17/05/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Now the latest from the Look North newsroom.


Security at the Humber Bridge is to be reviewed after teenagers


film themselves climbing 500 feet to the top of the tower.


If they fell off from there, we wouldn't be looking


We'd have to recover somebody, and that's the last thing we need.


The tiny patch that could save stroke victims that's


What a dreadful day it's been, but a big improvement on the way for


tomorrow. Join me for the latest. A group of young men


who climbed 500 feet to the top of the Humber Bridge have been


condemned for risking their lives They posted a video on the internet


in which they were seen climbing the supporting cables


without ropes or safety gear. Matthew Bone is at


the Humber tonight. It was for climbers who, earlier


measures round here, because there and climbed right to the top of


are questions of the safety not just of the climbers but people who may


have been passing by underneath. This was more than


just a student prank. This is footage from the top


of the Humber Bridge taken by four so-called Urban Explorers -


and last night posted on social media by


19-year-old Harry Gallagher. Online, he's known as Night Scape,


and he's well-known But critics aren't so impressed,


and see it as a part of a new trend of making money online by taking


extreme videos to attract If they fell off from there,


we wouldn't be looking We'd have to recover somebody,


and that's the last thing we need. There could be somebody genuine


on the river which is in trouble. In a statement, a spokesman


from the Humber Bridge Board said: Today, climbers at Hull's Rockcity


also condemned the stunt, saying that there are better


and safer ways to get Obviously, we are all harnessed up


when we are on the ropes, which does make it really safe,


whereas the daredevils obviously didn't have any harnesses


while they were 500 feet in the air. Going that extra mile to take


pictures of yourself Statistics suggest that it's led


to the deaths of 49 people globally since 2014,


of whom 75% were men and half Humberside Police say they're now


working with the Humber Bridge Board to review security,


but are reminding people just how dangerous taking


this sort of footage is. When it comes to questions of police


action here, we understand that is unlikely because it would depend on


evidence of criminal damage, which we don't believe to have taken


place. It's hard to underestimate just how dangerous this was, not


just for the climbers but for people below. It could have caused a


serious traffic accident on the bridge, or if the climber had fallen


into the water, the emergency services would have been called out


and been unable to attend another emergency at the time.


Matthew, thank you. Sergej Komkov from Hull explores


abandoned buildings which are often He gave me his view of the teenagers


who climbed the bridge. Looking at the video,


I think they looked very young for the age to be experienced


to climb any heights But you do the same sort


of thing, don't you? You go into derelict


buildings, old buildings? I think it's a difference


into going into a derelict building and something called roofing,


because what they have done is roofing, from the word "roof",


so being high up, and urban exploration is more going into sort


of crumbling, abandoned buildings. But you've been into old buildings


like the old Clarence sandmill, where you could have had an accident


or fallen down, and people watching will be saying,


it's just irresponsible. I think I would be the person


to kind of be responsible after that if charges were to be


pressed against me, Do you think about the risks


involved when you are I think it's because we all express


ourselves in one way or another, I record it with my camera,


both the interior and exterior. These guys on the top of the bridge,


would they have got a buzz from it? Yes, I think so, because they do


have obviously their social network page, where they share it,


they get likes. And I think that is kind of


a big push as well to this, because they get thousands


of people following them. Are you worried about getting caught


and being prosecuted? Just finally, what do you say


to those people watching who say that people like yourself and these


lads are being irresponsible, I think that one day their parents


will get a really sad phone call. Sergej, very good


to see you tonight. An ejection seat manufacturer has


denied breaching health and safety regulations following the death


of a Red Arrows pilot. Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham


died after being ejected from his aircraft at RAF


Scampton in 2011. This morning, Martin Baker


Aircraft Ltd pleaded not guilty The trial is due to start


in January next year. A woman accused of hitting her


stepdaughter with a hammer has Jennifer Harrison, who's 30 and seen


here in a wheelchair, is accused of hitting the girl


at their home in Bempton. Her partner, Deborah Harrison,


the girl's mother - seen walking - Today, Jennifer told


Hull Crown Court she loved the girl. But the prosecution accused


her of being jealous The NHS in Lincolnshire says


the majority of GP practices in the county are back to normal


following the cyber attack. NHS computers were shut down


by a virus on Friday. Doctors have got back


into clinical systems, but are asking people to be patient


as some are still slow. Council tip workers in Boston


had to call in the bomb squad for a second time,


after World War Two explosives were dumped


by members of the public. A controlled explosion


was needed to get rid of the shells at a recycling centre


in Boston last week. Lincolnshire County Council says


people should call the police if they want to dispose


of ammunition. A tiny patch, like a sticking


plaster, could save the lives of people who have a stroke,


and now a trial of them in Lincolnshire is spreading to


the ambulance service in Yorkshire. Around 40,000 people


in the UK die as a result of a stroke every year,


as our health correspondent, Just like a fire,


it's time to call 999... Every minute counts


when you have a stroke. The faster you act, the more


of the person you save. Now, almost 50 paramedics


in Lincolnshire - like Marc - have been equipped with


a revolutionary new stroke treatment, and it's all


contained in one tiny patch. 5 mg of GTN, life-saving


drug, 39p per patch. Place that onto the shoulder


blade of the patient. They won't feel anything


at all, it will just be as if we were applying


a normal plaster. So the drug will be absorbed


into the skin, and the best way to try and describe it is the artery


as a vessel. If a blood clot gets


trapped in that artery, this medication will allow that


artery to open, it vasodilates, which will hopefully free the clot,


if it's free-moving. The drug GTN which is contained


in these patches is already used to help heart patients,


because it's been shown to help lower blood pressure


and open up blood vessels. And it's hoped the use of these


patches could help double survival A stroke occurs when the blood


supply to part of your brain is cut off, either through a clot,


or a burst blood vessel. Strokes can cause permanent


disability in around And not everyone will survive -


around 1 in 8 will die within 30 days of having a stroke.


For stroke survivors, like Jim Howard, from Hull,


the new treatment offers real hope. Any thing that will help the patient


who's had the stroke before he gets But before this treatment can be


more widely adopted - Marc and other paramedics need


to recruit many more stroke patients to the trial so their recovery can


be monitored over 12 months. Early results, though,


suggest the patches Vicky Johnson,


BBC Look North, Lincoln. What an absolute wash-out it has


been today, but tomorrow However, some uncertainty


about Friday's forecast. There is Thursday's little


ridge there, but Friday, we could well see more rain


pushing up from the south. That rain eventually


clearing out of the way. The sky slowly clearing


from the west, and we will see temperatures around 8 or 9


at the lowest. So, a much better day on Thursday -


that little ridge of high pressure That sunshine lasting


through the afternoon. A bit more cloud,


the risk of one or two showers, The risk of more rain


to come on Friday. showers. But it will be a bit


warmer. Before today, many gardeners were


crying out for rain. Some of the those garden may now be water


logged. And Lincolnshire was one of wettest places with 40 millimetres.


That is nearly a month's worth of rain in 24 hours. Some difficult


travelling conditions. Some parts of north-west England stayed dry. This


was the main rain-maker. It is pulling away. Tomorrow a day


sunshine and showers and that freshing feeling air will filter


into those parts that were muggy today. It was 25 Celsius in Kent. A


different feel, but still pleasant when the sun appears tomorrow. Still


some rain in the east of England. Become light and patchy tonight.


Clearer in the north and west. Still the odd shower in Northern Ireland,


Scotland and Wales and western England. Turning