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Finley's fight - the five year-old with a brain tumour finally meets


the American surgeon who could change his life.


A wealthy businessman accused of historic child sex abuse tells


Smoking during pregnancy - researchers in Newcastle offer


And we meet a poet offering a door-to-door service,


In sport, why a French international will be playing his rugby


And why English football's leading man in the middle


The American surgeon who pioneered a treatment to destroy brain tumours


has told a Teesside family the operation could


Five-year-old Finley Ingles travelled to Houston


after his family raised ?200,000 from well-wishers to pay for it.


Finley can suffer up to 15 seizures a day -


but his tumour is too deep to be operated on in this country.


Surgeons at Texas Children's Hospital say the laser ablation


treatment has improved the health of 80% of its patients.


Stuart Whincup sent this report from Texas.


It's home to America's biggest Children's Hospital.


Ground-breaking brain surgery is performed here,


and this is why Finley desperately need it.


He's laughing, but feels discomfort and is left confused.


The seizure happened as Finley's family were meeting the man


who pioneered the surgery that he'll undergo.


The treatment is called laser ablation surgery.


A tiny hole is made in the skull, the size of the tip of a pen.


And using MRI for guidence, a laser is directed where the tumour is,


When we are considering our skill at treating


this type of haematoma, even in open operations that


would incur lots of side effects, it's only about 50%,


Even away from the hospital in Houston, Finley's keen to show


I'm allowed to get in here because I'm a Dr.


For Finley's family, today's appointment did offer reassurance.


It filled us with positivity, really.


It filled us with a lot of confidence, knowing that he feels


the operation will be such a success.


Nothing can quite prepare you for your child to have surgery.


And with the best will in the world, for all the googling


and everything that we've done, actually meeting the man himself has


After the years of hospital appointments, tests and scans,


Finley is now just 24 hours away from the operation that


He'll be admitted to Texas Children's Hospital in the early


His family say this is Finley's last hope.


His last chance for a happy childhood, free from


And we'll have an update on Finley's progress in tomorrow's Look North.


A 15-year-old girl has pleaded not guilty to the murder


A wealthy businessman, accused of sexually abusing boys,


has told a court he's the victim of a police witch hunt.


75-year-old Colin Gregg, from Newcastle, was giving evidence


in his defence against nine counts of indecent assault.


It's alleged the offences were committed over a period


of almost 30 years, but today he told a jury,


Our correspondent, Peter Harris, reports.


Colin Gregg, the court has heard, has said the allegations are wicked


lies. Today, he spoke directly to the


jury. Under cross-examination, he was as,


is it your edition that each of these components is either mistaken


or lying? He replied that that was correct. He said that those making


false allegations are doing so against a thoroughly decent man. He


accepted that while he's a wealthy man, none of the complainant has


made a claim compensation, and said he couldn't get any reason why any


of them with choose to live. Colin Gregg told the jury, it's very


difficult, ... The jury has been told of Colin


Gregg's background. That he helped develop the family's bakery


business, is a former head teacher, and had driven forward the Yellow


Brick Road Charity appeal. He denies nine counts of indecent assault on


four boys. He was advised by his own badge start, it did yet any stage


assault any young boys? Colin Gregg replied no. The trial continues. --


he was asked by his own barrister. Now, for many smokers, kicking


the habit can be very difficult. But it's one of the best things


you can do for your health - and if you're pregnant, it's vital


for the wellbeing of your baby. Newcastle University researchers


have discovered pregnant women are almost twice as likely to quit


smoking if they're tested with a carbon monoxide monitor


at their first midwife appointment. Here's our health


reporter, Sharon Barbour. When Melanie fell pregnant with her


little girl, Faith, she had been a heavy smoker for years.


I started smoking at about 16. In skill, I smoked, I tried to impress


the boys, it was the fashion in those days. Then I smoked until I


was 40. Faith is her fifth child. She smoked


all through her four previous pregnancies, as you didn't know the


risks. I never ever thought, I just would


carry on like I did. My parents both smoked.


