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Tonight: "Outrageous and rigged against Newcastle."


Some of the angry reaction to the news that the child heart


surgery unit will have to move across the city to


It looks to me like this is designed to shift decision-making from the


technical issues involved to the political issues which of course is


something very different and I think very, very wrong.


Also tonight: Jailed for more than two years.


The internet troll who sent death threats to an MP.


We're live at the River Wear where the centrepiece


of Sunderland's new bridge is being lifted into position.


York minster's very own police force is to be given the same powers


Why there are sometimes more important things


But when tomorrow's games do kick off can our Premier League


24 hours after Look North revealed the future of child heart surgery


in Newcastle is in jeopardy, there's been an angry reaction


In order to continue, NHS England has said


the Freeman Hospital will have to bring ALL its specialist


Currently some are provided three miles across the city,


in the Great North Children's Hospital at the Royal


Well our health reporter, Sharon Barbour broke


the story and she's outside the Freeman Hospital now.


The reaction to the news has been one of shock.


Two Newcastle MPs are planning to raise the issue with


Here at the Freeman, they say they have to move


children's heart surgery to the RVI is a huge and complex task that


If they plan the house to work to secure the future of child heart


surgery in the north-east. Rachel in Middlesbrough knows how


difficult it is to watch your own Her son Theo has


needed it three times. We owe them everything, we really


do, they are just outstanding. And an outstanding team and we still


have contact with them, now, Theo goes... On a three yearly basis,


now, a fantastic thing which we would never thought we would see.


He's is one of more than 2,000 heart and lung transplants have been


performed in both children and adults, at the Freeman Hospital


But BBC Look North has revealed for the Freeman Hospital to be able


to continue its life saving complex child heart surgery ..


NHS England says it needs to be on the same site as other specialist


Today Newcastle Hospitals confirmed it was drawing up plans


to move everything across to


NHS England have made it very clear that they really do wish us to move.


What services would go across? We would need to re-equipped to


operating theatres, we would need what's a cardiac catheterisation


laboratory, a large, dedicated children's intensive care area, a


high dependency area, ward beds, and outpatient clinic. Where will the


room come in the great north to the hospital do move all of these


things? I can't answer that at the minute, specifically, but the trust


is having a long, hard look at various options which will


inevitably means some building. And new construction at the Royal


Victoria Infirmary site. Who will pay for that? The great NHS will


have to fund it, but I can't answer that specifically at this moment in


time but there is no firm promises anywhere. We will have to look and


see what is possible first. Because you don't have an option, do you? We


are not seeming to be given an option by NHS England, so....


The move will be a huge challenge and will cost


many millions of pounds, NHS England say Newcastle


Hospitals will have to find that money themselves:


The news has drawn strong criticism from Newcastle Mps; Chi Onwurah


is writing to the Health Secretary asking "whether forcing it to move


across the city is really in the interests of children."


Nick Brown MP was also shocked to hear the news.


I think it's outrageous. The issue here is a rational argument, and the


weight of evidence is clearly a Newcastle by backside, first


political decision-making, and there of course we come down to be


secretary of state, Jeremy Hunt, so we will both be putting pressure on


the secretary of state to at least they fare. -- Playfair.


the secretary of state to at least they -- fare.


NHS England say Newcastle will have extra time


for to draw up their plans, The Hospital trust say the actual


move could mean building a new heart and transplant uni on the RVI site,


and the whole process could take years..


NHS England have recognised the exceptional work of the hospital -


especially around transplant - the only child heart transplant


The medical teams here welcome that endorsement.


But to survive, to continue in the future they have the packed up and


move across the city. An internet troll who made


anti-Semitic death threats to a Labour MP has been jailed


for 27 months. John Nimmo who's 28


and from South Shields faced nine charges which included two relating


to emails he sent to In one he said she would


'get it like Jo Cox', He appeared via video-link


at Newcastle Crown Court, The judge said his need for


notoriety greatly outweighed his concern for others and that he


terrified his victims from his home where he thought he could remain


anonymous. Today, the 28-year-old from South Shields was deigned for


nine charges related to threatening an offensive messages sent to a


number of victims via the Internet. In July last day he sent death


threats via e-mail to Liverpool way victory MP, as just weeks after her


fellow MP Jo Cox was bad and shot at her constituency office. In one


e-mail to miss Berger Khmer sheep would get its like Jo Cox,


accompanied by a picture of a knife. In an other come


he was also sentenced for threatening to blow up a mosque,


saying death will come to all Muslims. In a statement read in


court today, from miss Berger, the big concern was not knowing who this


was. He could have been residing next door to me and it left me


feeling physically sick. In mitigation, his barrister is said he


had Asperger's syndrome and lived an isolated life. He said it was


unlikely that he wouldn't offend again without therapy due to


psychological problems. It isn't the first time he has been convicted for


this type of offence, in 2014 was jailed for tweets to MP. He was told


his actions had been cowardly and caused fear, misery and paranoia


amongst his victims. He also said it was a great concern that he had


thought it was fun to get reactions from people whilst abusing them


anonymously. And that is need for recognition had stopped any remorse.


