15/03/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Good evening. getting married these days.


A 16-year-old boy has been killed in a car crash following a police


The boy - named locally - as Brandon Morris -


was a passenger in the car, which was being followed


by the police close to Albert Park last night.


Four people have been arrested on suspicion of causing death


All day, Brandon's friends and family have been coming


here to place flowers, cards and letters along the wall.


We can show you how many have come throughout the day.


It actually goes back around 20 yards, hundreds of bouquets


All of the people that we've been speaking to, understandably,


say they are in complete shock by what has happened.


They all describe a popular young boy who was always smiling.


A fantastic friend who was always happy.


That's how 16-year-old Brandon Morris has been described.


Someone who the tributes say was greatly loved


He died after the car he was travelling in crashed


following a police chase on this road in Middlesbrough.


He was one of the happiest lads I've ever known.


Respectable, sound, he was one of my best mates.


I could trust him with anything, and he always had my back,


I still don't believe that he's gone.


I just couldn't stop crying all night.


Brandon had been the passenger in a Ford Focus car that was being


The lights and sirens were on, and the car was only followed


a short distance when it got to this point.


The Ford Focus made it to the junction and then crashed


Brandon suffered serious injuries and was taken


to James Cook Hospital, where he died a short time later.


He was a kid on the estate that was loved and always happy.


Every time I saw him, he was always dead jolly and stuff.


Respectful, sound, always had everyone's back.


He just put a smile on everyone's face.


Cleveland Police say three people were taken to


Middlesbrough's James Cook Hospital after the crash.


They and a 29-year-old man have now all been arrested


on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.


A GoFundMe page has now been set up to raise money for Brandon's family


Cleveland Police released a statement this evening,


and said its thoughts are with Brandon's family,


and they are now receiving specialist support.


Because the youngster was killed following a police chase,


the case has now been referred to the Independent Police


Complaints Commission, and it's also investigating what happened here.


Meanwile, a woman has died after her car was involved


in an accident with a digger being towed on a trailer in Cumbria.


It happened near the village of Shap on the A6.


The police are appealing for anyone who may have seen


The A6 remains an important route, linking Penrith


Police were called to a two-vehicle road traffic collision.


A van and a trailer travelling north on the A6


were in collision with a car that was travelling south.


Unfortunately, a member of the public has lost


It's still the very early stages of this investigation.


Collision investigators are on the scene at the moment,


It's still too early to say what happened.


Later, the police confirmed that the dead driver


was a 26-year-old woman from the Penrith area.


The need to know exactly what happened here is more


important than rushing to reopen the road.


It's now afternoon, and the police are still hoping to get this road


open as soon as they can, but the fact that it's been closed


since around 8:30am illustrates the difficulties involved with these


Recovery vehicles have now moved some of the vans


The motorist's car is still being worked on by crash investigators.


Anyone who saw a Citroen car and a trailer pulled by a Mercedes


van in the area this morning is asked to contact the police.


Mark McAlindon, BBC Look North, near Shap.


Campaigners against plans for a 2,000-home Garden Village


in Northumberland say they'll ask for it to go to a public inquiry.


Councillors voted today to give approval to the plans,


on green belt land, on the edge of Ponteland.


The developers, Lugano Property Group, say it'll be a modern project


But opponents say it's too big, and will affect the whole


It was the foresight of our forefathers that gave us green belt,


to stop the urban sprawl of unchecked development, they said.


But what if the development looked like this?


Lugano Property Group bought this green belt land some ten years ago.


Now it wants to build something like this,


a mixed and, it says, imaginative development,


where a quarter of the houses will be classed as "affordable".


A garden village compliments its setting, and Dissington Garden


Village will be at one with its surrounding landscape.


It is a seductive vision, but many current residents


They are looking to increase the population by nearly double.


Personally, we are going to be completely


The developer says there's pent up demand for housing just


like this by young families and for commuters into Tyneside.


Critics say it's simply too much for what is,


For its location and the effect and the impact it would have on this


village where we live, it's just too dramatic,


Therefore, when they talk about a housing crisis,


it's basically a housing crisis in the South.


We have enough space is already that are Brownfield sites and infield


sites to satisfy the need we have in our region, in our county.


Nonetheless, despite the presence of many objectors at County Hall,


the scheme was given outline approval by councillors today.


It will be its own place with its own school, shops,


leisure and recreational facilities and employment opportunities.


This is a scheme that has an opportunity to be a real economic


It's not that people are against change per se,


it's just too much change in one fell swoop.


We didn't get the opportunity to speak today.


You have five minutes for all of your objectors to put their case.


Gerry Jackson, BBC Look North, Northumberland.


Unemployment in the North East rose in the three months to January.


The total was up by 4,000 to 88,000 - that's 6.8% of the workforce.


In Cumbria, nearly 5,000 people claimed job seekers'


allowance in February - a rise of more than 700 on January.


And North Yorkshire also saw a rise, with just over 5,000 people


It's taken 13 months and cost ?23 million -


but finally work to fully reopen the Settle-Carlisle railway


The line at Armathwaite - between Carlisle and Penrith -


was badly damaged after flooding in 2015 caused a 500,000


The line will officially reopen at the end of this month


The track is back in place and soon trains will be too.


This is the final push in a year-long effort to reinstate


services on this Victorian line after it was overcome by a landslip.


We just hadn't seen a slip of that extent.


It was moving hour by hour, day by day, and obviously


we were concerned about how much movement was happening.


The site at Eden Brows is difficult to get to.


It's next to a Site of Scientific Interest,


and before work could even begin, thousands of tonnes


That was one of our first challenges, really, how to get here.


We put in over a mile of access roads just to get here.


The challenge inside of it is just the scale of it, really.


We've had a massive piling operation.


It's stuff that we do as a contractor every day,


The train line sits 70 metres above the River Eden.


To keep it in position, a retaining wall's been built


and the new track has been laid on a more solid foundation.


This is where the half a million tonnes landslide


To stop that happening again, the track is now built on a 6,000


tonne concrete slab, and to keep that slab in place


are 226 steel pins drilled right into the sandstone bedrock.


The project team are confident the design here will survive any


The improvements here should last at least 120 years.


But for now the focus is on the next two weeks and the eventual


Before the official opening by the Flying Scotsman


at the end of this month, test journeys will be taken to make


sure drivers are familiar with the new track here -


a crucial update to a much-loved Cumbrian rail route.


Now it's time for the weather, with Paul Mooney.


A lot of low cloud around, so poor visibility. Thick enough for parts


of the region to see some light rain. Tomorrow, a fairly cloudy


picture on the whole. A few bright spells, some in eastern areas. That


thick cloud will bring in some outbreaks of rain throughout the


morning and a second batch of heavy rain in the afternoon. But drier and


brighter by tea-time following in from the north-west. A brisk


south-westerly wind turning west and north-westerly as we head into


evening. 54 Fahrenheit the hide tomorrow. Another series of fronts


come in from the west, some fairly strong winds on Friday and into the


weekend. There will be some bands of heavy rain at times, some gusty


winds, and it will feel cooler than it has recently. For Friday,


outbreaks of rain, a gusty westerly wind, and noticeably cooler.


Temperatures start to recover on the weekend, but with showery rain and


it stays dry I will be surprised. Here is Nick with the national