But something different happened with this pregnancy that changed


everything. There was a breath analysis, my


carbon monoxide was above a high-level. There was a red light


going off, and he demonstrated what it does to your baby wants you


smoke. And it is basically just strangling you, I do try to reach


for breath. And I'm thinking, that's frightening. That's the first time I


come alleged icon in my head, visualised what it was doing to the


little person in my side, you are basically constantly strangling that


child. It is as carbon monoxide test the


Newcastle University has found cutely helps pregnant mums to quit


smoking. What we found was that an interview


shown to make sure that all pregnant women were screened for carbon


monoxide in early pregnancy, and then put in touch to help stop


smoking if they were smokers helped to nearly double quit rates in


pregnancy. There's evidence that smoking weed is to lighter birth


weight, which leads to problems during pregnancy and birth and later


in life. The team studied 40,000 mothers


across the North East. Including 10,500 to smoke. The problem is


called BabyClear, and from on-site Melanie, it clearly works. There are


calls for the approach to be used more often across the country.


Sherrin joins me now. Surely now everybody knows smoking can't be


good for the baby, why has this worked so well?


We hear advice about things like this so often, it now many people to


note no longer listen to it. In this, the pregnant mother is taken


aside by the midwives and really explains what the smoking is doing


to the baby. So that has an impact, really, clearly, one explained. And,


of course, the carbon monoxide monitor.


The monitor has a big impact? They can test, they can see the


reading on the monitor. Melanie had a reading of 24, very high. She can


see that and then see the carbon monoxide gas, it is explained how


that can damage the baby. A smaller birth weight, potentially death for


the baby. And behavioural problems, they are at a higher risk later on


in life. Another great thing from Melanie was that she was able to


count the savings. She was working around 30 a day, at least ?10 a day


she was saving, she said, Hugh was really happy to be saving money and


not has smoked during pregnancy. A 15-year-old girl has pleaded not


guilty to the murder of seven-year-old Katie Rough


in York last month. Katie was found with serious


injuries in the Woodthorpe area of the city and died


later in hospital. The teenager made a 20-minute


appearance by video link Campaigners fighting to save beds


at a Northumberland cottage hospital have accused NHS bosses of failing


to consider alternatives The plan to permanently


shut the 12-bed ward at the Rothbury Community Hospital


has already sparked protest marches and a


4000-signature petition. But this afternoon NHS managers told


a consultation meeting Our political correspondent


Luke Walton joins us from Rothbury. Esprit is a geographically isolated,


and it also has a lot of older people. -- Rothbury is too


graphically isolated. It is said the facility used by vulnerable people


is so important. Campaigners gathered today to put that message


across to NHS managers. They are meeting behind me for the second


time to plot their next step in the campaign. The area's Clinical


Commissioning Group say the underuse of this award was not a efficient


use of scarce NHS resources. When we looked at the exhibiting


over the last few years, we see the beds are being used less and less.


There are nurses and staff around for beds that are empty. With the


pressures on the NHS, it doesn't make sense to have a resource that


is just not being used its full potential. When the halve look to


the options going forward, realistically, what we want to do is


use is building for the NHS and get more services there, but that won't


be, as far as we can see, overnight beds.


Whitney is hospital campaigner David Blackburn. Does it make sense to run


a ward that is hast empty at a time when NHS cash is so tight?


It make sense to the CCG. Because, obviously, financial resources are


strapped at the moment. But what you have to consider, as far as Rothbury


amenity hospitals concerned, is that these beds are required for the


local community. By Justin Rothbury, but the surrounding area. As you


said earlier, there are many vulnerable people. We have a


population of about 5000 here and Rothbury, of whom 4500 signed the


petition to save our beds. What would be the human impact of


the closure, and what you think is the alternative?


One of the major human impact of the closure is that families, loved ones


of people who are in acute beds and had to go to other hospitals have to


make that journey all the way over there. Sometimes without the


facility of... Do you think there's and


alternative? I did. The alternative is what we're


calling option six. In the CCG's documents, they had five options. Of


which one, in reality, is the only one they're going for.


You think these beds have a future? Absolutely. I am convinced of that.


That we need these beds in the local community for palliative care, and


of life care, respite and four post operative care. Anything that's


solution locally. Thank you. This consultation


continues into April. We have another public meeting tonight and


next month, and public feeling running very high.


The Princess Royal was in Newcastle today.


Princess Anne - who's the patron of the Citizens Advice Bureau -


met volunteers from the organisation, which recently


The city is currently celebrating the 800th


anniversary of the Mayoralty and the Freemen of Newcastle.