Nimmo was jailed for 27 months. Three men have appeared in court


in connection with a shooting A doorman was injured outside


the Tup Tup Palace club in 2015. John Henry Sayers, who's 53,


and Michael Dixon, who's 35, both from the Walker area


of the city, were remanded in custody accused of


"conspiracy to murder." A third man was bailed on a charge


of "assisting an offender Police investigating the death


of a man in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Sunderland yesterday morning -


say no-one else was involved. The dead man's been named


as 42-year-old Andrew Scott, Middlesbrough's Institute


of Modern Art - or MIMA - It's celebrating the milestone


with an exhibition of work And the pieces which have made


it out of the vaults and on to the gallery's walls


have been chosen by the The new exhibition is part


of Mima's aim to become Our business correspondent,


Ian Reeve, reports. So, for now, we'll just


place the Lynn Chadwicks So, for now, we'll just place


the Lynn Chadwicks on the table. The final placing


of the rarely seen. Art usually kept in the vaults,


of Middlesbrough's Museum of We put a call out in


the Gazette to ask what works with the public like to see


on permanent display and we also groups of Teeside University


students to children under the age of five to select their favourite


pieces from the collection stores. This exhibition marks


ten years of Mima, fend off criticism that


its art is too obscure, except when curated


as a one off by the former


top gear team. This is how I want to see


people of Middlesbrough... On the left there is


a Lamborghini Countach that's a Ferrari 275 GT S


and there's a Land Rover. But Mima has a new direction,


styling itself as a useful museum. We started our exhibitions


which are about things people are concerned with,


about things that are happening in the world, and we have


started to respond to what people say they would like to see


and what they would like to happen. 100,000 visitors


already come through a plainly finding it useful


enough will stop so did it become So could it become too popular?


Pandering to populism? There's nothing wrong with being


popular but equally you can be I don't think it's


a question of and... Whether it's


this or that, it's more a question of can we do a whole range of


different activities. Some people of course


will still criticise Mima, think it's not for them,


but at after a decade that has seen big arts cuts it's still here,


should they change their minds and want to see


just how useful it is. Work's been going on all day


in Sunderland, to lift the central pylon of


the new Wear Crossing into place. It's a huge feat of civil


engineering, putting the one hundred Well, it's certainly been a dramatic


day down on the river here, but it is important to remember this was


all were scheduled to be a 20 hour operation and bentonite they are


halfway through. It is also important to remember they haven't


tried a structural left on this kind of scale since they raised the


London eye nearly 20 years ago, but I am pleased to say that the


operation he is bang on track. They started at first light.


Delicate and composite operation to lift the steel monster on to his


feet, a mind boggling operation of physics and civil engineering.


Tables are attached to the crossbeam which is then attached to a back


mask which is attached to a top of a pylon, these cables then do a thing


called a strand jack which greets the cables through them very slowly,


and about six metres and our commit will take 20 hours to move the whole


thing upright. With each passing hour, this enormous steel structure


creeps higher and higher. And you get a real sense of how it's going


to transform the Sunderland skyline completely. Hundreds came down to


the banks of the river to watch the drama slowly unfold. I think it's


really cool because... Because it goes really high. When it was flat


on the barge, there can be you didn't realise how big it was, but


now it started to go up it is very, very tall. Once-in-a-lifetime for us


to see something like this happening down here, here, so yes. Quite


often, we keep track of your progress. Proud Jamaat very proud of


Sunderland. Plenty of sleepless nights and I'm


glad to say we're here today and very confident that those nights


have been worthwhile, we've had a lot of challenges along the way that


we've managed to iron them out and we're very happy to see everything


going forward according plan. Plenty more coming up;


Dawn's here with the sport, plus:


Generating new woodland We join volunteers as they plant


more than 1,400 new trees And it is a cold weekend to come


with some further wintry showers, sleet and snow.


Thought to be the oldest police force in the country,


the Minster Police have been protecting York Minster


and the people who worship there, since the 13th century.


They're one of just five similar forces worldwide.


But this week the Minster team was formally recognised,


and - within the boundaries of the cathedral -


will soon hold the same powers to arrest as normal police.


