17/05/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Security at the Humber Bridge is to be reviewed after teenagers


film themselves climbing 500 feet to the top of the tower.


Firstly they are idiots. I am live at the bridge as critics call the


stunt reckless. An ejection seat manufacturer denies


breaching health and safety regulations following the death


of a Red Arrows pilot. The tiny patch that


could save stroke victims The earlier we are able to treat


them the better. Labour heavyweights in Lincoln


as the party commits to scrapping A century after the First World War,


an East Yorkshire soldier killed at the Battle of the Somme


is finally laid to rest. It has been a witness the wash-out


as forecast but a model should see an improvement. Join me for the five


day forecast. -- tomorrow should see an improvement.


A group of young men who climbed 500 feet to the top


of the Humber Bridge have been condemned for risking their lives


A video posted on the internet shows them balancing on the cables


Security at the bridge is now being reviewed but police say no


Crispin Rolfe is at the Humber Bridge, Crispin,


the bridge has become the latest international landmark to be scaled,


Once upon a time people might have researched during this safely but


now it seems to be a growing trend in seeking attention and even


generating income by videos online. Those young men from London skilled


at the top of the Southbridge. There are obvious issues over safety not


just for them for anybody passing underneath. It is why the bridge


board are keen to review security. This is footage from the top


of the Humber Bridge taken by four so-called Urban Explorers and last


night posted on social media We need to go now, man,


it's getting bright. Online he's known as Night Scape,


and is well known for But critics aren't so impressed


and see it as a part of a new trend of making money online by taking


extreme videos to attract If they fell off from there,


we wouldn't be looking There could be somebody genuine


on the river which is in trouble. In a statement a spokesman


from the Humber Bridge said. There's cameras on the top


and literally they were fine Climbers condemned the stunt saying


that the better and safer ways. We are all harnessed up while as the


daredevils had no harnesses. They were 500 feet in the air.


Going that extra mile to take a selfie has


Statistics suggest worldwide that more people die by taking them


And it's thought that selfies have led to the deaths of 49 people


globally since 2014, of whom 75% were men and half


Meanwhile Humberside Police say they're now working


with the Humber Bridge Board to review security,


but are reminding people just how dangerous taking this sort


We try to contact those but nobody has responded. Not from those


responsible. Have they committed a crime? I'm told they have not but


there are obvious concerns for the bridge board such as copycat


incidents. They say it is largely impossible for anybody scaling the


bridge the really don't want the likes of the stunt being sent all


around the world and when you think that 160,000 people have viewed this


online on you Tube ready that will be of genuine concern for them.


I spoke to Dr Theo Kindynis, a criminologist at


Roehampton University who has researched urban exploration.


I started by asking whether he admired the young men


who climbed to the top of the Humber Bridge.


Personally I don't particularly admire them. I can see why some


people might. Large parts of the urban exploration subculture will


condemn them alone perhaps not the reason you would think. Is this


trespass of exploration? I don't see them as two mutually exclusive


categories. One is a legal definition and the others perhaps a


subcultural definition. As social media made these people more


reckless in looking for even better pictures? Yes. The competition to


gain more likes and more followers and more fame through these social


media channels, this kind of following comes from these kind of


viral images and groups like this seek to capture them. The impetus is


to engage in more reckless behaviours and getting clicks online


and so on. They call themselves a rooftop is. Dangling their feet over


the edge. Is that for their excitement and adrenaline at the


time for us when they put it online? This is a tension that runs through


the subculture itself and perhaps different individuals participating.


Again I don't think they're mutually exclusive but I will say that more


and more of these social media platforms incentivise people to


engage in these kind of image centric varieties. For me dangling


your feet over the edge of a rooftop is something you would do funeral


experience. Are you worried it will end up with a couple of hundred


thousand views and there will be copycats? Potentially. These are not


the first group to climb on this bridge and it probably won't be the


last. It will be a lot harder in future and potentially they could


encourage other less experienced young people to engage in what is


clearly quite a reckless activity. What do you think of the people


who climbed the bridge? No crime has been committed


according to the police. Or is this something


you can't prevent? Later on I will be talking to an


urban explorer in the late programme.


More than five years after the death of a Red Arrows pilot -


an ejection seat manufacturer will go on trial, charged


Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham died after being ejected


from his aircraft at RAF Scampton in 2011.


It is now five and a half years since Flight Lieutenant Sean


Cunningham died after being ejected from his Red Arrows Hawk jet.


It happened during pre-flight checks - while it was on the ground -


here at RAF Scampton in November 2011.


This morning the ejection seat manufacturer -


Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd - entered a NOT guilty plea -


at Lincoln Crown Court - to a charge under the Health


Now - Flt Lieutenant Cunningham's family were at today's hearing -


which took place just a few miles from here.


Following the not guilty plea - the company will now go on trial.