Windlestone Hall in County Durham is back on the market,


Durham County Council was criticised in an auditors' report


for selling the Grade II listed building in 2011 for ?241,000.


The council said at the time that, with the upkeep of the hall costing


?100,000 a year, the price was a good one.


It later emerged that potential buyer William Davenport had used


fake documents in his mortgage applications for the Hall.


He was jailed for six years for fraud.


Newcastle's Dance City has announced plans to open


Two new dance studios will be part of a wider vision


to create a cultural quarter in the city centre.


Funding's been secured to develop the Old Fire Station building,


which will house Dance City, along with a new site


Plans have also been approved for a 400-seater auditorium,


costing more than ?8 million, next to the Sunderland Empire.


An iconic, concrete communications tower in Durham, 150 feet tall,


is finally coming down, piece by piece.


Designed by the famous architect Ove Arup, the mast -


which used to tower over Durham's old Police Headquarters -


was built back in 1968, and it's long since been overtaken


But as Jim Knight reports, the Grade II listed structure isn't


As our old Look North pictures show, the County Police Communications


Tower was designed to be tall but slim, so it wouldn't block views


But now, the carefully sculpted and crafted sections of concrete -


so lovingly put together by Ove Arup's back in 1968 -


are slowly coming back to Earth, piece by careful piece.


It's costing nearly ?500,000 to deconstruct it and move it


from the site of the new Aykley Woods housing department.


Police say they had no choice, because it would have cost them lot


more in lost revenue to leave it where it is.


We're pleased to see the end of this particular project,


it's costing about ?500,000, which is a lot of money.


However, we do think it's good financial sense,


because had we left it in place, we would have lost more than that


We are fairly high up, where we stand.


And when you drive around the area, it does become a bit of a focal


point, you can see it from the motorways in the area.


And I do think some people are quite attached to it.


But of course, this is far from the end of the story for Durham's


In just a few months' time, they are going to start work


here to resurrect it alongside the new police headquarters.


Items belonging to some of the most famous names in music are going up


You could snap up John Lennon's sunglasses or a velvet jacket


Charlotte Leeming's had a sneak preview.


At Ryedale Auctioneers in Kirbymoorside, there's the usual


antiques and furniture you'd expect to find.


But in one corner of the room, there's a special collection


which will have music lovers absolutely drooling.


It's a rock and pop memorabilia treasure trove, with items from some


the most famous artists of the 60s and 70s.


Including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones,


So, amongst the album covers, there are some


Bit different, that spoon has been signed by John Lennon and Yoko.


Lennon's signature has pretty much faded all away,


But it's a bit different, and that's what people like.


Yeah, did they use that to make their pasta at night?


No prizes for guessing who these belong to.


John Lennon's, but there's bit of a story behind


The back story with those is that John lost his temper


on the phone to someone, a producer or an agent or somebody,


smashed them on the floor, and got thrown in the bin.


So they have had a bit of repair work and a few new parts,


And something that is just amazing is this picture here, behind us.


And a Rolling Stones fan is going to love


I think it's got to be one of my favourite lots of the sale.


A life-size picture, would look fantastic in a music bar


I've got 50 quid I could give even that, any good?


Put a couple of naughts on and we'd be there!


# I going way down south, way down south...#.


Anything connected to such giants of the music world remains hugely


Most items in this auction come from a private


One of the priciest will be a black jacket owned by John Lennon.


It's one of Ryedale's Auctioneers most exciting sales,


and could make that private collector a fair bit


Some great stuff there. Wasn't a fan at the time, love and now.


It's an! On to the sport.


Footballers aren't the only ones jetting off further afield. The


The Premier League's leading referee is quitting his job to become


Mark Clattenburg - from County Durham -


was unveiled on the Saudi FA's live Twitter page, where he introduced


himself by saying that Newcastle had the best team in England.


The 41-year-old Magpies fan, who's widely considered to be one


of the world's best referees, is expected to leave before the next


Last year, he officiated the finals of Euro 2016,


Clattenburg was in charge at the Emirates on Saturday


Newcastle Falcons have signed French international centre


The 30-year-old, who's won two European Champions Cups,


may find himself involved in another if a resurgent Falcons side can


Beating Northampton Saints at Kingston Park on Sunday


A host of impressive statistics accompany Maxime Mermoz,


who scored for Leicester last weekend,


35 Test caps, the winner of two Heineken Cups and French Top 14


finals with two clubs, including Toulon, where he played


A notable addition to the squad, in a deal that's been


I've been speaking with Maxime for maybe 18 months now.