The Minster police have been on duty a very long time. For more than 700


years, they have guarded the piece here at York Minster, protecting the


building and everyone in it on a daily basis. Specialist training for


North Yorkshire Police means they will still hold the same powers of


arrest as regular constables. From time to time, people have had a bit


too much to drink or maybe just a little bit of disorder that has to


be dealt with, and we have to be realistic that there could be a


crime, so police officers are now trained to recognise that and how to


deal with it appropriately and the right level. Cathedral constables


were on the beach well before the police force was actually


established in 1829. Since the 13th century they have held a vital role


in securing York here, and that another few cathedrals like Chester


and Lancashire. Last year they were professionally trained for the eight


strong team he had the Minster. From disruptive visitors to serious


criminals the team are now equipped for every situation but their


central role remains to inform and advise the public. It has given us


the tools to do the job, more proficiently. Should we encounter a


situation we will know what to do, and we will have the confidence to


carry out those actions. This week, North Yorkshire Police and the Dean


of York signed a memorandum formally recognising their new role. The


powers will come into force in May. Volunteers have spent the day


planting thousands of trees across the Lake District to help


restore woodland and provide some The National Trust's first mass


planting will also help boost Mark McAlindon joined volunteers


above the village of Braithwaite. On a winter morning perfect


for planting trees, an army of volunteers marched up


Coledale near Keswick to continue the task of restoring


some natural tree and scrubland Over the course of this winter


we've been planting This valley, along with lots in


the Lake District, would have been wooded at one time,


but for various reasons, farming, and there's


a massive mine up there, one of the last


working mines in the Lake District, so they would have cut


down the trees for props, etc. Just about a mile down


the back there's a village called Braithwaite, which


last year unfortunately got really badly hit in the flood


so trees will help to stabilise the soil and hopefully


prevent these landslips from In all, across four lake


district sites, 1,400 trees were being planted today alone,


attracting volunteers keen If you live in such


a beautiful place and enjoy the hills


as much as I do, it just day a week just to


help maintain them. Paths and walls and trees,


just everything. The slopes of Coledale as you can


see are extremely wet and boggy, so it's a question of what type


of tree will thrive in these Well, this is aspen,


alongside willow, volunteers


planting hundreds of these because these types of tree


will grow quite happily in wet soil. Aspen and willow grow quickly too,


it won't be long before this valley, Just before the sport,


Bradley Lowery, the five year-old Sunderland football fan who's


terminally ill with cancer, has had some special


visitors in hospital. The Black Cats' top scorer,


Jermain Defoe, and goalkeeper Vito Mannone popped in to see


Bradley, along with midfielder A photo of Bradley falling asleep


cuddling Defoe has been liked by almost 60,000 people


on social media. Yes, very moving -


some things really are more important that football even


when you're bottom of the league. Something I asked Sunderland boss


David Moyes about at this afternoon's pre-match media


conference. Footballers are actually


good people, they do Sometimes the things that you hear


about driving fast cars But our thoughts are with Bradley


and his family all the time, But I'd just say that, you know,


it does put things in perspective. Maybe it's good for the players


to get away, get away from the constant sort of strain


and pressure of being in here and then you actually see what it's


really like in the real life, and as I said it was good


on the players, but we'll just keep hoping and praying that


Bradley keeps well. On the pitch Sunderland's surprise


4-0 victory at Crystal Palace last weekend has given the players


and the manager a much needed confidence boost ahead of tomorrow's


Premier League clash with Southampton at


the Stadium of Light. No one knows how much last


week's win will affect the final outcome in May,


but it's given renewed hope. With just two points


separating the bottom six, a victory or two can make a huge


difference. It can, and we've been


in this position once or We've got to make sure we do,


this time, and again, we're running out of games, so we've got


to probably have a different mindset than maybe we


have had in the past. The level of the performance


at Crystal Palace was greater than I think it was very hard not to say


that the majority of players played some of their best


games, some of the best performances, and will


need to do it again. Jordan Rhodes has been training this


week but medics are insisting the keeper completes his rehab


after a knee injury so he wont be I find it hard to


actually understand and he's jumping and


is getting but yeah, and he's jumping and


is kicking but yeah, his time is probably


after this weekend, so what I will say


is he's very close to playing now. With no game next week David Moyes


is taking his squad for a break, not for a spot of sunshine,


but some team bonding in New York. I've done it for myself,


and I know it's worked and know how it works


for the group and also Some of them will get


a chance to see some really important sites


go and see some things, and we've got basketball games lined up,


so we'll probably keep it on a sporty


Well the Middlesbrough first team squad have just come home


from their Benidorm warm-weather training camp ahead of a home game


against in-form Everton, managed by the former Southampton


With the Teessiders hovering just one point above the relegation zone,


Many Boro fans arriving for tomorrow's crucial home game


will no doubt have been envious of their team's mid-winter Spanish


break, but will the change of scene improve the club's fortunes


you're working hard is still away from home,


you're working hard is still away from home, but it's the change


Sometimes that's the desired effect and am hoping they come back


re-energised and are ready for Saturday was like a game.