It's due to start on the 22nd January next year -


and is expected to last four to five weeks.


A social worker who lied about visiting two children


who were potentially at risk of harm has been struck off.


Trudy Taylor was employed as an agency social worker


for Lincolnshire County Council until 2015.


Council tip workers in Boston had to call in the bomb squad


for a second time after world war two explosives were dumped


A controlled explosion was needed to get rid


of the shells at recycling centre in Boston last week.


Lincolnshire County Council says people should call the police,


if they want to dispose of ammunition and shells.


A woman accused of hitting her step daughter with a hammer has


Jennifer Harrison, who's 30 is accused of hitting


the girl 34 times at their home in Bempton near Bridlington.


Her partner Deborah Harrison, the girl's mother,


Both deny assault causing actual bodily harm.


The trial at Hull Crown Court, continues.


Litter and new private enforcement officers in Boston prompted a big


Patrols have started and anyone caught littering


So far thousands of pounds of penalties have been handed out.


Alan says "If people were given the choice of a ?75 fine or half


an hour litter picking I think people would opt


If notices are issued, the litter remains."


Jenny says "I think litter informant officers


Armed with body cameras, then there is no argument."


John in Lincoln says "The British have no personal pride


Many European countries have exactly the opposite and have pride


Tiny patch, like a sticking plaster, could save the lives of people


who have a stroke - and now a trial of them


in Lincolnshire is spreading to the Ambulance Service in Yorkshire.


Around 40,000 people in the UK die as a result


of a stroke every year, and it's hoped the stick


on patches will reduce that, as our health correspondent,


T - Time, just like a fire, it's time to call 999...


Every minute counts when you have a stroke.


The faster you act, the more of the person you save.


Now almost 50 paramedics in Lincolnshire like Mark


have been equipped with a revolutionary new stroke treatment


and it's all contained in one tiny patch.


Place that onto the shoulder blade and it won't feel anything.


The drug will be absorbed into the skin and the


best way to try and describe it, is the artery as a vessel.


If a blood clot gets trapped in that artery,


this medication will allow that artery to open and dilate which will


The drug, GTN, which is contained in these


patches is already used to treat heart patients because it has been


shown to help lower blood pressure and open up blood vessels.


It's hoped the use of these patches could help


double the chances of survival among stroke patients.


A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of


your brain is cut off either through a clot


Strokes can cause permanent disability in around a quarter of


patients and not everyone will survive.


One in eight will die within 30 days of having a stroke.


Stroke survivors like Jim Howard from Hull, the new treatment


Anything that will help the patient who has had a stroke


before he gets into the hospital is a good thing.


Before this treatment can be widely adopted many more stroke patients


need to be recruited to the trial so results can be monitored. LA results


suggest that the treatment can cut down the problems.


Still ahead tonight: Lincoln welcomes some Labour heavyweights


they commit to scrapping student tuition fees.


A century after World War I, an East Yorkshire soldier killed


at the Somme is finally laid to rest.


How could you doubt my forecast? It looks much better and a vast


improvement on today's wash-out. Just the chance of one or two


showers. The weather has already bought over an inch of rain at


Holbeach and 30 millimetres more to come in the next few hours. Ridge of


high pressure on Thursday means many of us will be fine and the weather


develops another wave and maybe we see more rain coming through for a


time on Friday. Now there's a weather front that has brought all


the heavy rain across most parts of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and


it is still what is at the moment so lots of problems with surface spray


on the roads. For the period times. -- further heavy rain at times. It


clears the coast in the second Ave of the night and we will see


temperatures down to seven degrees eight Celsius. The sun rises at just


before five o'clock and your next hide what time and whole Victoria


Dock is at 36 minutes past 11 in the morning. -- Hull. A dazzling start


with clear blue skies and sunshine in the morning and it stays bright


through the morning. Sunny spells and just the chance of one or two


spells breaking out. It will feel quite one in the sunshine after a


fairly chilly start and a light westerly wind means temperatures


around 17 Celsius. Some uncertainty about the forecast on Friday but


there is a risk of further show the outbreaks of rain for a time. The


weak bright sunshine and the rest The man who hopes to be in charge


of the UK economy if Labour win the general election has been


campaigning in Lincoln - with a message to try


to win over young people. John McDonnell told a crowd


that his party would SCRAP The Conservatives say


that's unaffordable More from our Political


Editor, Tim Iredale. If Labour when the election next


month He's the man who will be in charge


of the nation's finances if Labour win the general election and this


lunchtime Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has been in Lincoln