And he was probably the forgotten guy at Toulon whilst he was there.


He was constantly voted by his colleagues as the best player,


but they weren't picking him because, for some unknown reason,


they were picking someone else in front of him.


Can play 12, can play 13 equally well.


And he's one of the few players that can genuinely do that.


And is an incredibly talented footballer.


Sunday's game against Northampton will see a return to home league


action for Tonga captain Nili Latu, who's been out for nearly


seven months with a potentially career-ending knee injury.


My MCL hasn't been there for the last eight seasons.


I done a bit of damage to it while I was paying in Japan.


But didn't really bother me playing, so I finally went on tour


with Tonga in the PNC, and finally it gave up and my


It was probably the hardest seven months in my rugby career,


but I'm glad I'm over that hurdle now, and just looking forward


For the first time in years, the Falcons and their fans are able


to look up the table, rather than nervously


And if they win here on Sunday, they could move


And having already won more the games this season


And having already won more league games this season


than during the whole of their previous campaign,


that's certainly the aim for Falcons' joint-top try scorer,


We want to be in the top six, that's what we're aiming for,


But it's a long way off yet, so we've got to take


But we know we are getting closer and we can do it.


It started as a hobby for Rowan McCabe -


knocking on people's doors and offering to write


Now, a year on, he's been given an Arts Council grant


to continue his work as Britain's only door-to-door poet.


David Sillito met him on his rounds in Gateshead and Stockton.


My name's Rowan and I'm a door to door poet.


So I knock on strangers' doors and write poems for them.


I joined him on his rounds, delivering poems in Stockton.


I answered the door and there he was stood on his little


I said I was busy, but he carried on anyway!


How do you become a door-to-door poet?


Well, first of all it was to do with boredom, really.


You're just bored and you started knocking on people's doors, saying,


I had this feeling that anyone could enjoy poetry.


I probably am a little bit, but it works.


The process always begins with a knock.


His mother was German and life wasn't easy when he was growing up.


That's my mum and a friend in D sseldorf.


We had a lot hostilities, or my mum did.


People would be spitting on her in the street and we had


This is the poem that's been written for him.


Speak - it is all about his habit of speaking out


I think it's probably one of the highlights of my life.


Like I was saying when we were there, it's moments just like that


you just think, best job in the world.


What could be better than that, you know?


that's nice. Fantastic, yes. Great job, must as


good as being a weatherman. Adenoma go on the doorstep, but


would make an exception. Not again today, but the wind made it feel


colder. This picture sums up the weather over the next few days.


Reasonably quiet whether for most of us. It will feel fairly cloudy at


times, but generally try and on the mild side. A lot of cloud around


this evening, especially in the west, patchy rain here and there.


Dying away through the night, Eastern areas drier with clearer


skies. The winds lighter than the last few nights, so temperatures


dropping lower. Outlying parts of Northumberland, may be called enough


for a touch of frost in places, temperatures down to around three


Celsius. Further west, temperatures up to seven. Tomorrow we start the


dre with sunshine, bit more cloud in the West End the east. Spots of rain


possible, but brightness through the day before the cloud built in from


the west, through the course of the afternoon. Temperatures will reach


10 Celsius at best, when is pretty light tomorrow, mostly from a


southerly direction. A ridge of high pressure tomorrow, getting shunted


out of the way. Pressure is saying to the east of us, to the North West


there will be weather front around. Fairly weak as they come into the


high-pressure. Sets us up for a cloudy picture into the weekend.


Tomorrow, best of the brightness in the east, temperatures into double


figures for many of us. Saturday, cloudy skies on the whole, patchy


rain in the west especially. A brisk, south-westerly breeze through


the first part of the weekend. Rain and Saturday nights, becoming more


widespread. Sunday should seek most places dry and cloudy, temperatures


are around 10 Celsius. Fairly quiet, all in all.


Thank you very much. That's enough for now, but we're back with a late


news and weather, aren't we? See you later, bye-bye.


Two challenges await you today, and our genre is Landscape.


The conditions are a wee bit challenging.