13/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


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It's been a day of anticipating, and in some cases braving,


the high tide surges which moved their way


At high tide this afternoon, Flood warnings were in place


in our region, from Seahouses in the North, to Scarborough


in North Yorkshire, where the sea overtopped the promenade.


Foreshore Road was closed but most seafront properties were protected


In Whitby meanwhile, this was Pier Road just before high tide.


Further inland, water came over the harbour wall,


making New Quay Road impassable to traffic.


There were also some dramatic scenes further north


at Roker in Sunderland, from where Adrian Pitches


The waves have died down tonight but it was pretty spectacular earlier


today, around high tide, people lining the promenade to see the


storm surge in action, this strong wind whipping up a really high tide,


spring tide, leading to some amazing scenes as the waves overtopped the


promenade. This is what some of the people thought about it. Never seen


anything like this, fantastic at the moment. I was born here and I used


to sit on those steps. I want today, but this is wonderful. It beats


California, everywhere. It is amazing, fantastic. I have lived


here 40 years and they don't think I have seen seen like this. There were


11 flood warnings along the coast put in place by the Environment


satisfied with the way they dealt satisfied with the way they dealt


with this potential flood risk today. We put out the right number


of flood warnings so people could be aware of the risks and be prepared.


Conditions are still quite dangerous, and on the short window


on the tide is still high and we would encourage people to exercise


temptation to go sightseeing and put temptation to go sightseeing and put


themselves at any risk. The sea and wind are dying down and for now the


flood risk seems to have passed. A court's heard how a man -


accused of strangling a grandmother with an electrical cable -


was prepared to do whatever it took 33-year-old Gareth Dack is accused


of murdering 79-year-old Norma Bell at her home in Hartlepool last


April. The prosecution claimed Gareth Dack


was guilty of the brutal murder of Norma Bell,


and that he strangled her with an electrical cable


at her home in Hartlepool. He then stole and sold


the television and searched the property for money or anything


valuable which he could sell. In the early hours of the morning,


as his victim lay close by, the court was told that Gareth Dack


used Norma Bell's telephone Now the prosecution say that


when Dack decided to leave Norma Bell's house one final time,


he decided to cover his tracks He turned the gas on at the hob,


hoping the gas would ignite, causing an explosion,


destroying any scientific evidence Dack's DNA was found on a number


of items throughout the house. He later told the police


that was because he'd done some He also told officers he was not


guilty of the murder and that she was a friend


of his mother's. The prosecution say Gareth Dack's


motivation was financial. He needed cash and was going to do


whatever it took to get 33-year-old Gareth Dack from


Hartlepool denies murder and arson. Police are appealing for information


after a family home in County Durham was badly vandalised


while the occupants were out. It happened in


Petterson Dale in Coxhoe on Tuesday. Those responsible had


thrown paint around, poured cleaning products over walls


and furniture, ransacked cupboards and drawers and poured


bleach into the kettle. Sir Leonard Fenwick - the country's


longest-serving NHS boss - He's been in charge


of Newcastle Hospitals since 1977, and helped put them on the world map


with their transplant For more than 40 years, Sir Leonard


Fenwick has managed Newcastle hospitals. He seen a huge number of


changes and challenges in the health service and in many ways has put


Newcastle on the map, creating the great North Children's Hospital,


bright and robotic surgery and set up the Bobby Robson Cancer Centre,


but perhaps most notably he oversaw work around transplants, Newcastle


performing the first successful single lung transplant in Europe and


the first successful surviving baby heart transplant and today tribute


was paid to his work. I would say thank you for his vision to become


reality. You have saved not only my life but transplants at around the


region and we will be forever grateful. Dealing in National review


of children's heart surgery he battled and one for Newcastle before


the decision was overturned. Big thank you to everyone in the


north-east but also from throughout the country and abroad who have


supported Newcastle upon Tyne and all we do. That battle is still


ongoing. Last year the trust was rated outstanding by the Care


Quality Commission. So what has happened today? In a statement


Newcastle hospitals confirmed Sir Leonard Fenwick is taking a period


of extended leave, they wouldn't say why. NHS improvement which oversees


hospitals has told us... Sir Leonard Fenwick hasn't been


available for comment today but many staff told us they were shocked at


the news. I think we are. The winds are dying


down but we have a yellow warning in force for ice through tonight


invented tomorrow morning. So where we have had showers today on


untreated surfaces, watch out for any I ceased surfaces. Other than


that a dry and chilly start to the morning with a brisk breeze coming


down from the north-west but essentially we see plenty of


sunshine and maybe one or two showers are on the coast and the


temperature getting up to a high of around five Celsius. All into Sunday


with something much milder but with the mild air is a lot of cloud and


some outbreaks of rain as well. The temperature on Sunday getting to a


high of around nine. Here is a reminder of the weekend weather and


with the national forecast by hand you over.


5-6 is the best we will have. It stays cold into the


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