has


begun on a farm in Lincolnshire after bird flu was confirmed


by Government officials. The farm close to Frithville


near Boston has had a 3km exclusion It's the third farm in the county


to deal with a bird flu outbreak Defra are investigating


the cause of the latest case. A dog rescued from a designer puppy


farm has given birth to four puppies Ruby, who's a Chihuahua cross,


was kept in squalid conditions with no health check-ups,


with 48 other dogs for breeding. RSPCA officers think


she may have given birth Designer cross-breeds can earn


criminals up to ?300 a time. Healthy and friendly, these puppies


were saved from a poor start in life. Their mum was rescued from a


puppy factory. If they had been born there, they would have had no


objects and the bridges would have seen them as breeding machines.


People get them to make money. They come here and say they've got a


various different kinds of drugs. They are marketed as being something


fabulous. -- they've got various kinds of dogs. Most of the time, you


are getting a dog that has never been health checked, worms, seen a


vet. When you do see it with a vet, the vet says that there are all


sorts of problems. Some of these puppies can fetch around ?300. That


is the problem with puppy farms. The kennel club estimates that 1.5


million copies were sold in 2040. Nearly half the people that bought a


puppy that you do not see it with its mother. Those but on the


intranet or pet shops are four times more likely to suffer from the


potentially fatal disease parvovirus. Puppy farming is enabled


by the third party that is seeing the puppy. The majority of the


people are a little and licensed. As long as the chain continues, puppy


farming is enabled and it can only get worse. These dogs now on all


have homes to go to and have been fully health checks. Those that buy


puppies off a seller on the Internet to take the risk that it has come


from a puppy farm like these ones. A good message for us. Thank you for


joining us. A win over Manchester


United gives Hull City And why ?3 million is needed


to bring the world's oldest steam Isle Explorer took this at Owston


Ferry.. Your male colleague called to his


personal assistant this week. I think after the week that he has


had, it's surprising that he has a job. He doesn't need assistance.


I wonder if he will be sure on Monday!


Doubtful, I think he has a training course. The good news is that it


will not be as cold. That is the weekend as well as next week. The


payoff is that there is a lot more cloud around producing rain.


Temperatures are creeping up tonight. We could be in two double


figures. We are being influenced by the warmer body of water that is


full of freshness. -- pressures. The cloud today, the silver of rain is


pushing into parts of Lincolnshire. We would have spells of friends


through this evening and overnight. Once the first bit of rain is


through, there will be further spells throughout the night. But it


will not be as cold as it has been. A very mild body of a, motors and it


hasn't. Sunrise in the morning at eight o'clock. The next high water


will be at have a six in the morning. I'll be honest, it was be


very nice tomorrow morning, a lot of clouds and outbreaks of rain and


drizzle. An improvement through the day but it will be slow. We will not


disease and writer. Less rain. -- we will start to see less rain. Some


cloud tomorrow but not until after this sunset. -- some cloud breaks.


The temperatures will feel nicer than this week. Some uncertainty


about Sunday but it looks like it will start off on a nice start. The


rain will push into the cause of the day. Double figures as we make our


way into next week. Mild but unsettled. The mind boggles as to


what the cause is about! Thank you for the tweets that you


said in last night about the mistake.


night in the League Cup. over Manchester United last


They won the match at the Kcom Stadium 2-1,


but they lost the tie over two legs, meaning


Last night's win has given them hope they can avoid relegation


Our sports reporter Simon Clark has been assessing their chances under


He's been in Hull just three weeks but what an impact Marco Silva


The Portuguse boss oversaw a first win over


The Tigers struck first with a penalty - a tug


Tom Huddlestone didn't need asking twice.


Huddlestone, excellent all night, was inadvertantly at fault


for the Manchester United equaliser, Paul Pogba with it.


Before the sweetest move of the night, and even the season,


brought Omar Niasse a splendid winner -


not enough to take them through to Wembley on aggreate but,


Promising signs under Marco Silva but again you've just got to say


They don't play like that in the Premier League,


They need to, like, play like that all the time.


They might struggle to stay up but they might just do it.


We need to think one game, step-by-step.


One game, then the next game, training during the week


It's impossible for us to think about the next one


One leading football journalist believes Silva's Tigers


He's operating on a wafer-thin squad at the moment, Marco.


He needs to bring in another three or four before


If they're anything like the quality of the players he's brought


in already, I think they're in for a good second


Well, this has been a curious week for Hull City, having sold


Jake Livermore for ?10 million and, another star performer,


Robert Snodgrass looks like he's going for a similar amount.


Yet Hull City end the week having beating Manchester United,


albeit in a vain attempt to get to Wembley.


