16/02/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The headlines from BBC Look North this Thursday night.


"Unacceptable" - the European Union issues a final warning to Hull


Campaigners start a petition to get speed cameras on the Humber Bridge.


Plans to hold an acrobatic performance in a cemetery


are described as disrespectful by opponents.


It makes me physically sick. There is no such thing as doing this


respectfully, because you are violating a sacred ground.


And you may be asking, where has winter gone? We are hanging on to


the mild air in the next few days. The full forecast shortly.


The government has been told it could be taken to a European court


unless air quality levels are improved in Hull.


The city is on a list of areas that breach pollution limits.


It's a problem which is linked to around 40,000 early deaths every


year across the UK - with fumes from diesel engines said


More from our political editor, Tim Iredale.


It may sound alarming, but we're told vehicle emissions


are sending some people to an early grave.


Hull is one of 16 parts of the UK highlighted


for "persistent breaches" of nitrogen dioxide levels.


The A63 Castle Street is one of the problem areas.


Taxi driver Dave says politicians have been


A few years ago, people were talked into buying diesel cars.


We were forced into a situation to buy one.


Air pollution is responsible for more than 2000 deaths


And is said to account for one in 20 premature deaths in the city.


Hull City Council says: Away from the A63, the rest


of the city compares favourably with other areas.


They say they regularly monitor nitrogen dioxide levels at over 50


I don't recommend a congestion charge, but the situation is drastic


enough for us to consider something like that.


What would it take to get Hull people off the street?


It would probably take free public transport.


Officials in Brussels say that unless pollution levels in cities


like Hull don't improve, then the UK could be hauled before


But is that really such a threat when we are about to start


Leaving the EU brings up some concern.


We are calling for a new clean air act that addresses the modern


sources of pollution, enshrines the right to breathe clean


The Government says environmental laws will not be weakened


after Brexit, but it's clear that in many of our cities,


air quality levels need to improve in order to save lives.


The mother of a Hull man who was murdered by a serial killer


in London hopes a new BBC documentary will keep pressure


on those looking into the police investigation into his death.


Police in London insisted Anthony Walgate died from a drugs


overdose before his killer went on to poison three other


men who were dumped in this London graveyard.


Stephen Port has been jailed for the murders but his victims


families' want to know why police refused to investigate


You found him dead in the street - he hasn't been beaten up,


he hasn't been stabbed, he hasn't been shot, or anything.


They refused to ever investigate it from the very beginning.


And the BBC Three documentary How Police Missed the Grindr Killer


is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.


Campaigners are calling for speed cameras to be put


on the Humber Bridge as a way of cutting accidents.


Speed limits exist on the bridge at the moment, but there are claims


Our reporter Katy Austin is at Hessle Foreshore tonight.


What changes do campaigners think speed cameras will bring?


Well, this online petition alleges that some drivers push the limit.


Of course, speeding isn't the only cause of accidents,


but campaigners claim speed cameras would help prevent some collisions


Now, the rules are that there needs to have been at least three serious


or fatal crashes in three years, to justify a new speed camera


The Humber Bridge Board says in the last year there have been


A local councillor says crashes do cause disruption, though.


He is not sure speed cameras are the answer.


The bridge is heavily used particularly in the rush hour


and if it is closed, the nearest diversion


I think the principle of enforcing the speed limits


I have some concerns about cameras because they can lead to drivers


suddenly braking and then accelerating once they get


The Humber Bridge Board and the police couldn't comment


on the idea of putting a new speed camera up here.


But they are meeting tomorrow to discuss the petition


and whether cameras would even be possible.


There's been an angry response to plans to hold an acrobatic


The Depart production has been given permission to perform


at Hull's General cemetery in May, as part of City of


But the relative of somebody buried nearby says the circus -


which has performers dressed like ghosts - is "disrespectful".


Hull's General Cemetery, a site of historical significance,


And soon to be a performance area for a circus company.


Depart is an internationally acclaimed performance, described


as a spell-binding and immersive show where circus artists


dance above the heads of a roaming audience.


I think this is totally abhorrent because what they are doing,


they're coming here, they're swinging through


They're performing what is tantamount to a circus


act and to me, it makes me physically sick.


For Jonathan, who has family buried in the adjacent graveyard,


using this site as a performance space is disrespectful.


There is no such thing as doing this respectfully


because you are violating a sacred ground.


The cemetery itself has been closed since 1972,


but it still holds historical significance here in the city.


James Reckitt, the philanthropist, and his family, are all buried


here and there is also a special monument to the 1,800 people


That historical significance is one of the reasons why this performance


has been brought here, to open up a forgotten


This is a site-specific piece that has been made from the cemetery


So therefore, it's very basis is that it is incredibly respectful


to the place and if you go online and see some of the trailers


and some of the comments from the people who saw it


in London, that absolutely underlines that.


Hull's event in May has already sold out.


It would seem this is one piece of art that is going to divide opinion.


Earlier, I spoke to Beki Bateson, one of the producers of the show.


I asked her whether she was expecting the choice of a cemetery


Not particularly, but I think you can understand why it would be.


But I think that the piece itself celebrates life and death.


It is exceptionally respectful of the spaces and the lives


And it is a celebration of life and death.


And it's a beautiful, magical meditation.


Why can't you do your aeriel circus in a park?


Why does it have to be over some people's loved ones?


It's in the space of a cemetery, often they are places of nature


There are trees that the performers hang from and perform within.


I think the point is that it is about resonating with the stories


and the lives of the people in the cemetery.


This is nothing short of contemptible."


"Go and do your circus in your back yard.


Let the dead rest in peace." Many others similar to that.


It's people hanging in trees, dressed ghostly outfits.


It's magical, beautiful and meditative and respectful.


I would encourage people to go and see it for themselves.


That was the producer talking to me earlier. Finally, the forecast for


tomorrow. Not really feeling like winter.


Temperatures are going up and they will continue. Bright spells


tomorrow, feeling relatively mild. A largely dry picture across East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire overnight. It is a cloudy across


southern, western parts with loads of about 60 resell those outside of


town. A chilly start tomorrow but things develop into a pleasant story


by the end of the morning with brightness in the forecast. Still


mostly dry. A southerly breeze. The next few days we will continue to


see dry conditions that the high pressure. Those temperatures by


Monday, 12 or 13 degrees. That's it from us. We are back


tomorrow and I do is enjoy me for Friday's Look North.


forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick Miller with a resume of the National


weather picture. Hello, rain for some of us today


although it won't make much of a dent in the dry winter so far across


much of the UK. A few threatening clouds in Cumbria but more than a


threat of rain across the pond for Friday. The wettest weather system


of the season is over heading into California, and there have been a


few, with copious amounts of rain and lots of mountain snow.


Record-breaking wet winter so far in parts of California. In Los Angeles


this might be