11/02/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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A 22-year-old man has died in a crash in Boston.


The collision happened at at Boardsides on the A1121


The car was in convoy with two other vehicles at the time of the crash.


Two people, aged 22 and 28, who were driving the other cars,


have been arrested on suspicion of causing death


In Hull, four pedestrians have been hit by a car on one of the major


All of them were injured, one seriously, in the crash


on Beverley Road but their injuries are not thought to be


The driver of the car and the four passengers have been arrested.


Businesses in Bridlington are criticising East Riding


of Yorkshire Council for not making the most of the town's role


It's been a year since it was released in cinemas.


Shop and cafe owners say they were told they'd benefit


from the film's exposure, but that hasn't quite been the case.


Its name isn't on the cast list, but in the recent Dad's Army film,


East Yorkshire received more screen time than its Hollywood stars.


Bridlington was transformed into Walmington on Sea for the film -


and some of the decorations are still here today.


But has box office success, meant more visitors?


I have seen people sitting in the tea room.


People did not know about the old town in


Bridlington, they tend to


In truth we can't be sure how many people have come.


We did not do a foot count on how many extra


This was quite a busy little town and area last summer.


When the film was released, the council put together a


tourist trail detailing all the different areas that we used for


filming and what scenes specifically were filmed where.


But the online version has only been downloaded 166 times since June.


That's compared to the Barons Trail maps in Lincoln where more


than 77,500 leaflets were handed out -


and that was during the first two weeks.


Dad's Army tours around East Yorkshire -


but the council's decided there wasn't a need for them.


This antiques shop owner says that's a shame and she'll soon have


I believe there was a vintage bus that was supposed


to be up and running and they were going to drop people off the two


That would have added business, without a doubt.


The council insists because Dad's Army


can still be seen on TV, fans will continue to visit this


The Archbishop of York has been walking the streets of Hull today


The mission, which took place in the west of the city,


is part of a series which will see the Archbishop visit all twenty one


deaneries in his diocese throughout 2017 and 2018.


When you look at the ministry of Jesus, he always went about doing


And the actual growth of the church, particularly in the north of England


were by monks who went around who always on the road walking so,


they begin with prayer, hospitality and then on the road


In today's football, Hull City were in London to take


In a close fought match, it was the home team who won by two


goals to nil after scoring a penalty in injury time.


But the first goal was a controversial one


as Alexis Sanchez put the ball in the net with his hand.


Elsewhere, the games are just beginning their second halves.


In League One, Scunthorpe United In League Two,


And in the National League, North Ferriby United Lincoln City


Let's get the weather forecast now, with Abbie Dewhurst.


We are expecting to see a view wintry showers feeding in from east


Lower levels will see rain and sleet but we could see snow


Two to six centimetres between two to 300 metres and above but these


are the overnight temperatures in towns and cities so I doubt


we will see any overnight frost or ice first thing.


It will be a cloudy, miserable old start and feel


bitterly cold as well with a strong easterly wind.


Showers feeding in, a dry afternoon and evening with temperatures


That brings you up to date. Enjoy your weekend.


Good afternoon. An afternoon to snuggle up in front of the telly and


watch some rugby. It's been a cold winter's day. Not just for humans.


This shot was taken earlier. There was some sunshine in Scotland, here


a beautiful afternoon. That was the expectation for most. It's bleak out


there. A mixture of rain and snow on the radar. You have to go a long way


up the hills to find settling snow. Into the evening and temperatures


begin to fall again, we could see some of the white stuff turning up