12/02/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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The Ken Loach film, I, Daniel Blake, set in Newcastle


and filmed on Tyneside, has taken one of the top


awards at tonight's BAFTA ceremony in London.


It was named the Outstanding British Film.


Our arts reporter Sharuna Sagar is in the capital and has


The 70th British Academy Film Awards has drawn to a close and it's


been a wonderful night, particularly for the film that has


put Newcastle and its people back on the cinematic map.


Ken Loach's powerful drama won the first award of the night,


Incredibly, this is the first BAFTA that Ken Loach has one for a film


in his 50-year career and, earlier on, when I spoke


to him on the red carpet, he didn't even expect to win.


Have you perfected your reaction face, when they


It won't happen, so just don't think about it.


Something's going to happen tonight, Ken, I'm sure of it.


It's Theresa May's face I want to see, if we do win,


That'll be the face to watch, wouldn't it?


Ah, to be a fly on the wall at Number 10 tonight.


Meanwhile here at the Royal Albert Hall, there's a mass exodus


as the winners make their way to an exclusive party


and among them will be the cast and crew of I,


Daniel Blake, who are sure to be partying long into the night.


An underwater search has taken place after a man went missing


51-year-old Andrew Roy failed to show up for work on Friday morning.


Today a police search was joined by the RNLI,


Mr Roy's family, who live in Cornwall, are being kept informed.


The candidates competing to be Copeland's next MP have


clashed over the future of the local health service.


A review of services at Whitehaven's West Cumberland Hospital


could see more patients, including expectant


mothers, travelling to Carlisle for treatment.


It's become a key issue in the forthcoming by-election


as our political editor Richard Moss reports.


A decision on whether to move consultant-led maternity


and other services out of the West Cumberland


Some place the blame for the downgrade plans


NHS England has come up with a report saying it is safe


to travel up to four hours in labour in order to push through


the closure of the services in Whitehaven hospital.


It is an appalling report, it doesn't make logical sense,


But the Conservative candidate says she is taking action


What I have been doing is speaking with the minister.


The Health Minister Philip Dunn and what we have agreed in writing


is that there will be a professional, Government-backed


And also, let me be clear, that the issue here is not money.


Other candidates though disagree on the solution


We have heard of consultants being told not to bother replying


because they are being told there won't be a job here.


We're not going to get recruitment under those circumstances.


Whilst the Tories are taking money out of the NHS,


both nationally and locally, we're not going to get people here.


In Ukip policy, we have said we will waive the tuition fees.


So we get sufficient staffing for the future.


If we had implement our policy a few years ago,


The Green Party says the problems are down to the way


the Government's running the NHS, while Independent candidates


say it's time to change the way the local hospital


And you can see the whole of that Sunday Politics debate,


including all seven by-election candidates, on the BBC iPlayer.


The region's weather forecast for the start of the new week, now,


Any rain, sleet or snow starting to really fragment and just cluster


over the highest of ground, around the Pennines,


this is where we could still see a couple of droplets of snow


This cloud prevents these temperatures dropping to low.


Just a cold, windy, cloudy start to the day tomorrow.


If we do factor in this easterly breeze, which is going to be quite


strong, particularly on the coast and exposed hills, it's


going to really take the edge off those temperatures.


On paper, yes, it is slowly turning less cold but it's


still going to feel better out there tomorrow.


And Colin Briggs is here with news and weather updates first


From the late team, I'll wish you a warm night.


I'm sure most of us are glad to see the back of this weekend. It's been


cold, bleak and at times wintry. It provided some beautiful weather


Watchers photos, like Sheffield earlier today. I suspect some of the


lying snow will be blown around by strong winds starting to develop.


The odd spot of drizzle into the far north-east. The wind strengthening


here. Already signs of something a little bit miles, temperatures


climbing up. However it's not going to feel that warm straightaway.


Because of the strength of the wind. The wind however will break up the


cloud, so some sunshine into central