And whisper it quietly amongst fans and players alike,


there is a genuine belief that this team could actually avoid the drop


Lincoln City manager Danny Cowley has praised the club's fans ahead


of their FA Cup fourth-round tie against Brighton tomorrow.


Hundreds of fans have queued for tickets this week


and Danny Cowley says they've played an important role in the club's


Last night we asked for your thoughts as ambulance response times


could be relaxed for some urgent calls in East Yorkshire.


The Yorkshire Ambulance Service will run a pilot which will see some


cases, such as strokes and fits, re-categorised as not needing


Thanks for all of the e-mails, texts and tweets. Your son. -- here are


some. The crew of the new Skegness


lifeboat say its like swapping The Shannon-class lifeboat


will arrive at her new home But before they began


the journey to Lincolnshire, Phillip Norton joined the crew


on the south coast as they trained on their new vessel


for this special report. It is nine o'clock in the morning


at the RNLI headquarters in Poole. Amid thick fog, the Skegness


lifeboat crew are heading out We're going to come out,


outside the harbour area and we will do some routine


exercises, some drills. While visibility is down to a few


metres, Will has a new piece of kit Anyone of us can link


into the radar page. Rather than having one set


of eyes on, we can have as many as what is needed


on the raider itself. This Shannon-class lifeboat


will replace the Mersey-class lifeboat which has been based


in Skegness since 1990. This is the survivor's cabin. It


takes six people. It is much more comfortable and secure than the


previous one. It has been paid for thanks


to a ?1.5 million donation from former crewman,


the late Joel Grunnill It can achieve 25 knots out


on the sea as opposed to 15 knots. It has an increased range,


an extra 70 miles on rescues and is much quicker and easier


to launch from the station. We're lucky to have her. She is


driven by two jets, whereas the previous was driven by two


propellers. She behaved differently. As you would expect.


As we head further out, there is a problem.


It is a training scenario but time to put well


We are using the equipment, training on here as much


With faster jet-propulsioned engines rather than propellers,


even the crew seats have suspension, it is a far cry from the hours


of rowing many Grunnills and other lifeboatmen


It is like going from a Ford Escort to a Ferrari.


Joel was always proud that he had a photograph when he was three,


stood with a collecting box collecting money for the lifeboats


and he has been doing it even now he's passed on.


Today the Joel and April Grunnill is continuing her journey up


She will arrive at her new home in Skegness tomorrow.


If you're in the desert, look out for the boat tomorrow at lunchtime.


We wish the best to the Skegness RNLI crew.


A campaign to raise ?3 million has been launched to return


the world's oldest surviving steam trawler to Hull.


The Viola is currently rusting on a beach in South Georgia -


but enthusiasts hope to raise the money needed by


7000 miles from the Humber - the Viola has been rusting


on the shores of South Georgia for decades.


Once a Hull fishing trawler, enthusiasts have now launched


a fundraising campaign to raise the ?3 million needed


This is a remarkable show. Not only was it on the front line of the


Great War for four years. It tells you very much the story of fishermen


and people from Hull. For the men from Hull and families.


One was George William Tharratt, skipper of the Viola from 1912.


His son Eric and granddaughter Pat have only recently found out


about George's connection with the ship.


But have become the first to donate to the campaign to bring her home.


That trial of being born in Beverly and sailing from Hull, it's a great


thing to happen. I think that they were very, very brave men. We have


every right to be proud of them and the fact that my father was a part


of that. -- my grandfather was a part of that. It's fascinating.


Surveyors have carried out two studies of the Viola -


and campaigners now believe it's possible to bring her back to Hull.


With permissions in place - the team now need to raise the money


for recovery and restoration, and hope to do it by


So how would you feel about the shipper with tanning. They think it


might happen by the end of the year. It would be great to get it back in


Hull, was wouldn't it? If you have an idea of a story we should cover,


give me a call. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Theresa May has arrived


at the White House - the first foreign leader


to meet President Trump. who has dementia is moved to four


different care homes in a year. Tomorrow's weather -


a cloudy start to the day with outbreaks of rain


through the morning. Tending to improve later


and feeling less cold with a maximum


temperature of 7 Celsius. Talking about the funding of social


care, one viewer says that it should be out of the hands of private


profit. Margaret says that she is disgusted at the constant claim on


the elderly population. The Government required to take the tax


from ours during our working life. Obviously no preparation for the


elderly care. Another viewer says that it is absolutely right to


nationalise the care of the elderly, take out the profit element. Have a


good weekend, peaceful weekend, see you on Monday.


We know you understand the risks associated with your pregnancy.


Because I'm smaller, people think my hopes are not so great.


You know what it's like when help is needed. You just jump in.


Are you saying that he's stalking you now?


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