19/03/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Increases to the national living wage could lead to a shortage


of people willing to work in the fields of Lincolnshire.


That's according to a major producer of vegetables in the county.


From April, workers over 25 will be paid at least ?7.50 an hour.


But as the rate increases, some farmers are warning that people


will turn their back on the agricultural


On this farm, workers earn up to ?15 an hour for harvesting leaks.


On this farm, workers earn up to ?15 an hour for harvesting leeks.


A pay rate nearly double the Government's national living wage -


but as the gap between the two narrows - one employer


says his workers will have less incentive to do


We need to increase rates to keep the differential


because we want to remain an attractive place to work


It is hard work and if things carry on as they are,


what we will find is that we just stop doing it.


From April - low paid workers will see an extra 30p per hour


In Lincoln, this coffee shop has plans to increase trade,


so its owner can afford the increase in wages.


I need to increase the amount of sales we have and if we grow


It has an impact but part of planning as they make sure


the impact is mitigated and so it would have an immediate


At 20 years old, Matthew Smith could be paid the minimum wage


but receives the same pay as his older colleagues.


I do think it is unfair that people don't get the same


I live on my own and the extra ?40 a month goes that bit further.


Knowing I have that little extra disposable cash than I had


in the past in previous jobs makes life easier.


Ruddocks design and print is one of nearly 30 companies in Lincoln


volunteering to pay what campaigners call the 'real living wage'


If you can't afford that you can't afford it and I don't think it's


fair to think that it's just across the board everybody should


just pay it, but I certainly think if you can afford


that it is the right thing to do and it'll only makes for better


It's expected minimum hourly rates will reach ?9 by 2020 -


whilst thousands of workers will benefit - it's feared it


could lead to a shortfall of those willing to work


An East Yorkshire MP has defended proposed changes to the way


education is funded amid claims that many schools could be worse-off.


Some Conservative MPs say they won't support changes


to the school funding formula, which one study claimed could see


the average secondary school lose the equivalent of six teachers.


But the Beverley and Holderness MP, Graham Stuart insists many


At a time of constraint, it's very difficult to do redistribution


but that is going ahead and I certainly expect


the government to go through with that, ensuring those


areas that have historically been underfunded get


My area, one of the lowest funded in the whole country,


40 out of 50 schools will see an improvement.


?7 million a year extra will go to local schools


in Beverley and Holderness and across the East Riding


Work is under way to remove the 75 foot wind turbine blade


The blade, which has been there since January,


will be transported back to the Siemens factory


Some say it will be missed once it's gone.


There are huge amount of people that don't want to see yet gone and a


movement to keep it in the city centre but we have to keep moving


forward than the blade is out and poppies will be coming in so plenty


more from that came from. Hope you've had a good weekend but


there is only one way the temperature is going for the next


few days and that is down. A couple of showers across the East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire, quite blustery with south-westerly winds. A dry


start tomorrow morning but doesn't last, further outbreaks of rain,


some heavy. The air behind is a lot colder but brightening up lately.


Very cold and turning chilly on Tuesday and Wednesday with someone


wintry showers. That's all from us for now,


but we'll be back on the air first thing with your first bulletin


of week at 6.25 in the morning. Until then, enjoy the


rest of your evening. Good evening. There is some rain


coming into the southern half of the UK as we speak. I think by the end


of the night it will have got into the Midlands and much of East Anglia


as well. A bit of a breeze here as well. Some gusty winds and snow on


the hills of Scotland. With all of that going