26/05/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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We have the latest on security for the event.


We have provided additional police resources to make this


To make it really obvious that there is a very


The Ukip leader campaigns in Grimsby, calling for foreign aid


It's been months in the planning and tomorrow 25,000 people


will descend on the Burton Constable estate near Hull for


Extensive security measures have been put in place


following the terror attack in Manchester.


Police officers have been drafted in from around the country.


Our culture correspondent, Anne-Marie Tasker, is at


As you can probably see behind me it is a hive of activity as they make


the final reparations for this big event. Among the people coming at


the forefront of their minds will be security. When I spoke to Humberside


Police ISM white the army and not coming, they are providing cover for


trained officers in London who will be coming from the capital to East


Yorkshire to patrol this area to ensure everyone who is coming feels


as safe as they possibly can. Armed police arriving


at the Big Weekend festival site. Officers have been brought


in from as far afield as London to patrol and check music fans


as they arrive. We have provided additional police


resources to make this feel very different,


to make it really obvious there is a very visible police


presence that actually should deter anybody who feels they


should be a soft target. What we would say to parents


with children, this is going It's going to be once-in-a-lifetime


for some of the children, please come along, enjoy the day


and be really reassured by all the police officers that


you will see around. Security is among the final


preparations being made at the site, including building the biggest stage


that Big Weekend has ever had. By tomorrow, these fields


will look more like this, 25,000 fans watching the likes


of Katy Perry and Little Mix and excitement is building,


even among Radio 1's presenters. I'm on from Manchester


so I know that northern crowd Be here tomorrow alongside some of


the biggest names in music but there will be a collection of unsigned and


perhaps unheard-of bans and they will perform over there in that


white structure, the BBC Introducing Stage. They'll be five bands from


Hull. They will perform to some of the 50,000 music fans who will be


descending here over the weekend. If you are going to the event,


there's more information about what to expect with security checks on


the Look North Facebook page. The parents of an East Yorkshire


woman have each been sentenced to four years in prison


for beating her with a hammer The victim's mother


Deborah Harrison, seen here walking, and her partner Jennifer Harrison,


who is in a wheelchair, were convicted of repeatedly hitting the


victim with a hammer in July 2013. The judge at Hull Crown Court said


it was perhaps the worst case of actual bodily harm he'd ever had


to deal with. A prisoner has absconded


from HMP North Sea Camp Lincolnshire Police is appealing


for information on Nicky Ward, who's 36 and has been missing


since Wednesday night. He may be wearing a grey T-shirt,


grey tracksuit bottoms and trainers. He has links to the Skegness


area but is originally A police officer responsible


for alcohol licensing for Humberside Police has been


sacked for gross misconduct after he was convicted


of being drunk and disorderly. PC Gordon Underwood had served


as an officer for 15 years but received a criminal conviction


in March at Hull Magistrates where he was also fined for obstructing


three fellow officers. The 39-year-old was dismissed


from the force without notice The Ukip leader Paul Nuttall claims


that scrapping the foreign aid budget would allow


an extra ?9 billion a year Mr Nuttall is campaigning


in Grimsby this lunchtime, where he's been answering questions


based on our BBC Look North Here's our political


Eeditor, Tim Iredale. This isn't the first time


Paul Nuttall has been to our patch He is also a candidate in the Boston


and Skegness constituency. He is in Grimsby today as part


of his role as Ukip's party leader on the day that national campaigning


resumes, following a pause out of respect for the victims


of the Manchester bombing. Now we showed Paul Nuttall


our People's Manifesto. These are the issues our Look North


audience are saying are most important to them, including


a pledge to put more Nine billion every single year


and that would come directly from that foreign aid budget


that we would slash. We were told last year that


when we leave the EU it would give us ?350 million a week


towards the NHS. That was a gross figure


which was used by vote Leave. The Ukip figure


was around half that. Hang on, we would allocate that


money elsewhere into the economy. We don't need that money for the NHS


because we are already saving 11 billion a year


from the foreign aid budget. Recent election results have been


encouraging for Ukip - have not been encouraging in our


part of the world. In the Lincolnshire County Council


elections earlier this month, Ukip lost every single seat


they were defending so Paul Nuttall knows he has his work cut out


if his party is to make an impact in the general election


on June the 8th. A beach hut on the Lincolnshire


coast has been described as an architectural gem after it won


a prestigious award The hut in Sandilands was a winner


in the East Midlands area of the Royal Institute of British


Architects. New fountains have been officially


opened in Hull City centre. A total of 77 water jets and 61


coloured LED lights have been They're part of a multi-million


pound re-vamp of the city centre. To mark the switch on crowds were


treated to a surprise dance routine. It has been a glorious day so far.


Letters get the forecast. Good afternoon, I hope you are enjoying


the sunshine, plenty more to come. We have this gorgeous photos sent in


by one of our weather Watchers, wall-to-wall blue sky. This


afternoon the headline is sunny and hot. There's not a lot to say. Not a


lot going on, it is hot and dry and inland temperatures could reach the


high 20s, cooler on the East Coast. It will feel pleasant. These


temperatures could get higher. There is a potential 426, 20 seven. This


evening and overnight, remaining dry. The breeze blow some low cloud


onto eastern coastal parts but files and muggy night and temperatures


will drop to 30 Celsius. More like our seasonal average daytime highs.


The cloud will quickly lift and we will see some sunshine. We will see


this heavy showers spreading to the north-east, very heavy, potentially


thundery and there is a weather warning for these up to 11 o'clock.


If you are out and about on the roads, they could be some surface


water issues. Radio 1's Big Weekend, dry and fresh on Sunday. That is all


from us this lunchtime. Peter will be back at 6:30pm. We will have more


full - on the preparations for Radio 1's Big Weekend. There are a couple


big events happening at the Lincolnshire Showground. They'll be


talking about what changes they have had to make to review security


there. The local radio stations are on air at the moment and they'll be


more coverage of the Radio 1's Big Weekend later. Peter is back at


6:30pm. From all of here, have a very weekend. Goodbye.


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