11/02/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Good afternoon. the late news at 10.15pm.


They've lived a life that's hard for many of us to comprehend.


But today, preparations were being made for families fleeing


the war in Syria to start a new life here.


Now local people are being asked to play their part in making


the refugees welcome ahead of their arrival in Cumbria.


The war in Syria has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions.


Many have fled abroad, seeking sanctuary and security.


Here, the British government has agreed to take around 20,000


refugees, and up to 300 could in time come to Cumbria.


Today, around 150 people keen to help turned up


We want to give people ideas about how they can help.


Whether that's coming along to the drop-in sessions


that we'll be running weekly, offering language support,


We'll be working with the local authorities


on these schemes, but we'd like to help sign up volunteers.


Speakers included those who'd fled Syria


in the past, and who continue to send help.


This is a very human moment when you see this number of people


who are welcoming new families to be accepted by the British


government to be resettled in Cumbria.


And it's sometimes the simplest acts that make


When you're forced to leave and come, and you are


depressed by what we have seen, little words make a big difference.


A nice good morning to them in the morning would make a big


difference to their feelings, to how they can start the day.


The first Syrian families to arrive in Cumbria


Newcastle city council has been given more than ?200,000 of Lottery


cash, as it looks into handing over its parks and allotments


Although the council says it would still own the city's 33 parks


and other green spaces, it wants to transfer


the day to day responsibility to a new charitable trust.


The scheme being considered would help tackle the financial challenges


In the last few minutes, the centrepiece of the new Wear


crossing in Sunderland has been lifted into place.


The A-frame is the largest structure to be raised in this way in Britain


It weighs more than 1,500 tonnes and is a hundred meters tall.


Obviously there are always things that are unforeseen.


But up to this stage, I can say, so far, so good.


This is the culmination of months of work,


but as the A-frame approached vertical, it was steady away to make


That's a bit of a juggling act because we need to keep


And at the same time let the cable out on the


But we also need to do that in a controlled way, so the


pylon doesn't take a leap forward any further than we need it to.


But this is about a lot more than just a bridge.


A huge regeneration project has been promised off the back


And when the engineering works are complete, this is going to have


to deliver a lot more than just a means to get from one side


Middlesbrough's Mima art gallery celebrated its 10th


birthday, with the launch of a new collection today.


It shows art and craft from the mid-1800s to the present


day, with works on display chosen by the people of the town.


Football, and Newcastle will try to secure their place


at the top of the Championship when they take on Wolves


Most of our other teams are in action right now.


There's full coverage on your BBC local radio station.


Good evening. We are expecting some wintry showers overnight feeding in


from the east, falling as snow on higher levels. Elsewhere, showers


falling into rain on lower levels. No risk of frost or ice. The warning


for snow is still in place until 3pm tomorrow. Further wintry showers


expected through the morning. A cloudy day. Bitterly cold.


Tomorrow, Sunday Politics is in Whitehaven


with all the candidates fighting the Copeland by-election.


That's tomorrow morning from 11 on BBC One.


We're back tomorrow at ten to six. Until then, have a good evening.


Good afternoon. An afternoon to snuggle up in front of the telly and


watch some rugby. It's been a cold winter's day. Not just for humans.


This shot was taken earlier. There was some sunshine in Scotland, here


a beautiful afternoon. That was the expectation for most. It's bleak out


there. A mixture of rain and snow on the radar. You have to go a long way


up the hills to find settling snow. Into the evening and temperatures


begin to fall again, we could see some of the white stuff turning up


again at lower levels across eastern Counties of England and quite a lot


of snow piling up over the Pennines in particular on a brisk wind, it is


going to feel cold wherever you are with temperatures hovering close to