17/05/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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The moment she found her flatmate dead.


A friend of Alice Ruggles, murdered by an ex partner,


Although I had seen what I've seen I could not believe... I believe she


could be helped and I wanted someone to build to help out. To bring her


back. I knew deep down nothing would bring her back. Two best water lines


lead to chaos in Newcastle. Holmes lost supplies.


The Yorkshire soldier, buried in France, 100 years


after he left home to fight in the first world war.


Could Sunderland's season still end on a high?


We're live at the Stadium of Light ahead of tonight's U23's Premier


Alice Ruggles died at the hands of her ex-boyfriend


Trimaan Dhillon was an abusive partner who stalked her before


cutting her throat at her Gateshead flat.


Alice's friends and family have started a Trust to raise awareness


of the signs of abusive relationships and stalking.


Today her flatmate Maxine McGill, and best friend Christina Campbell,


spoke exclusively to Look North about Alice and how they want


I didn't want to believe it. So, I kept moving very close to see the


could hear her breathing. Maxine McGill came home on October 12 last


year to ban the body of her flatmate Alice Ruggles in a pool of blood.


Heck Doe to drink at many times. -- her throat had been cut many times.


Although I had seen what I've seen I still believed she could be helped.


I wanted someone to be old to help her to bring her back. Deep down I


knew that nothing would bring her back. Is that an image that stays


with you? Every minute of every day. It is something that I do not ever


think I will be able to raise from my memory. What saddens me the most


about it is that it shadows my memory of Alice when she was alive


and when she was happy. And that beautiful smile of hers. Last month


Alice's ex-boyfriend Trimaan Dhillon was jailed for 23 years by her


murder. He had been controlling and mean repeated throughout their


relationship. She told me whinge when the show one day, because he


needed to go to the toilet he made her get out of stamina kitchen with


no clothes on. -- me when she was in the show one day. What type of man


would be that to anyone never mind the person you are supposed to love.


That is where it became abusive, the me. When Alice entered a


relationship Trimaan Dhillon refused to accept it and stalked her before


finally killing her. What with the alarm bells begin? The level of


contact that he was trying to make with Alice when she made it very


clear that she did not want to have any contact with him. The messages,


the phone calls, the letters, the hacking. He was watching her every


minute of every day. Alice's friends and family have now set up a trust


in her name to try and highlight the signs of abusive relationships. It


doesn't feel like she is gone but that is more of a testament to her,


she was so loved and she left such an impact on so many people. She was


harassed he was controlling and negative and emotionally abusive. It


doesn't just end the, this is what it can escalate to and we people to


knew that because we didn't. If we did... Maybe she would still be


here. I just want someone else not to lose the Alice.


The friends of Alice Ruggles, there. We have some breaking news tonight


armed police are dealing with an incident at a house in County


Durham. Red Cross life. What more can you tell us? -- lets cross live.


The police have told us that the officers were first called here this


afternoon by the man in question and officers attended in relation to


what they've described as a mental health issue. Matters escalated in


the afternoon. Several petrol arms open thrown at officers. About an


hour ago I saw two missiles thrown myself, wanted not ignite but the


other dead. As far as we have been told new one has been hurt. The


officer in charge says they are in no hurry to bring this operation to


an end, but there was one man, understood to be on his own apart


from some animals in that property. This operation has been going on for


several hours. There were 30 offices here, somewhat armed with the


police, fire and ambulance pressure here is staying. We'll bring you


more. Two burst water mains


in separate locations caused Traffic ground to a halt


during the rush hour as the flooding overwhelmed roads,


and parts of the Metro Meanwhile 15,000 homes


were without water. Not a canal, but one


of the region's busiest rail lines. This was the Tyne and Wear Metro


in West Jesmond this morning. Hundreds of metres of track


under six feet of water. Thousands of gallons sent


into nearby gardens and then cascading down an embankment


and onto line. Residents were woken at 5


this morning by police. Look out the window couldn't believe


it. It was like a waterfall coming from opposite, through the allotment


over the paving, going into the road. This is a flash flood from the


burst water main that has affected the busiest part of the Metro


system. That was clearly a huge disruption to our passengers.


Four miles away, up to 1500 homes were without water until lunchtime


after a second burst water main in the East of the city.


Bottled water was handed to residents.