Ex-Boro player Maddison says Boro need to set their sights higher


And some of the games we've played this


season we've takien draws inside of wins


the possession of football we've had we dominated games at times and yet


It's about earning teams, it's about scoring goals and


winning games, and you don't get no points for playing pretty football,


you get points for putting the ball in the back of the net.


Ominously for Boro Everton and star striker Romelu Lukaku arrive


Four goals in his last game, he's just scoring


goals for fun and that's someone we need, really.


Unsettled but hugely talented midfielder Gaston Ramirez,


who wanted to join champions Leicester last month,


He's going to play now till the end of the season and if he


does really well he can get his move at the end


of the season but he is


an important player for us, he needs to perform for us.


Championship leaders Newcastle United don't have fond


memories of their first league meeting with Wolves this season.


A surprise 2-0 home defeat back in September, which later saw


Jonjo Shelvey pick up a five-match ban after being found guilty


The influential midfielder will have to keep his cool at Molineux


tomorrow tea-time in a game which comes a bit too early


for striker Dwight Gayle, nearing a return from injury.


The Magpies' boss, meanwhile, concedes that it won't be easy


for the top two to pull further clear of the chasing pack.


Some teams are doing well, they are on form and everyone can


lose points and then it is important to just


concentrate on one game can see what happened,


but I'm sure that other teams they will be pushing and


pushing and as I said before April could be a crucial place because you


have so many games and there will be a distance between teams that is not


In League Two, Carlisle United will be looking to build


on their first win of 2017 last week when they host mid-table


You can listen to commentary of that game on BBC Radio Cumbria and BBC


Tees will have all the action from Hartlepool's tough away trip


Yorkshire's Joe Root and Durham's Ben Stokes


have met with Director of Cricket Andrew Strauss as England


continue their search for a new captain.


Alastair Cook stepped down on Monday after a record 59 Tests in charge.


Root who was vice-captain, is favourite to take over


but Strauss has so far refused to "rule anyone in or out".


The new skipper will be appointed before England's tour


Finally good luck to Darlington Mowden Park Sharks Lock


forward Tamara Taylor who'll win her 100th cap for England


when they take on Wales in the Women's Six Nations


She made her debut in 2005. Congratulations to her! Time that


the weather now. It's a bit cold out there. Yes,


really cold, Jeff. We have same some snow showers as well. Some


photographs to show you first of all, this trip taken by James 's


afternoon, leaden skies across Wearside, but blazing sunshine for a


time elsewhere. Some snow as well, this taken in Teesdale, and our


Weather Watchers have sent these end. This weekend, further wintry


showers, a cold wind blowing, and lots of great cloud in the forecast


as well, so quite a miserable weekend. Tonight a weather warning


for snow, valid until ten o'clock tomorrow morning. How that pans out,


through the evening and overnight, a lot of clear skies, but gradually


for the north-east, showers return, falling as snow, even down to low


levels, but we could even see three to six centimetres. Temperatures


overnight down at freezing, perhaps above in a fuse box. A cold start


tomorrow, quite a great start with continued showers pushing in, and


the difference is the north-easterly and easterly wind feeling stronger,


so that will add a wind chill factor through Saturday. Cumbria,


especially western parts, do best with the dry weather, the tops of


the Pennines and students will see snow, as the show was come through.


So lower levels, it falls as rain. Temperatures around for five but add


on the strength of that wind and it will be feeling bitterly cold.


Showers continue to Saturday night into Sunday, falling snow again,


ever higher ground, but because they are showers they went the scene by


all. Temperatures drop around freezing. Sunday, Breeze coming in


from the east, a cold direction, and if you brighter spells especially


across Cumbria on Sunday but we see some further showers pushing in


again over higher ground, some centimetres, down to lower levels,


falling asleep not snow. Temperatures on Sunday about 45


degrees, adding on the strength of the wind again and it will feel much


colder than that. Pretty, cold, windy, wet over the weekend, what


about the start of next week? It will look quite cool on Monday and


Tuesday, only a gradual change to something a little bit milder, if


you more wintry showers on Monday, one to sunny spells, balmy 8 degrees


by Tuesday. A bit party over the weekend,


though. A little bit of snow! Have a great weekend, we will see you on