01/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Good evening. with us on BBC One -


Northumbria Police say they've disrupted what they say


It was held in an old lift shaft of the Tyne Bridge.


The revellers had barricaded themselves in.


The police are trying to trace the organisers.


Police say around 200 people were inside the 120-foot high tower


when officers arrived, shortly before two


They'd been alerted by members of the public, who heard


But the police found their way in barred and had to force an entry.


First by smashing a wooden barrier, and then using a circular saw to cut


Inside they found sound equipment, illegally connected


They evicted the revellers and say they're now trying to trace


the event organisers, including three men,


seen in a white van below the bridge on Friday and Saturday.


Public events have been held in the hidden recesses of this


famous 90-year-old bridge, but none like the one last night.


The body of a man has been found in the River Ouse


Police say they are investigating how he came to be in the river.


Foodbanks in the region say they've had one


They are urgently in need of donations with Newcastle's West


End Foodbank saying supplies are at a record low.


A Hartlepool man has today embarked on a huge challenge,


which will take him a year to complete.


Paul Suggitt plans 10,000 miles of gruelling events.


It takes something quite special to get people to turn up for a run


along Hartlepool seafront first thing on New Year's Day


Hartlepool man Paul Suggitt has taken this hat up mountains,


cycling coast to coast and all manner of other


places, during his mission to get fit and fundraise.


And in 2017, he's planning to walk, run and cycle a staggering


I'm in my 40s and again it shows I am probably above the threshold


that people think you can't do these kinds of things.


I have had eight months of training to train me


for the weather I have got, the distances I am going to be


covering throughout this challenge, throughout the year.


The year of gruelling challenges, which averages about a marathon


a day, is to raise money for North East Charity


the Chris Lucas Trust, and its founder was on hand


For someone to approach me and say, Lynne, I want to do something


for you, it's absolutely fantastic and we will do everything


No parent should outlive their children to cancer,


but through Paul's money, research can make a big


Destination number one is Whitby, then Hull, but you can expect to see


Paul at events around our region throughout the year.


Hundreds of people gathered on the seashore in North Tyneside


this morning, for the annual Whitley Bay New Year's Dip.


Although slightly less cold than usual, it was still


a challenging experience for those brave enough to take the plunge.


It has got rid of the hangover though.


When you go in, you just can't breathe.


I've got a big birthday this year and I


thought I'd do lots of things I haven't done before, so I thought


I was just about to dive in and I slipped on a


Thankfully I have borrowed a friend's wet suit,


Were you more cold then you have ever been?


The weather now with Ashling Creevey.


Already turning very cold out there and we continue to see that


mixture of clear spells and scattered showers,


but showers increasingly becoming confined to the east coast


Temperatures are widely falling to freezing or below freezing,


so the risk of some icy stretches first thing in the morning.


A cold and frosty start to tomorrow morning.


As we had through the day, we do see a lot of sunshine around.


There's a little bit more cloud running along the coast and the risk


of a few showers here, but for most, it's a dry day


It stays cold over the next couple of days, we do see a little bit more


cloud around as we head to Tuesday, but for the first week


of the New Year, it's a cold and frosty one.


That's it from us for now, we are back tomorrow.


For many, New Year's Day was a shocker with all of that rain


around. Tomorrow will be sunny, but it is getting colder. This is rain


clearing from the south-east. These specks of white as snow mixed in


with showers across parts of northern England, particularly


across Scotland, low levels here. I say that they hazard in northern and


eastern areas. I would not rule out slippery areas almost anywhere by


the morning, by which time temperatures will be close to or


below freezing in many places. A bright and sunny start, but still


wintry showers, sliding down