Five days after an international cyber attack, patients


in our region's biggest health trust are still facing disruption.


Northumbria Health Trust cancelled over twenty operations today


and orthopaedic clinics at three of its hospitals.


While the trust says its contingency plans have worked


some nursing staff have likened the situation to the wartime blitz.


Our News Correspondent Mark Denten's been talking to the Trust's Medical


I think by tomorrow we will have got all of our collective activity up


There have been some cancellations for some elective


activity through this week, but the amount of work that we have


We're now processing GP samples, with reconnecting to other parts


of the NHS and we just, we can see the path back


It isn't just about updating the operating systems on a few


Microsoft computers, we are a very, very technology heavy


business, so we work really closely with our friend of manufacturers


about getting the appropriate software patches.


But your trust in that statement on Friday,


when all this started, said that you had robust continuity


plans in place for any unexpected circumstances,


like these, they can't do that robust otherwise you would still not


The emergency department has been open through out all that time,


we've honoured a very large proportion, we have done far


I think we have really minimalist destruction to patients.


We have also been contacted by some of your staff,


some of your nursing staff who say that the weekend, and the situation


You have been playing this down, haven't you?


I don't think so, there was a very serious and appropriate response,


there are lessons for the whole of the NHS in the north-east.


It is about how we organise our business.


No different from Nissan, the German manufacturers,


there are lots of people that the infected by


Nissan's computers go down the make as much cash,


your computers go down and patients will fear that lives are at risk.


All of our key clinical systems were working all the way through.


Can patients be confident that going forward, when you do get


things back to normal, that the system will


That is a cast iron guarantee, is it?


The man in charge of taking us out of the European Union has


been in the North East, campaigning to keep his job,


and for more North East Conservative MPs.


Brexit Secretary David Davis insists the Prime Minister can deliver


But his opponents say he and Theresa May can't be trusted.


Here's our Political Editor Richard Moss.


Nowhere in the north-east wanted Brexit more than Hartlepool.


7 out of 10 voting to leave last June.


Perhaps it isn't surprising then to see the Secretary for Exiting


His message, if you backed Brexit then, you'd better back


People hear word breaks and was to deliver the best Brexit deal pop is


a ball. A freak of a deal, customs agreement, Justice in home affairs.


-- the best Brexit deal possible. The free trade deal. The


Conservative camp here is going to win and that will be a wheel


mark-up. The seat that was once represented by Peter Mandelson will


be run by the Tories. Except the closest challengers


to Labour last time - as in quite a few North East seats


- were UKIP. It is a sign of Conservative


confidence that they can harbour Brexit... Ukip believes the voters


will stay loyal to a party that did so well in constituencies like this


and about in 15. I think Theresa May talks a good poke a Brexit but let's


see if she actually delivers. I think when I talk to people in


Hartlepool they say they need a due cap... If you want to vote to get


the Labour Party out, it is any Ukip that can be the Labour in


Hartlepool. and UKIP vision for what they call


a hard Brexit could put jobs We need jobs, investment, we need to


ensure that the government will still provide the investment we get


from Europe after Brexit. Tens of billions of pounds we are due to


lose if we do not get the deal that we require. We need to hold the


government's feed to the fire. We need seated Theresa May, no blank


cheque. Final stop for David Davis


was a farm in Tony Blair's Another Labour prize


exhibit they're eyeing up. This election isn't all about Brexit


of course but from field to factory floor, how it affects the region may


well depend on the result Well the prospect of Brexit means


the people of Gibraltar Following the EU referendum result,


the Spanish authorities have renewed their claims to the British


territory resulting in queues For the second in our series


of special reports, Jonathan Swingler's been to the Rock


to talk to northerners about the impact the Brexit vote


is having on their lives. It's a piece of Britain 1700


miles from our region, and since last year's referendum,


life has been difficult for some of the people


who live and work here. Historically, Gibraltar's been


of huge strategic importance. It's been a British territory


for over 300 years. Frankie Hatton was brought up in


Stockton and is showing me around. Now he's a karate instructor


with a number of business interests. He has to cross the border


from his property in Spain But every so often, the Spanish


authorities are blamed The worst case scenario is,


everyone who lives over that side and is employed in Gib ends up


standing on a motorbike or in a car, It's awful because nothing


can be done about it. The Spanish are really,


they still have a very disciplined attitude towards their regulations


and their police. You can't stay to a Spanish


policeman, "Hurry up, mate." The government and the local Peter


of Gibraltar provide water to people in the queues, not as English people


but Spaniards as well. That is the worst-case scenario that we're doing


that kind of thing on a regular basis.


