31/12/2016 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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The Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner,


Vera Baird has been made a Dame in the New Year's honours list.


She's one of the highest-profile recipients of an award


in our region, but of course there are many others


When she campaigned to become Police Commissioner,


Vera Baird said she intended to prioritise tackling


Although she's worked to reduce other forms


of abuse and discrimination, it's her services to women


and equality which have earned her the title of Dame


She says she feels truly proud to receive the honour,


and would like to thank all the many people who have supported her


Among the many other award recipients in the region,


the captain of Newcastle Eagles, Fab Flournoy, has been made an MBE


for services to British basketball and the community in the north east.


She said, "You've been playing that B-ball that much?!"


There are MBEs for Olympic gold and silver medal-winning diver


Jack Laugher, who's from North Yorkshire, and Paralympic


gold medallist Laurence Whiteley, who began his career


Ailsa Rutter, the director of fresh smoke-free north-east, has


been awarded the CBE for services to tobacco control.


Bruce Shepherd, director of Shepherd Offshore in


Tyneside, gets an OBE for services to the economy and skills


North Yorkshire 's Chief Constable Dave


Jones receives the Queen's police medal.


And Muriel Harris, an 83-year-old woman from Morpeth in


Northumberland, receives the British Empire


medal for her work in the


She is also known for her work with disadvantaged


But I feel I'm doing it for other people


All the work we do together, both here in


Northumberland and for the charity, which is Practical Compassion For


The region's biggest New Year celebration


The Winter Carnival attracts tens of thousands of spectators,


as street performers, bands and spectacular


puppets make their way through the city centre,


before an early evening firework display at the Civic Centre.


There'll be more fireworks at midnight on the city's quayside.


There was an armed police presence, reflecting


Organisers say the free event has gone from strength to strength.


It's certainly the biggest in the north east.


We've been running it - this is probably the 11th year I've


I mean, even before the parade starts, the streets are all lined


with people wanting to watch the carnival and then gathering


around Barras Bridge for the fireworks,


Four men have been charged in connection with crowd trouble


during a match between Carlisle and Hartlepool, in October.


The incident is said to have happened at Brunton Park


The men, all from Carlisle, are due in court next month.


Onto today's matches, and two late goals wrenched three


points away from Middlesbrough at Old Trafford.


Boro were leading through a Grant Leadbitter goal before


Man United scored twice in as many minutes.


And an unhappy trip to Lancashire for Sunderland.


An Andre Gray hat trick helped send them to a 4-1 defeat at Burnley.


In the Championship, Newcastle's 3-1 win at home


to Nottingham Forest last night puts them top of the table


Carlisle are up to second in League Two after a 3-2 victory


at Notts County Hartlepool beat Morecambe by the same score


In the National League Gateshead beat Barrow 3-1.


And in Scotland Berwick are bottom of League Two after a 3-1 home


Wet and windy for a lot of revellers tonight.


Let's get the regional forecast with Paul Hudson.


Well, it's been a mild and windy day.


It's going to start off fine this evening, but a weather


front will spoil things for celebrations tonight.


That band of rain sinking southwards.


As it clears, there could well be one or two icy patches across parts


So, for North Yorkshire, Co Durham, a very wet start to New Year's Day.


That rain will continue to slip away southwards.


To the north, it's colder but brighter, with sunshine


So those showers may well turn a bit wintry.


And that's it from us, for today, and for 2016.


On behalf of everyone at Look North, I'll wish you a Happy New Year.


And if you're celebrating tonight, have a good evening.


wonderful New Year. You can keep up with all the best. Happy New Year.


Good evening. As we head through the final few hours of 2016 the weather


is on the change. We've got called her swooping in and there is a


weather front bringing a soggy New Year's Eve. It is raining across


southern Scotland and Northern Ireland and that will push south as


we head towards parts of northern England. Showers moving in from the


North Southwark could be icy