09/02/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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whether that is legal or not. Full coverage for you online and on the


BBC Newcastle's Freeman Hospital


is facing uncertainty tonight over its flagship Child


and Adult Heart Surgery Unit. It may have to be moved


to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, if Newcastle is to continue


to provide children's heart surgery. Here's our health


reporter Sharon Barbour. Undertaking complex heart


surgery on a child - sometimes on a tiny baby -


is one of the most difficult It's operating on a heart that can


be as little as a walnut. Making sure every surgeon has enough


expertise and experience to do it safely has been at the centre


of a raging battle across the country for the last 16 years,


since the scandal of high death The question being


which hospitals can continue Newcastle's Freeman Hospital has


been at the centre of that debate, but its battle for survival


has been boosted by the fact that it's one of the few


in the country that undertakes a public consultation


on the standards hospitals have to reach to be able


to continue complex surgery. But for Newcastle, one


of the standards is a major concern. And that has major implications,


because, for the whole of the North East and Cumbria,


heart surgery is at the Freeman and specialist children's services


is based on the other side of the city,


at the Royal Victoria Infirmary. The challenge of moving the entire


children's and adult heart surgery across to another


hospital is enormous. This will be down to local hospitals


to work out and local hospital trusts to work out how this might be


achieved and, if it can't be achieved, NHS England will need


to know it can be achieved and we will have to take


the appropriate action In terms of money there is no


additional money, so that has Newcastle hospital staff


are coming to terms with the enormity of the news and,


in a statement, told us... The death of man in a cemetery


in Sunderland is not The police said tonight there was no


third party involvement in the death of the man found fatally injured


at Monkwearmouth Cemetery There had been an earlier appeal


for information about how the man had come to be there.


He hasn't been named. Three local men been charged


in connection with a shooting at a nightclub in Newcastle city


centre in 2015. They were arrested along with nine


other men yesterday after police searched 12 addresses in the east


end of the city and Gateshead. It was part of an ongoing


inquiry into a drive-by A male door supervisor was shot


and seriously injured. The business and energy secretary


has reaffirmed the government's commitment to a new nuclear power


station in West Cumbria, despite uncertainty about the future


of the Moorside project. Greg Clark has been visiting


a nuclear engineering firm near Egremont today,


ahead of the Copeland by-election. He said he'd held talks with


Toshiba, one of the companies behind Toshiba is part of a consortium,


NuGen, as you know. We are very clear, very determined,


that we want to see a new generation of nuclear new-build,


including here in Moorside. I visited the site myself before


Christmas and it's something Well Labour says it's also


committed to the nuclear And you can see a full list


of candidates in the Copeland Cumbria's Ambulance Service has


expressed support for plans to downgrade maternity services


at the West Cumberland Hospital In a letter written in December


the North West Ambulance Service Chief Executive said plans


to transfer more pregnant women from Whitehaven to Carlisle


were clinically unsafe Today the Ambulance Trust confirmed


those concerns had been addressed and it now supports plans


for midwifery led care. Workington MP Sue Hayman has been


appointed as Labour's The move is part of a reshuffle


triggered by a dispute Last night, Newcastle Central's Chi


Onwurah joined her fellow Tyneside MP Catherine McKinnell


and York's Rachael Maskell by opposing Article 50 legislation


that paves the way for Their concern about Brexit


is shared by EU nationals living in this region,


as our political correspondent It was a night when the UK moved


closer to the EU exit. But though the bill


to trigger Article 50 passed by a huge majority,


more Labour MPs came out in opposition, in defiance


of their party leader. Frontbencher and Tynesider Chi


Onwurah went from supporting the legislation on the second


reading to voting against on the third, responding


to what she says is Government They didn't accept


one amendment, and it is absolutely clear


from what they're saying that this isn't about the result


of the referendum, this is about the Tory party's plan for


Britain to become sort of some sort of tax haven and that is bad


for the north-east. Another Labour rebel


was Rachel Maskell who resigned from the Shadow Cabinet


to make her stand. She represents York,


a constituency that voted remain, as, narrowly at least,


did Newcastle, and Newcastle North's


Catherine McKinnell accusing ministers


of failing to consult. But with the most of the region


and the country voting Brexit, a leading Teesside leave campaigner


says his Government;s approach We've had bad referendum,


the judges people have voted, it is right now that


Parliament respect that result and delivers on the instructions that


it's been given by the British For this north-east academic


and anti Brexit campaigner, Originally from Spain,


he says he and other EU nationals The amendment presented in order


to protect the status of European Union citizens


was also defeated. This in a sense for many


of us confirmed our Beyond the legal uncertainty,


it has produced a feeling of being unwanted, of being somehow a


spectator in a show in which we are the protagonists, but we don't


actually have a say. Now, he was Ashington's


favourite son. And today - the bronze


statue of footballing legend Jackie Milburn,


was officially unveiled Two generations down the line,


Jackie's granddaughter, and his great-grandchildren


were on hand to help Proud moments, of course,


but it seems, when you're still at primary school,


being related to a footballing legend isn't as easy


as it might seem. What do the other kids


say at school, then? They say, "Is he really?"


And they don't believe us! I asked them and they


say, "Is he really?" And then they just


don't believe her! Yeah.


Yeah. His goals helped Newcastle lift


the FA Cup three times in the '50s. He left his indelible mark


on Ashington, Newcastle United and the whole of the footballing


world, as much for his humility and grace as for his undoubted


prowess on the pitch. He worked at the pit


on a Saturday morning. He'd come out of the pit,


had a cigarette, got the bus to Newcastle and played for Newcastle,


knocked a few goals in, came home, went to bed for a shift


on Sunday night. That's the type of character


we're talking about - Are you proud of him?


BOTH: Yeah! Why are you proud of him?


Because, um... Well, he played very


well at football. He scored lots of goals


and he did very, very well. And so, after a brief


spell out the limelight, "Wor Jackie" is back


where he rightfully belongs - at the heart of his home town -


where his memory is Jim Knight,


BBC Look North, Ashington. That's it from me tonight. Here is


the weather forecast. Hello. It was pretty chilly out and


about today and Cumbria got the best deal. As a mention of snow in the


forecast more on that in a second. Tomorrow yes we will see wintry


showers, fairly cloudy, and it's showers, fairly cloudy, and it's


going to be told. Chilly tonight, temperatures falling below freezing,


and tomorrow morning, yes, there's a lot of cloud around, I used to the


west, this is where we are likely to see the best of the brightness,


across Cumbria, however eastern parts I'm afraid it will be pretty


great, pretty murky with showers continuing to come in on what will


be a pretty chilly easterly breeze. Highs of about four Celsius.


Tomorrow night come into Saturday, it yes, cold, still lose a map, dry


at this stage but showers start drifting in from the east, sleet,


snow, on high ground, and potentially falling to lower levels


as well. As a result of this weather front can hear it comes, slowly


making its way in a cross towards the west, so first things Thursday


morning we could see a dusting of snow to lower levels, but I don't


think we need to get too excited about building snowmen, cat kind of


thing, it will quickly turn to rain across the east but high ground, and


the Pennines, the Cheviots, the Cumbrian fells, we are likely to see


a bit more that snow. A change on the way over the next few days, less


cold, then, as we head towards next week,


will turn a bit less cold again. All the way up seven