Tourism is a huge part of the economy here.


There are flights coming in, but a lot of people are crossing


As do a fair number of people who work in the restaurants and shops.


These sisters from Washington set of business here, outside a harsh wind


is hitting us from the Atlantic. I feel we could be at Hartlepool


Mourinho do you do not get many Russian millionaires yachts churning


up in the north-east. -- Hartlepool Marina.


If you've got people who are commuting over the frontier


and you've got children who need to get home, they've got school


We have all the lost some really good staff, who in a new deck


reaction panicked and some went to Malta, someone to their home


countries. You cannot run a business without staff. They will bring extra


police down from Madrid and the Madrid police and border control are


more strict than the general border control art and it is more


intimidating they have guns. It was scary with the Brexit campaign going


on and now you are starting to see part of that happening, again.


The people here voted overwhelmingly for Britain to stay in the EU.


But Gary Patterson is in favour from Brexit.


He moved from Berwick to live in Spain.


Now he works in maintenance on Gibraltar.


I don't agree at all with that free borders and people just


You do not know who you are getting all excepting. I do not think they


are vetted properly. I do not think it is right. We should have more


control of who comes in and lives in the country. Your country. I'm not


there any more but I still feel strongly about it. What are people


who say, hang on a minute you are living in Spain at the time? What


I've just stared. I still feel strongly about it. It is still where


I belong. The ancient legend goes that


if these guys leave the rocks, Every so often, tensions arise


when Spanish politicians say Then there's problems at the border


and queues start forming. He left his home a hundred years ago


to fight in the First World War. Henry Parker was a member


of the Yorkshire Regiment but like many,he didn't return


and until recently his After almost a century though


the remains of Private Parker were recently found and he was today


reunited with his extended family who'd travelled to France to see him


buried with full military honours. Our reporter Phil


Connell was there. They shall not grow old as we that


are left grow old. 100 years since he was killed at the Battle of the


song, Henry Parker was back today with his Yorks family and his


Yorkshire resident Geraint. -- his Yorkshire family and his Yorkshire


Regiment. He was buried with full military honours, close to where he


fell at the age of 23. The trenches Winnie Beebe in Maud, combat stress


he would have been under is quite unimaginable. How these young men


carried out the exploits that they did, with the bravery and


determination is really quite remarkable. Private Parker was a


member of the Yorkshire Regiment, soldier like many from the First


World War who had been listed as missing in action. In 2015 the


Yorkshire regimental badge was found in France with human remains. A rare


find which for one family back in Yorkshire was to end a 100 years of


waiting. Lovely. Through DNA testing organised by the MoD's Castle to


centre the human remains from two Henry's great nephew. Today, him and


other family members made the journey from east and north


Yorkshire to see the long lost relative at last laid to rest. I


think he would be proud of it. It is nice to look back and I've seen some


clippings of the parents what they put in the newspaper the time how


they never got a chance to say goodbye. Police, server down the


line some family members could do it. 500,000 British soldiers were


lost in the First World War and still have no named graves. The


family of Private Parker, there is some comfort, at last. A grave here


in France where he will now be remembered by future generations of


his family. He's back home, now. He was a Yorkshire


lad, a farmer, we're all farmers. He is back where he belonged. Well,


most of those farmers. A hundred years on, a dignified end for this


brave Yorkshire soldier. Tonight, finally at peace.


Back to the developing story, the armed instead shouldn't. What is the


latest? When we spoke earlier I told you how petrol bombs had been thrown


officers here at this street in Bernard Field. I can see pictures


now. I saw two missiles been thrown from the upstairs window. One does


not explode and is you can see the second one does I must express that


no one was injured he's too of at least half a dozen petrol bombs


there been thrown here this afternoon. The senior officer is


saying she is in no hurry to force the issue and bring the operation to


a close. Thank you. Time for sport now and Dawn's


at the Stadium of Light for a Cup Hi Carol, yes it's been a very long


and very dark tunnel for Sunderland this season relegated


from the Premier League a couple of weeks ago


not to mention losing But there is some light at the end


of it in the shape of their U23s who take on FC Porto in the final


of the Premier League International The side beat Norwich back in March


to become the club's first ever European finalists.


