12/02/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to Look North.


A man has collapsed and died while playing in a football


James Moorfoot was playing for Langtoft AFC


The Yorkshire Ambulance Service said it was called to the incident


on Saturday afternoon, but attempts to revive him failed.


The East Riding Football Association has offered


its "sincere condolences" to Mr Moorfoot's family and friends.


A permanent memorial to Hull's lost fishermen has been unveiled


6,000 people from Hull lost their lives at sea


The Archbishop of York blessed the sculpture at St Andrew's Quay,


as part of the annual Lost Trawlermen's Day service.


Our reporter Jill Archbold was there.


Barely space to stand as people gathered for a service with


Today, together, we are making history, we are telling our story.


After years of campaigning to see one built, for the first time,


the families and friends of those lost at sea placed their flowers


You know, it was one thing about trawlermen,


they all worked together, stuck together, worked together,


and I would say, 99.9% of fishermen are old friends.


Fishing heritage group Stand has been fundraising for moral


I find it difficult talking, we have had a great loss and tragedy


in the city and occasions like this really brings it home to people.


It has been an occasion I will remember for ever.


The 14 steel figures were lifted into place just six days ago.


Today's service was the first time many had seen them.


It has blighted a lot of our men and families.


-- it is so like a lot of the men in our family.


We want the grandchildren to know what happened.


Very powerful, lot of research, and the images on the faces,


Blessed by the Archbishop of York it is hoped this memorial creates


a space for remembrance on any day of the year.


The Childen's Commissioner for England says they're talking


to North East Lincolnshire council about their children's services


after a four-year-old girl from Grimsby died


Poppy Widdison collapsed at her home in June 2013.


Last month Poppy's mother, Michala Pyke and ex-partner


John Ritting were jailed for a total of 26 years.


The Commissioner said there were "tragic failures to protect


Poppy" and an investigation is underway into services


That case will be indicative of the challenges and the situation


in lots of areas, so we will be looking at talking to local leaders


about the decisions they make and the challenges they face.


We know, in some areas, there are children who will get


attention and support a lot earlier on and for issues that aren't


We want to understand why that is, we want to understand


whether it's about resources or whether about the local context.


There have been extra police patrols in Lincolnshire this weekend,


because of concerns that hare coursers were planning


Lincolnshire is often a target for coursers from across the country


because of the open fields of its rural areas.


This weekend, the police force set up a dispersal order, which meant


they could make suspects leave the county.


Police say they are using all available laws to seize dogs,


Hello. After a cold, windy day, it will be a cold and windy night. Very


cloudy, but most of the showers now cluster ring over the high ground. A


largely dry picture by dawn. All of this cloud acts as a blanket


prevention temperatures getting too low. It will be a cloudy start, very


cloudy, quite windy and very cold. Factoring in the bitter easterly


breeze, and exposed coasts and hills, it will feel very cold. Some


sunshine in the afternoon. Look North is back from


6:25am tomorrow morning. I'm sure most of us are glad to see


the back of this weekend. It's been cold, bleak and at times wintry. It


provided some beautiful weather Watchers photos, like Sheffield


earlier today. I suspect some of the lying snow will be blown around by


strong winds starting to develop. The odd spot of drizzle into the far


north-east. The wind strengthening here. Already signs of something a


little bit miles, temperatures climbing up.