to set out some of the policies we do not believe young people


should be saddled with debt for the rest of lies. Tuition fees were


injuries by Tony Blair 's Labour Government in 1998 and students


played ?1000. This was travelled in 2006 and travelled again under the


Coalition Government in 2012 is, the cap on fees made ?9,000. Going to


uni is a massive thing and the last thing you need is to worry about


this ?9,000 debt. It makes a lot of people's lives a lot easier. Where


will they get the funding from? It seems unrealistic to say free


tuition for everyone. I am concerned about a lowering of the standards


because a lot of the money that goes on to tuition fees goes into the


facilities and by increasing the facilities they get a lot more


funding. It is easy to see why Labour I targeting university cities


such as Lincoln with the promise to scrap student fees at the party 's


opponents insist they have got the figures wrong. They have not been


very good with figures with John McDonnell and Diane Abbott. I don't


think she will get very far with any interviews with Co down. I don't


think the figures add up at all and I think very quickly develop out


yesterday. It is going to cost ?11 billion. There were some time how


you will pay for it. That might give you some idea. We have brought out a


fully costed programme and are saying there will be increases in


income tax for the fop 5% errors. -- top 5%. The Liberal Democrats led to


pledge more money for school. There was nothing on tuition fees. I


remind some would say election pledges are often washed away by the


harsh realities of power. And this is the full


list of candidates for the Lincoln Constituency


for the general election The NHS says that almost all GP's


practices in Lincolnshire are back to 'business as usual'


following Friday's cyber attack. Hospital appointments


that were cancelled We've got an update


on some of those affected. Steve Helmer from Nettleham was one


of those whose story The cyber attack meant


he was unable to find out how He's been told he'll be able to see


a consultant tomorrow. Claire Hobday from Gainsborough


had her radiotherapy interrupted for four days while staff worked


to get computers Lincoln County Hospital were able


to resume her treatment on tuesday and are going to make up


for the sessions she missed. They said they would squeeze points


in on Saturday the people. -- appointments. They said what time


would you like to come and I think that is ground of them and I admire


them for being able to do that and put it in place with everybody that


mistake, just up myself. -- not just myself, obviously.


Terry Garnett from Hull got in touch with us back in March to try to help


She wanted WiFi internet installed at the hospital where she received


Terry said his wife Beverley felt isolated when she couldn't call


because of poor signal and the hospital having


And she couldn't email because of a lack of internet.


Well, now, The NHS Trust which runs Castle Hill hospital says cancer


patients will have internet access by October.


I think it will help people who are not on the war. Wives and husbands.


I felt isolated being at home and wondering how Beverly was coping


with it. I think it will make a lot of people have the lives easier. We


were happy to More than a century after he died


in the Great War, an East Yorkshire soldier has been laid


to rest in France with full Private Henry Parker,


whose family still live at Wansford near Driffield,


was twenty-three when he was killed No picture of him remains,


and his bones were only recovered These shall not grow all. 100


service in France. These shall not grow all. 100 years


after he was killed at the Battle Henry Parker was back


with the Shropshire family and with his Yorkshire Regiment. At the


cemetery in France he was buried with full military honours close to


where he felt at the age of 23. The trenches were knee deep in mud and


the combat stress quite unimaginable. No these young men


carried out the exploits the dead and the bravery and determination is


really quite remarkable. Private Parker was a member of The Yorkshire


Regiment. A soldier like many from the First World War who had been


listed as missing in action. In 2015 this Yorkshire regimental badge was


found in France with human remains. At rear find which for one family


back in Yorkshire was to end 100 years awaiting. Lovely. Through DNA


testing organised by the Ministry of Defence casualties enter the human


remains were matched to Henry 's great-nephew. Today he and other


family members made the journey from East and north Yorkshire to see the


long lost relative at last laid to rest. I think he would've been


really proud. It is nice to look back and you see clippings of the


parents and that they never got chance to say goodbye so further


down the line family members have managed to do it. 500,000 British


soldiers were lost in the First World War and still of no name the


grave. For the family of private Henry Parker that is some comfort at


last. A great here in France where he


will be remembered by future generations of his family. He's back


home now. He was Yorkshire lad and a farmer. We are all farmers and he is


where he belongs. 100 years on a dignified end for this brave


Yorkshire soldier. Tonight, finally at peace.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlinesThe


Liberal Democrats publish their manifesto and pledge a second


Security at the Humber Bridge is reviewed after teenagers climb


Tomorrow: A fine and sunny start, skies turning partly cloudy


through the day with a risk of a few showers, but remaining bright


Regarding the Bridge boss says it is impossible to legislate against


idiots. One says they should be prosecuted as a deterrent. John says


foolhardy and mad but you have to see it is incredibly brave. Gerry


says no harm done. Why the pompous blustering? We've never done any


pompous blustering here. Join me at half ten if you can.


The choice you now face is all about the future.


Whoever wins on the 8th of June will face one overriding task -


to get the best possible deal for this United Kingdom from Brexit,


because making Brexit a success is central to our national interest


and it is central to your own security and prosperity.


Because, while there is enormous opportunity for Britain


if we do not get this right, the consequences will be serious