22/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


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More than 350 men have now contacted the police to say they were abused


by staff at a former North East detention centre.


The men say the abuse took place between the 1960s and 1990s


Cleveland Police has described its investigation


Many of the men sent to Kirklevington said


they expected punishment - but not brutality.


Some say they were sexually abused, while others claim


You accept punishment, because that's why you're there.


Being beaten, beaten by a grown man when you're a teenager, is...


Kirklevington is now a prison, but these allegations date back


The abuse is said to cover a 30-year period


Cleveland Police says 355 men have now contacted them


to say they were abused at the detention centre here.


It says it is now offering help and support to those men


It says this is a complex and extensive investigation


This solicitor says her firm is representing 80 men who say


Often, you get people contacting you and you are the first person


that they've told, sometimes it's not even disclosed,


the full extent of what happened to family members and other people


Cleveland Police say two men previously arrested


have now been released without charge.


But it says its enquiries are continuing and high numbers


of people are still coming forward to report abuse.


Stuart Whincup, BBC Look North, Kirklevington.


The biggest search by Mountain Rescue volunteers


in the region for many years has had a positive outcome.


70 people from six organisations searched the Cleveland Hills


yesterday morning, in subzero temperatures, for a missing


He was eventually found after a ten-hour search and airlifted


Businesses in the North East and Cumbria could face


a "cataclysmic" shortage of skilled workers after Brexit,


according to a former Labour Euro MP.


Stephen Hughes told BBC One's Sunday Politics


that the region could struggle to fill important roles.


I think we're going to have a real problem in attracting the sort


Already, 69% of firms are worried that they cannot get recruits


That will get worse when we leave the single market.


If we put visa restrictions in the way for people looking


for jobs, we'll have real bottlenecks in our labour market,


and that could be cataclysmic for businesses in the region.


Well, the Conservative MP for Carlisle, John Stevenson,


said the Prime Minister's approach to Brexit negotiations was


a good one and would deliver greater trading opportunities


I think she's set out where we are, it's a logical suggestion,


what she's suggesting, and I think we can prosper outside


the European Common Market, because we'll be able to do deals


with other countries, whilst at the same time,


I'm sure at the end of the day, we will be able to strike


A young County Durham vet who left everything behind to care


for neglected street dogs abroad is hoping to raise extra funds


to get generously donated equipment from the North East


Janey Lowes' inspirational work with some of the world's most


unloved dogs is featured on tomorrow night's Inside Out.


It was whilst holidaying in Sri Lanka that Janey was struck


by the plight of the millions of street dogs and decided


Badger, as he became known, was typical.


He had really bad skin and he had started to chew his foot off.


He actually hated us right at the start, and wouldn't


Janey has a local team and is joined by UK volunteer nurses and vets


We don't have x-ray, we don't have ultrasound,


We have to sort of piece everything together.


Her inspirational work has led to some generous donations


of veterinary equipment, but it is piling up


It is amazing to have all this stuff.


However, we've got it stuck in England, because it costs us


Back in Sri Lanka, Badger is still wearing his bandage


and has learned to trust Janey and the volunteers.


You can see how he is completely transformed


with a little love and care, on Inside Out tomorrow night.


Let's have the weather forecast now, with Owain Wyn Evans.


It's not really been a bad day across the North East and Cumbria.


We have seen a bit of brightness, especially across eastern parts.


Overnight, yes, it's going to remain cold,


we are going to see some fog forming, we are going to see


And you can see some blue colours here, spread across the map,


so the temperatures, of course, dipping close


I think the most dense fog patches are likely up through


the Vale of York, parts of North Yorkshire.


Elsewhere, yes, it's fairly hit and miss,


For many of us, it's a bright start to the day,


Cumbria and Northumberland seeing lots of sunshine first thing.


Getting a bit cloudier across western parts, then.


Teesside, County Durham and North Yorkshire hanging on


A fairly settled story over the next couple of days,


I'll be back with the late news at 10.20.


of freezing fog. Already warnings in place from the Met office. I will


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