09/02/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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whether that is legal or not. Full coverage for you online and on the


BBC News Channel. Now the latest headlines


from Look North this Thursday night: A call for public vigilance to help


catch the cash machine thieves Farmers could lose the right to use


the Free Range label as their hens And a delicate operation to move


this model of a famous plane built by prisoners into Hull station


where it's going on And the cold weather looks set to


continue, there could even be a little bit of snow into the weekend.


I will be back at the end of the programme with more details. Good


evening. Humberside Police have tonight said


they need the public to be vigilant to help prevent more cash machine


thefts because they can't put It's after the latest night-time


robbery using a JCB, this time in Thorngumbald,


east of Hull. Targeted by thieves


in the early hours - this cash point in the small village


of Thorngumbald is the latest to be It is a absolute mess, structurally


it is a mess. It's frustrating because it is a community store and


we are going to have to turn people away today, especially the elderly.


Police have now confirmed that the JCB was stolen


Staff at the shop say CCTV shows the vehicle being driven


into the side of the wall at least four times, smashing


But it's not the first time this has happened.


In East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, thieves have taken eight cash


They tend to target rural areas, often in the early hours.


We work closely in all of our communities to give full durable


promises the protection we can. But you cannot put a police officer in


every single village with a cashpoint. As much as we would love


to, we physically cannot. Does that mean forever they will be a target?


It doesn't mean forever they will be a target, people need to be


vigilant. I came to use a cashpoint because it is handy and obviously


someone has been there before by the looks of it. A complete shock, I'm


afraid. It's happened in plenty of other places, I suppose it had to


happen in Thorngumbald sooner or later. Tonight the police and crime


commission says he's concerned this another ATM theft and will be


looking for reassurances from his officers to find out what they are


doing to minimise this kind of crime.


We've been contacted by many people asking why trackers aren't


Well, former Metropolitan Police Officer Peter Bleksley


is an expert in organised crime, and told me we should not assume


Well, of course, the security companies responsible for these


machines will not declare exactly what security


You can do the overt things like putting in bollards to stop


But there are other security measures that have to remain secret.


So you are saying they could be tracked and we don't know?


But the security companies are trying to play their cards very


So what can be done to reduce these thefts?


The obvious thing is to put bollards around, so that forklift trucks


cannot drive up and simply take them out of the wall.


The police, of course, tend to know who these people are,


And recent history has shown they have been able to catch people


actually in the act or very soon after they have committed the crime.


Tonight the police have said they have found the cash machine inside a


van in a nearby farmer's field. Police have named the two


teenagers who died in a crash 16-year-old Levi Dickinson


from Selby and 17-year-old Rhogan Jones from Goole


were passengers in a car that Typhoon jets, including one from RAF


Coningsby in Lincolnshire, have been scrambled to monitor two


Russian Blackjack bombers. The Russians were said to have


flown around Scotland Home bargains has been fined


22,000 pounds after a USB charger, bought by a shopper


in Hull, exploded. The company admitted


electrical safety offences Campaigners fighting to save a heart


unit used by sick children in Lincolnshire have delivered


a petition to Downing Street. NHS England wants to close


the regional department at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester


because it says standards There is absolutely no reason


on God's Earth to close this unit because it is a centre of


excellence, it has the best outcomes for children probably


in the entire country, The after-care is amazing, the care


while you're there is amazing. And I just think it


would be a travesty if The Government has confirmed that


some egg producers in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire could temporarily


be stopped using the free-range There have been three confirmed


outbreaks in Lincolnshire. Our Environment Correspondent,


Paul Murphy, explains what it means Well, for some farmers


in these new restriction will have a big impact


on their incomes as they will no longer be able to market


their eggs as free-range. Now, the new restictions


are all about stopping the spread We've had three outbreaks


in our area so far. The first one was at


a turkey farm near to Louth on December 16th, where


5,000 birds were culled. The second outbreak,


also at a turkey farm, occured two The latest bird flu outbreak in our


area was two weeks ago in Boston, After the first outbreak


in December, the Government ordered all farmers and smallholders


to keep poultry indoors. That order runs out


at the end of this month but it will remain in place


for so-called high-risk areas. In our area, these will include


farms on the coast, around the Humber and the Wash,


and Fenland areas. This is because these are places


favoured by wild birds, which are believed to contribute


to the spread of avian flu. And so farms in this areas must


keep their birds indoors, and can't The Government says it's


all being done for good reason. They will not any more be able


to label their eggs as free-range. The Government won't be able


to give them any help, but I'm hopeful that people


will recognise that these They are being housed for a good


reason for disease control and understand that these


are still eggs produced from flocks Well, there'll be fewer


free-range eggs on the market and some fear a shortage,


and the possibility they'll become more expensive to buy if you're


determined to have one. A full-size model of one of the most


important aeroplanes in the country The original Gypsy Moth was flown


by Hull aviator Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo


from England to Australia in 1930. Tonight our reporter Crispin Rolfe


watched as the model was lifted into place


at the city's railway station. A replica of the plane which brought


pilot Amy Johnson world wide fame. Her 19-day solo flight from England


to Australia in 1930 made in Jason, her Gipsy Moth bi-plane nicknamed


after her father's business. So much warm-hearted miss from the


people as has been shown me ... The original has been in London's


science museum for decades, and after efforts to bring it back


to Hull failed, inmates in the city's prison set


out to build their own. We applied on the Internet, bought


some scale models. When they arrived we thought we would make it a bit


bigger so we scaled to the bit. Then we thought we would go for a


full-size model. And this is where it will hang,


in pride of place at Getting it inside was a challenge.


We had an inch clearance each side so we had to lift the plane up into


the early part of the station that would allow access. So relief for


all those involved, and especially for the artist who came up with the


idea. Hopefully it will be hung by the morning and I hope the people of


Hull will take to hard and really enjoy it. The wings are going on


after being taken off for transportation but it will still


take all evening to raise this to the rafters. By tomorrow though,


people should be able to come and see Jason, the replica Gipsy Moth,


in all its glory. As I speak, they are still lifting


it. Hopefully it will be ready to see by tomorrow.


And now the weather forecast with Keeley Donovan.


There's a lot of cloud around tonight, still producing light


showers and wintry flurries, and mix that with a widespread frost and


there could be some icy stretches on untreated roads and pavements. It


will be a really cold day once again tomorrow, a lot of cloud. Some


brightness is possible and we will see a few light showers. Some wintry


flurries, feeling bitingly cold along the coast. The showers will


become heavier, more frequent overnight Friday into Saturday,


there could even be some snow. Slightly less cold by the time we


get to Sunday. That's it from us tonight, thank you


for watching. We will be back in the morning with summaries in Breakfast.


Good night. sleet and snow. The outlook, Sunday


will turn a bit less cold again. All the way up seven