26/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


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North Yorkshire Police is investigating after a confrontation


between a huntsman and a protestor at the Middleton Hunt


Charles Carter, from Birdsall near York, was caught on camera


making sexual comments to Linda Hoggard, when she


He has now resigned his position as a Conservative


district councillor. John Cundy reports.


Excuse me, did you know hunting was banned?


The moment when Linda Hoggard approached Charles Carter to


The hunt protester challenges Mr Carter and he starts filming her.


I would quite like to shoot you, actually.


Charles Carter has been a district councillor in


Norfolk for five years but he resigned overnight


after the revelations of his conduct.


His council leader said he was appalled.


In June 2015 Charles Carter, as master of the west Norfolk fox


hounds, was interviewed about the ban on fox hunting.


Having to look over one's shoulder all the time in fear of


breaching bad law is not what the country should be about.


But Charles Carter has now moved his home near York and


the Middleton Hunt, with whom he now rides,


is described as one of the most historic in north


Yorkshire, going back more than 200 years.


Now Charles Carter's comments have bought controversy to


I don't know if it has been blown out of proportion.


He has definitely stepped over the line.


That's not relevant to the situation at all.


It is now understood that Mr Carter has


now phoned Linda Hoggard to apologise for his behaviour.


We hear of a number of reports of people who are abused


and spat at, harrassed, intimidated, this is a


problem that is seemingly getting out of control,


one of the problems is that the hunt lobby organisation has


refused pointedly to condemn or to apologise


for these incidents and they are getting worse and worse.


North Yorkshire Police have confirmed they are


Andrew Bell was the first person from the UK to undergo


treatment that he hopes will help him walk again.


Andrew, who's from County Durham, was left paralysed after a motorbike


Doctors told him he would never walk again.


But he's just returned from a second trip to Thailand


where doctors say he's moving towards a point where he'll


become the first patient with complete spinal injury


Our health reporter Sharon Barbour has this exclusive report.


Standing is a remarkable achievement for Andrew Bell.


Indescribable to look at myself in the mirror pretty


Andrew from County Durham was paralysed from the waist down


after a motorbike incident and told he would never walk,


But a former fighter, he wasn't ever going to give up trying.


He went out to Bangkok where doctors injected millions of embryonic chord


stem cells and an electrical stimulator was fitted


For the last three months he's been back in Thailand


And here he's been learning to walk again.


And for his mother, earlier this month, a birthday message,


Hi, Mum, I just wanted to say - hope you have a fantastic birthday,


sorry I can't be there but


Having been told 18 months ago round a hospital bed that


he was paralysed, be able to stand or walk again, and then to see


on my birthday there is Andrew in Thailand standing,


Yes, I couldn't wish for anything more.


When we last filmed Andrew, he was starting to move his feet


His progress, according to a stem cell professor


Phenomenal to say the least, the fact he can stand for an hour


with relatively little aid, little support, after such


What we think is going on is that the injected stem cells


were capable of providing what we call growth factors


and other chemicals that induced the stem cells which already exist


in Andrew's body to regenerate themselves.


The doctors in Thailand now believe he may become the first patient


with complete spinal chord injury to be able to walk again.


Andrew hopes for even more than that.


extremely fit and I've done the Great North Run so


my ultimate goal is to do the Great North Run again.


A court's heard claims that a man would rather be convicted


of a horrendous murder than reveal details


Gareth Dack, who's 33, is accused of strangling 79-year-old


Norma Bell before setting fire to her house in


Dack denies murdering the pensioner and today he told the court


he couldn't be convicted of something he didn't do.


Gareth Dack described Norma Bell as a wonderful woman who he knew


well, but at a cross-examination by the prosecution he was today


accused of trying to hoodwink the court, telling lies and bending


the truth as he tried to account for his movements before her death.


The night before Norma Bell's body was discovered at her home


in Hartlepool, Gareth Dack said he had been selling drugs


Standing in the witness box, the prosecution said


credibility that he said who he sold cocaine to.


Dack replied he could not give those names because some of the people


he sold drugs to were solicitors and police community


The prosecution said those people could provide him with an alibi


and he would rather be convicted of this horrendous murder


To that he replied he could not be convicted


Gareth Dack said he visited Norma Bell to fix her gate the night


before her body was discovered and he said she was


He said his DNA was found in the pensioner's house


The Conservatives have revealed their candidate


Last week, Labour named Gillian Troughton and UKIP named Fiona Mills


Rebecca Hanson is contesting the seat for the Liberal Democrats.


The by-election, caused by the resignation


of Labour's Jamie Reed, will take place on February 23rd.


You can see a full list of candidates on the BBC News website.


The only bar in Teesside which caters for people who don't


drink alcohol enjoyed a successful opening tonight.


The owners claim it offers a night out with a difference,


serving food and soft drinks, whilst supporting people


Phil Chapman sent this report from the venue.


Dry January might be coming to an end for people trying


to detox after the excesses of the festive season.


But for those struggling with real drink problems,


Bar Zero will provide a much-needed venue where they can


My name's Miranda and I've been in recovery for nearly four years now.


I think it's a great place to come, a nice safe environment.


It's a place I'll bring my little boy to on a Saturday afternoon,


watch the footy, something to eat, bring my family.


It's just nice not to be in a rowdy bar or have temptation


It's about recovery, shall we say, instead of being drawn


into the dysfunctional behaviours that drugs and alcohol


I'm a drug and alcohol treatment worker here in Middlesbrough


and what our clients are feeding back to us is that after recovery,


after we've been through treatment, there's no social activities.


So to have a place to come to where it's actually quite


a friendly atmosphere and it's a great community environment


for people to stay in treatment and in recovery.


After the official launch tonight, Bar Zero will be open every Friday


One thing they didn't need there tonight was any ice in those drinks.


It's going to be another cold one tonight. Temperatures sub zero


widely. Some patchy cloud around and clear spells. -2, minus three


Celsius. The air coming up of the continent is so cold and dry. You


probably won't see that much in the way of frost forming, the error is


to drive. Tomorrow a cold cold start with sunny spells in the morning


before the Clydesdale to increase from south-west through the day and


most of us will end the afternoon and a fairly cloudy note.


Temperatures up on today, making two or three Celsius. Some in Penrith


might not four or 5 degrees. We will get a weather front coming in from


the west over the next few days bringing rain, also introduces a


south-westerly wind, temperatures should start to recover. This


frontal system on Sunday, not sure exactly how far north that rain will


stretch. Saturday, after overnight rain, cloudy skies, showery


outbreaks of rain and with that south-westerly breeze, the


temperatures should make seven or eight Celsius despite the cloud.


Sunday, most places dry and bright, again at seven or eight Celsius at


best with lighter winds. Some thicker cloud and the odd spot of


rain in southern area later in the day. I will leave you with the


summary for tomorrow for the north-east and Cumbria.


weekend. It's swings and roundabouts, higher temperatures but


some rain as well. Good evening. It's been dry so far


this January but as it draws to a close it looks like we will see some


rain at last. It's been an interesting today a bitterly cold in


Norfolk, way we kept the grey cloud all day and the grey cloud gave a


dusting of snow in places. This is a lovely picture sent in from Sutton


Coldfield. Rob Wales and much of Scotland it's been a beautiful day,


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