14/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel,


The East Yorkshire seaside town of Hornsea appears to be have been


hit harder than anywhere else in the country by last


The high tide and strong wind led to huge waves flooding


Today people were surveying the damage.


The destructive force of last night's waves is now all too clear.


Shutters and sandbags were not enough to keep out the sea.


The staff at this amusement arcade in Hornsea say


There were sandbags all along there, everything was down and the waves


just took the shutters through, the doors through.


It's a complete start-again, really. Gutted.


Lots of people rely on this money, you know, a lot of us.


Sorry, I'm really very upset, as you can see.


On the seafront last night, a grandmother and two children had


to be rescued from this car moments before it sank.


And the latest count is that ten homes and businesses are flooded.


She has been under the water, the little one.


We evacuated a man who was quite a serious diabetic and had to use


By this time they were waist-deep in water in their houses.


There is a lot of damage, the poor families, our thoughts


are with the families that have got all this to clean up, and we,


will certainly be there to help them clear up.


Right, let's see what the palace looks like.


It is a bit of a mess, to say the least.


This was the first time Kathy Webster had been back


to her house, but she knew what to expect.


It's the second time she's been flooded.


I know what I have got to do, it is just, region I start?


Until it is dried out, you cannot shift anything


until the insurance people have been, you cannot do anything.


And there's relief, too, to find her pet house rabbits,


which she'd quickly put upstairs before evacuating.


The Environment Agency was in Hornsea today to help


residents and also assess the flow and spread of the flood water.


All of that information, after any flooding events,


is taken back to our flood-defence engineers to work out how


to better manage the flood defences in the future.


And council workers were out to begin the clear-up.


But for those whose homes and businesses were directly


affected, there will be months of work ahead.


The Environment Agency says there were no reports of properties


The Environment Agency still has flood warnings for Hornsea, Kilnsea,


In South Ferriby, workers spent the day dismantling


It was put up to protect the village, which was devastated


by a tidal surge from the Humber in 2013.


at an immigration removal centre in Lincolnshire.


The 27-year-old Polish man was found dead on Wednesday at Morton Hall


A petition to make the last British Dambuster a knight


George "Johnny" Johnson, born near Horncastle,


was part of 617 Squadron based at RAF Scampton, which carried


out night air raids on German dams in 1943.


TV presenter Carol Vorderman started the petition.


The new Hull City Manager Marco Silva has won his first


The 3-1 defeat of Bournemouth lifts Hull off the bottom


Here are the other results. Lincoln city or in the next round of the FP


Trophy after beating Gateshead. The weather forecast


with Abbie Dewhirst. I certainly hope you managed


to get out there and enjoy the wintry sunshine today,


because it's certainly not Some showers initially along that


east coast, wintry at times, but a largely dry picture


for the first half of the night, with some clear skies and frost


forming before a band of rain There could be a bit of snow


on that leading edge, particularly over higher ground,


but temperatures will drop down to the minus figures,


and it will be a very cold start All of this rain through


the morning, like I say, a bit of snow initially,


and then through the afternoon I think we will see a couple


of dryer interludes, but outbreaks of rain on and off,


staying very cloudy with some mist and fog lingering for much


of the day. It is going to feel a touch milder,


temperatures tomorrow up around Unfortunately tomorrow is not


looking quite as nice. Monday morning as well looking


like a very similar start. Grey and cloudy, it


does improve as we head Getting the detail of this cold snap


is proving to be challenging and will continue to be so over the next


24 hours. Ice around across eastern parts after the earlier showers then


rain pushing in from Northern Ireland across Scotland and a period


of snow across eastern Scotland temporarily. It will extend into


northern Wales and England too. A chilly night across


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