David Moyes could give some of these young players a chance


But for the moment they're just delighted to have made it


through to a cup final against one of Portugal's best young sides.


The lads have had a good season especially in this tournament. Their


morale is good and the support we've had from the senior staff has been


excellent. There was a positive feel. It's been a good journey.


Difficulties and of football. They have good attacking players, Porto.


It will be a good competitive game. What I've seen of them it has been


oppressive. -- it has been impressive. Joining me now is the


commentator Nick Barnes. Nick, this is a small way of hope in what has


been a pretty depressing season. Yes, I think everything need


something to cling hold-up at the end of the season. It is below long,


hard, grind. It would be great if around 21,000 here tonight could see


Sunderland left a bit of silverware. Do you think David Moyes is looking


some of these players and thinking that they might be to step up the


best team in the championship next season? He will sadly be casting an


eye across them. Donald Lobb has been playing for the past 11,


another player plays tonight he played at a substitute at Arsenal.


He has featured Elliott the season before injury. Rhys Greenwood has


flattered with the first-team. Other players have been on the bench.


Other players are also two young players that might feature. Let


Islay get back up to your commentary position. 'S I will let you.


Well despite a spirited performance at the Emirates last night


Sunderland lost 2-0 to an Arsenal side still fighting


But it could have been worse if it hadn't been


Branded disgraceful last weekend, but hailed as dogged last night,


relegated Sunderland restored at least a little pride


after a sorry season thanks in part to another


impressive display from young goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford.


There were thousands of empty seats at the Emirates with many gunners


supporters protesting against Arsene Wenger.


The Black Cats faithful can only dream of fourth or fifth place.


Despite being on the back foot for much of the game, Sunderland did


more than just frustrate the home side, they also carved out a few


decent half chances in a spirited display


Of course, the deficiencies were on display, as


well, and Arsenal made it look easy when after more than 70 minute they


finally carved the Wearsiders defence to open scoring.


The game was made safe with a hint of offside by Alexey Sanchez,


who scored his second of the night, late on.


On a quiet evening for Jermaine Defoe, Sunderland's hero of


the hour was young goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford.


His price tag in the summer sales went up by a


few million pounds last night, such as shame for the fans but he looks


certain to be heading for premier pastures new.


As for the manager who would fear delegation back in


August, reasonably content on the night,


I will speak with Ellis in the next few days,


I have given him an indication of what it looks like


Hopefully we will look to see if that is possible.


There is a great atmosphere developing here more than 20,000


tickets have been given away the 's game. Let's hope most of them had


subbing to celebrate at the end of the evening. We will bring you the


result on the rate news. The weather was a bit squeezed


tonight. Well crack on. Today has been a day of mixed fortunes. There


was some heavy rain. It edged into North Yorkshire that bore the point


of the heavy rain. Further north and west it was dry. The overhang of


cloud blotted out most of the sunshine as we headed to the


afternoon. This evening, the weather front will pull away and take the


rain with it. The cloud will be taken as well. Clear spells


developing. Temperatures will drop away. We could see some mist.


Temperatures will dip to 56 of this at the lowest. Tomorrow, it is a dry


start for many. We will see one of two showers pop up in parts of


Cumbria through the morning. They will fizzle out as we head towards


lunchtime. One of two heavy showers. Till some good sunny spells. IT can


most places are dry and bright, again. Showers lingering across


parts of North Yorkshire. House tomorrow 16 or 17 Celsius. That is


the way is looking for tomorrow. Low pressure in charge of the weather as


we head towards the weekend and with the weekend, as well. Always a risk


of some showers, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Some sunny spells and heavy


showers. The temperatures will dip fairly chilly. That is the weight is


looking for the next few days. That is a big region to get around in a


minute and a half. Come and sit down. A bit of a brush. That is it.


All will be back at half ten. -- Paul will be back.


The choice you now face is all about the future.


Whoever wins on the 8th of June will face one overriding task -


to get the best possible deal for this United Kingdom from Brexit,


because making Brexit a success is central to our national interest


and it is central to your own security and prosperity.


Because, while there is enormous opportunity for Britain


if we do not get this right, the consequences will be serious


and they will be felt by ordinary working people across the country.