21/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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A Lincolnshire couple evacuated from The Gambia say


they were threatened by armed soldiers as were taken


Gill Thomas and Alan Cupitt - who are from Alford -


were just a few days into their holiday when it was


feared the army would step in to remove a former president.


The pair landed back on Friday, describing the experience


It should have been a dream holiday, but instead Gill and Alan's relaxing


break away turned into one of the scariest


After anxious days waiting in their hotel room for news


that they could return home, their taxi to the airport


was surrounded by soldiers, threatening them with guns.


All of them stood up and pointed their weapons and shouted in the


language and all of a sudden the taxi driver sped off through the red


light. That was frightening. Because they could have fired without any


warning. The couple had travelled to the same


resort in the Gambia last year, so when a state of emergency


was declared on Wednesday, they felt the atmosphere


of the country change. There was no shops or restaurants


are banks are garages open. There was nobody is on the streets. Like a


ghost town. People crying and wanted to know what was going on. At that


point we felt really scared. Many Gambians have fled


to neighbouring senegal- military action stepped up


after the president, Yahya Jammeh, refused


to relinquish power The UK Government told tourists


to leave, and with 3000 in the country, extra flights


were put on to get them out. We have been too many holidays in


the Far East and Middle East but never experienced anything like this


before The president today announced


he would relinquish power, which many hope will bring


calm to Gambia. But Gill and Alan may think


about a different holiday Victoria Holland BBC Look North,


Alford, near Skegness. There are calls for the East Riding


of Yorkshire Council to step in to help private care homes


which are in danger of closing. Members of the Labour Party today


launched a petition as part of Labour's National Day of Action


on the NHS Social Care. In a statement the council says


it can't take over any independent business but when care homes decide


to close it works to ensure alternative care


and support is in place. we are asking the council to


intervene as soon as possible when they hear that private care home is


ready to close. We don't want elderly people and frail people been


given 20 days notice to find someone else to live. In this day and age we


think that is outrageous. -- 28 days.


Lincoln City followed up their cup success this week


with a win last night in the National League.The Imps stay


top after a 2-0 win over Dover at Sincil Bank.


A first half own goal gave them the league before Terry Hawkridge


Scunthorpe's match was off because of a frozen pitch.


In League Two Grimsby scored in each half to win 2-0


While in the National League North Ferriby are now two points


from safety after a 4-2 win at Southport.


Hull City play leaders Chelsea tomorrow looking for the win


that could lift them out of the Premier League


The Tigers will be without midfielder Jake Livermore


after he left for West Brom in a ?10 million move.


We have confidence in our squad and we play against a league team with a


good coach and until now a very good season. But we will have confidence


in our squad and our players. And with the weather forecast,


here's Owain Wyn Evans. We did see some bright spells are


crossed his Georgian literature today. This is however keeping


things quite settled. It will be cold one again tonight and


temperatures around town don't around minus two Celsius. Where we


see these gaps in the cloud we could see some mist and fog forming. A


frosty start for some of us tomorrow morning. Watch out for some slippery


surfaces. The odd spot of drizzle as possible may be turning to sleet and


snow high ground. Afternoon highs of about five Celsius. Quite a quiet


weather story. Don't forget the local radio


stations. BBC Radio Humberside will have commentary on the football


tomorrow. We'll be back tomorrow evening


at a quarter past six with a full Don't forget the local


radio stations. Good evening. It does not get


warmer. If you check the UK as a whole, it has been one of the


coldest days so far. The hard frost to come in areas where it stays


clear, parts of East Anglia, the south-east, fog across Scotland, at


West, a change, showers and parts of Wales and England, some snow on high


ground as well. Meanwhile, down under through the early hours, Andy


Murray will be getting ready for his next match in the Australian


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