20/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


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It has a population of a hundred thousand.


But it's claimed Carlisle in Cumbria has been left without enough


The fire brigades' union says that recently, only 5 were on duty.


But the fire service says the union is being alarmist.


Our correspondent Mark Denten has been in Carlisle


The Fire Brigade union in Carlisle date they are facing a really,


really dire situation. Why? They say on Christmas day, there were just


four of five full-time firefighters operating in the city, a city of


108,000 people. With two major factories, of course, in the cities


and another. They have real concerns about the future. The management of


the Fire Service say that they accept those figures are right and


that there were four or five full-time crews in duty in Carlisle


on Christmas Day evening but they say that rather crews that could be


called in from other parts of Cumbria if they were needed. They


also say the number of instances have fallen over the last five years


that they need to attend. The deputy chief fire officer for Cumbria is


Steve Newell. That is absolutely ludicrous to


suggest that we were in a dire situation. We would have on average


35 of our 45 fire engines available. Yes, the union are right to see that


in a city on that particular day there were only one of the two fire


engines available but what I can say is that there is adequate and


appropriate support available from the nearby retained fire stations


such as Longtown, Brampton and Britain.


Cumbria Fire and rescue is recruiting new firefighters and


there will be another 11 coming on. They are in their training from next


month and they will start work for the Fire Service here in Cumbria in


the Fire Service here in Cumbria in June.


The owner of one of North Yorkshire's largest tourist


attractions says he's worried about the impact of


Nicholas Howard - from Castle Howard, near Malton -


says he's worried people could start thinking twice about paying a visit.


Places like Castle Howard are the reason people come to Yorkshire.


Last summer, record numbers flocked to the region.


But here there's a growing concern that plans to frack for gas


could have a detrimental impact on the economy.


And there is the whole business of the air quality.


And the perceived effect, even if it's not as great


as we expect it might be, the perception of it will be great.


Rydale is known as one of the most beautiful


places in the country, people are going to flock to it.


But if it's known a place where there are gas fields,


At the moment only one site in the region has planning


permission to carry out the controversial


But it's thought shale gas is located under much of Yorkshire.


The industry insists existing conventional gas sites have had


little impact on tourism, and going forward disruption


There has certainly been a lot of protest activity, a lot of noise


But I do think that gives us a responsibility to show to people


that we can produce this in a sensitive way that


doesn't have too much of an impact on local people.


And that's up to us as an industry to demonstrate.


At the moment, much of the noise referred to is coming


This one is directly on the routeof this year's Tour de Yorkshire.


But protesters say they wouldn't be here if the industry wasn't.


For the organisation responsible for selling the region's image,


Everyday, regionally, nationally and internationally


We are the brand guardians for the Yorkshire brand,


and we will work hard or even harder to make sure that that brand grows


Tourism has always been a massive part of Yorkshire's economy,


but since the Tour de France things have really picked up,


and no one wants to see that progress backpedal.


A Cumbrian police constable has pleaded guilty at Carlisle crown


Nicholas Pool, who's 29 and from Penrith,


admits he attempted to incite sexual activity with a 12-year-old girl.


His case has been adjourned until March, and he's been


A bus driver's denied causing the death of a pensioner -


who was killed in Darlington town centre.


82-year-old grandmother - Eileen Brennan - died


after the crash on July the 7th last year.


Today 52-year-old Michael Gilbert - from Middleton St George -


He denied causing the death by dangerous driving and causing


He's been released on bail and is due to go on trial in August.


The fast food chain KFC has been ordered to pay almost a million


pounds in fines and costs after two employees suffered burns at two


A 16-year-old burnt his hands and arms at the Teesside Park


Another employee suffered serious burns at the Wellington Square


Kentucky Fried Chicken pleaded guilty to two offences under


Now - you might associate a few musicians with North Yorkshire -


A year after his death - a play that's based on the star


"From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads" is coming to Sunderland,


Hartlepool and North Yorkshire, where Bowie's father came from.


The actor playing all nine characters on stage,


says David was deeply proud of his Yorkshire roots.


The main character in the story is trying to find his dad throughout


Obviously that has quite a strong connection with Bowie


and his father as well, who come from the North


David always wanted to come back here and perform


here and it was always something that he had a passion for and that's


why it's such a fantastic experience to be able to perform


That's all from me for tonight - time now to get the weekend


weather forecast - here's Jennifer Bartram.


Good evening. It is going to be a mostly dry and settled weekend but


it is going to be feeling cold and we start Saturday with a widespread


frost. There will be patchy mist and fog as well through the morning, but


generally plenty of spells of sunshine. By the afternoon we will


start to see this cloud is just pushing in from the east. Bringing a


few add pace of light rain or drizzle across the North York Moors


with temperatures of five or 6 degrees. So it is going to be


feeling cold. Into Sunday morning we do it all again. Another widespread


frost and perhaps a cloudy start, especially across Cumbria on Sunday.


Once again we will see the cloud breaking so we should seize goods


spells of sunshine by the afternoon. Temperatures on Sunday perhaps a


little bit lower than Saturday: around four of 5 degrees beehive.


Here is the outlook, then, for the weekend. Q is the National forecast


with hail and. there isn't that much around it will


feel cooler. Can we keep it going until the start of the new week? I


suspect we can. Unconfirmed about -- concerned about the fog around. Here


is Helen with the national picture. Good evening. The weather is upon


us. The cloud has made all the difference this week in particular.


We have had some wonderful weather watcher pictures, this is Marlowe in


Buckinghamshire, this was Conwy earlier in the day. Some areas still


have the cloud. What a difference that makes. Edinburgh, the central


lowlands, plagued by this band of narrow cloud, overnight more


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